If you think our ballots are secure, think again

There are ample reasons to be concerned: Republicrat Maricopa County Recorder Richer called President Trump “unhinged” and a “liar.”

Today we take our readers directly to the Western Journal, where senior staff writer Randy DeSoto has written a disturbing exposé titled, “Following Bombshell Report, AZ Attorney General Directs Maricopa County to Turn Over Mail-In Ballot Signature Files.” The March 22, 2022 is a must read.

It’s based on this March 17, 2022 report, “At Least 200K Mismatched Signatures: Study of 2020 Maricopa County Ballot Envelopes Points to Flawed System.”

This is crucial information that receives zero coverage in the local media, though it points to staggering mismanagement that lands directly at the feet of Maricopa County Reorder Stephen Richer.

Fmr. President Donald Trump has weighed in on this critical matter.

The clearly unrelated statutory duties and responsibilities of the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office include daily recording and maintaining, for permanent public record, thousands of deeds and other documents. It also maintains voter registration rolls for over 2.5 million registered voters, and is responsible for administering the Elections Department which conducts all county-wide elections and provides support for cities, towns, school districts, special districts and other jurisdictions.

The first Maricopa County Recorder was James L. Mercer, who served from 1871-1872 long before Arizona became a state in 1912. A lot has changed in the intervening years.

It’s time to consider separating the mundane paper-pushing duties and crucial election oversight into two offices.


8 Responses to If you think our ballots are secure, think again

  1. one who knows says:

    Richer is a wreck – he must go!!!

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Richer ought to be updating his resume. No conservatives will vote for him again. We were taken in once. It won’t happen again.

  3. Longtime GOP PC says:

    There is real merit to separating the Recorder’s Office. I wonder what it would entail. The duties are not even similar. This was totally off my radar.

    • Jack says:

      I doubt many of us have given this office separation much thought, but it makes sense.

      First and foremost, we’ve got to unify to dump Trump-hater Stephen Richer. He has sealed his own fate. Could have kept his mouth shut, but his ego wouldn’t allow that.

  4. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    Separating the Recorder’s Office makes complete sense. As the post points out, this isn’t the 1800’s anymore.

    As to Richer, It will be a pleasure to vote against this jerk. We need a sharp Republican challenger to take him on. He previously had an unlikable, foul mouthed democrat incumbent, which gave him an easy path.

    Helen Purcell ran the office smoothly for years, but was blamed for the long lines on election day that stretched on into the night. It turned out not to be her fault. It was a poorly thought out cost cutting measure, limiting the number of polling places that she had nothing to do with. Richer is a RINO politician viewing this office as a stepping stone. He’ll never get the chance! We’re on to him.

  5. jojo says:

    Zuckerberg dropped $950K in Pima County. We had victories all the way down the line that were stolen and provable. What a bunch of spineless paid off McCain/Ducey professional Republican politicians we have in our state legislature. Aren’t those “term limits” they have wonderful? What a crock.

    • Disgusted says:

      Didn’t know about Zuckerberg’s involvement in Pima County.

      State legislators play musical chairs, switching back from the House to the Senate and then back again. We like experience, but need new perspectives. Most importantly, we need to vet the candidates better than we do. There are some running for the state legislature as Republicans this election cycle who have been Obama supporting democrats.

      Kari Lake is also running as a “Conservative” for AZ Governor though she switched political parties several times and sent substantial amounts of money to Obama’s and John Kerry’s presidential campaigns!.

  6. jojo says:

    I’m voting MAGA only. Steve Gaynor is a really good candidate but doesn’t stand a chance. I’ll bet on Kari since she’s never been appointed to or supported anything McCAin /Ducey have done. Salmon is way deep into the swamp. I’m done with “experience”. Look at the PDJT did with NO EXPERIENCE.. Common sense and convictions with backbone are my points.

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