Local reporter’s conflict doesn’t rate a blip on dem’s integrity meter

The biased, blatantly leftist, Hillary-endorsing, local newspaper, is clearly on its last legs, going downhill faster than any of these U.S. Olympic skiers.

Following a rash of contract buyouts, severe staff cutbacks, even unceremoniously firing its longtime Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist due to a cash squeeze, losing the newspaper‘s building and parking garage, and culminating in the ghostlike entity being sold. Its two mundane columnists were pressed into service as bombastic political flame throwers. Their intended victims are, of course, Republicans, who are routinely hammered.

Arizona’s GOP members of congress are consistently defamed as are state-and-county-wide elected Republicans.

Ethics are thrown to the wind as demonizing Republicans is the sole purpose for the disreputable rag’s bleak existence. However, in a rare flicker of honesty, former sob-story columnist turned flame thrower-Laurie Roberts wrote: “Add Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to the ever-lengthening list of Democrats who have figured out that President Joe Biden is about to deal a body blow to the party’s November prospects.”

She also chastens dem Hobbs for expediently changing her stance on Title 42, the public health policy initiated by Pres. Trump, to more appropriately address the guidelines intended to restrict illegal aliens — Roberts warmly refers to them “asylum seekers“— from blatantly breaching our sovereign border. The problem is exacerbated during the deadly Covid pandemic, which appears to be resurging, as they arrive untested and are transported to points unknown, across the United States by the Biden administration. This irrational scheme, courtesy of frail Joe Biden‘s surrogates, uses our tax dollars to facilitate the reconstructing of America into a reliably expanded left-wing, third world country.

As Roberts uncharacteristically vents her ire at dem Secretary of State Hobbs, she stands unsteadily on a very thin line in doing so. The Secretary of State oversees statewide elections. Roberts’ sister, Ann Timmer, sits on the Arizona Supreme Court and appears on the retention ballot. Another complication is the spouse of a female Republican candidate challenging Hobbs for Secretary of State, also sits on the high court. Odds are, she is unlikely to win the GOP Primary Election, against Trump-endorsed former state legislator Mark Finchem, but the appearance of impropriety is problematic.

In the unlikely event Roberts doesn’t know the parameters. It’s a good bet her black-robed sister and her identically garbed colleague do.


6 Responses to Local reporter’s conflict doesn’t rate a blip on dem’s integrity meter

  1. Fed Up says:

    We don’t read the Repukelick. Dropped it when it endorsed Hillary! That was what pushed over the line, since we’d threatened to do so for years.Have never looked back.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    Where do we go to purchase a cuppa honesty locally? Surely it’s not at the newspaper, which I used to enjoy with my morning coffee. Those days have been gone since the once conservative newspaper’s owners died and the leftists brought us Keven Ann Willey and her brand of vitriol aimed exclusively at conservatives. it was shocker back when that change took place, but worsened until we discovered Fox network news and went cold turkey. It was a brilliant move on our part!

  3. Casper says:

    I was a paperboy when the local newspaper had not just a morning edition, but an early evening one called the Phoenix Gazette. I delivered it after school to help the family budget, though I missed out on sports. Food on the table was more important. That was how things worked in those days. Kids no longer have that means of helping since there was a scandal involving District Managers molesting the boys,in the early mornings, and later the death of a girl collecting on her route in the apartment complex where she lived. Her mother, who was accompanying her, stopped for a few minutes to talk to a neighbor. Paper routes became dangerous. By the time we all had TVs, “Uncle” Walter Cronkite was lying to us each evening, but we didn’t know his efforts at demoralizing us until the Vietnam vets returned.

    News is a crap shoot. Print news is dead. We watch Tucker Carlson for national and sometimes watch local news on TV3. I also have an instant news source with me in my pocket…much preferable to day old news that used to be flung on the driveway. Always check in with SRAZ! You guys do good work.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Laurie Roberts should be disallowed to cover ANYTHING that involves the Arizona Supreme Court on which her sister is a sitting member. I was unaware of that problematic connection. How did that pass scrutiny?

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Seems there is more than a lack of judgment here. It’s either arrogance, ignorance or a oversized case of I don’t care-ism. I’m going with #3.

  5. Seen It All says:


    Does anyone want to take any bets on how long before the Arizona Republic (originally named the Arizona Republican!!) joins this infamous list?

    There’s no effort to be neutral. It’s a mouthpiece for the democrat party. It will soon go all-digital and then gasp its last breath. It’s readership has been plunging for quite some time.

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