Bible vs. Big Bro Joe

Light bulbs, toilets not the purview of the federal government

According to Genesis 1:14, the first book of the Bible, “On the fourth day of creation, God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years.”

Obviously God believed adequate light was crucially important.

That is inconsequential to frail Joe Biden’s handlers who have indicated they are phasing out incandescent light bulbs in favor of lighting they prefer, intended, they claim, to conserve energy. This will not be an option, but a mandate. Homeowners will have no choice in the matter, regardless of what they prefer in their own homes. This invasion of our freedoms was given excellent coverage in, “Why Light Bulbs Sum Up The Complete And Total Failure Of Liberalism,“when it initially surfaced. Barack Obama was desiring to focus on Climate Change legislation.

We’ve been down this leftist road before. Bill Clinton mandated low flush toilets, which required two flushes to completely clear the bowl, in direct opposition to the stated water saving purpose. Dems are bonded to promoting perceptions rather than utilizing common sense.

And who is Biden’s latest Department of Energy hire? Sam Brinton, a nonbinary drag queen — ‘an asset,’ say queer activists, as reported by Yahoo! Life.

In the face of historic inflation that is gut-punching American families struggling to make ends meet, impacting basics, such as food, housing, utilities and gas in your tank, the Department of Energy has announced new rules that change the definition of general service lamps and set a minimum standard of 45 lumens for light bulbs that meet a revised definition. Once the new rules are in effect, manufacturers will be required to sell only energy-efficient light bulbs. Preposterously, this sleigh of hand tries to convince Americans we will save $100 yearly, while a single loaf of bread has risen in price by over $5.19 according to this scrollable Consumer Price Index, via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Citing unsubstantiated figures in 2009, Barack Obama claimed the new efficiency standards he promoted for lamps “would result in substantial savings between 2012 and 2042, saving consumers up to $4 billion annually, conserving enough energy to power every U.S. home for 10 months, reducing emissions equal to the amount produced by 166 million cars a year, and eliminating the need for as many as 14 coal-fired power plants.”

A prolific liar, Obama was banking on the fact that the majority of those who heard his message would no longer be above ground using energy.


4 Responses to Bible vs. Big Bro Joe

  1. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    Thank the dumbocrats you know for the brilliance of their votes Then, never speak to them again…regardless of who they are.

  2. Counting My Blessings says:

    How fortunate we are!! Biden has given us a lot of “Firsts”:

    The first female and “woman of color,” as vice president
    The first bonafide moron as VP.
    The first “Drag Queen” who uses non-binary pronouns openly working in a federal dept.
    The first black female Justice on the US Supreme Court.
    The first justice with an unpronounceable name. the worst economy any of us can remember, fittingly known as “Bidenflation.”
    The first demented US President, elected after hiding out in his basement.
    The first corrupt, cocaine addict son of a sitting president likely to serve prison time.
    The first First Lady who publicly chastised her husband, who began wandering off stage, saying, “Sit Down, Joe!”

    • Clementine says:

      Just what we need to set our nation right again…a drag queen at the department of energy! Will they hire a self proclaimed hooker next?

  3. Observer says:

    Drag queen Sam Brinton’s hiring as a low level deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the office of nuclear energy for the Department of Energy is hilarious. “Spent fuel and waste disposition? ”

    Being a deputy assistant is tantamount to being an assistant’s assistant. Are we to believe this grotesque side show anomaly actually benefits our nation? Biden must be desperate for political support. He ought to follow the Barnum and Bailey’s Circus’ side show..

    I predict Republicans will not only win, but WIN BIG, in the upcoming elections. America is in deep economic trouble, and the dems keep spending additional $$Billions added on to the $$Trillions we are already in debt. And who’s holding the IOU’s? Our known, salivating enemy, Communist China!

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