Dying AZ Republic hastens its own demise with Elvia Diaz promotion, & Update

In another trendy “first” promotion, the failing local newspaper, has decided the reliable way to stay relevant in a world that has abandoned hard copy newspapers peddling left-wing, day-old news, is to insult their remaining readership.

According to an announcement, Elvia Diaz is now heralded the “first Latina” to serve as editorial page editor since the newspaper was founded 132 years ago. Omitted is the fact that she came here as an illegal alien who used our system to leave the fields where her family picked crops to obtain a taxpayer subsidized college education which enabled her to vent her anti-Republican spew. She cut her teeth at the Republic’s Spanish language publication, La Voz.

The announcement boasts, “As director, Diaz will edit The Republic’s Viewpoints section, opinion columnists and guest writers, set the board’s agenda and, working with the executive editor and the board, shape The Republic’s institutional voice.” She is foolishly praised for “expanding outreach to underserved communities,” none of whom read an overpriced, English language newspaper.

Bounced from that position to make room for this radical replacement is Phil Boas, who used his post to denigrate his own father-in-law, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was running for reelection after serving the people of Maricopa County for an unprecedented 6-four year terms. Thanks to Boas’ efforts a George Soros-financed democrat replacement now leads the Sheriff’s office* in the fourth-most populous county in the United States — besides being a border state.

Don’t mistake Diaz for a benign entity. She is an equal opportunity venom spewer, even reaching down into her bag of hatred to blast venomous anti-Semitism in a vile, contrived, and unrelated, border comparison.

And Phil Boas? In a face-saving gesture, he’s going to become a “columnist,“ to be published on the pages on which he served as chief editor for two decades, the last 10 as editorial director. Leftwing E.J. Montini is past retirement age and Boas is a family man with a mortgage to pay.

* As reported in Law Enforcement Today.


Job security reigns supreme. Boas’ first column following his demotion, is dutifully anti-Trump. He’s undergone a political epiphany.


8 Responses to Dying AZ Republic hastens its own demise with Elvia Diaz promotion, & Update

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Diaz and Boas come from different backgrounds but have the same sellout mentality.

  2. Maggie says:

    Boas has earned his demotion, though I’m basing my comment on what I read here. Would never pay for the newspaper.

  3. one who knows says:

    It should read: “As Director, Diaz will spew anti-American immigration policy and sympathise with those that are detained at our borders.”

    The ‘repugnant’ should only be used for wrapping fish; it is nothing more than a waste of paper – and contributing to deforestation that the libs are crying about. (The USA has more total area of trees now than we did when our European ancestors arrived. Look it up if you doubt me!)

    Anyone who reads and believes their stories is just like the fish we catch with fake worms and lures! WATCH OUT FOR THE SHINY OBJECTS – THERE IS A REASON THEY ARE PRESENTED.

  4. Anthem Al says:

    Seriously…does anyone still subscribe to the once conservative newspaper that morphed into a leftist rag years ago? I don’t know anyone who reads it. I do check in with SRAZ daily.

  5. Jack says:

    On some level Phil Boas’ demeaning demotion should elicit sympathy, but he played the game and now gets to reap the kick-in-the-teeth “prize.”

    Like the rest of us who dropped the newspaper, he should have found employment elsewhere. From the time he led the charge against Sheriff Joe, his own Father-In-Law, he sealed his fate.

  6. Seen It All says:

    Penzone and Soros were tied at the hip. Penzone was the grateful recipient of strings attached over $2 Million to boost him into the sheriff‘s seat. Soros was doing the same purchasing of law enforcement professionals across the USA.

    This is what he’s doing NOW:

  7. Trevor says:

    Seeing Phil Boas treat his own father in law like garbage is sad. Arpaio is a far more accomplished man than Boas ever will be!

    • Braveheart says:

      All too true. That Boas is now publicly humiliated is exactly what he deserves. My dad called that type of payback, “Just desserts.”

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