Juxtaposing “Trumpology” and the Biden train wreck

Victor Davis Hanson does it again. With spot-on analysis and wisdom that transcends the usual political banter; Hanson identifies the current occupant of the White House as a “cognitively challenged captive of ideologues,” as he contrasts him to former President Donald Trump. 

Do yourself a favor today and take a few minutes to read “Trumpology,” posted on American Greatness. You’ll be making a great investment in your awareness arsenal.


4 Responses to Juxtaposing “Trumpology” and the Biden train wreck

  1. Jack says:

    Excellent article. Glad SRAZ isn’t afraid to use the word “arsenal.” The left is constricting our vocabulary as it tries to rein in our thoughts. We are living in perilous times.

  2. State Delegate says:

    With conservative columnists and brilliant economists Thomas Sowell (retired) and Walter Williams (d.2020) gone, VDH is the most reliable conservative writer. When he appears on Mark Levin’s Show, it’s nirvana. The double dose of conservative genius is brain candy!

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