Illegal invaders bolstered by media advocates

How do editors justify the placement of news items?

The question begging an answer looms large as the radical leftist Arizona Republic chose to hide an article about the illegal invasion bearing this headline, “Migrant caravan sets out in Southern Mexico, headed to US,” on page six.  It’s four sentences in length, buried between equally brief news reports of a tropical storm in Bermuda and an item about a South African pastor found guilty of treason.

The invasion of the United States is real and worthy of front page coverage, but the unprincipled, Trump-despising, Hillary-supporting local newspaper supports illegals breaching our southern border. It championed the Biden administration tearing down the wall being constructed to protect our sovereign nation from those who continually exploit us on every level.

The brief report datelined Tapachula, Mexico, states:

“Several thousand migrants set out walking Monday in southern Mexico, tired of waiting to normalize their status in a region with little work and still far from their ultimate goal of reaching the United States.

Their advocates said they wanted to call attention to their plight, timing it with this week’s Summit of the America’s in Los Angeles. According to a Reuter’s report, it was estimated to include “at least 6,000 migrants,” mostly from Central America, Venezuela and Haiti. It is the largest migrant caravan to attempt to leave southern Mexico this year.”

The Arizona Republic underestimated the numbers as “between 4,000 to 5,000,” which is still indefensible.

Yes, America’s illegal alien invaders have “advocates,” as they access our generous benefits, while bringing deadly pills laced with Fentanyl, destined for American streets.

And with the promotion of illegal alien Elvia Diaz as editorial page editor, whose expanded duties include “editing The Republic’s Viewpoints section, opinion columnists and guest writers, setting the board’s agenda and working with the executive editor and the board, shaping The Republic’s institutional voice,” the newspaper full tilts towards Mexico.

This morning’s edition is proof positive, as Diaz heaps accolades on Mexico’s president for “snubbing” the Summit of the Americas hosted by Joe Biden in Los Angeles. Under normal circumstances, she’d be aligned with Biden, but when forced to choose, Mexico’s Lopez Obrador wins out. 


6 Responses to Illegal invaders bolstered by media advocates

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Newspapers are relics from another time. They belong in museums, not on the kitchen table. This particular one would only be useful for lining the cat box, if money was no object.

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    No one buys the local newspaper’s overpriced radical spew. Today, we have instant news from a variety of sources, free of charge, at our fingertips. Hard copy newspapers ran their course years ago.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Does anyone other than leftwing Canadian snowbirds subscribe to the AZ Republic during the winter months?

    These are the same folks who voted for Socialist nutcase Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister.

    • Marianne says:

      Besides presenting them a warm get away from the brutal Canadian winters, they think Arizona is exotic. Those who live near their border choose to come to the U.S. for surgeries, since their socialized medicine is a nightmare paid for by astronomical taxes and offering restricted care, often limited by age.

    • hoi polloi boy says:

      “Socialist nutcase” is very kind. I refer to Trudeau as a psychotic tyrannical fascistic dictator.

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