As Bidenflation continues to soar, Biden plunges lower

Trump melancholia reaches epidemic proportions

Problems are intensifying for increasingly feeble Joe Biden as he is losing leftwing support at an ever escalating rate. Democrat candidates realize they have no coattails to clutch, since he is pathetically unaware of what such items are. (brief video.)

Real Clear Politics aggregates numerous polls to arrive at a job approval rating, followed by an interactive graphic. 

Slo Joe remains upside down, with only 39.5 percent approving of the job he is doing, while a whopping 54.8 percent disapprove.  Not surprisingly, his job approval on the economy is even worse, with 60 percent disapproving. The 34 percent who approve must either be on the government payroll, his relatives or masochists who derive perverse pleasure from paying astronomical prices for food, housing and fuel.

On the issue of Immigration (read “illegal”): Biden has overseen the largest surge since tearing down the wall that President Trump was constructing as an integral part of his campaign promise. Biden is responsible for open border policies that have welcomed more than 1.5 million illegal aliens — enough to double the size of Dallas or San Diego — and significantly increase the democrat voter base. His dismal polling on this crucial topic stands at a shockingly significant 58 percent disapproval.

Trump melancholia is rightfully defined as widespread. There are likely more Americans suffering from it than were afflicted with COVID. Symptoms are itching teeth, teary eyes, restricted purchasing power, and a chronic longing to hear the truth.


5 Responses to As Bidenflation continues to soar, Biden plunges lower

  1. Mike says:

    “….masochists who derive perverse pleasure from paying astronomical prices for food, housing and fuel.”

    Confession: I guess I’m a sadist deriving perverse pleasure from envisioning democraps paying astronomical prices for food, housing and fuel.” Every cloud does have a silver lining. And unlike mature conservatives, most of them likely don’t take the trouble to sacrifice and save for rainy days, so may their pain intensify to excruciating levels if that’s what it takes for them to finally see the light.

    • Observer says:

      Good observation, Mike. Here’s mine:
      I stopped at a Circle K this morning for a cup of coffee on my way to the office. On the counter there were a few copies of the Arizona Republic. The banner headline read, ‘Democracy remains in danger.’ For a brief moment, I actually thought it was referring to the Biden administration. Nope. It referred to the Jan. 6 gathering at the US Capitol and castigated Pres. Trump for leading an “attempted coup” to overturn the 2020 election. Guess the brain trusts at the newspaper missed the fact that he wasn’t there. Made me glad I don’t pay for this garbage, passing as authentic news. When I paid for my cup, the clerk asked me if I was purchasing the paper. I said, “Not a chance.” He said they get fewer of them delivered these days since not many people buy a copy anymore. That admission made my day!

  2. MAGA Hat Man says:

    Remember we used to read about Trump Derangement Syndrome? It was a malady that infected Clinton voters, driving them into deep depression following Trump’s overwhelming election. This is a great recollection!!

  3. Jack says:

    There is a major exodus from the White House staff. Even the most dedicated dem extremists have trouble remaining committed to this dunce of a president, proof that even far leftists have their limits.
    This is from CNN!

  4. Missing Trump says:

    The stock market is in the toilet. What a way to end this week!

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