Dems peeling away from loser: Old, Slo Joe

AOC refuses to say whether she’d support a 2024 run for the cognitively declining president


4 Responses to Dems peeling away from loser: Old, Slo Joe

  1. Enuff says:

    Who in their right mind would ever think Biden is capable of leading the United States? Oh, guess I forgot…all of the dims who thought he was better than the best president we’ve had in my lifetime. Donald Trump was a businessman who brought prosperity to Americans. All Biden has ever done is suck at the taxpayer’s largess. He’s the ultimate government toady who’s never worked in the public sector.

  2. Clementine says:

    Dems deserve what they get. The rest of us don’t!

    Now even they are having second thoughts. Four years of Trump prosperity should have taught them something, but they are dems, after all. They would never vote for a Republican even though Republicans benefit them. It’s a mental flaw they have. Probably in the gene pool.

  3. Villanova says:

    Bidenflation does not provide winning coattails. Americans will not soon forget this dem nightmare.

    Count on this: Democrat candidates running in the midterms will not mention his name, will not welcome his endorsement, will not let him or his cabinet members on a stage with them. Biden will be worse than a plague…everyone will run from this feeble fool.

  4. one who knows says:

    WELL! AOC is not as dumb as I thought — OR (more likely) someone told her what to say.

    In this instance, she is as close to right as I’ve ever seen her!!

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