AZ Republic obscures election facts to create false message

Arizona’s local newspaper is on the skids, as are others nationwide. Associated Press admitted that fact recently. Still nothing dissuades the Hillary-endorsing local disseminator of leftwingism from getting its message out…even when patently false.

Today’s edition is illustrative of the fakery fitting the agenda taking precedence over fact.  Headlined above-the-fold is this gem: “Female first time candidates still face challenges.” Reporter Tara Kavaler relies on the old “glass ceiling” metaphor in an effort to give substance to her false narrative.

She’s obviously never heard of energetic and respected democrat Polly Rosenbaum who was Arizona’s longest-serving state legislator, representing Gila County in the House of Representatives for 46 years, defeated in an anti-incumbency thrust at age 95. 

Arizona also has the distinction of electing what became known as the “Fab Five,” all women elected to the state’s highest offices in 1998: Jane Dee Hull was elected governor, Betsey Bayless was elected Secretary Of State, Janet Napolitano was elected Attorney General, Carol Springer was elected state Treasurer, and Lisa Graham-Keegan was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction. All were Republicans except for Napolitano. They remain the greatest number of women to serve in any state’s highest elected offices simultaneously. Republican Kimberly Yee, a former state senator, is currently Arizona’s state treasurer, keeping Arizona’s economy solvent during the pandemic pandemonium and the faltering Biden administration, with the worst inflation many of us have ever endured. 

Lorna Lockwood, born pre-statehood in 1903, became a lawyer, Superior Court judge and the first female justice on the Arizona Supreme Court, holding that distinction nationally. President Ronald Reagan nominated Arizonan Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to serve as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Arizona’s legislature has had women serving in the state House and Senate since 1914, two years after statehood. Tara Kavaler, an Arizona transplant, needs to take a remedial course in Arizona history. Writing sans information makes everything else she writes worthy of suspicion.

8 Responses to AZ Republic obscures election facts to create false message

  1. Mike says:

    You’ll be happy to read this article, which came out today and couldn’t possibly have had better timing:

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thanks, Mike! This information is on target and partially explains the demise of print news. Arrogance was left off the list as was the effort to brainwash readers, instilled in Journalism school.

  2. hoi polloi boy says:

    It appears that whoever wins the governor’s race, Arizona is going to have a female executive.

    • BenF says:

      Well, we are fortunate that none of the candidates’ first names include JAN – Jane, Janet, Janice and the two faced Janus Ducey. The failed denizens of the ninth floor are part of the McCain Donor Class supporting Scarrin Karrin, according to Breitbart News this afternoon. If you liked Johnny and friends, you’ll love ROBson.

      One thing that is weird for me is the statement that Kimberly Yee has been ” keeping Arizona’s economy solvent.”

      Yee has no authority over AZ economy policies and has only been responsible for investing our portfolio, which, when closely inspected, shows a terrible return on investment record.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    Tara Kavaler is a clone promoting agenda rather than facts in what the dying news industry has brought upon itself. News is what is happening now, and is no longer relevant when a day old. News is now delivered instantly and available from numerous sources. Paying inflated prices for regurgitated “news” identifies readers of such blather as uninformed. They might as well flush their billfolds down the toilet as subscribe to a relic.

    • Mohave Mike says:

      Ditto regarding parents who send their kids to dens of deceit such as ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Naming a school of Journalism after that radical who delighted in filling his evening newscasts with caskets being off loaded at airports was his means of demoralizing Americans and denouncing our involvement in Vietnam. Despicable “Uncle Walter” wouldn’t have lasted a day on Fox News. I’d like to think even the alphabet networks would have dropped him. He was a controller of news rather than a deliverer.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Facts don’t matter to the AZ Repulsive nor any of its “reporters.” Tara Kavaler better find some useful skills since she’ll be looking for a job when the so-called newspaper finally shuts down. Do you know anyone who still subscribes? I only know a single person, a brain dead former brother-in-law, who actually admits voting for both Obama and Biden.

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