AZ Republic leftists seize on death as a midterm lifeline

No lie is too flagrant to tell

The failing local newspaper’s front page headline blasts, “Debunked claims on abortion promoted.” In a rational world, there would be a lot to debate about that dishonest statement presented as fact.  We do not live in such a world, rather one where extremist adults believe it is a right to kill innocent pre-born humans.

This time there’s an intriguing component to the matter. An Arizona legislator speaking out against abortion doesn’t fall into the expected category. Walt Blackman is a black man — with the distinction of being the first black Republican ever elected to the Arizona Legislature. He is also pro-life and vocal about his views. Not only that, but he knows history. Rep. Blackman served in the United States Army for 21 years as a front line tank commander. Among other distinctions, he was awarded a Bronze Star for combat action in Iraq, and a Meritorious Service Medal.

Rep. Blackman’s knowledge of history is crucial in this context. The newspaper is brutalizing him for taking on Margaret Sanger, the Planned Parenthood founder who was instrumental in not only bringing abortion centers to the impoverished neighborhoods in New York City, she targeted poor immigrant families and blacks, all of whom Sanger referred to as “human weeds.” The leftists who still work at the dying Arizona Republic are unable to face that fact.

Instead Rep. Walt Blackman, a self-identified constitutional conservative who represents Legislative District 6, is brutalized for not walking in lockstep with the pro-abortion newspaper for the unforgivable sin of telling the truth.

Seeing Red AZ is not a newcomer to the pro-life movement as this sampling of revealing posts illustrate:

April 1, 2015: Ted Cruz is no Barry Goldwater — Thank God! (Describing so-called “Mr. Conservative” Barry Goldwater, supporting an AZ Congressional democrat candidate over a pro-life conservative. She won with his endorsement.)

Jan. 21, 2019: Dems OK barbaric infanticide, Republicans vote for life

July 27, 2020: Planned Parenthood endorsed “conservative” Rodney Glassman

June 26, 2022: Businesses fund abortion related expenses…vote with your feet

This video is not new, but its message remains relevant — substantiating Rep. Blackman’s statements:


6 Responses to AZ Republic leftists seize on death as a midterm lifeline

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    RINOcrat Kate McGee lost what was LD 28 by bringing in her pal Kathy Petsas as a candidate, and losing the district, her own seat as well, to the dems. Republicans need to stay true to the platform or we aid the dems.

  2. hoi polloi boy says:

    My hope is that fellow Rs voting in AZ CD2 will join me in voting for Walt Blackman in the upcoming primary. With him as our candidate, I’m confident we can defeat Speaker Pelosi’s yeoman Tom O’Halloran and flip this seat to red.

    • Jack says:

      Thanks for the reminder. He’s running an under the radar congressional campaign. Just went to his website and it omits the CD district, so I’m not even sure if we’re in it since redistricting. Getting a ton of mailers but none from Rep. Blackman, so I assume we’re not. We don’t get an early ballots….prefer to vote in person, so we’ll know with certainty when the polls open.

      • hoi polloi boy says:

        Yes, it’s been a bear to determine which districts one lives in. We are right on the edge and after spending a couple hours looking at maps I finally contacted Yavapai County and got definitive answers. They’re good and helpful people.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    Margaret Sanger video is enlightening. As more recent Arizonans, we didn’t know Barry and his wife Margaret “Peggy” Goldwater were farces. Have since found out that the “Peggy Goldwater” award has been a prestigious one given by Planned Parenthood for decades. We do know enough never to vote for perennial candidate and new Republican Rodney Glassman.

  4. Maggie says:

    Margaret Sanger and Peggy Goldwater made quite a team, originating and promoting the baby killing “Planned Parenthood.” Interesting way to plan your family by killing off a few of them.

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