Sky-high inflation? Biden claims economy ‘on the right path’ as U.S. enters recession

Brain-dead Biden bizarrely creates his own economic reality, set to raise taxes

Unwilling to publicly address the latest dire economic news, Biden’s office sent out this terse statement Thursday, after the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced that the GDP had contracted for the second consecutive quarter, sending the U.S. into a recession. This information is condensed in a simple to read page, accompanied by explanatory graphs.

Real Clear Politics aggregated polling numbers are dismal for Biden in every category. Focusing on the economy, he is upside-down among all of the major national measures.

Watch as FOX News correspondent Peter Doocy questions WH’s spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre: “How is calling two quarters of negative growth not a recession, not redefining recession?” She dips and dodges, unable to provide a cogent response.

A superb editorial in today’s Washington Examiner headlined, “Bidenflation has become Bidencession,” describes the administration’s pending tax hikes at the worst possible time. Take time to read it. Then prepare for the worst.


6 Responses to Sky-high inflation? Biden claims economy ‘on the right path’ as U.S. enters recession

  1. one who knows says:

    “Dismal for Biden”?? He will feel no pain – the “Big Guy” is immune from such things – the rest of us, however…

    America’s only hope is a big win in the midterms, and I am getting more worried every day about them – the dims are turning out to vote in high numbers!!

    DO YOUR PART and talk it up with you neighbors, relatives and any R or I you know – make sure they vote – know anyone who might have difficulty in getting to the polls or to a drop box?? Help them out – load them in your car and take them there!!!

  2. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    The economy was too good under President Trump, so those demoncraps you know voted for a total collapse. Our nation is now represented by an elderly man showing clear signs of dementia with a cabinet selected not for qualifications but to fill leftwing, “politically correct” FIRST markers. We have stopped associating with Biden supporters, whether former friends or relatives. We’re courteous but but if they call and we are always “busy” if they want to make plans. With their votes, they are destroying our grandchildren’s futures.

  3. Jack says:

    President Trump was an unexpected powerhouse who was respected on the world stage, didn’t soil himself when meeting with the pope, and as a businessman provided a booming economy and high employment. Americans were not being gouged at the gas pump, worried about grocery prices and supply chain problems.

    Biden has never worked outside of government, is a proficient liar and has a criminal son with whom he and his brother Jim colluded for profit. When is crack addict Hunter going to be charged? Having your dad as president of the United States should not provide an automatic sweep under the rug or pardon. The Biden’s are a corrupt family.

  4. Realist says:

    Haiti-born spokeslesbo Karine Jean-Pierre is recycled from the Obama and Harris campaigns and administration. She has risen to her level of incompetence.

  5. East Valley Conservative says:

    Some spokesperson! She is unable to make a simple statement without shuffling through and reading verbatim from her prepared notes. Her eyes are constantly darting to what she has been instructed to say. She isn’t able to retain information, but then, it changes with every new lie she is fed.

  6. Clementine says:

    Respecting democrats has become an impossibility. They are no longer simply “the other party.” Their votes are destroying our nation on every level…from promoting corruption, sexual exploitation of children in our educational system to deceit on the campaign trail, and fraud when they hold office.

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