Far leftist “Meathead” Stivic was not acting, he was portraying himself

There was a time before the advent of political correctness, when the immensely popular Archie Bunker Show was considered side-splittingly funny. It was irreverent, opinionated and we all laughed at the truisms that were integral to the family that consisted of Archie and Edith Bunker, their daughter Gloria and her husband Michael “Meathead” Stivic, played by Rob Reiner. It was the 1970’s and “All in the Family” was the show to watch.

In the intervening years, humor was replaced by jockeying for the highest level of victimhood and angst. Comedians, once an entertainment staple, are a now rarity.

Reiner was not simply playing an irritating, young ne’er-do-well, left-winger who continually riled conservative Archie, while living rent-free in his in-law‘s home. He was playing himself, a radical propagandist. Now 73, he has taken on the biggest comedic role of his life. He is a fervent Joe Biden supporter, a role enhanced by his visceral hatred of conservatives and Donald Trump, verified by his chronic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Despite the worst economy in decades — previously thriving under President Trump — Reiner does not veer from his virulent leftwingism, proving Archie bestowed the perfect nickname on this less than reputable, sponging son-in-law. In this tweet, Reiner described President Trump and the 63 million Americans who voted for him for president as “racists and white nationalists.”

And all along we thought we were patriotic Americans.

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  1. Mike says:

    I could reply with my characterization of the Jackass Who Stole The Whitehouse and all those (dead or alive!) who “voted” for him…but just for today I’ve decided to be kind and demure.

    However…gee we could sure use a few million more voters like Archie Bunker again.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      The Obama/Biden syndicate has gotten away with a previously unimaginable election hoax. Who would ever imagine that a senile wizened leftist would be in the White House during these tenuous times? I haven’t met a single person who admits to having voted for Biden and few can even name the Vice President. Think of that! How do we retain our international dominance when Americans are so ill-informed? Thank the public school system dominated by leftist indoctrinators.

      • Mike says:

        Socialized (read: public) school systems are as much of a threat and danger to society as socialized healthcare. Always, but ALWAYS, vote against public so-called “education.” No more “school” millages, overrides, bonds or other taxes of any kind. Though we may never succeed in completely eradicating this assault on the next generation, we can steadfastly continue to wage war on it until the day we die. Education is the responsibility – and the right – of the PARENT, not the government, to control and provide.

      • Mike says:

        Public Schools: Overpaid Teachers and Uneducated Students
        by Mychal Massie on September 8, 2015 in Daily Rant, Education
         14

        End of summer is upon us and with same comes the Erebusic Satanic ritual notably called return to public school. Public schools since the early 1970s have served to prepare public school teachers for comfortable retirements and prepare the students relegated to them to lowered expectations and conformity to social Marxism.
        If more money were the cure to the educational malaise, public schools would be graduating entire classes of Einstiens and Socrates. But instead they are promoting students grade-to-grade who cannot make change unless the cash register tells them the correct amount and who are by definition illiterate in geography, literature, and factual history.
        According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, Public School Expenditures (Last Updated 2015) from 2000-01 to 2011-12, expenditures per student in public elementary and secondary schools increased by 11 percent, after adjusting for inflation. This amount peaked in 2010-11 at $11,332. (nces.ed.gov) The total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the U.S. amounted to $621 billion in 2011-12.
        Spending more money hasn’t improved student’s ability to speak, read, comprehend, and do math, on a legitimate level consistent with their grade.
        Public school children can tell you where to get an abortion and how much it will cost. They can tell you were to get birth control and condoms. They can tell you what actor or singer is sleeping with whom and they can recite the words of rap songs and have a candid (though less than illuminating) discussion about Dancing With the Stars and/or Star Search.
        But those are not marketable skills consistent with earning a living wage, which explains why liberals are pushing for $15 minimum wage to flip hamburgers and toss French fries.
        Most public school children born in 1990 graduated from public school in 2008 believing Muslims are our friends and it was America’s fault that Muslims murdered over 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Children graduating from college in 2012 believe America is an evil colonialist empire oppressing poor people around the world.
        Children in public schools are being taught that phrases like “baa, baa black sheep” are racist and insensitive. They’re being taught that words such as “Master’s Degree, postmasters, and master suites,” are racist and insensitive, and bespeak of white privilege. (See: Ten Things You Didn’t Know Where Racist; John Leo; National Review; 8/20/2015)
        Your child going off to college is a proud moment until the child returns home an anarchist condemning the traditions that made America great.

The overwhelming majority of public school teachers I have met fall into two categories: 1) those who boast about the job they do and how they would do more but the system won’t let them; 2) those who blame parents for a child’s poor performance. The latter omits, of course, that the input of parents is not welcome today.
        David Horowitz, the editor of FrontPage Magazine and founder of The Freedom Center has spent the better part of his adult life addressing the threat Marxists and their ideology pose to college aged minds. He points out that the Marxists of the 1960s did not go away – they went into higher education.
        For the privilege of a lifelong debt of college loans and a high likelihood of a degree that proves worthless, young people are graduating thoroughly converted to secular humanism, hatred for America, ignorant of factual history, and ashamed of being white.
        If black, they graduate wearing victimology on their sleeves and with a hatred for whites that cannot be overstated.
        Public school children are learning the equivalent of nothing when compared to the knowledge those of us graduating pre-1970 were expected to know. Children are however being taught that pernicious debauchery is normal and natural. They are taught that not excepting homosexuality and not admitting that being white is too enjoy privilege denied persons of color is amoral and bigoted.
        Public school students will not be taught the truth of Benghazi and they will have their grades lowered if they do not conform to their teacher’s cultural Marxism.
        Students will be able to bring their babies to the school daycare center but they will be expelled if they bow heads and openly give God thanks for their meals. Children will be tutored in how to deceive and lie to their parents but they will not be permitted to carry a Bible to their classes.
        They will conclude a school year without knowing who their state representatives are and in most instances unable to identify five generals from World War II; not knowing significant historical landmarks in their areas of domicile; not being able to name the first ten presidents, and not being able to name the state capitols of ten states.
        And before the teachers reading this decide to be offended by the truth, munch on this factoid. A National Geographic Test in 2002 found that 11 percent of graduates aged 18 to 24 couldn’t locate the U.S. on a map. And more students knew the island featured in the last season’s “Survivor” than could find Israel.
        And we wonder why young people are growing up without morals, without an appreciation and love for America, no sense of patriotism, angry, and filled with despair.

  2. Clementine says:

    Radical Reiner also wrote, “Donald Trump’s mind is infested with racism, with misogyny, with lies, with bigotry, with hate.” I wouldn’t see anything he produces or appears in if the tickets were free.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    His father Carl Reiner kept politics out of his comedy skits. My folks used to watch him and Sid Caesar on our new, grainy black and white TV. He was a lot more savvy than this Biden supporting son!

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Demonrats would rather live in this horrible economy than admit we were all doing well under Pres. Trump. Housing prices, groceries, cars and fuel were half of what they cost today. A friend recently bought a year old car that cost more than it did new. Thank Slo Joe for this economic debacle.

  5. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    (Remember that plurals aren’t made with apostrophes—1970s does just fine.) “It was the 1970’s and “All in the Family” was the show to watch.”

  6. one who knows says:

    The meathead needs to go back in the oven and bake a little more – he’s not ready to speak sense yet!

    Sometimes the dims hate just amazes me! It’s one thing to disagree on policy, but another to just spew hate filled lies….sad.

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