Election losses, wins, front and center amid AZ’s primary election news & UPDATES

LATEST UPDATE as of August 5: President Trump’s influence solidifies AZ Governor’s race as Kari Lake beats Karrin Taylor Robson by 2.8% points

With few exceptions, good news resounds in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election. Arizona’s Republican incumbent members of congress — Biggs, Gosar, Lesko and Schweikert — remain popular and as of 10:00 p.m. last night, enough President Trump supporters broke ranks to give Karrin Taylor Robson a 7-point edge over Republicrat contortionist Kari Lake, in the Arizona governor’s race. Lake morphed into a Republican after leaving the party twice before taking a circuitous path of endorsing and supporting Obama — in her initial foray into public office. Trump-endorsed Mark Finchem, a former state legislator, sailed to a smooth primary victory in the race for Secretary of State. This under-the-radar office is next in line of succession to the governor, since Arizona does not have a lieutenant governor.

AZ House Speaker and sculptor, Rusty Bowers, who theatrically testified against Pres. Trump during congress’ recent January 6 hearing, got the drubbing he deserved and will now have ample opportunity to whine as he chisels marble, since his days at the state legislature are not only termed out, they are over. The Arizona GOP executive committee censured Bowers and called on Republican voters to “replace him in the ballot box,” which they did.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich will get to enjoy his retirement instead of spending time in humid or snowy Washington D.C. as a senator.  

Exceptionally well qualified Andy Gould, with prosecutorial and judicial credentials, running for Arizona Attorney General lost to marginal Abe Hamadeh, lacking relevant legal experience while touting his military service. Though commendable, it is not a qualification for being attorney general.

Kimberly Yee, Arizona’s incumbent state treasurer with credentials galore, easily beat back two primary challengers.

Interim Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, a career prosecutor and chief deputy won the primary bringing the office back on an even keel after unfortunate events surrounding her predecessor. Mitchell previously gained national recognition serving as Investigative Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee during the unprecedented and disgraceful 2018 democrat-led confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh for Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff for an unparalleled 6-four-year terms, is a longtime resident of Fountain Hills. He has challenged incumbent Mayor Ginny Dickey.  As of 8:42 AM ET Aug. 4, 2022, the race remains neck-in-neck, separated by 5 points.

Arizona’s Family News Channels 3 and 5 provides this updated list of election results.

Arizona’s general election is Nov. 8, 2022.

6 Responses to Election losses, wins, front and center amid AZ’s primary election news & UPDATES

  1. Jack says:

    We had a difficult time finding full coverage election information last night. Primaries are not chicken feed…they set the stage for who will compete in the General Elections against the democrats.

  2. Disgusted says:

    Candidate Elijah Norton should be the symbol of how NOT to run a campaign. He spent a fortune sending out nearly daily mailings attempting to denigrate U.S. Rep. David Schweikert. Those of us who have had the good fortune of being represented by Congressman Schweikert, were initially mystified than horrified by the gutter campaign he ran. It did him no good but will make this arrogant young rich guy an outcast if he has any future aspirations. He was a newcomer to AZ. He ought to move again.

    • Enuff says:

      Politics was never a spot for the faint of heart, but it has become a haven for too many like Norton, who are brash, inexperienced, and have access to plenty of money with a desire for what they perceive as power. He and his guy pals should take a hike from Arizona. They ought to move to San Francisco where they’d feel more at home.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    Matt Salmon waited too long to shut down his “going nowhere” campaign. It’s actually his fault the governor’s race is so tight. It was too late to try to configure himself as a team player.

    • Kimball says:

      Matt Salmon a team player? Hardly! His ego is solely responsible for Obama supporter Kari Lake taking the GOP Primary. I’m disgusted at the options we are left. Matt should be met with backs turned to him where ever he is seen.

      • Not A McCainiac says:

        It’s doubtful fishy Salmon be seen much after being party to this debacle. He might escape some well deserved ire by hiding behind his beard.

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