Shocking raid on Pres. Trump’s home should disturb all Americans

This morning’s edition of the failing AZ newspaper required 6 reporters to massage the coverage

A reported 30 FBI agents — including safecrackers — at the direction of U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, broke into President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in the early morning Monday Aug. 8, 2022, when the Trumps were not in residence.

Joe Biden and his administration mouthpieces sidestep this major breach of protocol. Biden’s spokespeople continually say they have “no comment’ on this invasion of the private home of the former U.S. President.  With his back to the wall amid growing ire over this unprecedented action, radical leftist Merrick Garland has won the approval of Biden, who preposterously describes Garland as “embodying honor, decency, integrity, and fidelity to the rule of law and judicial independence.”

The FBI, headed by Director Christopher Wray, is under the umbrella of the Department of Justice, which is led by Merrick Garland, whose unwarranted, heavy-handed tactics have inflamed fair-minded Americans who value the Rule of Law. Wray was questioned extensively Thursday by Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R-IA), who expressed frustration, saying he did “not get much of an answer” on many lingering questions regarding the Biden endorsed forced entry at Mar-a-Lago.

Meanwhile, the Biden’s, accompanied by their crack addict son, Hunter, and his most recent wife — who he married ten days after they met —  head for a weeklong vacation on a private South Carolina island vacation onboard Air Force One. This affords the feeble Biden an opportunity to escape press inquires in the unlikely case any of his media toadies impertinently asks a question about the raid on President Trump‘s home.

Be sure to read “Merrick Garland: Petty, Vindictive Little Man,” in FrontPage magazine by Larry O’Connor.  You’ll be glad you did.

10 Responses to Shocking raid on Pres. Trump’s home should disturb all Americans

  1. Tucson GOP says:

    In the most recent bit of left wing trickery, we are now we are being led to believe that Biden was not briefed on the raid.

  2. Anthem Al says:

    These are perilous times. If we’re not vigilant, we will lose our country. The left is committed to its destruction with more ferocity than either Russia or China are. What is it about freedom that gives dims heartburn?

  3. Observer says:

    Biden gives Garland token cover and then swiftly leaves on vacation? Never stick your neck out for a dem. They’ll sever your jugular before denying that they know you. In this case, they deserve one another.

  4. Not Fooled says:

    The fact that anyone would vote for the Biden-Harris ticket is mind boggling. They are both incompetents, which enhances the behind the scenes power Obama continues to exert. Both of Slo Joe’s spokespersons (Jen Psaki and Karine Jean-Pierre) are recycled from the Obama campaigns and administration. Obama’s never far away. He’s currently serving his “third term” whether or not you realize it.

  5. MAGA Hat Man says:

    Kari Lake is now Arizona’s Trump-endorsed, GOP candidate for governor. She needs to publicly renounce her vocal support for Merrick Garland. It’s an imperative. The sooner the better. Maybe even more than once. Elephants are known for their keen memories.

    • one who knows says:

      Maga Hat Man is doing all he can to make sure Hobbs wins – THE PRIMARY IS OVER!!! It looks like MHM will vote for Hobbs.

      • MAGA Hat Man says:

        Not walking in lockstep with phonies makes me suspect? I’m a principled, conservative. Would you vote for someone you knew to be a fraud if they had an “R,” after their name? I won’t be voting for Hobbs.

  6. Newcomer says:

    WOW! Haven’t seen that before!! She MUST retract this. I wonder if President Trump has seen this? Garland wants Trump’s head on a platter!

    • one who knows says:

      That’s because you are a newcomer (?) – it has been posted here prior to the PRIMARY – and that is EXACTLY when votes should have seen it – to display it now is nothing more than support for Hobbs. Seems the D’s have infiltrated Seeing Red Arizona.

      • MAGA Hat Man says:

        Seeing Red AZ is a reliable, conservative site I have been reading for years. Facts do not constitute a “democrat infiltration.” If you prefer to keep your head in the sand, that’s your right. Exposing the truth about a candidate, even the Republican one, hopefully will hold her feet to the fire and make her answerable to those of us who vote Republican and have not switched parties repeatedly as she has. Kari Lake won the primary because she was endorsed by Pres. Trump. She has no record within the GOP. I do not vote for democrats, but we need to watch this political flip-flopper closely.

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