Fraidy Katie Hobbs runs from AZ’s governor’s debate

Hobbs bobs as she ignores and insults voters

Democrat Katie Hobbs wants to be governor, but refuses to engage in a debate with her Republican counterpart Kari Lake. Arizona voters should be able to hear her repeat her mantra posted on her campaign website, “As governor, I will fearlessly work to increase access to abortion services.” Hobbs also opined, “Let me be clear — the decision to have a child should rest solely between a woman and her doctor.” In Hobbs’ convoluted world, fathers are irrelevant. Describing her previous career as a social worker, Hobbs clumsily referred to herself as “a domestic violence advocate.”

Debates have been prominent features in political campaigns since Nixon and Kennedy debated in 1960.

Hobbs no doubt fears a debate will focus negative attention on her, when as then-senate minority leader she was party to a discrimination lawsuit filed against the senate in Federal Court by Talonya Adams a lawyer/policy advisor for the Arizona Senate democrats. Ms. Adams alleged racial and sexual discrimination based on asking to be paid as much as her white male counterparts.

According to this 12 News report, Hobbs was less than two months into her job as minority leader when Adams was fired. Adams had been in her policy adviser position for three years. The jury awarded Ms. Adams $2.75 million. Katie Hobbs issued an apology…which is more than Arizona voters can expect as she hides from them, refusing to debate for the state’s top job.

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission site lists all upcoming debates which will be televised on “AZ PBS on Arizona Horizon.” The Arizona governor’s debate is scheduled for Oct. 5, at 6 PM. There is even a designated spot to submit debate questions. Democrat Katie Hobbs is the only candidate for statewide office who has not agreed to debate. Will Republican candidate Kari Lake debate an empty chair as Clint Eastwood did at the 2012 Republican National Convention?


8 Responses to Fraidy Katie Hobbs runs from AZ’s governor’s debate

  1. Anthem Al says:

    This woman is an embarrassing fool. Hobbs is proof positive that brain dead dems will vote for anything that has a “D“ following their name on the ballot.

  2. Maggie says:

    “Reproductive health care”? Isn’t that contraception? Gruesomely mutilating/murdering pre-born human babies falls into another cateGORY. I call it infanticide! That’s quite a campaign item to chose to hang her hat on. How about pledging to tackle the nation’s highest inflation here in AZ or our failing schools?

  3. Jack says:

    Egotistical Hobbs probably thinks if she doesn’t show up, the debate will be cancelled.

    • Mr. & Mrs. America says:

      The fact that Hobbs is the only statewide candidate who won’t agree to debate indicates she knows she can’t benefit from having to display her ineptitude and defend her bigotry that cost Arizona taxpayers nearly $3 MILLION!

      • Realist says:

        That should be the first question Hobbs is asked. She’ll be so busy defending herself that she’ll do her own candidacy in.

      • Doc says:

        You’re ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! This cowardly …uuummm…person (SEE?!?!? I can be polite occasionally…) is a misogynist & a bigot, & ANYBODY that votes for her needs to have their driver’s license revoked. She’s a BIGFOOT!!! Eddie Murphy covered this in “Delerious”…

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I well remember the “empty chair” debate. It was pointed and very effective. Lake should bring a folding chair with her. Even if she doesn’t address it as Eastwood did, just having it as something she can glance at and gesture toward, ask a question, look at the chair and shrug would be very effective.

  5. Paying Attention says:

    Hobbs speaks in a contrived childish voice and changes hair color and styles as often as others change their socks, yet runs from a debate for the job she claims to want? Obviously she thinks her whims take precedence over any need to connect with AZ voters. As secretary of state, she should hold us in higher regard. Wanting to be governor, she needs to earn votes, which is clearly unimportant to Hobbs. She wants to magically ascend to the governor’s office. Don’t hold your breath, Katie. It will easily be Kari Lake’s as the early returns come in.

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