Katie Hobbs proves you never know who your Uber driver is

Previously referred to as “Fraidy Katie” for refusing to engage in either the primary or general Clean Elections debates, democrat Hobbs has now revealed herself to be “Shady Katie.”

Among the myriad duties of Arizona’s now term-limited Republican governor is managing the state budget. Gov. Doug Ducey served as a two-term state treasurer. Previously, he was a successful business owner. As governor, he presided over record investments and historic tax cuts. The governor has line-item veto authority on financial appropriations. Given this background, it makes the gubernatorial candidacy of far-left democrat Katie Hobbs — who called for a probe of Pres. Trump and his supporters over ‘“intense efforts to interfere with ballot counting,” — even more preposterous.

Although the Hillary-endorsing local newspaper buried the story with a mere four sentences at the bottom of the Valley & State section, expanding its coverage on Page 5B, hoping to obscure notice of its dwindling number of readers, the report titled, “Hobbs got a secret side gig to help make ends meet,” is shocking in revealing her ineptness for holding the state’s top job overseeing a $16 billion state budget with little to recommend her. She and her husband, who worked two jobs, were so cash strapped — even losing their home to foreclosure. As a state legislator, driving for Uber, Hobbs failed to report the income she earned. Once the facts were revealed, she was forced to amend her 2016 income tax report. The governor’s job pays $95,000 yearly which was likely the inducement for financially hobbled Hobbs.

Amending tax returns as an elected official — only after being caught in nefarious actions — doesn’t have the same resonance as coming forward, admitting guilt and issuing a statement of apology. Instead Katie Hobbs is brazenly seeking the state’s leadership position. Given her background, there’s something very appropriate about having a left-wing candidate driving Arizonans for a colonoscopy appointment. It’s job training.


6 Responses to Katie Hobbs proves you never know who your Uber driver is

  1. one who knows says:

    Anyone who reads/confirms this (SRA does not lie!) and supports Hobbs is a voter not deserving to live in the USA – they should move to a 4th-rate country!

  2. Seen It All says:

    Betch’a Hobbs voted against a pay increase for state legislators who earn a flimsy $24,000 a year! Even though she needed the money, this leftist would never buck her controllers in the AZ dumocrap party.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Republican Kari Lake will and should beat the socks off of lowlife Katie Hobbs. Lake can learn, Hobbs has too much to unlearn. She’s an ambitious snake looking for a reliable paycheck for four years instead of two.

  4. Maggie says:

    Since Hobbs was a social worker (perfect perch for a leftist) why wouldn’t she seek work in that arena? Of course, she would have to forgo the spotlight that is her oxygen.

  5. Claire Voyant says:

    I know this is a something men are unlikely to focus on, but when money is tight, why would Katie Hobbs keep changing her hair style, color and streaks, none of which is cheap? She’s an airhead who is into self gratification, even when times are tough and she should more appropriately be thinking about her family.

  6. Trevor says:

    No surprise Janet Napolitano the worst Governor ever endorsed Hobbs. Sure Cindy McCain will eventually.

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