Mark Finchem vs. Adrian Fontes for AZ Sec. of State provides clear choice

Finchem deserves our votes

The premise behind the old comedic gangster movie, “The gang that couldn’t shoot straight” was that greed and envy are not a pathway to success.  Someone ought to point that truism out to Adrian Fontes. Ousted by voters following a single term as Maricopa County Recorder, in charge of overseeing elections…when his time wasn’t taken up with telling a voter who called the office to “go f–k yourself.”

Fontes lost that post after his obscenity-laced tirade made the news. Now he’s back…outrageously desiring to be in charge of the statewide elections as secretary of state.

“Everything that I’ve done, even some of the controversial stuff,” Fontes boasted, “has been in light of promoting the interest of the voters, not the office.”  Advising voters who pay his salary, to “go f–k yourself,” definitely falls within that lofty parameter.

Fontes claims he supports updating Arizona’s Election Procedures Manual, a new interest intended to provide him relevancy. That change would include Fontes’ newly contrived “cyber security measures.” Fontes also wants all Arizona counties to use a vote center model rather than those organized closer to the voter precincts.

Mark Finchem has a stellar resume, a verifiable commitment to public service, and endorsements most statewide candidates could only hope for. His endorsement by former President Donald Trump provided him a 16.5% primary election victory over his opponents.

VOTE NO on costly Prop. 131, pushed by a failed secretary of state candidate, which would needlessly and expensively create the position of lieutenant governor to succeed the governor in the case of a vacancy. Since our 1912 statehood, that role has seamlessly been filled minus unnecessary costs as the bold type in this 2013 post indicates.


7 Responses to Mark Finchem vs. Adrian Fontes for AZ Sec. of State provides clear choice

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Fontes is a foul-mouthed, rude democrat. That falls under the redundancy category!

  2. Trevor says:

    Who is the failed SOS candidate pushing Prop 131?

    • Not A McCainiac says:

      It was Shawna Bolick. She saw it as a quick route to the governor’s office, without the effort and expense required when running a statewide race.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    Somewhat off topic, but I just saw an Internet pop-up ad for a democrat named Judy Schwiebert (had to hurriedly write the name down) who is running for reelection to the AZ legislature. It actually said “Abortion is Health Care.” The human baby is not going to survive the deadly procedure too healthy. These ads must cost her a bundle. I don’t live in her district an indication she is spending a lot for widespread coverage.

  4. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    Mark Finchem definitely has our votes. We cheered when he won the AZ GOP primary!

  5. jerry mcguire says:

    Having conversed face to face with Fontes, I can assure you he is a rude person without the weight to be considered a bully (no matter how hard he tries) — Mark Finchem has our votes, hands down!

    RE Prop 301: REAL Republicans believe in LESS GOVERNMENT, not more….Shame on you Shawnna Bolick – you need to reset your beliefs to the Republican ideals, that is, IF YOU EVER HAD THEM!! Shawnna was even pushing a candidate (democrat) in her district for the house who just signed up as a Republican to run and get support….Shawnna – in your desire to become Governor it looks like you have fallen off the Republican Train!

    • Tucson GOP says:

      Well made points, Mr. McGuire, since I agree with them! Less government is what conservatives support.
      A former state legislator with law enforcement experience in charge of statewide elections sounds like a great background for overseeing Arizona’s elections. Vote for Mark Finchem!!

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