AZ Gov’s race: Trump-endorsed Kari Lake takes lead over leftist Hobbs

Real Clear Politics aggregated polling in the Arizona governor’s race shows Republican Kari Lake leading democrat Katie Hobbs, though by a mere 3.2 percent. Hobbs irreparably damaged herself after refusing to participate in the KAET/PBS Clean Elections debate, a longstanding tradition for statewide candidates. Hobbs put her petulance and fear on full display, not instilling confidence in voters, who want more information — not less — about candidates in general, but especially in those who want to inspire trust in their abilities to lead the state of Arizona and fulfill these Constitutionally enumerated duties.

Fox News has Kari Lake with an 11-point advantage with a 54 to 43 showing, in the nation’s sixth largest state. Take nothing for granted. Each of our votes are crucial in ensuring Arizona remains a red state.


6 Responses to AZ Gov’s race: Trump-endorsed Kari Lake takes lead over leftist Hobbs

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    With this wide disparity it makes me wonder how reliable polling numbers are. The only numbers that matter are those final ones on Election Night. Make sure you vote!!

  2. D.B. Cooper says:

    Arizonans are not fools. The last democrat governor we had was in 2006. Janet Napolitano resigned from the governor’s office to join the Obama administration. She was succeeded by Republican Jan Brewer.

  3. Braveheart says:

    The old joke, “vote early, vote often,” takes on new meaning when we are dealing with desperate dems, who want to regain power. We have to stay focused.

  4. State Committeeman says:

    Bill Clinton authorized the Motor Voter scheme, allowing people to register while applying for a driver’s license or even for public subsidies. Election day registration was another farce put in place by the dems. It was a dream come true for leftists, since it removes any protections to ensure the ballot is secure.

  5. jojo says:

    MAGA ONLY. That should scare all the McCain stains that read this blog. The R. party is no longer RINO. YIPPEE

  6. East Valley Conservative says:

    Voting is a privilege integral to maintaining our system of government. It must be trustworthy. Efforts to break our system down imperils our democracy. Motor Voter laws are an invitation to fraud.

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