AZ Republic signals its print demise

Back in April, Greg Burton, executive editor of the failing local newspaper announced, “To make the best use of limited space in print,” they would be “updating some of the puzzles and features, with the most significant change the elimination of TV listing.” Burton admitted, “We know that doesn’t serve all readers. If you prefer printed listings, we offer TV Weekly magazine by mail at an additional cost.” It then goes on to list what is being changed and switched, in a frantic effort to stay afloat digitally, which doesn‘t entail the costs associated with printing and distributing hard copy editions. It’s clear Burton views the remaining subscribers as mind-numbed dolts.

The desperate, far-left newspaper which fully launched its decline following its Hillary Clinton presidential endorsement over eventual winner Donald Trump, then proceeded to editorially whine that it received countless subscription cancellations and death threats,” though how a newspaper can be threatened with physical harm was never defined. Its actual commitment to ethnic diversity and inclusion overtakes any obligation to disseminating balanced news. Jobs have been eliminated and subscriptions have significantly plunged. The Arizona Republic is a Gannett publication, and Gannett is in deep trouble as Northwestern University declares: “With local journalism in crisis, Northwestern University has assembled a team of experts in digital innovation, audience understanding and business strategy. The goal is incorporated in a hodgepodge of platitudes including this gem, “reinventing the relationship between news organizations and audiences to elevate enterprises that empower citizens.“ The message then concludes with a facetious salute: “Thank you for subscribing and supporting local journalism.”

The newspaper recently announced it is “published 7 days per week, excluding Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.” Apparently it has detected there will be no news to report on those days. Other media sources are committed to keeping a flow of newsworthy information, though the local newspaper is closing shop.

Despite occasional efforts at resuscitation, facts clearly demonstrate newspapers are relics of the past — collapsing due to their unwavering commitment to the left that has driven rational readers away.

Far-left CNN is suffering the same fate. It is reported to be laying off staff and slashing $3 billion worth of costs over the next two years.


8 Responses to AZ Republic signals its print demise

  1. Mike says:

    Perhaps the next commercial spiel will be: “Hurry, hurry, hurry!!! Get it today while it’s still at least good for lining your bird cages!! For a limited time only!!”

    • Realist says:

      These media debacles are occurring at radically leftwing entities. I can’t help wondering if they changed their values and could stay afloat, would they? Democrats are not known for thinking rationally.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        The answer is not only, “No!” but “hell No!’ and “Never.” Leftists are lacking brain matter which bonds them to the demoncrat party. How intelligent could any Biden-Harris voters be?

      • Maggie says:

        I never watch CNN. I’m not a masochist. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin are programs I rarely miss. They are political educators.

  2. Kimball says:

    It’s not just that technology has left print newspapers in the dust, the unwavering commitment to the democrat party is insulting to thinking Americans who refuse to pay to be insulted. We read the New York Post online for our national news and watch local TV for Arizona news.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    When we realized we were supporting the Trump despising newspaper for the crossword puzzles, we began buying crossword puzzle books at the dollar store. It’s empowering! Should have done so years ago. The AZ Repukelick stopped insulting us as soon as we cancelled!! Hate to admit it, but we foolishly gave them that power. You’ll also save a bundle of money that can be put to much better use!

  4. one who knows says:

    The mainstream media has failed to report on many stories that are now coming to the surface. Several large stores include Hunter’s laptop, truth about Ukraine, covid vax info AND medication, the politicization of the FBI and other Govt Agencies just to name a few…..where is the reporting now; where are the headlines? Here is a link to nearly 1/2 BILLION dollars from just one State’s failure to serve the people…watch the video for shocking THEFT!

    Have YOU seen any of this reported – anywhere? Didn’t think so. No wonder the big Phoenix media “giant” will soon be but a memory!

    • Braveheart says:

      WOW! Quite an exposé. We are being “had” in ways we could never image. I’d like to know what additives night have been included in the ‘Feeding the Children’s’ bowls. Those who engage in this type of mega million money making deceit are not doing it for benevolent reasons. There is likely much more to this horrifying report.

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