Border czarina Harris visits AZ, stays 100 miles away from chaotic border

Biden’s VP and specially designated Border Czar, Kamala Harris, accompanied by two cabinet secretaries, Biden’s climate advisor and newly installed democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs, went to Tonopah, Arizona to visit the site of an energy infrastructure project intended to connect solar and wind power grids in Arizona and California. The administration’s three visitors and Hobbs increased the unincorporated town‘s population significantly. According to the 2020 census, the population of Tonopah was 23, down from 60 at the 2010 census. Latest numbers show it with a grand total of 11 residents.

Tonopah is near the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in western Maricopa County, 52 miles west of downtown Phoenix. Most Arizonans couldn’t give directions to Tonopah which suits inarticulate and often lacking facts Kamala Harris. Since there is no separate government or media she will not be greeted by a mayor, council members, or local press. There couldn’t be a safer spot for incompetent Kamala to visit and deliver another garbled message, punctuated by her famous cackles.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection under the auspices of the Biden administration, no longer posts daily numbers of illegal aliens criminally invading the USA and the previously successful efforts to apprehend and deport them, since that is no longer a priority. Why would there be any restraints on future democrats? The Biden/Harris agenda is not the ‘America First’ mission of President Donald Trump, or those who proudly supported him.

The harsh economic reality is evident with Google’s announcement that its parent company Alphabet Inc. is slashing 12,000 jobs worldwide in the latest round of layoffs to hit the technology sector — following Microsoft‘s recent news it would cut 10,000 jobs amid a slowing global economy. Those impacted are educated. Yet Biden has opened America’s floodgates to unskilled, uneducated and impoverished who will present an increased drain on American taxpayers as prices continue to surge under Bidenflation.

SRAZ reminds our readers to thank the democrats you know. Then avoid them like the anti-American defectors they are.


4 Responses to Border czarina Harris visits AZ, stays 100 miles away from chaotic border

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Pres. Trump was most definitely not anti-immigration. His mother was born in Scotland and immigrated legally, as many of our ancestors did. His focus was on what became and remains an onslaught/invasion of those who are breaking into our country…no different than thieves. The USA has a generous, legal immigration policy, which criminal invaders choose to ignore.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    The local newspaper, committed to “diversity” more than reporting unbiased news has Elvia Dias as it’s editorial page “senior director.” She has proudly proclaimed her illegal alien roots, slithering into the USA with her parents and siblings. She took advantage of the system and benefits and is now setting the far left newspaper’s policies further off the cliff. The fact that it continues to lose subscribers will remain irrelevant until it finally closes. One certainty is, no one will miss it.

  3. Observer says:

    Slithering into the USA is now encouraged by Biden’s handlers. Interesting that newly installed Gov. Katie Hobbs, just learning her new job, is able to spare time to “Hobb and nob” with Biden’s open border enthusiasts. That does not bode well for Arizona!

  4. Doc says:

    Regarding cabala harriASS:

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