Biden’s name isn’t Loo but that’s where his polling is

Joe Biden is clearly a man in decline, both physically and mentally. But there’s no disputing he has hit his stride with the latest Real Clear Politics polling where he fails miserably in every major category except the one regarding “Coronavirus,” which remains on the list despite dropping off the radar screen long ago.

The active categories include Economy, Foreign Policy, (illegal) Immigration, Inflation, Crime, Handling Of Russia and Ukraine, and Abortion.

Two years into a four-year term and vowing to run again, his numbers are grim, without even touching on the subject of storing classified documents in the frequently unlocked garage of his Delaware home, stacked in boxes behind his Corvette. The fact that cocaine addict son Hunter Biden, 52, lived at his parent’s home is odd enough, but that he paid them nearly $50,000 in monthly rent is even more suspicious. The information in this Breitbart link” puts the Capital “C” in Corruption. Be sure you read it.

*UPDATE: Breitbart link is no longer working.


4 Responses to Biden’s name isn’t Loo but that’s where his polling is

  1. jerry mcguire says:

    What is going on in Washington??? They seem to be doing everything they can to incite another civil war.

    They can’t think we all are blind, dumb and deaf!!

    Look at the polling #’s….at what point will the R’s actually DO SOMETHING other than talk??

    And now – here in AZ – some of our legislators want to LOWER the age requirement to run for THEIR JOBS to 18 years of age. Folks, at 18 yrs old I had no clue about the real world; had not yet paid any significant amount of taxes other than the “hidden” withholding that I paid no attention to….I was barely out in the world on my own, with ZERO life experience to even CONSIDER sitting in a position to make laws for others!!!

    WHO IS PAYING ATTENTION – and if they are, what are they doing about it???

  2. Seen It All says:

    Joe Biden is a pathetic elderly man who is a symbol of how little democrats care about matters of importance, only looking for that “d” following a candidate’s name. That’s why they have done nothing to staunch the flood of illegal invaders at our southern border. They welcome them as new dems.

  3. Maggie says:

    The entire Biden family is not only corrupt, but also creepy. I wonder if Slo Joe and Doctor Jill count the silverware before anyone leaves the table!

  4. StetsonXXX says:

    When leftwing Associated Press reports that illegals crossing into the US have surged to record highs under Biden, it appears there is a rational “enough is enough” policy taking hold even with the radical left.

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