Stunning increase in crimes committed by illegal aliens

Numbers have escalated under Biden after being curtailed during Trump’s presidency

Although democrats regard those invading the USA warmly, FOX News reported the surge in crimes among illegal aliens in 2022. The spikes included homicides, drug-related crimes, sexual assaults and illegal weapons possession.

Illegals committed 1,178 assault and violent crimes in 2021, which represents more than a 400% increase from the 208 in 2020. Those shocking numbers have only worsened. Sixty homicide or manslaughter convictions were attributed to illegal aliens in 2021, a dramatic 1,900% increase from the previous year.

The Criminal Noncitizen Statistics for Fiscal Year 2023 are staggering, though you won’t find them in the local news.

Silence is acquiescence. Acceptance of this ever-increasing criminality puts all Americans at heightened risk. Call your state legislators and members of congress. We hear from them when they are campaigning. Now that they are in office, they need to hear from us. Our links omit Arizona’s two U.S. Senators. They were both radical democrats although one recently strategically switched parties to become a registered “Independent,” since she is about to be challenged by another democrat congressional seatmate. Democrats are unmoved by citizen’s pleas to crackdown on the escalating lawlessness on our southern border, which is ignored by Joe Biden and his VP/border czar, Kamala Harris. These are the ever-increasing current numbers of Criminal Noncitizen Statistics as of January 2023 as provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a democrat, issued this Emergency Request to deal with the influx of illegals (he calls them asylum seekers) which he says is, “pushing New York City to the brink.” Border state governors Greg Abbott (Texas) and former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey began busing illegal aliens to other states, including New York. Now overwhelmed, Mayor Adams even went so far as to call for a “border czar,” unaware that that is the specific job of Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris, as CNS News reports.

6 Responses to Stunning increase in crimes committed by illegal aliens

  1. Anthem Al says:

    Busing illegals was a brilliant move. Dem Gov. Katie Hobbs will now have to deal with this crisis in Arizona. First she’ll register them all as democrats.

  2. Realist says:

    Tax and spend Demoncrats have no shame. They are also myopic, unable and unwilling to process the destruction they are inflicting on America.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    Dems care more about retaining power than they do about the nation they are leaving our children and future generations. They are authorizing mega $TRILLIONS to curry favor with their base. When the debt falls on the shoulders of our future generations, they will be unable to pay and will become desperately indebted to China, which holds the debt and the ever accruing interest. Our Founders would be horrified at what the dems have inflicted on us.

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