Irrational Ronna forgets she is RNC chair, not despotic thought police

February 28, 2023

Emboldened by being elected to an unprecedented fourth consecutive two-year term as Republican National Committee chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel has begun issuing edicts. She will have her hands full trying to enforce a loyalty pledge from 2024 presidential candidates to support the nominee in order for them to participate in debates.

Ronna McDaniel now requires a “pledge” Republican presidential candidates must sign in order to authenticate their candidacy and remain within Ronna’s parameters. She forgets she is the titular head of the party, and individual candidates, their strategists and coordinators determine the paths of their campaigns and political strategy. 

McDaniel presumes every Republican candidate will be all too happy to discard their values and sing the kumbaya anthem.

She’ll be wrong again.


Irrelevant Paul Ryan goes negative on Trump

February 27, 2023

Few Fox viewers are aware that slippery Paul Ryan was appointed to the Fox Corporation Board of Directors in March 2019 and serves as the chair of the Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee. His paltry 2022 salary, by Fox standards, is listed here.

As RINOcrat Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate, Ryan, the former House speaker outed himself as lacking conservative principles. Fox refers to itself as “fair and balanced,” and is widely, if erroneously, regarded as “conservative,” as evidenced by determinedly mandating its conservative hosts and reporters refer to illegal aliens as “migrants.”  Todd Starnes revealed the network’s duplicity on his show in 2021. 

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has issued these most recent numbers pertaining to the invasion, including 2023 year-to-date. America is being invaded. Biden reacts by tearing down the wall President Trump was constructing.

Stairlift company provides outstanding Bidenesque humor

February 26, 2023

Almost as funny as medical report on Biden’s health

Sarah Arnold, writing for Townhall, has recently outdone herself with, “Stairlift Company Mocks Biden Falling Up the Stairs in New Ad.” Not only does it provide some much appreciated humor as we slog through the plethora of the past week’s crises, but the underlying facts keep us on our toes. 

Take a few minutes to watch the accompanying video. It’s well worth your time.

This is the 5-page medical report addressed to Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s spokesperson from Biden’s doctor, Kevin C. O’Connor, D.O., following his recent physical exam.  Dr. O’Connor pronounces Biden “fit for duty.”

Rodney Glassman moves on…Beware

February 25, 2023

In a disjointed, yet self-promoting email, perennially losing candidate Rodney Glassman, who has been the only “Of Counsel” lawyer of the two dozen attorneys with the firm of Beus Gilbert McGroder, is taking a hike following the death of founding partner Paul Gilbert, who provided Glassman cover. 

In an email sent to the immediate world, Rodney announces his new contact information beginning March 1 which we omitted.

Once again, Glassman will be “Of Counsel,” rather than an integral part of the firm. His bio highlights his time in the military since his legal experience falls short. Linda Bentley, writing for the Sonoran News, exposed Glassman as a recycled democrat when he ran for the Corporation Commission in 2017, referring to him as a “quintessential opportunist.”

Rodney Glassman, who currently and opportunistically characterizes himself as a Republican, has been the recipient of hefty donations by numerous far-left unions and is pictured grinning, having obtained the support the UFC Local 99 along with other democrats running for city, district, statewide, congressional and local races. You’ll recognize many of them.

Glassman was also endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the organization that promotes planning your family by killing them after conception. He was previously a candidate for state chairman of the Arizona Democrat Party, hoping to guide the statewide strategy for defeating Republicans.

Bungling Pete Buttigieg: Secretary of Transportation must be replaced

February 24, 2023

Shows up at horrific, toxic Ohio train derailment site, three weeks after incident, loses his train of thought

H/T: RNC Research

AZ rancher, 73, faces murder charges for defending property from invading illegals

February 23, 2023

George Alan Kelly is being held on $1 million bail in the shooting death of a previously deported illegal alien invading the Nogales, Arizona ranch on which he and his wife work and live.

Arizona’s failing leftwing newspaper characterized the shooting with the words, “rancher shot and killed a Mexican citizen in the back as he ran for his life.”

Fox News earlier reported a GoFundMe account organized on Kelly’s behalf was booted based on its policy explicitly prohibiting campaigns that raise money to cover the legal defense of anyone formally charged with a alleged violent crime.

An active fundraiser for Kelly remains on the Christian crowd funding platform GiveSendGo.

“Neighbors say that he had been having difficulty keeping invaders out and say that Mr. Kelly would have acted in good faith,” the fundraiser’s organizer, Shannon Pritchard, wrote. “It is a tragedy that a simple farmer, who should be protected by the government, has been abandoned and had to defend himself.”

On his website, in a letter titled, “Welcome to safe, historic and beautiful Santa Cruz County,” Sheriff David Hathaway inanely wrote: “As a family with nine children, we can attest to the fact that Santa Cruz County is a great safe place to raise a family and has the advantage of offering the experience of multiple cultures and easy visits to Mexico.”

Hathaway, a democrat, mostly self-funded his $70,000 campaign in Arizona’s smallest county.

Why has CDC expanded emergency food, water supply info?

February 22, 2023

If life under the Biden administration is so stable why does the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have a lengthy and disconcerting section titled, “Food and Water Needs: Preparing for a Disaster or Emergency“? On the far left margin, 15 categories of concern are listed, including everything from “Natural Disasters and Severe Weather to Tsunamis and Volcanoes.” Deemed unworthy of mention is Government Instability.

Among the instructions is this sentence, “Alcohol dehydrate the body, which increases the need for drinking water,“ making us question the primary language of the government employee issuing the directive. There is a notice on the site stating the page was updated on January 27, 2021, within a week of Biden’s inauguration. His operatives let no grass, but plenty of weeds, grow under their feet. The agency is headed by Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH, who is committed to vaccinating all American children 6 months through 5 years of age with the COVID-19 vaccine. Revealing herself as a leftwing partisan, she was a vocal adversary of President Trump, who was responsible for initially fast-tracking the vaccine.

The CDC’s website now highlights, “Racism is a Serious Threat to the Public’s Health.” Dr. Walensky also spends an excessive amount of time tweeting and retweeting.

Is Biden fit to run for a second term?  Evidence points to emphatic NO!

February 21, 2023

Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson, M.D., (TX-CD 13) has credentials galore, including having served as a United States Navy rear admiral (ret.), and as White House physician to Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Previously, he was in charge of the White House Medical Unit under George W. Bush. Dr. Jackson has now accused the Biden administration of ‘covering up’ Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, asserting that his “ability to think and reason is GONE!” Following a physical exam last week, which the White House says found that Biden “remains a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male,” and is “fit for duty,” Jackson stated that Americans “learned nothing” from the announcement. This withholding of pertinent information should concern all Americans.

H/T Summit News

Don Lemon suffers consequences: Became the story instead of reporter

February 20, 2023

Lemon: “Nikki Haley isn’t in her prime. Sorry, when a woman is considered to be in her prime is in her 20s, and 30s, and maybe 40s”

Don Lemon’s recent sexist remarks about announced GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, 51, who served as ambassador to the UN under President Trump, have had consequences. Lemon, a CNN morning show co-host, was absent from his regular show slot on Friday after making the absurd comment on Thursday. Videos emerged showing him and his male “fiancé” cavorting in Miami Beach, leading viewers to conclude he was taking a scheduled break from the grueling job of insulting accomplished women. 

Not only was Lemon a no-show on Friday, he will also be removed from the show on Monday. The incrementalism appears to be death by a thousand cuts. Best bets are despite his prolific apologies, calling his words, “inartful and irrelevant,” Lemon, who will be 57 within weeks, is cooked…without the salmon, butter and an accompanying sprig of tarragon. He’s been on the show for less than six months.

A recent analysis by The Wrap, which bills itself as “The Essential Source for Entertainment Insiders,” revealed that CNN This Morning” is the network’s lowest-rated morning show in nearly a decade, sinking 18.6% in viewership among adults 25-54. Kicking Lemon to the curb might deliver an instant ratings boost for the far-left network.

Dem elites fear 2024 election disaster with feeble Biden

February 19, 2023

The All Sides Media Bias Chart (complete with disclaimers), lists POLITICO as “leaning left.’ We pass along this information for perspective as we link to its senior political columnist and bureau chief Jonathan Martin’s recent column, “Senior Democrats’ Private Take on Biden: He’s Too Old.” Martin’s column is brutal in its honesty, noting the constricted options available to the Harris-O’Biden party, alarming the dems as they view their options which include not only octogenarian Biden, but also inept VP Kamala. If her abilities as Biden’s appointed Border Czar are exemplified by her lack of action dealing with the horrendous influx of crime, deadly Fentanyl (over 300 Americans die each day due to the addictive opiate) and chaos as thousands flood into our country at an indefensible rate at our southern border.

After being on the decline during the Trump administration, due to Biden’s open-border policies, crimes committed by illegal aliens have spiked over the past two years in every category, including homicide and manslaughter, robbery and theft, sexual offenses, and weapons and drug trafficking. Pew Research Center headlines its recent report; Most border encounters now involve people from countries other than Mexico, Northern Triangle.”

Biden’s open door policy ensures a national democrat majority intended to skew all future elections. Democrats are number crunchers far more than they are patriots.