Biden: “I don’t know anyone who’s worried about inflation”

Joe and his cohorts blame Putin, Trump’s tax cuts, then call their economic disaster “temporary and transitory”

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9 Responses to Biden: “I don’t know anyone who’s worried about inflation”

  1. Mike says:

    Of course he doesn’t. Not easy to know anyone when you’ve got end stage dementia.

    • Not A McCainiac says:

      The release of Joe’s medical report from his recent physical is a reminder that we are being kept in the dark about this unfit president.
      The American people have every right to see the complete results of a clearly befuddled, unable to speak clearly, 80-year-old who walks like he’s got a pole up his butt to steady him, and threatens he’s going to be running for reelection in 2 years! What a load of you know what!

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Dems deserve what they voted for. The rest of us don’t. The fact that Nancy Pelosi is not running for reelection at age 83 is something to cheer. The image of Pelosi theatrically tearing up her copy of Pres. Trump’s State of the Union speech on national TV epitomizes her rude and petty brand of partisanship. She’s now free to go home to SF and gorge on her favorite $13 a pint gourmet ice cream.

  3. hoi polloi boy says:

    The fact is that things that people really need like food and fuel are rising the fastest. As everyone knows food prices rise monthly. We ordered propane on Wednesday and were quoted $3.50/gal, the highest price I’ve ever paid in 45 years. Upon delivery the next day, (yesterday) we were billed $3.64/gal. Please note I believe our propane service company is very up front, honest, and fair.

    • Realist says:

      In addition to what we all experience at the gas pumps, grocery stores, and rising costs to keep a roof over our heads, and utilities connected, detailed information like this is very important. Thanks.

  4. Enuff says:

    So far, his osteopathic physician claims that Biden “is vigorous.” What kind of information is that? We’re not fools. It’s clear to see Biden on a downhill trajectory, with no end in sight. His speech has deteriorated significantly in the past year and he‘s unable to think on his feet even when trying to explain the stolen White House documents stored behind a vintage car in his Delaware home’s garage and others in the office of the “Biden Center.” His surrogates keep him under wraps. Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s “spokesperson,” says nothing without continually reading from her prepared statements and referring reporters who ask questions to the “Department of Justice lawyers.”

  5. Seen It All says:

    Slo Joe’s already made history by being the oldest president ever elected. I’m looking forward to Florida governor Ron DeSantis running. He’s 44 years old, can point to a conservative record in the U.S. House of Representatives and has a law degree from Harvard. While on active duty with the Navy, he was legal adviser to the Navy SEAL commander. Pres. Trump supported him when he ran for governor. Plus DeSantis can actually walk and talk. He’d mop the floor with Joe.

    • jojo says:

      Elections have consequences and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. Biden/Hobbs need I say more?

      • Stetson says:

        Here in Maricopa County we need to dump MC Recorder Stephen Richer who oversaw the local elections. He is NOT the conservative he campaigned as, revealing himself to be anti-DJT.

        NOW is the time to recruit a viable replacement. There’s no doubt Richer voted for Biden over our president. He was featured in a huge, front-page local newspaper article with the all-caps word “UNHINGED,” juxtaposed over the photo intended to describe President Trump. Conservatives would have to be “unhinged” to reelect this phony and his Board of Supervisors buddy, Bill Gates.

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