Pres. Trump rose above hostile media, cultivating solid conservative base

“I’ll often sit down with hostile press,” Pres. Trump once stated, “just to see if it’s possible to get them to write the truth. It almost never works.”

As our longtime readers are aware, we occasionally take the opportunity presented by a weekend to post “Weekend Reading Guaranteed to Make You Smarter,“ frequently linking to the brilliance exemplified by a Victor Davis Hanson column.

Today we are taking our readers to Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch and a column, titled, “Trump Victimized by Media.” Fact-filled, it is definitely worthy of your time.

It is followed by two other exemplary commentaries:
D.C. Schools Set to Push CRT; Anti-Americanism; Leftist Propaganda; and Texas Border Operation Catches 348,000 Illegals; 361 million Fentanyl Doses.


7 Responses to Pres. Trump rose above hostile media, cultivating solid conservative base

  1. Villanova says:

    President Trump has far surpassed other GOP presidents I’ve supported (with time, energy and donations) over the years. Used to regard Reagan in that class, but Trump was the actual conservative who worked to secure our border and made excellent judicial appointments to the federal benches and SCOTUS. Reagan put RINO Sandra O’Connor as the first woman on the Supreme Court (she and her husband were friends of Nancy Reagan’s parents) and initially opened the floodgates for illegals to enter the US by signing the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act. It granted amnesty to what was then 3 million illegal aliens and promised border enforcement. Amnesty came. Enforcement never did.

  2. Maggie says:

    Reagan was a trained actor. He said the right things and spoke with conviction. Although he was better than his predecessors, he lagged far behind Donald Trump.

  3. jojo says:

    OUR Real President Trump showed us what substance over style looked like. We are so mesmerized by style that tweets about truth upset us because it isn’t Presidential. I’m a NO on the endless wars the establishment Republicans & democrats have kept us in since WWII. When fact based truths become discounted, lies become normalized. Fight with us or get out of our way.

  4. Realist says:

    Capitalize on the name McCain? If McCain’s son thinks there are Arizonans who regard that name enthusiastically, he’s got to spend some of his Mom’s wealth doing some research. John McCain hated conservatives. He aligned himself with democrats or Republicrats throughout his entire career.
    Jimmy’s mother Cindy and sister Meghan both publicly supported Biden. Jimmy is a non-starter with baggage galore.

  5. Bill Toro says:

    Trump said vote for Kari Lake

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