Dem elites fear 2024 election disaster with feeble Biden

The All Sides Media Bias Chart (complete with disclaimers), lists POLITICO as “leaning left.’ We pass along this information for perspective as we link to its senior political columnist and bureau chief Jonathan Martin’s recent column, “Senior Democrats’ Private Take on Biden: He’s Too Old.” Martin’s column is brutal in its honesty, noting the constricted options available to the Harris-O’Biden party, alarming the dems as they view their options which include not only octogenarian Biden, but also inept VP Kamala. If her abilities as Biden’s appointed Border Czar are exemplified by her lack of action dealing with the horrendous influx of crime, deadly Fentanyl (over 300 Americans die each day due to the addictive opiate) and chaos as thousands flood into our country at an indefensible rate at our southern border.

After being on the decline during the Trump administration, due to Biden’s open-border policies, crimes committed by illegal aliens have spiked over the past two years in every category, including homicide and manslaughter, robbery and theft, sexual offenses, and weapons and drug trafficking. Pew Research Center headlines its recent report; Most border encounters now involve people from countries other than Mexico, Northern Triangle.”

Biden’s open door policy ensures a national democrat majority intended to skew all future elections. Democrats are number crunchers far more than they are patriots.

4 Responses to Dem elites fear 2024 election disaster with feeble Biden

  1. Anthem Al says:

    It’s clear to Americans of both parties that Biden is unable to function. Does anyone actually expect him do anything but worsen? In his “prime” he was known as the “gaffe king” for his ridiculous misstatements. Couple that with dementia and we’ve got a major problem …exacerbated by Kabala waiting in the wings.

  2. Braveheart says:

    With this team of nitwits and “slot-fillers,” its no surprise China and Russia are flexing their muscles. The US is led by weaklings and our enemies know it.

  3. hoi polloi boy says:

    Out of control illegal immigration is what happens when an illegal alien and serial liar is appointed head of Homeland Security by a demented president aided by a democrat run Senate.

    • Braveheart says:

      Biden is nothing more than a figurehead for an administration filled not with the most capable, but with those who were selected based on their DNA and who they sleep with. We must turn this disaster around, while we still can!!

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