Dems remain enticed by their party elite

Cacklin’ Kamala enlightens with dem duplicity

Between bumbling and corrupt Joe Biden, incompetent VP Kamala Harris and sickly Sen. John Fetterman (D- PA.) — still hospitalized and receiving treatment for depression since before his senate election — the dems have nothing short of winners to offer voters. Fetterman has been hospitalized numerous times over the last year after suffering a stroke, and dealing with cognitive disabilities. He checked himself into Walter Reed medical center to “receive treatment for clinical depression.” Fetterman has been in the facility since early February and has not spent a single day in the senate.  His condition has been “extraordinarily challenging” due to ”strains of his recovery, which left him with a physical impairment and serious mental health challenges.”  His much younger Brazilian-born wife has boogied, taking their three children to Canada. Proving democrats will vote for anything, incompetent Fetterman won a contested primary, capturing all 67 counties.

This is the reassuring message from his communications director posted to Fetterman’s website.

Kamala, anointed the ‘Border Czar’ by Joe Biden, has stayed clear of the border but is responsible for overseeing in excess of 3 million illegals entering the USA.


6 Responses to Dems remain enticed by their party elite

  1. Observer says:

    That Fetterman was elected after suffering from a debilitating stroke tells us all we need to know about the dem’s mentality. If they see a “D” the think it stands for “divine.”

  2. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    Demorats are disinterested in preserving our unique nation. They are attuned to open borders, massive giveaways and keeping Bidenflation in place, though they also have to pay excessively high costs on every level. We consider them our nation’s enemies and no longer host family holidays where the boorish dems dominated on every level…in OUR home. They contributed nothing, not even a box of chocolates. When we didn’t issue invitations, they began calling last year asking what time the holiday dinner would be served, we told them we had made reservations for 1:00 and would no longer be hosting. Upshot? When the free meals ended, so did their interest in us.

  3. jojo says:

    This is no longer about R’s vs. D’s. It’s about populist nationalism vs globalist uniparty. Romney & McCain leftovers are trying to turn AZ blue and they’re doing a good job of it. It’s a battle folks and it’s up to us because our RINO’s are on the wrong side.

    • Seen It All says:

      I agree with your vantage point except for calling RINO’s “ours.” RINOs are interlopers intent on destroying the Republican Party and are our enemies, more insidious than most democrats, since they infiltrate the GOP and act with malevolent intent.

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