Trying to make sense of Mike Pence is a fool’s errand

Former Vice President Mike Pence wants nothing more than to remove the “vice” before his name. His aspirations for the top job of leading this nation have never been concealed. They are less so now as he openly lusts for the presidency and uses his undisguised animus of former President Donald Trump, for whom he served as VP, as his springboard. Pence’s most frequently hauled out and vociferous attack is blaming Trump for the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. It’s a scheme that plays well to the left, but has no potency with the Republican base he needs to gain traction. Portraying himself as a victim hasn’t worked to Pence’s advantage, either.

Pence’s campaign is peripheral, lagging not only behind former President Donald Trump by 45 points, but significantly trailing Florida and Virginia governors Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin, as this newly released Morning Consult update indicates.

Real Clear Politics aggregated polling shows Pence in single digits — right where he belongs.


11 Responses to Trying to make sense of Mike Pence is a fool’s errand

  1. Realist says:

    I’m a lifelong conservative Republican. I would never vote for Pence for President. He came with Trump’s package previously, so I trusted he would be a conservative. Many of us, Trump included, were conned.

  2. Braveheart says:

    Unless you’re a dimocrat, there is no way to “make sense of Mike Pence.” He is a colossal disappointment.

  3. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    Pence hated President Trump, but obviously regarded his vice presidency as a stepping stone. That will not happen with our votes.

  4. Anthem Al says:

    In Pence’s Gridiron Dinner speech in D.C. Saturday night, he again hammered Pres. Trump for Jan. 6 and said that “history will hold Donald Trump accountable.” Pence is desperately trying to create his own reality, and falling far short with those of us who know better. I wouldn’t vote for Pence to pick up the garbage.

  5. Jack says:

    Pence has revealed himself to be a RINO masquerading as a conservative. His ruse will be seen for what it is and he will NEVER be the GOP presidential nominee. Republicans will not compromise our values.

    We’d get the same from a dim.

  6. jojo says:

    Pence is just another McCain stain. He’s a traitor that PDJT “trusted” with supposedly honest advisors. He’s a practiced liar. PERIOD

    • Not A McCainiac says:

      You “nailed” him, jojo. And watch out for Jimmy McCain, who appears to be priming for a run.
      I will never vote for a McCain. The gene pool is tainted on both sides. Cindy and Meghan endorsed and supported Biden!

      • Bill Toro says:

        McCain name is now garbage in AZ as is proper. Zero chance any McCain can win anything, including dog catcher

      • Not A McCainiac says:

        Pay attention to Jimmy Mc. He’s making noise like a candidate. There are still enough senior citizens and Arizona newcomers who have been suckered in by that name. Stay alert, speak the truth and get involved as a precinct committeeman in the AZ GOP. The election is over, but if there are vacancies, you can be appointed. They publicly censured John and later Cindy for their alignments with Obama and then Biden.

  7. Chickaboom says:

    The McCain’s are wealthy enough not to be affected by Bidenflation. Most Americans are reeling from the astronomical, across the board, rise in prices. Cindy recently moved out of her penthouse highrise to a French styled mansion off of North Central Avenue. It must have taken a truck to move her exclusive wardrobe of St. John knits. Check out the prices on the “2023 Spring Collection.”

  8. buckarooforu says:

    So, you’re trying to make sense of Mike Pence… All you need to know is the Pence’s “Christian” Faith is based on his practice of Free Masonry!

    It’s a facsimile of Christianity, but only an imitation, not the genuine. And, Free Masonry is shrouded in secrecy! Because of his status as a (false) Angel of Light, they’ll probably steal him into the White House!

    God have Mercy on us!

    Freedom First! ~ Timothy Schwartz.

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