Satanists’ antics result in AZ GOP chair launching recall

February 5, 2016

Seeing Red AZ  recently covered the Phoenix City Council’s plan  — on the advice of its legal council — to allow a Satanist to deliver the “invocation” (formerly known as the opening prayer), at the Council’s Feb. 17 meeting.

As might be expected, all hell broke loose. The majority of council members were not onboard with this affront. Satanist Stuart de Haan, a Tucson lawyer equipped with a king-sized agenda, initially made the request, saying his group is opposed to “religious tyranny” — presumably his view of prayer. The Satanists threatened a lawsuit.

The daily reported that Phoenix City Attorney Brad Holm’s statement provided no recourse:

“Consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court’s direction, the city cannot dictate religious viewpoints or the content of a prayer, Holm wrote. “In addition, government may not exclude a denomination or a religion from praying under these circumstances.”

In response, the council, after hearing testimony from both sides, voted to replace the traditional prayer with a moment of silence, according to this Fox News report.

But the saga doesn’t end there. On Thursday, AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham’s spokesman blasted out an email titled, “We Need Prayer!” There’s nothing to disagree with in the content of Graham’s message, but the last paragraph and follow-up sentence were puzzling:.

“If a show of humility to God, rich in the American tradition, is to be ended because of a few satanic bullies, how are we going to fix some of our community’s and nation’s most pressing problems? Maybe it is time we send a message to the Phoenix City Council that they are out of touch with the people of Phoenix.”

Graham is collecting information necessary to create a ballot initiative to reinstate public prayer, as well as for the recall of elected Phoenix public officials.

Is Graham aiming for the mayor, the city attorney or the council members?

Stay tuned.

Ted Cruz takes Iowa!

February 1, 2016

UPDATE: Hillary declares victory after winning 6 Iowa precincts by coin tosses

Once again the prediction gurus were wrong. Donald Trump (24%) lags behind Ted Cruz (28%) by 4 percentage points. In total votes, that’s 51,047 for Cruz to 44,837 for Trump.

Cruz‘ Iowa ground game paid off. As he addressed his supporters, he said, “God bless the great state of Iowa. Tonight is a victory for the grass-roots. Tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across Iowa and all across this great nation. Iowa has sent notice that the Republican nominee and the next president of the United States will not be chosen by the media; will not be chosen by the Washington establishment; will not be chosen by the lobbyists.”

The Iowa caucus numbers are all here, courtesy of Fox News. It’s time for big spending Jeb! Bush, pulling a mere three percent, to fold his tent and give Karl Rove and his white board a vacation. The GOP establishment has received the back of the hand of middle America.

A record 185,000 people reportedly took part in the GOP caucuses, shattering the 2012 turnout by 5.4 percent.

And the Dems? Clinton and Sanders are in a virtual tie, with no definitive winner called Monday night. Martin O’Malley, with just 1%, has decided to suspend his presidential campaign.

Severe storms keep Congress out of D.C.

January 25, 2016

Weather or not we want them, they’ll be baaack

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has put out the following Important Schedule Announcement, making us think there’s at least a small upside to the blizzards affecting Washington, D.C.

“Members are advised that due to the severity of the winter storm in the D.C. area, and its adverse impact on travel, we no longer expect votes in the House on Tuesday, January 26 and Wednesday, January 27.

Next votes in the House are scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, February 1. This is a change from the previously announced calendar.

Members are further advised that we expect to postpone consideration of two items originally planned for this week – H.R. 3662, Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act and the Veto Message on H.R. 3762, Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Act. These two items will now be considered the week of February 1st.”

American confidence in Congress has been in steady free fall mode for several years. According to this 2010 Gallup Poll, Congress came in lower than organized labor, newspapers and television news, HMOs and banks. By June 2014, the news was even more dismal, with Gallup reporting “historic lows,” as only 7 percent of Americans said they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress.

In July, 2015, Rasmussen Reports found most voters believe their own representatives have sold their vote and think congressional elections are rigged to benefit the incumbent. Just 14% think members of Congress almost always get reelected because they do a good job representing their constituents. Sixty-five percent (65%) think it’s because the election rules are rigged to benefit incumbents.

It wasn’t much better when Rasmussen Reports conducted another survey in Dec. 2015. Only nine percent (9%) of all voters think the average member of Congress listens to the voters he or she represents. Seventy-seven percent (77%) think the average member listens mostly to party leaders in Congress. It seems that pesky term “representative” is open to question.

The severe weather conditions have made life miserable for Americans across large swathes of the U.S.  We are not making light of the dire circumstances many in the affected areas face. It is, however, worth noting that less damage is done when congressional members are furloughed.

2 anti-establishment censures at AZ GOP meeting: McCain & Graham

January 22, 2016

Sat. Jan. 23 elected state committeemen poised to vote on anti-establishment resolutions

You may have received this email from A.J. LaFaro:

There has been a lot of discussion and debate as to why Robert Graham should be or shouldn’t be censured.

It’s my understanding Robert Graham is using AZ GOP staff members, resources and hired a telemarketing firm using AZ GOP monies to call you for the purpose of finding out how you feel about the resolution to censure and possibly providing you with misinformation to influence your feelings and decision.

The censure doesn’t remove Robert Graham from office.

It wasn’t an easy decision to author the resolution to censure that will be introduced from the floor on Saturday, but it had to be done. With the AZ GOP Bylaws restriction of 250 words, it is extremely difficult to write one with any degree of detail or specifics. That’s why I penned the attached “Factual Reasons for Censuring AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham.”

Please let me say again, the censure doesn’t remove Robert Graham from office. However, it does provide all of the AZ GOP State Committeemen the opportunity to come together to honestly and passionately discuss Robert Graham and his term in office. Every elected official should be reviewed and held accountable to the people they are suppose to serve.

Please join me in signing the signature petitions and voting this Saturday for the resolutions to “Censure Robert Graham” and “Endorse Anyone BUT McCain.”
Respectfully yours,
A. J. LaFaro
LD18 Precinct and State Committeeman
Immediate Past Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)

 1. Robert Graham and the AZGOP are under investigation by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) for alleged campaign finance violations.

2. Violation the Arizona Revised Statutes –

A. Several County and LD Chairmen have expressed concern that Robert Graham and the AZGOP have been filling vacant state committeemen positions without their advice and consent. This is a violation of ARS 16-825.01.

ARS 16-825.01. State committee; vacancy; filling of vacancy

In the event of a vacancy in the office of state committeeman, in counties with populations of less than five hundred thousand persons, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment made by the state chairman with the advice and consent of the county chairman of the county in which the vacancy occurred. In counties with populations of five hundred thousand or more persons, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment made by the state chairman with the advice and consent of the county chairman of the county in which the vacancy occurred and the district chairman of the district in which the vacancy occurred, and shall be filled by a person who resides in the same district in which the vacancy occurred.

3. Violation of AZGOP Bylaws –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP have repeatedly violated the AZGOP Bylaws concerning the 2015 Statutory Meeting and this year’s 2016 Mandatory Meeting.

The AZGOP Bylaws demand a nominations and a resolutions committee be created using specific bylaw requirements that provide for open transparency, honest communications with and input by all the State Committeemen if they so desire.

Article III, Section H, Paragraphs 1 and 2, Page 4, resolutions committee and resolutions

Article IV, Section C, Paragraph 2, Page 5, nominating committee meeting and call letter report

4. Reckless interference and meddling in County and Legislative District (LD) Republican Committees –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP have continued to recklessly interfere and meddle in the business of several County and Legislative District (LD) Republican Committees. Maricopa County and LD30 to name a couple. Defunding the Maricopa County GOP East Valley Office and having a cease and desist letter sent to Maricopa County and it’s LD Committees from using the elephant logo directly after the first Trump rally. Robert Graham has allegedly called the County and LD Chairmen and threatened to limit their state delegates to the April 30th State Convention as retribution.

5. Elimination of access to voter data systems –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP has taken away access to the voter data systems he once said he was providing to PCs for their direct use. He now has a person in charge who has very little experience and availability to support the amount of work needed to help the PCs and taken away all data/walk book access from the Counties and Districts.

6. Serious conflicts of interest –

Many of the AZGOP staff members and their family members have worked for or are working for John McCain’s PAC and Sean Noble’s Political Consulting Firm.

7. Refusal to close our primaries even after an overwhelming number of Precinct and State Committeemen demanded he do so.

AZ GOP 2016 Chairman’s Awards Dinner?

January 21, 2016

Though offering a $ billion prize as the lottery recently did is outside the realm of our limited resources, we are taking predictions on how THIS soiree will turn out.

We’ll start the ball rolling with our predictions:

Man of the year: McCain

Volunteer of the year: McRobot

Party Officer of the year: McClone

Conservatives will be RSVPing: NO McThank you.

Problem-plagued Tony Bouie out as AZ Lottery Director

January 15, 2016

An obviously embarrassed Gov. Doug Ducey, intent on keeping his ethically challenged Lottery Director Tony Bouie in place despite escalating evidence against him, stiltedly confirmed his resignation Thursday via a spokesman: “In discussing these recent issues with Director Bouie, the director and the administration agreed this would be a distraction, so in the best interest of the state, Director Bouie has stepped down.”

“Distraction,” indeed.

The Arizona Republic covers Tony Bouie’s resignation, saying he resigned amid “controversy.” The newspaper can’t be too shocked by the revelations. It was aware of his ethical lapses when it endorsed him for a legislative seat in 2008, after first exposing his lies.

Arizona Capitol Times reports Doug Ducey’s hand-picked chief of the Arizona Lottery has been forced out of office, following numerous allegations — including that he’d improperly used state vehicles for personal reasons and fired several employees, replacing them with friends.

Bouie was paid $115,700. 

The Phoenix New Times opened the door Monday with this reveal of Bouie’s admission that he had violated the law in his misuse of a state vehicle. The report included a link to this Seeing Red AZ Jan. 2015 post “Tony Bouie scores cushy post: Establishment takes care of its own“—- which, in turn carries links to numerous other exposés regarding the cagey Tony Bouie — dating back to 2008.

Politics is not for the faint of heart. It is also not for those who cannot withstand public scrutiny. As we noted at the time of Bouie’s appointment as lottery director, Arizona’s governor was taking a pointless gamble with Tony Bouie.

GOP debate tonight Jan. 14: Main event 7:00 PM

January 14, 2016


Undercard debate begins at 4:00 pm (AZ time)

The latest Republican Presidential debate — the first in the 2016 election year — will be held in North Charleston, South Carolina .tonight, Thursday, Jan. 14. The event will be hosted by Fox Business Network. Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo will moderate the prime time debate. Trish Regan and Sandra Smith will moderate the earlier, second tier debate.

The prime time debate begins at 7:00 pm AZ Time, (9:00 pm ET).  This top-tier event features seven candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and John Kasich. Chris Christy who has seen a recent resurgence is back on the prime time lineup after previously being dropped to second tier.

Participants qualifying for the earlier debate which will air at 4:00 pm AZ Time (6 p.m. ET) are: Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Carly Fiorina, dropped from the main stage this time around, will join them. Rand Paul has announced he will boycott tonight’s debate after being demoted to the lesser event.

Criteria for participation on the main stage can be found here.

Both debates will air on the FOX Business Network and live stream on

Additional information on viewing accessibility can be read here.

The focus will be on economic, domestic and international policy issues.


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