Problem plagued MC Attorney Allister Adel dead at 45

May 1, 2022

In a shocking turn of events, the family of former Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, who resigned under pressure March 21, has announced her death from unspecified “health complications.” She was a wife and mother of two young sons.

Adel was heralded as the first woman to lead the nation’s third largest prosecutor’s office, when she was selected by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, prior to her election. Not disclosed were the myriad personal problems that she repeatedly sought treatment for on an ongoing basis, frequently leaving the office for extended periods of time. When she was there, her focus was often diverted from prosecution of criminals to diversity and inclusion.

On April 20, 2022 the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors announced the appointment of eminently well-qualified Rachel Mitchell, an office veteran, Mitchell who was the chief deputy and then served as interim Maricopa County Attorney when then-county Attorney Bill Montgomery was appointed to the Arizona Supreme Court.

Allister Adel’s untimely death is a dreadful tragedy. It also stands as a memorial to political correctness gone awry.

MC Attorney’s Office pro Rachel Mitchell sworn in, signaling a return of professionalism

April 21, 2022

Board of Supervisors appoints experienced career prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to complete the term of disgraced Allister Adel

Residents of Maricopa County, the nation’s fourth largest and fastest growing county, have watched in horror as the prosecutor’s office has devolved from a respected office to a floundering and demoralized agency with the appointment and then election of Allister Adel, who brought her multitude of personal problems to the job where she rarely showed up due to her ongoing in-and-out-of-state residential treatment for alcohol abuse, depression and an eating disorder.

Adel brought one qualification, the newly elevated double X chromosomes, that placed her at the top of the list for consideration when then-county attorney Bill Montgomery was gifted with a seat on the newly, and unnecessarily expanded Arizona Supreme Court by Gov. Doug Ducey.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors announced the appointment of Rachel Mitchell as Maricopa County Attorney in this April 20, 2022 news bulletin. But it’s not over for the well-qualified office veteran Mitchell who was the chief deputy and then served as interim Maricopa County Attorney following Montgomery’s move. After an August GOP Primary with two other declared candidates — who would do us all a favor by sitting this race out — she’ll face a democrat running for the position in the November 22 General Election. The winner will serve as county attorney through 2024.

Allister Adel’s letter of resignation, dated March 22, 2022, ends the unprecedented and pathetic saga. which has been ongoing and worsening as we pointed out in the following posts:

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AZ AG Brnovich’s senate candidacy bashed by Pres. Trump

April 19, 2022

Blistering message decimates Brnovich’s aspirations

To say POTUS 45, Donald J. Trump, is not a fan of U.S. Senate candidate Mark Brnovich would be the height of understatement. Brnovich, the current AZ Attorney General, is term limited and is looking for a new political perch.

He’d be wise to have a backup plan, since former President Trump has sent out a scathing message that does irreparable damage to the McCain endorsing sycophant. (Brief video).

Brnovich, recently sporting a Rasputin-like mass of facial hair, appears to be trying to conceal his identity, which is beyond strange for a candidate.

Seeing Red AZ endorses conservative veteran and businessman Jim Lamon in the multi-candidate Republican August 22, 2022 primary. His notable law enforcement endorsements, among others, speak volumes as the Biden administration has torn down the border wall and is flooding the United States with “more than 1.5 million” illegal aliens, according to this report in the Washington Examiner.

In another “first,” Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel resigns

March 22, 2022

Bowing to public, internal and high level political pressure from the governor and attorney general, bungling Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel has finally announced her resignation, effective Friday, March 25, 2022, at 5:00 p.m.

She stands as a tribute to “firsts.” Adel was heralded as the first female county attorney when she was appointed in 2019 to a vacancy created when her predecessor Bill Montgomery was selected to fill one of two newly created seats on the Arizona Supreme Court. Adel, a Republican, was elected to the post in 2020.

Allister Adel is also the first elected Maricopa County Attorney to resign the position, which occurred following being under a cloud of unparalleled damaging personal and professional behavior.

Unwilling to accept responsibility, she denigrated the prosecutors and supervisors at the nation’s third largest prosecutorial office, following the mishandling of nearly 200 criminal cases, while she was absent more than on the job, due to repeated in-and-out-of-state residential treatment programs for alcoholism, depression and eating disorders.

Reports of her interacting with administrative deputies while slurring her words during teleconferencing and being drunk on the job underscored the chaos of her time as county attorney, with all five division chiefs signing a letter calling for her to resign.

At long last, Allister Adel has stopped digging in her heels and acquiesced to multiple calls for her to resign. Previously, Adel bizarrely dropped 15 felony cases charging Black Lives Matter protesters with being part of a gang after they engaged in violence against police officers.

She responded by inviting them to quit if they didn’t like her style. Fortunately they prevailed and she’s leaving at the end of the week.

Biden’s catastrophic first year topped with a post-nap WH speech

January 19, 2022

January 20, 2021: A day to lament

We are just a day away from the first anniversary of sleepy Joe Biden’s presidency. Rather than celebrating, most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, are trying to wrap their arms around the magnitude of the calamity we are enduring — which is sure to worsen.

Today, a meticulously coached Biden, who is unable to veer off his script, is scheduled to give an actual press conference, only the second in the interminable year. Staying alert and on-topic should be a monumental task. It is scheduled, according to this White House announcement, at 4:00 PM (ET), presumably after his afternoon nap.

January 20 is a day for reflection, when we pause to wonder how we went so quickly from a flourishing economy, record employment, construction of the much needed border wall, energy independence, and a power position on the world stage to staggering inflation, empty grocery shelves and sticker-shock prices on available commodities. The price of gasoline rose 58.1% in the 12 months ending in November according to the most recent inflation data published December 10, 2021, by the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Crime has also spiraled under the Biden administration as Soros-funded elected prosecutors release criminals back onto the streets after dropping charges. The pandemic Biden claimed to be able to halt has, instead, bred new variants. Radically left-wing Teacher’s unions have fought reopening schools, though American children, who are not virus spreaders, have fallen behind their global counterparts. Based on Biden’s weakness, Iran is once again flexing its nuclear muscle, while the administration remains silent.

These disasters are only the tip of the Biden iceberg. If you care about your family, community, state and nation, vote Republican on every level…and be certain you aren’t being conned by a newly-minted, conservative poser. The walls are irreparably closing in.

Biden regime now assaults 2nd Amendment

January 4, 2022

Jan 4, 2022 Presidential approval rating reveal 58% disapprove of Biden’s job performance as Pres. Trump schedules AZ rally

The Biden regime is not satisfied with the catastrophic economy exemplified by record high inflation, a national security crisis at our southern border and faulty decisions that have made us dependent on foreign oil after shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, which cost thousands of Americans their jobs. The botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan was an unprecedented, international disaster. We also witness expanded cases of Covid virus variants in addition to the single one which Biden claimed to end once elected. These calamities and numerous others, all come gift wrapped in increased government regulations, further constricting our freedoms.

As expected, the Second Amendment is now openly under assault. The  Department of Justice, overseen by Biden’s radical leftist, pro-abortion, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, issued this media release on Monday, couched in euphemisms but clearly intended to restrict our Second Amendment rights. Carrying the unwieldy title, “Justice Department Announces New Rule to Help Enhance Safe and Secure Storage of Firearms; Publishes Best Practices Guide for Federal Firearms Licensees,” it is well worth your time.

Americans are paying attention.

Rasmussen Reports presidential polling released today (January 4, 2022) reflects the lack of confidence American voters have in Joe Biden as his approval rating continues to tank. The respected polling site states, “Only 40% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-eight percent (58%) disapprove. The latest figures include 19% who Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing and 48% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -29.”

Former President Donald Trump has scheduled a Save America rally Saturday, January 15, 2022 in Florence, Arizona, at Country Thunder Festival Grounds. Time, address and ticket information is available here.

AZ Republic announces its transition to a former newspaper

December 22, 2021

It was not unexpected from the blatantly leftist, Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating newspaper. The dwindling number remaining readers of what was previously a reliable, conservative newspaper, named the Arizona Republican when it first appeared in 1890, has now proclaimed its own demise.

This Nov. 15, 2021 post, “Arizona Republic admits it’s dying,” followed the unprecedented announcement that it was shutting down home delivery on Labor Day: “In an effort to allow our team time off to spend with their families on Labor Day, there will be no home delivery today. We appreciate your understanding.  Normal delivery will resume Tuesday, September 7th.”

Today, November 22, 2021, there is a new stunner in the form of this pre-Christmas and New Year’s announcement, headlined in the hardcopy, “We won’t have Christmas or New Year’s newspapers.“  The on-line version further insults the remaining readers, with this revised headline, “The Arizona Republic won’t be printing a holiday newspaper. Here’s how to find the latest news and your favorite puzzles, comics.” The inference is the publisher regards readers as mainly dolts who do puzzles and read comics.  It adds, “Customer service hours are limited.” That’s of little significance since the underpaid folks you reach in the Philippines have no control over the decisions made thousands of miles away.

The front page coverage of the Turning Point USA four-day rally in Phoenix, featuring national headliners was dismissed as if it was a clown show instead of thousands of conservative activists; many energized young voters, prepping for the upcoming elections.

The most recent announcement buried on Page 4, says: “This holiday season we are combining our Thursday, Friday and Saturday print editions of The Arizona Republic into a single newspaper.”

This is the newspaper’s ultimate goal. Printing and distribution costs exceed the income from mostly retirement community readers and snowbirds. Digital editions have few costs involved.

Will the newspaper refund the subscription prices?  Not a chance. This is the same newspaper that encourages auto-pay rather than monthly bills, which they are now imposing a $5 monthly fee for mailing.

Beat them to the punch and cancel by calling 800-332-6733. It’s a great way to start the New Year.

AZ redistricting maps take shape…out of public view

December 20, 2021

Arizona politicos are keenly attuned to the latest and likely final maps, which will determine the state’s partisan and demographic makeup in congress and the state legislature for the next decade. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission members (read their bios), have reportedly heard from the public at statewide meetings and town halls. What they heard and how well they listened is unspecified.

FiveThirtyEight supplies overviews of each state on the left side of this Arizona page updated Dec. 19, 2021, though the focus for SRAZ readers is definitely Arizona. There is a lot riding on how the districts are configured. Placing your cursor over each proposed district provides the name and party of the incumbent congressional officeholder and the partisan leaning of the district. It’s obvious, for example, that Arizona’s Congressional District 2 is outsized to give Republican-turned-democrat (making the switch in 2014), incumbent Tom O’Halleran a boost in a Republican majority district. The map still shows democrat Ann Kirkpatrick as a candidate, though she is resigning after this term, having fallen and sustained injuries while intoxicated, causing her to go into alcohol rehab.

The Princeton Gerrymandering Project report card — yes, that’s actually its name — gives Arizona’s congressional map an A overall and in partisan fairness, with Cs in competitiveness and geography.

We’ll know soon enough if those are fact-based grades or a political charade.

Ballotpedia, a non-partisan online political encyclopedia, provides an excellent overview of state-by-state redistricting procedures. It includes background information on federal requirements for congressional redistricting, state legislative redistricting, state-based requirements, redistricting methods used in all 50 states, gerrymandering, and recent court decisions.

Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission has put out this list of the Final Decision Meetings scheduled for December and available to the public online. One is taking place this morning Dec. 20. at 9:00 am, with two more scheduled for Tues. and Wed. It is topped with this message: “Details coming soon,” and disallows in-person commenting.

Santa’s early gift: JD Radio Fri, Dec. 17, 1 – 4 pm

December 16, 2021

JD Hayworth will be guest hosting the nationally syndicated “Schnitt Show” Friday, Dec. 17, from 1-4pm, AZ Time. Listen LIVE:

Local listeners get an additional bonus…the program can be heard on a delayed basis on Money Radio, KFNN, AM 1510 & FM 105.3…from 10pm -1am Friday-into-Saturday.

Enjoy yourself and get smarter.

Biden WH staff resignations surge as dems flee sinking ship & UPDATE

November 22, 2021

Taking a demotion for a job in the Department of Labor, Emma Riley, White House communications chief of staff, became the second person in the Biden-Harris team to hand in their resignation in a week. “It was an honor and privilege to serve POTUS and the American people at the White House,” Riley tweeted on Friday.

Riley noted that she will be working with Labor Secretary Marty Walsh. She previously worked for the former trade union official as an associate press secretary when he was mayor of Boston.

Riley is following Ashley Etienne, communication director for VP Kamala Harris — known as cackler-in-chiefout the door. Swapped around like a threadbare overcoat, (employment history) Etienne previously worked as an advisor to Nancy Pelosi — twice, between stints with the Obama administration. A White House official initially described Etienne as a “valued member” of the team then used the classic dodge stating she is leaving to “pursue other opportunities.” Both resignations came as recent polls indicate a sharp decline in the administration’s approval ratings.

Ill-prepared Harris is her own worst enemy. Public discontent with her, especially given that Biden is unable to respond to the rigors of the presidency, is evident as Harris’ recent approval rating was a dismal 28%* in a recent survey, an historically bleak number for a vice president, especially after less than a year in office.

This edition of USA TODAY was forced to headline its own polling numbers, showing, A gloomy landscape for Democrats in Midterms as Biden’s approval rating drops to 38% in USATODAY/Suffolk poll.”

The Biden-Harris ticket is evidence that democrats will vote for anyone with a “D” after their names, regardless of their inability to lead.

*H/T The Daily Wire

UPDATE: Nov. 30, 2021:

The Biden administration’s “Global COVID-19 Response Coordinator,” Gayle Smith has left that position after only eight months. She’s either tired of lying or tracking the lies being spewed on a daily basis.