JD Behind a National Mic on Friday

March 11, 2021

You can hear former Arizona Congressman JD Hayworth guest hosting Friday, March 12 for Lars Larson on his nationally syndicated program.

Listen LIVE from 4-7pm, AZ Time here: https://www.alphamediaplayer.com/larslarson

Or…listen locally via tape delay from 10pm to 1 am on 1100am, KFNX: https://lightningstream.com/player.aspx?call=KFNX

Wrong Governor acts decisively: Reopens state

March 4, 2021

Read the bold executive order, embossed with the state seal.

There’s only one problem. It’s the wrong governor and the wrong state.

The following day, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey cautiously decided to follow the leader and reopen schools, setting a March 15th deadline.

Focus on Trump at CPAC Conference 1:40 PM today

February 28, 2021

UPDATE: Former President Trump’s presence is undeniably monumental as he solidifies his stature as leader of GOP while addressing an approving CPAC crowd 

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States is scheduled to address the CPAC conference at today 1:40 PM Arizona Time.

Watch Live.

Speaking to the GOP’s conservative base at the conclusion of the three-day CPAC Conference (agenda) in Orlando, Florida, former President Donald Trump continues to hold sway over mainstream Republicans, party insiders and activists.

He is expected to play an active role in the 2022 midterm elections. At this point, he has already endorsed his former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is running for Arkansas governor.

Donald Trump has been a CPAC regular since making his first appearance in 2011, long before announcing as a presidential candidate. Among the impressive list of speakers at this year’s conference are Arizona Congressmen Paul Gosar (CD4) and Andy Biggs (CD5).

TRUMP ACQUITTED of trumped up charges & Update

February 13, 2021

Vengeful Democrats seeking retribution against former President Donald J. Trump, fell short in their effort to humiliate him and demoralize his supporters as they overplayed their hand and conducted a second impeachment within a year.

The senate vote failed 57- 43, falling short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict former businessman Trump on the fallacious charge of incitement of insurrection.

Their actual motive was to render him incapable of seeking public office in the future. Their aim was not only to criminalize political speech with which they disagreed, but also to kick his nearly 75 million voters to the curb.

Trump’s defense team argued the trial was unconstitutional because he had already left office and that his remarks were protected by the constitutional right to free speech. The words Trump used, they maintained, were no different than those regularly used by democrats who attempted for years to undermine the former president.

Seven Republicrats joined the chamber’s unified democrats in voting for conviction. Remember their names. Burr has already announced his 2022 retirement. The rest all need to be primaried:

Richard Burr (NC); Bill Cassidy (LA); Susan Collins (ME); Lisa Murkowski (AK); Mitt Romney (UT); Ben Sasse (NE) and Pat Toomey (PA). Vacillating Toomey also announced his retirement from the senate at the conclusion of this session. This past Sunday he said, it’s “very unlikely” the Senate votes to convict former President Donald Trump. The next day the Republicrat waffled back to saying the House impeachment articles were “persuasive.”

As SRAZ has previously noted, for democrats and Republicrats, their unconscionable Trump hatred is greater than their patriotism.

February 14, 2021:

This morning’s edition of the radically leftist, Hillary-endorsing, Trump-despising local newspaper, defeated in its ongoing assault on former President Trump, headlines what it refers to as an “analysis” with these intended to be derisive words: “After 2nd acquittal, it’s still Trump’s Republican Party.”

Buried in the report is this admission: “Former president’s approval ratings in GOP are as high as 82%, polls indicate.”

For once the failing newspaper got something right.

Your tax $$ at work: ASU does “equity” cloaked as equality

January 28, 2021

Hopping on the trendiest of leftist misadventures, Arizona State University launches its Center for the Future of Equality. If your kids are of ethnic European heritage, understand they will be marginalized in every aspect of their higher education, regardless of their GPA and other scholastic achievements. Thanks to the deification of drug addicted, (Hennepin County Autopsy Report, page 2), career criminal George Floyd, incarcerated numerous times, we have entered the bizarre self-flagellation era of Melanin Matters. Floyd’s rap sheets can be viewed in the link.

To be brought up to speed on what the leftist, agendized social reformers at Arizona State University are actually proclaiming, read,Equality vs. equity in Joe Biden’s America,” by John Leonard.

The preferred educrat term of the moment is equity, replacing equality, although used interchangeably when it suits their purposes. Equality is based on a universally assured fairness. Equity is a concept newly contrived by the Harris/Biden administration that imposes a vague, illogical concept of “fairness” now based on the amount of melanin in your skin pigment or whether you are at odds with the gender you were born.

You’re invited
Issues of social inequality, racism and economic disparity remain at the forefront of the most serious challenges facing America. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified their complexity and diminished the confidence and resources of many Americans, yielding serious implications for our nation’s overall health, security and social cohesion. Moreover, business, government and civil sectors have put forth few sustainable solutions.

To move beyond publishing research and reports, ASU is launching a new kind of academic endeavor – An ASU Center for the Future of Equality – to create tangible and useful products that communities can use to help reduce the effects of inequality.

Please join us on February 11 at 1 p.m. MST for a special, virtual launch event where we will unveil additional details, including the Center’s full name, and hear from ASU President Michael M. Crow, other university leaders, and Executive Director Ehsan Zaffar, about the inception and realization of this initiative. We will also share our plans for 2021 and opportunities for collaboration.

Maricopa County GOP elects 2021 officers

January 9, 2021

Pandemic didn’t deter participation of Maricopa County Republicans at Saturday, January 9th Statutory Meeting or vote to censure former Sen. Jeff Flake for his support of dem Joe Biden. The censure was greeted by cheers 

Chairman Mickie Niland: (52.3%) Three other candidates ran for Chairman: Cory Mishkin, Tristan Manos and Linda Brickman.

First Vice Chairman:  Nancy Ordowski (53.7%) Two other candidates ran for First Vice Chair: Lisa Askey and Michael Carbone.

Second Vice Chairman: Jason D. Cvancara  (59.2%) Richard Hopkins was the other candidate for Second Vice Chair.

Secretary: Dan Grimm (68.1%) Jack Clark was the other candidate for Secretary.

Treasurer: David Ludwig (67.7%) Eileen Mueller was the other candidate for Treasurer.

1,622 Precinct Committeemen participated in the vote, with 629 in person; 445 via Zoom; and 548 by proxy. Voter percentages for the winning candidates are shown in brackets. 

Special thanks to all of the participating candidates and those who put the meeting together under the current extraordinary circumstances. Maricopa County Republicans owe all of you a debt of gratitude.

Dr. Kelli Ward announces run for 2nd term as AZ GOP Chair

January 6, 2021

A staunch conservative, supportive of and by President Trump, Dr. Kelli Ward deserves the support of elected state committeemen at the statutory January 23 reorganizational meeting

JD Hayworth puts holiday cheer…in your ear

December 21, 2020

All are Arizona times

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Charley Pride leaves legacy of music, wisdom

December 13, 2020

Acclaimed country singer Charley Pride died Saturday in Dallas, at age 86, due to complications from Covid-19.

He had three Grammy Awards, more than 30 Number 1 hits between 1969 and 1984, won the Country Music Association’s Top Male Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year awards in 1972 and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2000. Charley Pride was a music dynamo, releasing dozens of albums and selling more than 25 million records during his career. He recently won the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Country Music Association.

His distinctive styling and baritone voice won him appreciative fans spanning decades. His social brilliance was not as well known. This 1992 quote should be remembered as a contributing part of his enduring legacy:

“They used to ask me how it feels to be the `first colored country singer,‘” he told The Dallas Morning News. “Then it was `first Negro country singer;’ then `first black country singer.’ Now I’m the `first African-American country singer.’ That’s about the only thing that’s changed. This country is so race-conscious, so ate-up with colors and pigments. I call it `skin hangups’ — it’s a disease.”

Previously, in 1985 he told the Associated Press, “Music is a beautiful way of expressing oneself and I truly believe music should not be taken as a protest. You can go too far in anything — singing, acting, whatever — and become politicized to the point you cease to be an entertainer.”

Charley and his wife Rozene married in 1956 while he was on Christmas leave from Army basic training and celebrated over a half century together. They had three children.

Charley Pride will be missed.

Hunter Biden admits he’s the focus of tax fraud investigation

December 10, 2020

Chinese business dealings under scrutiny

In this December 9, 2020 statement bizarrely released by the Harris/Biden transition team, Hunter Biden admits he is the subject of a tax fraud investigation, and sets the stage for laying the blame on his “professional tax advisors.” It includes a message from his father proclaiming his deep pride in his son, “who has fought through difficult challenges.”

The Justice Department is investigating the finances of Joe Biden’s son, including scrutinizing some of his Chinese business dealings. The tax investigation was launched in 2018, the year before Joe Biden announced his presidential candidacy.

A 2019 New Yorker report on Hunter Biden detailed his business work in China, including accompanying his father on a 2013 trip to Beijing, where he met with a business associate. He also acknowledged having received a 2.8 carat diamond from a Chinese energy tycoon interested in liquefied natural gas projects.

Unprincipled Hunter Biden — an admitted alcoholic and cocaine addict, who romanced his newly dead brother’s widow, and had to be legally forced to provide support to a child he fathered out of wedlock, while he was married — had no background in energy and didn’t speak Ukrainian. Still he was brought on as a Burisma board member at $50,000 a month by the Ukrainian energy company. He wasn’t being paid for his lack of expertise, but for access to his then-vice president father.

Mainstream media and big tech colluded to intentionally suppress the information that was initially reported on October 14, by the New York Post. (Read the linked information.)

Other print and network news sources were willing to do whatever it took to get leftist Joe Biden elected, regardless of his increasing signs of dementia. They were buoyed by Kamala Harris waiting in the wings. As a U.S. Senator, Harris voted to the left of registered socialist Bernie Sanders. Non-partisan GovTrack ranked Harristhe most politically left compared to All Senators.”

Media ignored solid evidence of corruption in emails and documents found on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden showing that he used his father’s influence to enrich himself through business deals in Ukraine and China, and that his father not only facilitated those efforts, but may have benefited financially

The Trump-haters at the radical Arizona Republic never touched the burgeoning story, so fearful were the leftists in charge that Arizona would once again strongly support the reelection of President Donald Trump.

After enduring coordinated contrivances and unrelenting ridicule over four years coupled with untrustworthy election results, (important and updated information from The Gateway Pundit) they appear to have gotten their wish, but it ultimately won’t be enough to save the failing newspaper, whose circulation decline is among steepest of Gannett’s 200 newspapers.*

*Reported by the Phoenix Business Journal