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September 15, 2021

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Pres. Trump endorses AZ Rep. Mark Finchem for Sec. of State

September 14, 2021

In a Republican primary Trump remains the name that matters the most

It would be the height of folly to be lulled into thinking Arizona’s Secretary of State position is merely a mundane paper pushing job that certifies state election results, regulates notaries public, advance directives, trademarks and lobbyists.

If any elected office could be called a “sleeper,” with the possibly for great potential, it’s the Secretary of State. Arizona doesn’t have a lieutenant governor post, making the Secretary of State next in line of succession to the governor. Plenty of lightweights of both parties have run for the office, hoping to be elected not to register trademarks and lobbyists and oversee the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, but to be the next in line should something unforeseen happen to the governor. In fact, that’s exactly what has happened frequently enough through impeachment, indictment, resignation and death to put Wes Bolin, Rose Mofford, Jane Hull and Jan Brewer in the ninth floor governor’s office. Attorney General Bruce Babbitt also reached the lofty state pinnacle through the circuitous route, though he was never secretary of state. Secretary of State Mofford was ineligible to run for the office after being appointed when Gov. Raul Castro resigned, which boosted Babbitt, next in line, into the governor’s office. 

This background is provided as a reminded that the post does not go unnoticed.  In fact, Arizona’s Secretary of State election has met the laser-like focus of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, whose Maricopa County ballots have been the subject of intense scrutiny of a forensic audit since there has been ample reason to distrust the razor slim total of the original count.

Even out of office, Donald Trump keeps his ear to the ground, which is why he has endorsed AZ Rep. Mark Finchem.

That endorsement should be enough to make other Republicans running for Secretary of State reconsider their aspirations.

MC Attorney Allister Adel finally admits truth, seeks treatment

September 13, 2021

Takes another leave from job

This September 10, 2021 statement from Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel leaves unanswered more questions than it answers. Her career has been so iffy, it’s uncertain how long the statement will remain available.

A similar message was sent to the staff at the County Attorney’s office:

Dear MCAO Family,

The work we do at this office is hard and I am not immune to its effects. Below is a statement that will be released to the press today but I wanted to personally share the message about my recent struggles. Seeking professional help to deal with stress and anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. Those who are suffering in silence should be able to ask for help. As a society, we must talk about it.

As County Attorney, I have focused this office on implementing programs and policies to assist those in the criminal justice system suffering from substance abuse disorder. I have revised plea policies to reflect a treatment-first approach. I have championed a home detention program for individuals facing misdemeanor DUIs. We have created and implemented a robust diversion program grounded in evidence-based treatment and eliminated financial barriers previously associated with this opportunity.

Stress and anxiety do not discriminate based on age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status.  I am fortunate to have access to resources and a supportive network of friends and family to help me address my issues. I encourage those in this office who may be struggling with similar issues to reach out to supervisors or take advantage of the resources afforded to us as county employees. You are not alone.

Thank you for your patience as I navigate this path.


Allister Adel

Maricopa County Attorney

In a much heralded election as the county’s first female county attorney, Adel was originally appointed to the position Oct. 3, 2019 by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors when then-current County Attorney Bill Montgomery was named to the newly expanded AZ Supreme Court by Gov. Doug Ducey in a head scratching, uncalled-for action. Ducey put two new justices in place, neither of whom have applicable trial court experience, since one came from a libertarian “think tank” and the other from an elected executive position.

Allister Adel, the mother of two young sons, generated sympathy on election night Nov. 3, 2020 when she was hospitalized for a “brain bleed” said to be caused by a fall. Initially she said she had a blood clotting disorder, which was false, although alcohol does thin the blood. Excessive amounts thin it even more. Her duplicity was perpetrated by the leftwing Arizona Republic which had disdain for what it referred to as, “Bill Montgomery’s hard-line administration.”

The prosecutor’s office ran without its newly elected administrator as she recovered. No reason for the fall was given.  Now we have a more accurate idea of what caused her instability. Falling off a step stool doesn’t require residential treatment.

Adel, who campaigned as a conservative rightly caught flak for dismissing charges against violent anti-police rioters, who broke windows and looted Scottsdale Fashion Mall, threw cement blocks at officers, damaged police vehicles, set fires in the showroom of the adjacent Mercedes dealership and then attempted to destroy the Phoenix Police Department and downtown businesses. The thugs used the death of repeatedly incarcerated George Floyd 1700 miles away in Minneapolis, to assault Phoenix police, and faced numerous charges including aggravated assault on officers, criminal damage, unlawful assembly, rioting, resisting arrest and obstructing a roadway. 

Protests against the police have not been isolated incidents and nationally efforts to defund the police have gained momentum, resulting in officers resigning and crime rates rising. Yet these are the people Maricopa County Attorney Adel regards as worthy of having their charges dropped. Violent rioters do not respond to weakness. It emboldens them. Allister Adel’s focus was not on prosecution of criminals, but on “diversity and inclusion.” SRAZ ended that post with these words: “She should not have been identified by her plumbing, but by her leftward bent.”

CINO* Biden flexes democrat pro-abortion muscle

September 3, 2021

Biden refers to abortion as a woman’s “personal health decision,” never mentioning it’s not a healthy decision for her pre-born child

In issuing this statement, Joe Biden wasted no time in reacting to Thursday’s U.S. Supreme Court 5-4 decision to uphold S.B. 8, a Texas law, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in May. S.B. 8 bans abortion in that state after medical professionals can detect cardiac activity —usually around six weeks of pregnancy. Read the law here.

Biden has directed federal agencies to do what they can to “insulate women and providers” from the impact of the pro-life law, declaring his administration will launch a “whole-of-government effort to respond to this decision” and look at “what steps the federal government can take to ensure that women in Texas have access to safe and legal abortions as protected by Roe.”

Voting to uphold the Texas law were Justices Clarence Thomas who in 2019 publicly stated Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, and Samuel Alito. All three of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointees — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — voted with the majority to allow the Texas law to remain in effect. Dissenting was disappointing Chief Justice John Roberts who joined the court’s three leftist justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. As a Catholic and the father of two adopted children Roberts should be adamantly pro-life, since he and his wife would not have their family if their children’s Irish national birth mothers had aborted them.

Biden’s U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland stated the Justice Department is “deeply concerned” about the law, and is “evaluating all options to protect the constitutional rights of women, including access to an abortion.”

This is the same Merrick Garland, newly minted “conservative” Kari Lake extolled as a fine candidate when Barack Obama wanted to appoint him to the U.S. Supreme Court to replace actual conservative Justice Antonin Scalia who died unexpectedly. Lake, who gave substantial donations to both John Kerry and Barack Obama when she was still a democrat, is now dishonestly running for Arizona Governor on the Republican ticket. Watch her video to hear her praising pro-abortion democrat Merrick Garland.

* Catholic In Name Only

Nat’l poll shows Joe Biden dropping like a rock

August 18, 2021

Rasmussen Reports has been providing presidential approval numbers as a weekday ritual since 2003.  Gallup polling, which  curtailed its surveys in 2017, now withholds its information without a subscription, so we take our readers directly to Rasmussen.

The numbers are not good for feeble democrat, Joe Biden. His recent debacle in Afghanistan has as good as kicked him to the political curb as dangerously ineffectual, and caused his administration to spin both a contrived message and wobble uncontrollably. As death and terror reign following his unexpected troop pullout, Biden was even forced to return from his vacation at Camp David, the presidential retreat, and his mouthpiece Jen Psaki  also had to cut short her week-long getaway to deal with the atrocious aftermath.

Joe Biden is obviously ill-equipped to be president of the United States. His weaknesses are numerous, leading with the massive increase in crime, his dangerous commitment to an open border — worsened during the COVID epidemic — and the failing economy coupled with astronomical indebtedness that will encumber future generations indefinitely.

Biden’s disapproval numbers have outpaced any satisfaction with his performance. He is elderly, unable to function without intense coaxing, has fallen several times and is shocking our allies with his inability to comprehend the dire consequences of his lack of necessary action to save American military and Afghan fighters in harm’s way. He’s given free rein to the murderous Taliban, allowing them to commandeer our military equipment and rampage.

Biden’s most recent (Aug. 18, 2021) Rasmussen approval index of -19 can be seen here. These dismal numbers are despite the concerted efforts of the alphabet networks to give cover to Biden, under-report the facts and hide his lies and gaffes.

Jeff Flake: Biden picks turkey as ambassador to Turkey

July 15, 2021

Appointment is reward for Flake’s support of Biden’s presidential campaign

In what is surely one of the most appropriate appointments to come out of the Harris/Biden administration Arizonan Jeff Flake has been nominated as ambassador to Turkey. Cindy McCain, who also campaigned for the democrat ticket, was similarly rewarded with an ambassadorship.

Flake, a former congressman and single term U.S. Senator, perfected his role as show-boater extraordinaire, colluding with democrats, though elected as a Republican. He posted photos of himself writing checks to democrat candidates, and was avidly anti-Trump,* to the point that his relatives who make up a majority of the conservative LDS town of Snowflake, AZ named in part for his great-great-grandfather, refused to support his candidacy according to a report in the local newspaper. Flake, who was born and raised in Snowflake, opportunistically moved to Mesa to launch his single issue, opposition to “earmarks,” congressional campaign.

Flake’s unprecedentedly low 18 percent approval ratings in his home state, convinced him not to seek a second senate term. Not only was Flake John McCain’s protégé, he was also Barack Obama’s weekly basketball teammate and traveling buddy, accompanying Obama and the democrat black caucus on a junket to Kenya.

A man of unparalleled deception, Flake’s pre-political past, which he tried to obscure, included working as a registered foreign agent lobbying on behalf of Iranian uranium mining interests in Africa. There was no room for this disclosure or his open border positions on Flake’s resume.

* The Washington Times’ Cheryl K. Chumley exposed this 2019 anti-Constitutional secret voting scheme to remove President Trump from office, topped by a photo of the lead instigator, Jeff the Flake.

Larry Elders’ GOP challenge adds to Calif. Gov. Newsom’s woes

July 14, 2021

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is a man beset with problems. He is facing a recall after over 2 million verified California voters, in a well-organized grassroots effort, signed petitions to put the recall on the ballot. In his arrogance, he missed a filing deadline that would have enabled him to put his party affiliation next to his name on the Sept. 14, 2021 recall election ballot. The irony is the measure was previously signed into law by Newsom. The Secretary of State he appointed sent the matter to the courts, where a judge ruled against Newsom. Previous recall targets weren’t allowed to list their political party, but dems who control the state Legislature changed that in 2019 after a state senator from their party was recalled — arguing it gives voters important information.

Alongside this backdrop of grievances against Gov. Newsom, he now has a newly announced challenger.  No. we’re not talking about former Olympian Bruce Jenner who ‘transitioned’ into Caitlyn, and is running as a single issue celebrity. 

Conservative Larry Elder has announced his intention to unseat Newsom. A native Californian, who grew up in the tough neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, he is a nationally syndicated talk radio star who hosts The Larry Elder Show. Larry Elder also possesses a stellar resume making him a formidable candidate. Elder is an attorney, best selling author and documentary producer. Our readers will recognize him as a regular on Fox News network. This first-rate commentary, written by Elder in Nov. 2020, preceding the presidential election, is indicative of his political posture.

The Orange County Register attempts to undermine his candidacy with these incendiary words: “Elder stands out as a Black man in a national GOP dominated by whites.”

With his wit on full display, Elder said that reality counters Newsom’s narrative that the recall is an “effort led by (former President Donald) Trump white nationalists.”

“Do I look like a white nationalist?” Elder asked.

Fellow conservative radio host Dennis Prager is among Elder’s enthusiastic supporters who have encouraged him to run.

Associated Press gives official pass to criminals

July 13, 2021

News agency will no longer cover “not newsworthy” crimes

Associated Press is back to its old tricks, determining what is now too offensive for general consumption while attempting to manipulate American’s attitudes via language. It has become the self-appointed arbiter of communication, with no one to challenge its leftist perspective. SRAZ has written about the agency’s overreaches intended to cunningly alter the vantage point of readers, now utilizing loaded language techniques while ignoring minority perpetrated criminality.

In 2019 AP reporters were instructed on retooling language in an effort to reconfigure opinions. In 2021 deceitful word manipulation has become even more emboldened. We noted at the time that what was once heralded as the free press, has grotesquely transmogrified to purveyors of mind control. This is an important link which is worth your time.

Claiming its mission is to “inform the world,” and “setting the industry standard for ethics in journalism,” AP boasts it’s been on the scene since 1846. Its former rival United Press International (UPI) has all but dried up and bitten the dust.

AP’s latest gambit is deeming certain names too objectionable to be seen in print. Naming crime suspects or showing mug shots of minority criminal perpetrators is now considered racist, although their presumably loving mothers bestowed the monikers on them.

John Daniszewski, AP’s Vice President for Standards, ignores the fact that crime stats are highest among minority perpetrators, since that doesn’t fit into the leftist perspective as it skews the news. He writes, “The names of suspects are generally not newsworthy beyond their local communities. We will not link from these stories to others that do name the person, and we will not move mug shots in these cases, since the accused would be identifiable by that photo as well. We also will stop publishing stories driven mainly by a particularly embarrassing mug shot, nor will we publish such mug shots solely because of the appearance of the accused.”

In a world inhabited by leftists even those calling themselves “journalists,“ charged with delivering the news, showing or naming the perpetrator is now racist or too embarrassing.

It’s worth considering if John Daniszewski would be so generous if either he, his wife or children were brutally victimized by those whose violent crimes he is intent on ignoring.

Pres. Donald Trump schedules Phoenix rally July 24, 2021 & Update

July 11, 2021

“Rally To Protect Our Elections!” expected to draw capacity crowd

For those who have attended any of President Trump’s rallies, to say the enthusiasm is extraordinary would be the height of understatement. No one generates the level of commitment among Republican supporters as does Donald Trump.

America’s 45th president is scheduled to make his first appearance in the Valley since the 2020 election. Radio talk show host and Turning Point Action‘s Charlie Kirk is hosting the “Rally to Protect Our Elections,” event at the Arizona Federal Theater on Saturday, July 24, 2021. The 5,000 capacity venue is located at 400 West Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85003. The specific time has not yet been announced, although the website says “Doors Open: 9:00 am and doors Close: 4:00 pm.” Click here to register.


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