Biden’s DHS chief Mayorkas brazenly lies through his teeth & UPDATE

May 11, 2023

Insults Americans as he claims “We have seen the effectiveness of our approach” at the southern border, as thousands of illegal aliens slither through every day creating a massive and costly national crisis

H/T RNC Research


This morning, May 11, 2023 NBC News reports: “After more than 11,000 migrants were caught crossing the southern border on Tuesday, the Biden administration is now preparing a memo that will direct Customs and Border Protection to begin releasing migrants into the United States without court dates or the ability to track them, according to three sources familiar with the plans.”

This is a direct quote. Seeing Red AZ does not use the word “migrants” to describe illegal alien invaders.


Pres. Trump indicted: Political witchhunt is grave threat to democracy

March 31, 2023

Dems launch desperation campaign

In an unprecedented move, specifically intended to curtail further political aspirations of former President Donald Trump, he has been indicted by Soros-funded democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The American people are not fooled. Recent presidential polls released their numbers following the indictment and show Donald Trump with a wide lead.

Check out Trump’s War Room, the official twitter account of the 2024 Trump campaign. There are arrows linking to both pages of President Trump‘s message.

Dem mayor, entire council become Republicans

February 10, 2023

It didn’t happen in Arizona, but the switcheroo in New Jersey provides hope that even democrats have had enough of Joe’s devastating Bidenflation, China-enabling, memory lapses, wobbly falsehoods and outright fabrications. Having Joe Biden hanging on to their coattails has become too reprehensible even for former Biden supporters. They still have to face themselves in the mirror and their constituents as the next election cycle approaches.

The New Jersey Globe’s report can be read here.

Morris County GOP Chair Laura Marie Ali credited Hanover Mayor Ace Gallagher for convincing the East Hanover officials to switch parties.

“The entire Republican Party in Morris County is welcoming Mayor Pannullo and East Hanover’s four Council members to our family with open arms and great excitement,” Ali said.  “East Hanover is an exceptionally run town with great leadership. It is clear we share the same values as Mayor Pannullo and his Council and we are so excited to have them be part of our Republican family.”

The East Hanover Republican municipal chair, former Councilwoman Sue Tietjen, also welcomed the new Republican officeholders.

“We will work together moving East Hanover forward,” she said.

This change comes on the heels of an ABC News report titled, “Biden faces doubt from some voters who backed Dems in 2022.” It’s far worse treading on thin ice when you know it.

The unusual move makes sense from the perspective of East Hanover’s 11,105 residents. Although democrats have long dominated the local government, in recent state and national elections the town has overwhelmingly supported Republicans, including voting for former President Donald Trump by 66 percent in 2020.

Jeff DeWit, Fmr. State Treasurer, elected AZ GOP chairman

January 29, 2023

Video courtesy of AZ State Rep. Austin Smith (LD 29)

Joe has “no regrets” about hiding classified documents for 6 years

January 27, 2023

AZ’s conservative icon Russell Pearce has died

January 6, 2023

Arizona was fortunate to have a man of the caliber of Russell Pearce as a legislative leader. A man of integrity and unwavering political resolve, he was admired by his cohorts and respected for his determination even by his adversaries. Russell Pearce was a longtime deputy sheriff who rose through the ranks retiring as chief deputy. Running for the state legislature, Pearce was initially elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2000 and later to the state Senate in 2008, where he was elected Senate president by his colleagues. Pearce later served as director of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and more recently worked for the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office.

Pearce partnered with then-Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, a lawyer, who with Pearce, co-authored SB 1070 bearing the title, Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.” It was signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer in April 2010.

Kobach is now Kansas’ newly elected attorney general, who served as Kansas secretary of state from 2011 until 2019. A committed conservative, he rose to national prominence with his involvement in SB 1070. Arizonans owe both Sen. Russell Pearce and Kansas AG Kris Kobach debts of gratitude.

R.I.P. Senator Russell Pearce. You will long be remembered as a man of integrity and deep faith, a loving husband to LuAnne, devoted father of five, plus adoptive grandfather of three and respected friend to the state of Arizona.

“He lived a life of service to God, family and country. He loved us, and we loved him dearly,” Pearce’s family said in a statement.

Ducey flexes muscle, makes judicial appointments just prior to leaving office

December 31, 2022

After needlessly expanding the Arizona Supreme Court and putting two close friends in black robes, Gov. Doug Ducey, on his way out of his ninth-floor office door, has expanded both divisions of the Arizona Court of Appeals. He appointed Michael Catlett, Anni Foster, and Daniel Kiley to Division I. Ducey also appointed Lacey Stover Gard, Michael Kelly, and Christopher O’Neil to Division II. These vacancies were newly and superfluously created by the addition of three at-large appellate seats on each division of the Arizona Courts of Appeals. The Arizona Judicial branch describes the court duties.

Read Ducey’s December 29, 2022 news release announcing his appointments, along with the new judge’s bios, before it disappears. He will be replaced by incoming democrat Katie Hobbs, who will be inaugurated along with other state officials Jan. 5, 2023.

In his statement, Ducey inanely states, “These new judges will provide the much needed resources for the Court of Appeals to handle its growing caseload as more and more people choose Arizona as a place to live, work, and start a business…”  The fact is, Court of Appeals judges working in three-judge panels, without juries, are not corporate lawyers. They deal with both civil and criminal Superior Court cases that are appealed to a higher court for additional review. What Ducey more appropriately should have added is that the state’s open border is a gateway for criminals illegally invading our state, who commit additional crimes once here and are clogging our legal system.

Anni Foster, appointed to Division I, previously dropped out of the race for Maricopa County Attorney after Rachel Mitchell, a former County Attorney’s Office Division Chief was initially appointed and was then elected, to fill the seat vacated by problem plagued Allister Adel, 45, heralded as the first female county attorney. Adel died unexpectedly. Ducey’s general counsel, Foster was fortunate when Ducey ensured her future employment appointing her to the Court of Appeals. She won’t have to campaign since judges are on a retention ballot.

Message to those who idolize Anthony Fauci, put him on a pedestal

December 29, 2022

He doesn’t get impressed by that…never has

Dr. Fauci, 82, hasn’t seen a patient since he made rounds as a resident in medical school. He is the highest paid government employee, earning more than the U.S. President.

His wife, Christine Grady, was his boss at the National Institutes of Health…a very chummy relationship.

“While I am moving on from my current positions, I am not retiring,” Fauci said in a statement. “After more than 50 years of government service, I plan to pursue the next phase of my career while I still have so much energy and passion for my field.”

Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, who oversees Fauci’s department, said Fauci’s decision is one “we all knew would eventually come but hoped never would.” Many Americans disagree. U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, MD (R-KS) received Dr. Anthony Fauci’s unredacted FY2020 financial disclosures. The release followed a heated Senate exchange between Fauci and Sen. Marshall which concluded with Fauci calling the senator, who is also a physician, a “moron.”

Forbes previously published, “No, Fauci’s Records Aren’t Available Online. Why Won’t NIH Immediately Release Them?”

This 2001 National File photo shows Fauci and his left-wing pals.

T’was the night before Christmas….

December 24, 2022

Clement Clarke Moore’s original poem, “A Visit From Saint Nicholas,” was written in 1822 as a gift to his children. It was first published nearly 200 years ago in 1823 in the Troy Sentinel newspaper, in Troy, New York.

Clement Moore came from a traditionally religious family. His father, Benjamin Moore, was rector of Trinity Church in Manhattan. He later became bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Read the poem here.

Enjoy Christmas Eve.

A pre-holiday treat: JD Hayworth on KKNT radio Thurs. Dec. 15, and Fri. 16, 3-6pm

December 15, 2022

Former Arizona Congressman JD Hayworth will be guest hosting on Seth Leibsohn’s popular radio show Thursday and Friday.

Listen LIVE  at KKNT “The Patriot” or tune in at 960am on your radio.