MLK Day icon Calvin Goode isn’t so iconic

January 16, 2018

Double standard exists: Calvin Goode made a mockery of MLK’s words when attempting to defeat a “white” woman based solely on her race

Reporting on Martin Luther King Day observances, the Arizona Republic gave front page coverage to notable black community activists and the winner of the Calvin C. Goode Lifetime Achievement Award.

What is omitted in the coverage is Goode’s own not so subtle bigotry. As we noted back in 2013, Goode threw the inspirationalI have a Dream” sentiments of Martin Luther King to the wind as he vigorously opposed a fellow Democrat woman running for a city council seat based solely on….her race. Take a couple of minutes to read Calvin Goode: Former councilman proposes racial gerrymandering, which includes his confounding letter to the newspaper’s editor explaining why “white” Kate Gallego should not be elected to the District 8 Council seat.

 Goode, who served on the Phoenix City Council for over two decades, elected by people of all races, shamefully opposed Kate Gallego not on the content of her character, but on the color of her skin — turning Martin Luther King‘s words on their ear. Regardless of Goode’s embarrassing protestations against her, she was elected. As an update, we note that in the intervening years her marriage to Ruben Gallego abruptly ended before the birth of their child.  Ruben Gallego is now the far-left, Trump-bashing congressman representing AZ CD 7.

This post, Council candidate Kate Gallego subject of incendiary race baiting, relates the vicious verbal abuse aimed her way by disreputable anti-white bigot Jarrett Maupin, II, a one-time Al Sharpton protégé. It exposes the appalling silence of the duplicitous Arizona Republic when she was called “white sham candidate in brown face,” “an interloping political puppet,” (albeit with a degree from Harvard and an MBA from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania) and “a white political patsy.”  He also referred to her as “a power-hungry white…who not is openly campaigning as white. Liberal Kate Gallego apparently has learned nothing from the racial political grinder she was put through. She is now a declared candidate for Mayor of Phoenix, and an open apologist for illegals, who she says, “benefit our city” by making it more “diverse.”

As we stated in 2013, “Seeing Red AZ is a politically conservative site, not in the business of giving aid and comfort to leftist Dems such as Kate Gallego.  However, the vicious assaults on this woman are reprehensible, and standing by in silence would be condoning this despicable behavior. We would be remiss not acknowledging that fact, regardless of race or party affiliation.”

Prejudice can flow in both directions and is equally abhorrent regardless of its origins. Oddly, the newspaper refuses to acknowledge this truth. And deserving recipients are gifted with a Lifetime Achievement Award named in honor of bigoted Calvin Goode. 


AZ MC GOP turns out in force prior to midterms

January 14, 2018

Republican Maricopa County elected precinct committeemen assembled over 1,400 strong (in person and by proxy) Saturday for their mandatory meeting, presided over by chairman Chris Herring. In addition to voting on bylaws amendments, resolutions and electing five members-at-large, the gathering provided a showcase for candidates and elected officials to see and be seen. Nominating petitions and pens got a workout, with earnest handshaking in abundance. This is the foreplay to the 2018 election cycle, which is guaranteed to be unlike any other in memory.

Arizona is staring both of its U.S. Senate seats in the eyes, as Jeff Flake, seeing his bottom-dragging polling numbers in the wake of his repeated attacks on President Trump, has decided to take himself out of the race, rather than be unceremoniously kicked to the curb by the electorate he’s enflamed with his sneering insolence directed at the Republican president. John McCain is battling what has been described as an “aggressive” form of brain cancer, first revealed in July 2017. He’s been undergoing debilitating treatment and few expect him to return to Washington.

 U.S. Rep. Trent Franks (CD 8) on the heels of an abrupt retirement was no where in sight, but was the recipient of hearty applause as District 4 County Supervisor Clint Hickman reminded those in attendance that he deserved thanks for his years of service.  At last count, Arizona was closing in on two senate vacancies and one in the U.S. House prompting numerous candidates to announce.

 Taking to the podium were Gov. Doug Ducey, U.S. Reps. Andy Biggs (CD-5), Paul Gosar (CD-4) and David Schweikert (CD-6). County Attorney Bill Montgomery, County Assessor Paul Peterson, County School Superintendent, Steve Watson, and Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Steve Chucri all gave speeches — strictly limited to 2 minutes. Clerk of the Superior Court, Michael Jeanes, surprised many with his announced intention to retire after two decades, effective Feb. 5.  Gov. Ducey will appoint his successor.

Schmoozing outside the auditorium, were Martha McMcSally, who bungled into the senate race with her bizarre Friday announcement telling the GOP to “grow a pair of ovaries.” Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, also newly announced in the senate race, was frequently surrounded by groupies and reporters.  Conservative Dr. Kelli Ward maintained a dominant presence, with abundant signs and volunteers circulating nominating petitions.

But the most telling segment, taking the pulse on the mood of the day was the speech by Member-at-Large candidate Joe Neglia, who tossed the routine, “I will work hard for you” speech in favor of asking the assembled committeemen if they were happy with Sen. Jeff Flake’s donation to the Democrat in the Alabama senate race, if they liked Flake pushing for the confirmation of an Obama nominated Democrat to the U.S. Supreme Court, and if they liked Jeff Flake routinely tearing down Pres. Trump.  His questions were met with loud replies of, “No!!” The same negative response followed his question concerning John McCain voting with the Democrats to retain Obamacare. Neglia followed that by questioning the silence on these treacherous acts from the state GOP chairman.

Joe Neglia won — both in winning a MAL seat and in capturing the frustration of political conservatives who loyally volunteer for the Republican Party.

Pence takes Flake to WH to persuade Prez on DACA?

January 6, 2018

When Donald Trump triumphed over 16 primary opponents to win the Republican presidential nomination, it shocked liberals, but not the conservatives who attended his campaign rallies. Llberals went into full meltdown mode when he won the presidency.

He spoke to the issues that matter most to Americans, but health care and tax reform took a back seat to addressing our porous southern border and the massive impact of illegal hordes invading the USA.

 This issue, resonating across all sectors, was key to the reason Donald Trump won the election.

Yet we read that Vice President Pence, at one time an inseparable friend of Jeff Flake’s, is now trying to act as a conduit to get President Trump to soften his stance on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA/‘Dreamers.’

It should be a tough sell, since Flake has not only not been a friend to Trump, he’s been his harshest critic. He and his mentor McCain made public statements that neither they nor their families would vote for Donald Trump. Flake withdrew from running for reelection to the U.S. Senate due to the resulting, embarrassingly low poll numbers.

Arizonans have been down this amnesty path with then-Indiana Congressman Pence a decade ago, He actually endorsed in an Arizona legislative primary, giving the nod to a candidate who had been a lifelong Democrat until five days before he filed to run. The issue at the time was identical to the issue now — illegal ‘immigration.

It can’t be stressed often enough: Border security is national security.  The world is not a tea party.  Our immigration policies need tightening, not loosening. We should seek immigrants — college educated ones — who desire to assimilate, respect our laws, and bring abilities beneficial to the United States.

This past week three former Department of Homeland (IN)Security chiefs, two Dems and a RINO, signed this letter to House and Senate leadership demanding fast action on the so-called ‘Dreamers’ — whose claims are impossible to verify.

We have repeatedly been told by advocates for the nearly 1 million ‘Dreamers’ that through no fault of their own, they were brought here as babes in their illegal parent’s arms. They are law abiding, attending school and serving in our military.  The facts tell a far different story.  Today is Saturday. Make time to read the impeccably researched article by Immigration and Foreign Policy pro, Will Racke, The Numbers Behind The ‘Dreamers.’

Barack Obama, put this mess in place through an executive order, which even he acknowledged was illegal and unconstitutional. (video).

Jeff Flake, a Libertarian who ran as a Republican, is a committed open borders and amnesty supporter. He honed his deceitful tactics learned from John McCain, who initially wanted to run as a Democrat in 1982 but was convinced by Republican power-brokers he couldn’t win as a Dem in the East Valley.

The idea of Flake influencing President Trump on this crucial issue is preposterous.  

AZ GOP hosts McFlakey Swan Song Supper

January 5, 2018


After spending the better part of the past two years beating up on Donald Trump — the candidate and the President — Jeff the Flake looked at his poling numbers and decided the prudent thing to do was retire rather than face certain defeat.

The conservative base that put Trump over the top in Arizona is not in any mood to bury the hatchet and get on with the business of intraparty politics. They rightfully felt betrayed by the man who originally claimed conservative credentials but showed himself to be nothing more than a petty egotist who cozied up to Barack Obama, doing his bidding — even working, though ultimately failing, to get Obama’s Democrat choice for the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed before Obama left office — and is fervently committed to amnesty for illegal aliens.

Flake quickly became yesterday’s news, as attentions turned to conservative  senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, who has repeatedly trounced Flake in statewide surveys.

Although chastised for his waywardness by RNC Chairwomen Ronna Romney McDaniel, the Arizona Republican Party hierarchy, including Chairman Jonathan Lines and his predecessor Robert Graham, remained mum in the face of Flake’s blatant defections.

The AZ GOP’s continues to give cover to Jeff the Flake. The Chairman’s Dinner is going all out this year, staging the event at the Camby Hotel, formerly the Ritz Carlton.  It’s a good bet it’ll be a Flake and McCain slobber fest. It’s doubtful many conservatives are inclined to shell out money for an event honoring their antagonists. McCain, who has spent his entire career colluding with Democrats, previously worked with out-of-state Obama donors to purge conservative elected precinct committeemen from the AZ Republican Party. It was payback for the embarrassing censure he was handed by state committeemen at the Jan. 25, 2014 mandatory Statutory meeting.

Echo chamber hack Montini squawks at bigger Biggs

January 3, 2018

It would be easy to imagine Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini is not a man awash in friends.  He’s acerbic, haughty and an unrepentant liberal, appearing to revel in his role as echo chamber for the left wing newspaper.

Being in a rut is his way of life.

According to an article written about him in 2011 as he zoned in on 25 years on the job he’s been working at since coming to Arizona in 1979, he’s been cranking out three columns a week for most of what is now nearly four decades. There’s no way to describe his career other than putting a face on tedium. Which is why he falls far short in attempting to skewer Congressman Andy Biggs.

Leftie Montini is paid to decimate his betters — or in this case, Biggers

A recent column was bizarrely headlined, “Biggs should probably shut up about Mueller ASAP.” Biggs is Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, a man of integrity and actual accomplishment. He served in the Arizona Legislature for 14 years –– the last four as Arizona Senate President. A retired attorney, he’s been licensed to practice law in three states. His bachelor’s degree is in Asian Studies. He earned a Master’s degree in political science. He’s been awarded many honors including “Champion of the Taxpayer” from Americans for Prosperity for his cumulative service in the Arizona legislature, and has been honored numerous times by the Goldwater Institute as a “Friend of Liberty.” He’s a married father of 6 and grandfather of four.

So what’s the problem with this highly regarded public servant? If you guessed his conservative politics, you’ve been paying attention.

Montini is distressed that U.S. Rep. Biggs has correctly called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself from the Department of Justice Russian investigation. He first did so in this June 23, 2017 press release. He recently made his case against the Witch Hunt on Fox News, and authored this Dec. 26, commentary printed in USA Today, — a Gannett-owned insert intended to add heft to its anemic cousin, the Arizona Republic.

 The 2011 article noting Montini’s then-25 years doing The Republic’s bidding, contains these intriguing words:

For Montini, arrogance has always been the most infuriating of the human frailties.

“We have a lot of it in political terms,” Montini said. “We have people who choose to impose their arrogance on other people out of some moral high ground that doesn’t really exist.”

Speaking of Phoenix, he states, “We are still in our adolescence, Kind of loopy, kind of crazy. And we do some really stupid things. The same kind of things that I think you look at as a kid who is an adolescent and trying to figure things out.”

“We act impulsively; We act on the wrong information. We get all caught up in emotional things and don’t think things through. We do all of that stuff. It is what makes us charming. It is what makes us endearing. It is what also makes us, sometimes, really bone-headed.”

Except for the “endearing and charming” parts, it sounds as though Montini was describing himself.

AZ Republic’s leftism goes full frontal

December 31, 2017

The Hillary-endorsing, amnesty-supporting, left-wing Arizona Republic, much like the amoral biblical Salome, has provocatively dropped its final veil but misses the mark as a seductress. Those still reading the undisguised pap and taking it seriously continue to dwindle. With layoffs and buyouts of longtime editors and reporters, the failing newspaper relies on ASU Cronkite students to keep the political prostitute on the street.

The latest effort trotted out as an editorial is titled, “Arizonans to help lead the way in 2018.”

Mentioned first is Juan Ciscomani, a Mexican native, and aide to Gov. Doug Ducey, described as instrumental in “mending Arizona’s relationship with Mexico.”

Ted Cooke, the general manager of the Central Arizona Project, is described as a “major player in the water wars.” Just last week, the same newspaper referred to the Rio Salado Project as John McCain’s legacy. The parched desert of Arizona suddenly has enough water to make everyone a player. Arizona natives were taught it was the state’s first U.S. Sen. Carl Hayden, who got the ball rolling long before McCain carpet-bagged into the state.

Gov. Doug Ducey is King of the Hill, with nary a rival in sight. But where does he go when he’s termed out. With unpopular Jeff Flake opting not to run in 2018 and McCain seriously ill with brain cancer, there will soon be two senate seats up for grabs. No one expects Ducey to abandon the governorship to grasp at the golden ring, but stranger things have happened. Congressional District 8, Trent Frank’s undisputed stronghold, is also now available since his recent surprise resignation. Watch for high stakes political musical chairs not previously seen.

Next comes the poser regarding tax raising, liberal Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton: “Can he go national?” asks the editorial, “Kyrsten Sinema took what should be a perennially contested district, Congressional District 9, and made it a safe seat for Democrats. But now she is running for U.S. Senate.” Not mentioned is bisexual atheist Sinema’s radical past. The former Green Party candidate is now a beloved Democrat. The newspaper is pinning it’s hopes on Stanton, referred to as a “proven vote getter,“ taking the CD 9 seat. When elected mayor, Stanton received a joint congratulatory call from Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano.

CD 2 Rep. Martha (Mc)McSally, a McCain ally, has also announced for the senate. Mysteriously missing from the senate lineup is Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and former two-term member of the Arizona senate. Despite garnering national support, her conservative credentials have made her a non-person to the newspaper’s far left editorial board.

 U of A’s President Robert Robbins made the list. He should sue for defamation of character after being compared to ASU’s flamboyant Michael Crow who favors illegals over Arizona students.

 Daniel Valenzuela, a longtime union leader and Kate Gallego, who was defamed by minorities for not being a minority despite her name, now rate the headline “More firsts in Phoenix.” The newspaper describes them as potential mayoral candidates both coming from the”Democrat rich” city council.

The newspaper is salivating. Conservatives have their work cut out for them.

Probe closing in on McCain: Is it too late?

December 28, 2017

Brain cancer could keep him from being subpoenaed

We don’t claim any expertise in discerning who’s a spy — a Russian, a Brit  or a partisan working at the FBI.

But there’s no denying the intersecting connections. When, as contemptible as it was, former DNC chair Donna Brazile was revealed to be feeding Hillary questions prior to a nationally televised debate, the mainstream media gave her criminal enabling limp coverage. As the 2016 “sure thing” Clinton campaign stumbled and hacked along, her buddy John McCain, and his doppelganger Jeff Flake disclosed neither they nor their families would vote for Donald Trump. The animus aimed at Trump by his envious adversaries was palpable. Uncharacteristically chivalrous, McCain called practiced liar and scandal-plagued Hillary arock starhe could support. It was far better treatment than the profane tirade he publicly lobbed at his wife, Cindy,

In Donald Trump’s lead-up to his stunning primary victory over 16 other GOP contenders, it was great sport (video) to dismiss him as a momentary anomaly, an annoying flea on an elephant’s backside. Trump was actually akin to a fire breathing dragon, making bold commitments Americans were not used to hearing, and vowing to follow through on them when elected.

The primary results proved to be too much for the liberals to digest. Amid Hillary’s choking, gagging and falling, a national populist movement was gaining steam and rallying behind the premise of “Make America Great Again!” It was clear Hillary’s political days were over.

 Something had to be done to impede Trump’s energetic trajectory.

Byron York, writing for the Washington Examiner, fills in the missing puzzle parts, following the route of what has become known as the “Trump dossier.” It should more accurately be known as the “McCain dossier,” since the now discredited file was hand carried to former FBI director by none other than point-man John McCain to whom it was delivered, in an obvious effort to diminish Trump, and bolster Hillary.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes has issued a subpoena to David Kramer, a former State Department official who, in late November 2016, traveled to London to receive a briefing and a copy of the dossier from its author, former British spy Christopher Steele. Kramer then returned to the U.S. to give the document to Sen. John McCain.

David Kramer is a senior fellow at the McCain Institute for International Leadership at ASU.

From there, it was just a few heel clicks to ensure Hillary’s victory. Fortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Still, the dirty business McCain was up to his comb-over in is finally spotlighted. The Arizona Republic wanting no part of this sordid business continues to promote McCain’s “legacy.”

McCain and Hillary are more than casual friends bonded in their abject abhorrence of all things Trump. They are co-conspirators on a wide range of issues. They each have “foundations” bearing their names that have been accused of sanitizing donations from unsavory sources, and both rely heavily on Socialist multi-billionaire George Soros, a man who disdains national borders and is trying to remake the American justice system and reconfigure the global economy. Here in Maricopa County, Soros funded Democrat Paul Penzone’s takeover of the Sheriff’s Department and attempted to do the same with the County Attorney’s Office.