Are you inclined to vote away your right to vote?

April 12, 2016

 The Arizona Republic would like nothing better than to relieve you of the burden

Fishy_Arizona_RepublicRobert Robb, the libertarian-leaning columnist at the daily newspaper has often been the stand alone voice of reason at the increasingly leftist publication. Recently, however, he’s been veering into uncharted territory, pulling a complete switcheroo on issues of importance. In February we exposed the scheme being pushed by the Arizona Republic, calling him out for his disappointing change of mind from his previous stance on the “Top Two Primary,” titling the piece, “Robert Robb: Forgetful, schizophrenic or seeking job security?” The post includes Robb’s original logical assessment of the overreach in the second paragraph.

Now with State Treasurer Jeff DeWit announcing his intention not to seek reelection when his term ends in 2018, we get another odd dose of Robert Robb. This time he’s devoted a column to asking, “Why do we elect a state treasurer?”

We’ve been down this road before. In this May 2015 post “AZ Republic wants to mute your voice, muzzle your vote,” we reminded our readers about the deception that has previously come packaged as a component of the benign-sounding “Home Rule.” We characterized the contemptible plan to separate citizens from their votes with these words:

“There have been other such schemes over the years. The warm and fuzzy sounding “Home Rule,” included provisions to appoint all county “line officers” as they were dismissively called, including the County Attorney, Sheriff, Treasurer and School Superintendent. Though its intent was to eliminate citizen’s ability to vote for these and other county officials —-  turning the immense appointment power over to the Board of Supervisors —- it was promoted as merely a “housekeeping” budgetary provision. Arizona voters caught on quickly as did the elected office holders, both successfully pushing back against this ruse.”

The slippery tricksters at the Fish Wrap even went editorial to advocate for appointing the five members of the Arizona Corporation Commission. In July 2012 we wrote, “Left promotes schemes to separate you from your vote.”

In fact the intended mission was to get citizens to the ballot box to….vote away their right to vote. Under the guise of simplifying the process, we would cede to the Board of Supervisors our ability to vote for what were contemptuously termed “line officers.” 

The argument always began with the office of the mine inspector — a state official.  “Who knows who the mine inspector is or what he does? Why should that be an elective office?” From there it went down the line of county officers from assessor to  recorder and every office in between.  When the Sheriff was the topic, the incessant liberal echo was “The police chief is appointed, why not the sheriff?”

The plan is to encourage voters to vote to give their votes away. Think of it as a deliberate attempt to separate you from your vote by telling you others can vote on your behalf more efficiently and effectively.

What each of these offices have in common is the fact that they are all held by elected Republicans. No wonder the newspaper wants them appointed.

Prescott College: Liberalism soars to irrational new heights

April 9, 2016

Smugly mandates student support of illegal invasion

Prescott College, which bills itself as “for the Liberal Arts, the Environment and Social Justice,” takes the “Liberal” handle seriously. The Arizona school is now one of only two U.S. schools to mandate student fees earmarked specifically for illegal alien students. Jesuit-run Loyola University is the other school to take up this absurd program.

Under the heading, Students Approve Fee for College’s Full Scholarship for Undocumented Students, is the statement indicating the school “will implement a $30 student fee for all on-campus students that will go towards the Freedom Education Fund, a scholarship for undocumented students, starting in the 2016-2017 academic year. Prescott College is proud to announce the availability of this scholarship to undocumented students as part of National Institution’s Coming Out Day in support of undocumented students, an annual event hosted by United We Dream.”

There is an undeniable interaction between the school’s leftward lurch and its fascination with the word “undocumented” which is used four times in the first sentence. SRAZ’s still popular 2008 post titled, “Lingo,” addresses that term under Number 3 on the list.

Prior to becoming president of Prescott College in 2014 John Flicker was president of the National Audubon Society for 15 years. That must have been where he honed the Arizona school’s for-the-birds skill set.

Flicker says, “I am proud that our students take on the role of scholar activists. Their passion around this issue really motivated our part to make up the difference between what the fee will provide for and the full cost to attend one of our programs. We’re committed to broaden access to higher education for a diverse group of students and mobilize our resources towards social justice.”

Prescott College, typical of today’s leftist bastions of education run by committed educrats, has its priorities skewed. Imagine if it thought as highly of American citizens desirous of furthering their education rather than elevating foreign national lawbreakers as worthy recipients of special status and funding. Scroll through the Open Secrets website, which reveals the multimillions of dollars donated to leftist causes and politicians by teachers unions.

AZGOP Chair Graham facing demand for resignation

April 8, 2016

Friday’s edition of the Arizona Daily Independent reports on the organized effort by grassroots conservative stalwarts of the Arizona Republican Party to offer a resolution calling for Party Chairman Robert Graham’s resignation at the AZGOP 2016 State Convention scheduled for April 30. The effort is being lead by immediate past Maricopa County Republican chairman, A.J. LaFaro.

The ADI writes, “Graham and his cohorts had used numerous maneuvers to prevent a vote on the resolution at the at the Arizona Republican Party’s Annual Meeting that was held on January 23, 2016.” The report concludes: “Unfortunately for Graham, he may have run out of maneuvers.”

Seeing Red AZ posted Former MC Chair AJ LaFaro’s resolution demands Robert Graham resign on March 15, which includes a copy of the resolution. We also posted AZ GOP chair Graham imposes “poll tax” on delegates.

The unpopular Graham — a John McCain surrogate committed to the 80-year-old senator’s sixth, six year reelection — is reportedly seeking the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee (RNC).after current chairman Reince Priebus steps down in January 2017.

Imagine. The duplicity and havoc Robert Graham has wrought in Arizona he can magnify by 50 as national chairman.

McCain exhibits major disconnect with Arizonans

April 7, 2016

McCain singles out commitment to Hispanic businesses

That John McCain is such a kidder.  He’s sending out fundraising emails, once again addressing the recipients as “My friend,” when he won’t even allow us entrance into his closed-door town hall meetings.

McCain begins by telling us he has “some great news to share.” Anticipating an announcement he was dropping his bid for his 6th six-year senate election in time for his 80th birthday, hope reached soaring — but short-lived — heights.

Nope. Even at his advanced age, John McCain is unable to relinquish power after over 3 decades in D. C., though his disconnect to realitymajor fumbles and confusion on crucial issues are abundantly clear.

His “great news,” is that the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce “has endorsed his campaign.” He says “Javier Palomarez, the President of the USHCC, highlighted my commitment to Arizona’s Hispanic businesses. I’m always working to promote economic growth and development of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Arizona,” McCain tells us. His brassiness is exhibited with these words, “I hope you will join the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in standing up with my campaign right now” as he solicits donations.

John McCain, a committed amnesty proponent, talked tough on the border during his last campaign, though he never meant a word of his vow to “complete the dang fence.” Immediately after the ballots were counted he and his underling Jeff Flake put together the amnesty-bent Gang of Eight with the most liberal senate Democrats including Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin. Marco Rubio’s involvement in this debacle helped sink his presidential aspirations. 

This 2010 Atlanta newscast, “Muslim terrorists crossing US/Mexico Border,” tells the rest of the story, which has only worsened in the intervening years. 

It’s not a surprise that the toxic and censured senator, is Number Six on Roll Call’s roster of the 10 most vulnerable U.S. Senators.

Dr. Kelli Ward, a politically conservative physician and former two term state senator, is mounting an effective challenge to McCain. Take a look at her website, send her a donation, and get onboard her campaign. U.S. Senate terms are six long years. Dr. Ward’s candidacy presents a rare opportunity to make a difference. 

AZ GOP scuttles Trump supporters

April 5, 2016

On the heels of our post Arizona: The epicenter of 2016 GOP delegate upheaval, which linked to a revealing Washington Examiner report on Arizona’s intra-party presidential primary shenanigans, comes disturbing information from immediate past Maricopa County Republican chairman A.J. LaFaro. 

LaFaro was contacted before noon on Sunday to attend a 2:00 pm meeting of outraged Donald Trump supporters, elected PCs all, who got conned at their caucus. Not one of them won election as a state convention delegate.

Yet people who weren’t even precinct committeemen — dispatched by AZ GOP chairman Robert Graham and the RINO establishment — were elected as delegates. The entire delegation from one legislative district are Cruz supporters even though Donald Trump won by a landslide. 

LaFaro cynically notes that “the 285,839 (46%) Arizonans who voted for Donald Trump on March 22, 2016 didn’t mean anything. Robert Graham and the RINO establishment know what’s best for Arizona,” he rightly mocked. “Talk about voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement,” LaFaro continued. To substantiate his comments, he includes the link to the Arizona Secretary of State’s Unofficial 2016 Presidential Preference Election Results, which clearly proves his point.

Regardless of whom you support this election cycle, this trickery should never be tolerated. It leaves us all vulnerable and at risk of having our votes become meaningless.

Arizona: The epicenter of 2016 GOP delegate upheaval

April 4, 2016

This morning’s Drudge Report leads with a Washington Examiner article: “Cruz snaring Trump’s Arizona delegates.”

Drudge was less subdued, opting for the banner headline, “Hell’s Dels Cruz Moves To Snatch Trump AZ.”

 We urge you to read the article. Knowledge is power.

Calls for Helen Purcell’s head hides far different agenda

March 31, 2016

The few remaining readers of the Arizona Republic can be forgiven for having the misconception that there is a clamor for Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell’s head on a platter.

Whenever its target is a Republican, the liberal newspaper shifts into high gear, engaging in the multi-pronged, gang-like, drive-by it has honed to an art form. Biased articles passing as news, are followed by more skew at the hands of the two looney left columnists Roberts and Montini and inky deceit by cartoonist Steve Benson.  At issue are the long lines and inadequate number of polling places available for voters, some of whom waited for hours to participate in Arizona’s presidential preference election. Statewide, Republican and Democrat voters ultimately supported Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Most used mail in ballots.

Purcell has held the office that maintains voter registration for nearly 2,000,000 registered voters and administers the Elections Department for 28 years. When the snafu occurred, she faced angry mobs calling for her resignation. Purcell apologized and took “full responsibility,“ but that wasn’t nearly good enough.  They wanted far more.

“We certainly made bad decisions, and having only 60 polling places, didn’t anticipate there would be that many people going to the polling places,” she said. “We were obviously wrong — that’s my fault.” 

The left was not placated. The identity throng began its racket, claiming Purcell purposely engaged in minority voter suppression — and as if on cue in today’s hooligan environment, began calling for her resignation or recall. In Soros-like fashion, angry mobs sprung up in legislative chambers and on valley streets.

Purcell rightly dug in her heels as protesters congregated outside her Phoenix office. “I’m not going to resign,” she stated. “The electorate is free to do whatever they want to do.”

Phoenix’ leftist Mayor Greg Stanton, hopped onboard this political gravy train, issuing a request for a  U.S. Department of Justice investigation, alleging Anglo communities had more polling sites per resident.

On the heels of that absurdity, a bizarre rumor erupted, claiming Republican Purcell was secretly working for Hillary Clinton since her late husband Joe Purcell was Bill Clinton’s former Arkansas Lt. Governor. The entire story turned out to be preposterous fabrication.

The woman who has won numerous awards for her professionalism is now facing challengers, including one with no experience in the field who calls her an “epic failure.”

The actual issue that drives the rabble is they see this as the opportunity to seize the primary elections from the parties that actually field candidates.  This was Robert Robb, showing some spine on the open primary in July 2012. He called it “another disappointing attempt to change election outcomes by changing the rules,” adding, “The purpose …should be stated plainly and bluntly: It is to reduce the influence of conservative Republicans in Arizona.”  By Feb. 2016, Robb had developed job security linked amnesia.



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