The Bidenization of America brilliantly explained:

May 15, 2022

Victor Davis Hanson’s most recent column posted on Townhall is titled, “Imagine the Unimaginable.”  The words “must read” are often tossed about casually. They hold genuine significance when applied to the writings of Prof. Hanson. He issues a warning we must heed before it’s too late.

Read his bio here.

U.S. Supreme Court under fire by conservative-hating dems

May 7, 2022

The brilliance of Victor Davis Hanson shines with his recent commentary titled, “Losing the People? Then Change the Rules.”

He focuses on the political left’s desire to facilitate its agenda by increasing the size of the U.S. Supreme Court, turning historical precedent on its ear in order to upend the Republican majority, the last three of whom — Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — were nominated by President Donald Trump, a sure-fire rankler to the left.

The fact that the most recent Supreme Court appointee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, was a Biden administration pick is of no consequence. They want total control as a previous democrat Pres. Franklin Roosevelt tried and failed to grab by a court-packing scheme in 1937.*

Historical information on the court from its inception through the present, including pictures and bios (linked under the names of the justices) can be seen here.


Joyous Easter wishes…and a message of hope

April 17, 2022

The New York Post carries Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s uplifting Easter message: “Ukraine a symbol of hope, resiliency.”

Regardless of your faith, this moving commentary is worth reading. Cardinal Dolan’s archived columns are available here.

Gender identity lessons invade N.J. 1st grade classrooms

April 11, 2022

This revealing editorial, “NJ gender-identity lessons for first graders prove parents were right to worry,” by Karol Marcowicz was prominently displayed in the New York Post over the weekend.

The disturbing lesson plans are being foisted upon young children, teaching them that their gender is malleable.

Randi Weingarten, the former president of the American Federation of Teachers, (AFT) wields tremendous clout as an AFL–CIO union leader and a lawyer. She is also a lesbian married to another woman as reported in Teachers for Choice, an organization that opposes government imposed medical mandates in order for any Americans — especially educators — to remain employed.  To no one’s surprise, Weingarten has long opposed charter schools and school choice.

The AFT was the first national union to endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primaries. These are the people who influence America’s students each and every weekday.

Open Secrets reveals teachers unions have steadily amped up their political involvement: From 2004 to 2016, their donations grew from $4.3 million to more than $32 million — an all-time high. Even more than most labor unions, they have little use for Republicans, giving democrats at least 94 percent of the funds they contributed to candidates and parties since as far back as 1990, where Open Secrets data begins. Check out where they see fit to place their considerable resources.

This is all important reading.

Victor Davis Hanson explains the realities of Ukraine

March 20, 2022

The news is rife with the tragedies that are taking place in Ukraine. Americans watch reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked, indiscriminate bombing, targeting civilians, including schools, orphanages and hospitals — causing a reported three million displaced people to flee their homes. Many are going to neighboring Poland, which faces problems attempting to absorb large numbers of refugees who speak another language and fled their homeland with just the clothes on their backs. The impassioned pleas of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who just days ago delivered a virtual address to the U.S. Congress that moved us, though fearing an escalation that has the potential to provoke madman Putin to act in concert with his fellow communist dictator Chinese Secretary General Xi.

Frequently dismissed in the U.S. leftist media as a former comedian, Zelenskyy, 44, holds a law degree and speaks several languages, including English. During his speech on Wednesday, Zelenskyy switched from Ukrainian to Russian, appealing directly to the Russian people for peace, informing them their leaders were directing them into a senseless war.

Historian, professor and author Victor Davis Hanson’s most recent column posted on Townhall is titled,“10 Realities of Ukraine.” It’s a wise analysis on this timely and crucial topic. You can surely spend a few minutes to be brought up to speed on this major threat to freedom that has the potential of affecting Americans.

Radical author claims “trash” US Constitution must be replaced

March 6, 2022

Haitian immigrant benefiting from First Amendment’s freedom of speech opines, “Wealthy slavers and racist misogynists” founded USA

Americans rightly esteem our U.S. Constitution, which sets us apart from other forms of government. The document which was ratified June 21, 1789, has been amended 27 times. Our Founders were brilliant patriots with an eye to the future, who labored at putting together a document that would grow with the then-young country. America is known as a nation of laws — a founding principle. It remains the core of what defines who we are as Americans.

John Hanson, writing for the Political Insider, introduces us to Constitution hater and leftist journalist Elie Mystal, who recently authored a book titled, “Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution.”  Mystal claims the Constitution should be replaced with something “more inclusive.”

Mystal calls the Constitution “trash” that was written by wealthy slavers and racist misogynists. He goes on to denigrate our laws saying they have since “been mostly interpreted by wealthy white legislators to take away the rights of minorities, women and the LGBTQ community.”

If this raging Haitian-born opportunist followed his roots back to his African homeland, he wouldn’t be a Harvard-educated author, with a law degree, making televised guest appearances to push a book or vilify the Constitution-based nation that has provided him limitless opportunities.

Biden’s incompetence emboldens Russia’s Putin

March 5, 2022

The world is increasingly dangerous as war-mongering Russian President Vladimir Putin no longer fears reprisals from Donald Trump. Steamrolling a weak and unfocused Joe Biden and his leftist, politically correct administration — more focused on climate change and welcoming transsexuals into our military — have placed us in a precarious position. Bidenflation has reached monstrous proportions ravaging households across America and lessening the purchasing power of the dollar to the lowest level in memory. The current economic disaster follows the soaring Trump economy with employment at record high levels and the stock market booming.

Victor Davis Hanson provides his wisdom and insight in this column,“The Biden Inflation Octopus,” posted on Real Clear Politics. His conclusion is democrats “will suffer historic losses in the November midterms.”

Conservatives trust he‘s correct and are energized to elect Republicans, but since this is the beginning of March, by November the economic damage could be irreparable, worsening beyond rational expectations. With the spineless Biden administration in control, America’s diminishing stature on the world stage is on the brink of being terminal.

The disaster taking place in Ukraine is escalating. Invading Russian forces took control of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant early Friday morning after a firefight with Ukrainian troops caused a training building on the grounds to catch fire, prompting international alarm over the possibility that nuclear reactors might be damaged and release radioactive material.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) based in The Hague, Netherlands, has opened an investigation into war crimes after Russia’s Putin approved a “special military operation” in Ukraine on Feb. 24, including the targeting of civilians, as well as indiscriminate attacks on schools and hospitals.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden refused to refer to Russia’s actions as war crimes, saying, “It’s too early to say that.” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Friday also declined to answer the question, saying he would leave that determination to the International Criminal Court.

Both civilian and military casualties are rising. Fearing for their lives, over a million Ukrainians have fled their homeland this past week. When Putin initially began his attacks, incompetent Joe Biden mindlessly referred to the actions as a “minor incursion.”

Pogo, a cartoon opossum who laced political satire into his speechifying, was famous for saying, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Seeing Red AZ modifies that to, “America’s incompetent enemy is sitting in the Oval Office.”

American patriot Tom Tancredo is seriously ill

February 27, 2022

Michelle Malkin affectionately offers her friend, mentor, conservative 5-term U.S Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, prayers and thanks. She speaks for many Americans in this tribute, published on CNS News. Those of us who were apathetic political novices, became resolute conservatives under his tutelage. Read her poignant message under the link. Malkin is a best-selling author, syndicated columnist and nationally acclaimed blogger.

The mission Tancredo undertook was a natural for the former high school history teacher and we were receptive to his instructive message. Tancredo, the grandson of four Italian legal immigrants, is a true patriot. He also was a vocal opponent of illegal aliens flooding across our border, firmly believing in the rule of law and respecting the national sovereignty of the United States.

Illegal immigration was the topic on which Tancredo initially made an impact, waking Americans to the costly assault on our country.

On February 13, 2007, the American Conservative Union issued ratings for potential presidential candidates for the 2008 election. Tancredo took first place with a lifetime ranking of 99 out of 100.

Paul Bedard writing for the Washington Examiner reports that “during the past year a record 14.45 million illegals in the US cost citizen taxpayers $133.7 billion.” His report is complete with shocking charts and lists of illegal population estimates by state.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) was correct in his predictions. The only U.S. president to shine a bright light on the assault on America was Donald Trump, who began building the previously promised, but never delivered, wall. Joe Biden’s handlers began dismantling it immediately after barely cognizant Joe was sworn in.

Canadian truckers vs. tyrannical Trudeau

February 19, 2022

A lesson in leftist overreach

Since its January 22 inception, Americans have watched news reports of hundreds of Canadian truckers known as the “Freedom Convoy,” protesting government imposed COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates. The truckers have blocked a major roadway in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa to bring attention to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s increasingly oppressive tactics to force compliance. 

When police confiscated their reserve gasoline and logs that citizens brought to them to build roadside fires to warm themselves in the freezing weather, it wasn’t nearly enough. After recent arrests of over a hundred truck drivers, Justin Trudeau, with the acquiescence of Canadian banks, has begun seizing the truckers’ personal bank accounts, though they have been convicted of no crime, and despite the fact that the majority of the truckers have been vaccinated. What we are witnessing is an outrageous governmental power grab and a leftwing amnesia that renders French speaker Justin Trudeau unable to recall the meaning of liberté.

This enlightening New York Post commentary, “Justin Trudeau’s Canadian injustice is just a naked grab for power,” by James Bovard, should stand as a warning to Americans. 

Talk is cheap, as this April 30, 2007 quote from slippery Justin Trudeau illustrates:

“For me, to represent people who represent the future of Canada and the great challenges we will face over the coming decades — this is where I wanted to start. … I’m a teacher; I’m a convenor; I’m a gatherer; I’m someone who reaches out to people and is deeply interested in what they have to say. And people see that I’m not faking it. I’m actually genuinely committed to this dialogue that we’re opening up, and this understanding that needs to happen in order to be an effective MP.”

Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

February 13, 2022

Prof. Victor Davis Hanson (bio) knocks it out of the park with his latest commentary, “Why Ideology is the Ancient Enemy of Civilization.” Hanson, a renowned historian, conservative commentator and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, is a frequent guest on Fox News’ Mark Levin’s, Life, Liberty & Levin. Levin is a constitutional law expert who worked for the Reagan administration.

In addition to being the 110th anniversary of Arizona’s statehood, tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s Day. Consider this post a gift of appreciation to all of SRAZ’s loyal readers since our inception in 2007, including our dedicated proofreader Joseph Bickley, Sr., a man we have never met, but to whom we are grateful for the interest he takes in keeping this site looking good.  

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