Massive, well-financed Dem effort underway to destroy Pres.Trump

April 4, 2020

These days, with the previously unimaginable scourge of the Coronavirus in full swing, we hear a lot about “flattening the curve.”

Today’s post is intended to keep our readers “ahead of the curve.’ Leftists who were unsuccessful in their efforts to remove President Donald Trump from office, have other tricks up their fetid sleeves.

Inside The Dark Money Dem Group Using An Umbrella Network To Flay Trump Over His Virus Response,“ doesn’t require interpretation. It is mandatory reading for all Trump supporting, patriotic Americans, who recognize the lengths the opposition party and its barbarous adherents will go to discredit, brutalize and take down this effective president. 

Just weeks ago Americans were prospering under the best economy in our lifetimes. Unemployment was at record lows. With the advent of this viral plague — which originated in the putrid, disease breeding groundwet marketsin Wuhan, China —our soaring stock markets have plunged and joblessness is rampant as businesses are forced to close.

Chris White, writing for the Daily Caller News Foundation, presents a masterful exposé, which not only needs to be read, but also forwarded. So desperate are the Democrats, we are up against a heavily financed torrent of deceit and news manipulation as they bypass even their own reliable network spin machines to construct their own sources. There is also an Arizona component.

During these tumultuous times, prominent medical authorities are advising us to self-quarantine and even wear protective masks to stay safe during this global pandemic. You can easily find the time to read this crucial reportKnowledge is power, and we need them both now…more than ever.  Be aware there is a concerted effort by the Democrats to destroy us that far supersedes “politics as usual.” The only antidote is informed voters.

Coronavirus packs political punch for the left

March 30, 2020

Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley has written an extraordinarily insightful commentary that merits Monday morning placement.

Do yourself a favor and readCOVID-19: A crisis fit for a new world order.”

Seeing Red AZ has added a new link to our blogroll courtesy of Bing’s search engine.  Coronavirus Tracker is filled with updated, pertinent information in these unprecedented times. 

Abdul-Jabbar suffers from acute case of TDS

March 23, 2020

Trump Derangement Syndrome claims another victim

It’s been fifty years since basketball great Lew Alcindor, Jr. shook off his father’s name, converted to Islam and re-christened himself Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He obviously didn’t realize he was honoring Arab slave traders as he rejected his American name. He also boycotted the 1968 Summer Olympics by opting not to try out for the U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball team, which went on to capably win the gold medal. Abdul-Jabbar’s decision to shun the games was in protest of what he strangely regarded the unequal treatment of blacks in the United States, setting the stage for National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick to bend a knee rather than stand for the National Anthem decades later — though they both made $multi-millions and were idolized by fans.

This historical ignorance and rejection of America was, for a brief moment, voguish, as esteemed prize fighter Cassius Clay, Jr., also embraced Islam, ditched his father’s name and became Muhammed Ali.  He also used his new found faith as a cover for draft dodging during the Vietnam War. The ignorant Ali announced, “I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong,” the communist troops aligned with ruthless dictator Ho Chi Minh, who was responsible for countless deaths in his own country and loss of life and limb of American servicemen trying to bring stability to those living under the brutal regime.

The lack of historical relevancy is worth noting since radical leftist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has recently attacked President Donald Trump, comparing him to Nazis in Hunters Series, as reported in detail by Jay Maxson of NewsBusters. Abdul-Jabbar’s visceral Trump hatred spews like a geyser.  He also conveniently ignores the fact that the Nazi Third Reich tortured and slaughtered millions of minorities, including Jews, gypsies, and the infirm. Another pertinent fact that the black Muslim converts astonishingly disregard and as black conservative talk show host, columnist, author and lawyer Larry Elder pointed out in this column, “many know little to nothing about the vast role played by Arab and Muslim slavers in the African slave trade.”

Though the object of hero worship by fans of all races, Abdul-Jabbar was known to be rude to admirers and developed an arrogant penchant for insultingly reading the newspaper while giving interviews.

And who would have guessed that this historical revisionist actually graduated UCLA with a B.A in history?

Words matter, but not at the Arizona Republic

March 8, 2020

Yes, we keep watch on the failing Hillary-endorsing, deceitful Arizona Republic newspaper which exudes visceral hatred for President Trump.  Here are a couple of recent examples why:

Saturday’s front page, attempting to whitewash political mongrel presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, describes him as an “Independent,” when in fact opportunist Sanders, is a self identified Socialist, who vacillates for expediency running under the Independent banner while identifying as a Democrat Socialist allowing him to caucus with senate Democrats. Other times he is a straight-up Democrat as this presidential statement of candidacy, filed with the Federal Election Commission shows. “Revolution,” a pillar of Marxism remains the stated core of his campaign. His oblique promises hinge on everything being “free.” Even left-wing CNN estimated the cost at “possibly $60 trillion.” Hardly “free” to taxpayers who’d be footing the gargantuan bill.

Sanders’ website introduces each element of his platform with the grandiose royal we: “When we are in the White House,” absurdly followed by flimflam statements worthy of a sideshow barker: “Pass the College for All Act to provide at least $48 billion per year to eliminate tuition and fees at four-year public colleges and universities, tribal colleges, community colleges, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs. Everyone deserves the right to a good higher education if they choose to pursue it, no matter their income.”

Other pillars of his “revolution” include Medicare for All — which denies Americans the right to chose their own healthcare providers and terrifies Social Security recipients; raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour; launching the astronomically pricedGreen New Deal;expanding free public housing; disassembling “the prison industrial complex;” national legalization of marijuana; and other leftist schemes intended to both bankrupt and control the populace.

Sanders is only an “Independent” if you view Lenin, Marx, Trotsky and Lenin through the same lens.

Another deliberately skewed column in the same edition of the newspaper addresses the demise of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, headlined, “Why isn’t America ready for a woman to be president?” It begins: “Yet again, the leader of our country will continue to be a man, which teaches a powerful lesson to our girls: Don’t expect to accomplish your dreams.”

Omitted is the fact that Elizabeth Warren, like scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton before her, is a pathological liar repeatedly exposed for standing the truth on its head, in addition to being a political radical.

The lesson parents should instill in their daughters (and sons) is lies will never serve you well, regardless of what career choice you make, and even more so if you aspire to the presidency where the truth is eventually exposed. It’s not your chromosomes that make you viable, it’s your integrity and the policies you stand for.

Deceit comes easy to AZ Republic’s Laurie Roberts

March 1, 2020

The Arizona Republic runs obituaries. Once free, they now charge by the word and have become a major source of revenue for the dying newspaper, trying to sustain itself after more staff layoffs.

Recently, honchos at the newspaper announced what amounted to a dramatic deception, saying it would no longer run pre-election endorsements — no doubt in response to its Hillary Clinton presidential endorsement, which caused subscriptions to plummet as irate readers called to cancel. They have not returned.

There is no need for pre-election endorsements, when ongoing deceit takes center stage in the daily.

A stunning case in point was a hate-laden column about former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, by ex-sob-queen columnist Laurie Roberts now earning her keep as a quasi political reporter.

Ignoring facts that she tosses off as inconsequential, Laurie Roberts actually got away with unbridled deceit in writing about an event she obviously didn’t attend: President Trump’s massive Phoenix rally.  Roberts writes that Joe Arpaio “wasn’t anywhere to be seen at President Donald Trump’s campaign rally.” Either she has lost her vision and hearing or is engaging in blatant lies. As Joe Arpaio made his way down the long center aisle, he was greeted with loud cheers and applause. He sat beside Gov. Doug Ducey. 

Popular Arpaio, a Republican, served an unprecedented six 4-year terms. He is running for reelection and has earned his support. He was replaced by Soros-funded Democrat Paul Penzone, who immediately after the votes were tallied, referred to illegal aliens invading Arizona as “guests.” Socialist Soros, a billionaire, open borders advocate, pumped $2 million in Penzone’s campaign — his single biggest investment in a national local race. The money even bought the campaign ad support of Penzone’s now remarried ex-wife. At the time, Roberts wasted no tears on Penzone’s then-wife who he roughed up when he was a Phoenix cop.

Deceit will not keep the sinking newspaper afloat, but it will hasten its demise. And that non-endorsement policy? It’s been exposes as a farce. The devious anti-endorsements suffice.

Truth takes a backseat to leftist agenda

February 29, 2020

Conservatives need no introduction to author and talk show host, Dennis Prager, whose weekday radio program provides both clarity and sanity in a increasingly disheveled political environment.

His recent column,Why the Left Calls Good People Racist,” answers the question many of us have been asking ourselves since the word has become a dependable pejorative to be aimed, like a curare-dipped poison dart, at conservatives. President Donald Trump has been the subject of the word’s ubiquitous revival, with not a single substantiating fact to back up the fraudulent smear.

The reality is, leftists, led by their cohorts in the increasingly vicious media, who make no attempt to conceal their partisanship, (2016 election returns brief video) are impulse driven. Facts have no meaning. They prioritize contrivances as we witnessed with the counterfeit impeachment of President Trump and the daily diet of deceit they attempted to serve up to Americans. Stunned Hillary-supporting Democrats began discussing removing the president through impeachment before he took his oath of office.

Fortunately, President Trump is a stalwart who doesn’t yield to negativity. He has a supportive family and hundreds of thousands of loyal fans filling his nationwide rallies to capacity, often waiting in line for days, despite extreme weather conditions.

Take a few minutes to read Prager’s enlightening assessment of the devaluing of the basic principle of truth. You’ll be glad you did.

AZ Republic: Postmortem exam of its own toxic endorsement policy  

February 27, 2020

Political endorsements go by the wayside? Hardly. Republicans are routinely mischaracterized within the newspaper’s pages. No endorsement list is needed.

It’s no secret the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic is suffering from a prolonged, ferocious contagion. The insidious disease, known as Trump Derangement Syndrome,* permeates the entire publication — from the biased reports to the hard-left partisan columnists and editorials.  Balance is nowhere to be found within the failing daily. It’s long been clear those in charge view their readers as submissive dolts unable to process information without being told what to think.

When the already failing newspaper endorsed scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton for President in 2016, it signaled more than desperation. It was the clear tolling of its own death knell. But this endorsement was of such enormous consequence to the local, self-declared power brokers, they were unable to rein themselves in, even knowing they had long ago lost their influence and succeeded only in riling their dwindling reader base.

Following the Hillary Clinton presidential endorsement, which was described as the first of a Democrat in the newspaper’s history, subscriptions plummeted as irate readers called to cancel. They have not returned.

Now Greg Burton, the Republic’s executive editor and Phil Boas, the editorial page editor, have seen that following their radically leftist counterparts did not provide the safety in numbers they had hoped would lessen their exposure.

The Republic, a divisive open border advocate bonded to elevating diversity over unity, would like its few remaining readers to believe the decision to forgo making political endorsements was based on taking opposing views into consideration. Don’t believe it. The self-absorbed elites on the editorial board feel superior to the readers they will continue to work to influence. The message will still be delivered in biased reports, slanted editorials and hateful columns. All that will change is the list will be gone.

* Excellent commentary by Adrianna Cohen for Real Clear Politics