Globalist claims USA slips in the eyes of the world

January 24, 2018

Although no one likes us, they all want to come here

The U.S. News and World Report article begins with a large dose of high drama, describing the mood on the international conference call at the beginning of this month as somber as Ian Bremmer, self-anointed president of the political risk consulting firm Eurasia Group, prepared to list off top global dangers in the coming year. Trump-hating Bremmer, who has created a niche career for himself, began with this:

“If we had to pick one year for a big unexpected crisis — the geopolitical equivalent of the 2008 financial meltdown — it feels like 2018. The reasons are many, but the most prominent causes for global insecurity stem from U.S. President Donald Trump’s move away from global leadership, and China’s eagerness to fill the perceived vacuum.”

This quote provides an insight of  Bremmer‘s globalist stance: “In a time when so many challenges transcend borders, the need for international leadership has never been greater. We are told that “Trump shocks and divides the world.”

According to Bremmer, “Donald Trump pledged to “Make America Great Again.” The world thinks he is doing the opposite.” To no one’s surprise, the report’s highest disapproval rating goes to President Donald Trump.

Consequently, according to Bremmer’s Eurasia Group, the United States slips in this year’s U.S. News’ Best Countries ranking, dropping to the No. 8 spot. Topping the list are countries such as Canada, Germany and Sweden with increasing Muslim populations and liberal immigration policies that are rendering their native cultures to second class status. Oddly, Japan, which has national policies restricting immigration made the list.

Muhammad has replaced William in the top ten most popular boys’ names in England and Wales, according to the U.K.’s Independent newspaper.

As in 2017, Canada remains the No. 2 in the survey. Germany, as it was in 2016, is perceived as the most powerful country in Europe – surpassing the U.K. to place at No. 3 overall, while the U.K. drops to No. 4.

Meanwhile, demanding “dreamers” who want noting more than to be granted amnesty, followed by full citizenship and voting rights, create a nightmare for Americans.

Disneyland, which bills itself as “the happiest place on earth,” is the latest battle ground for the DACA./dreamers, a band of wild illegals who think waving Mexican flags, screaming obscenities and trying to shut down access to the famed amusement park, will win them support as they blast, “No dream! No deal!” When Barack Obama pushed his illegal executive order through after repeatedly saying he couldn‘t, he sat in the White House and had Democrat House and Senate majorities, but took no further action. President Trump has no obligation to honor this purely political absurdity with unverifiable claims they are all “kids” who were brought to the US by invading parents. Claimants can be up to 36 years of age. The ultimate goal is increase the number of Democrat voters by millions.


McCain: Incapable of doing job, lacks grace to retire

January 21, 2018

Who’s McCain’s ghost writer?

To the casual observer, it appears John McCain has been very busy. Though seriously ill with what his Mayo Clinic doctors describe as an “aggressive form of brain cancer,” he continues to weigh in on D.C. issues and place the blame for government intransigence squarely where he thinks it belongs — on Republicans.

We are led to believe octogenarian McCain has become a prolific writer as he recuperates from the unrecoverable and deals with the debilitating side effects of the therapy he‘s been receiving, which often returns him to the hospital. He tweets and writes commentaries like this one imploring President Trump to stop attacking the press — ignoring the fact that it’s the same leftist press that eagerly prints his own condemnations and has waged war on the president since before his inauguration. McCain also has his name attached to a globalist vantage point op-ed that appeared in The Economist, titled, “The World in 2018”: Defending the Liberal World Order.That’s a title we couldn’t make up. The article reeks of  the influence of billionaire Socialist One Worlder George Soros, a generous McCain funder who despises national borders.

McCain’s senate office, which was issuing intermittent updated health reports, has been silent, though CNN reported in mid-December that he was described as increasingly frail.

One of McCain’s last public acts was the intentionally theatrical and spiteful thumbs down vote he cast against Republican efforts on the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare. The senate balloting was delayed in anticipation of his much needed vote. Sick or well, McCain is a showboating antagonist who continually colludes with Democrats against the party under whose banner he has run for nearly four decades.

McCain has missed important votes and key staff members are leaving for more secure positions. He obviously isn’t writing commentaries or spending his days tweeting. The charade by his well-intentioned  staff does him no favors. The chances of him returning to the senate are slim. Arizonans deserve representation. Gov. Doug Ducey, whose own election carried the GOP syndicate’s endorsement, including McCain‘s, would be in the odd position of appointing a successor to the man he has known since he moved to Arizona in 1982 to attend ASU and went to work for Hensley & Co., Cindy Hensley McCain’s Anheuser-Busch distributorship.

Even given the awkwardness of the situation, it’s imperative to fill the seat with a Republican who can show up for work. John McCain recently had the newly renovated Terminal 3 at Phoenix’ Sky Harbor International Airport named for him by the Democrat majority Phoenix City Council. Now he could show some reciprocal decency to the taxpayers who funded that extravagant gift and let them have the senate representation they deserve in an environment where very vote counts.

Is Martha McSally getting cold feet,ditching senate race?

January 4, 2018

It sounds like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is acting as proxy, making McSally’s withdrawal announcement from the US Senate race for her

This message was in this morning’s incoming email box: 

Subject: Another kind of battle
Date: January 4, 2018 at 7:43:26 AM MST


(First name of recipient)
Congresswoman Martha McSally is a strong, battled-tested leader. Literally.

She was the first female fighter pilot in American history to fly in combat and to command a fighter squadron in combat.
Now she is facing another kind of battle:
Running for re-election in Arizona’s hotly contested Second District.
Congresswoman Martha McSally is smart, focused, experienced, and being targeted for defeat. She is facing a very tough re-election in a district Hillary Clinton won by 5 points in 2016. Add to that the fact that Senator John McCain’s 2016 Democrat opponent actually MOVED down to Southern Arizona to run against Martha.

Pundits are already predicting it could be one of the closest House races in the country in 2018. Martha won her seat in Congress by just 167 votes in 2014 and Democrats desperately want to flip this swing seat.

This race has national implications and we need to keep Martha in Congress fighting for a safe, strong, and secure America.

(Donate buttons)

Martha is the only female GOP veteran serving in the United States House of Representatives, where she is a strong advocate for our conservative agenda.

She is not just a Congresswoman, she is a national hero.
Martha is focused on national security and keeping our country and communities safe – which is not surprising given her military background and the fact that she hails from a border state. She is leading the fight to secure our borders and defeat ISIS.

A staunch fiscal conservative, Martha is committed to getting our fiscal house in order. She supports initiatives to bring the cost of college down so it isn’t bankrupting students and their families – not unlike what we have accomplished in Wisconsin.

Stand with conservative fighter Martha McSally today.

Majority control of Congress is at stake and I urge you to support Martha McSally in her re-election battle. Support Martha McSally right now with $10, $35, $50, $100, $175, $250, or more.

Thank you,
Scott Walker

Paid For By McSally For Congress, Inc.

AZ Republic’s leftism goes full frontal

December 31, 2017

The Hillary-endorsing, amnesty-supporting, left-wing Arizona Republic, much like the amoral biblical Salome, has provocatively dropped its final veil but misses the mark as a seductress. Those still reading the undisguised pap and taking it seriously continue to dwindle. With layoffs and buyouts of longtime editors and reporters, the failing newspaper relies on ASU Cronkite students to keep the political prostitute on the street.

The latest effort trotted out as an editorial is titled, “Arizonans to help lead the way in 2018.”

Mentioned first is Juan Ciscomani, a Mexican native, and aide to Gov. Doug Ducey, described as instrumental in “mending Arizona’s relationship with Mexico.”

Ted Cooke, the general manager of the Central Arizona Project, is described as a “major player in the water wars.” Just last week, the same newspaper referred to the Rio Salado Project as John McCain’s legacy. The parched desert of Arizona suddenly has enough water to make everyone a player. Arizona natives were taught it was the state’s first U.S. Sen. Carl Hayden, who got the ball rolling long before McCain carpet-bagged into the state.

Gov. Doug Ducey is King of the Hill, with nary a rival in sight. But where does he go when he’s termed out. With unpopular Jeff Flake opting not to run in 2018 and McCain seriously ill with brain cancer, there will soon be two senate seats up for grabs. No one expects Ducey to abandon the governorship to grasp at the golden ring, but stranger things have happened. Congressional District 8, Trent Frank’s undisputed stronghold, is also now available since his recent surprise resignation. Watch for high stakes political musical chairs not previously seen.

Next comes the poser regarding tax raising, liberal Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton: “Can he go national?” asks the editorial, “Kyrsten Sinema took what should be a perennially contested district, Congressional District 9, and made it a safe seat for Democrats. But now she is running for U.S. Senate.” Not mentioned is bisexual atheist Sinema’s radical past. The former Green Party candidate is now a beloved Democrat. The newspaper is pinning it’s hopes on Stanton, referred to as a “proven vote getter,“ taking the CD 9 seat. When elected mayor, Stanton received a joint congratulatory call from Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano.

CD 2 Rep. Martha (Mc)McSally, a McCain ally, has also announced for the senate. Mysteriously missing from the senate lineup is Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and former two-term member of the Arizona senate. Despite garnering national support, her conservative credentials have made her a non-person to the newspaper’s far left editorial board.

 U of A’s President Robert Robbins made the list. He should sue for defamation of character after being compared to ASU’s flamboyant Michael Crow who favors illegals over Arizona students.

 Daniel Valenzuela, a longtime union leader and Kate Gallego, who was defamed by minorities for not being a minority despite her name, now rate the headline “More firsts in Phoenix.” The newspaper describes them as potential mayoral candidates both coming from the”Democrat rich” city council.

The newspaper is salivating. Conservatives have their work cut out for them.

McCain and Cochran: The best argument for term limits

December 24, 2017

POLITICO leans too far left for our tastes, but we have to give credit where it’s due.  Reporter John Bresnahan has done an outstanding job of zoning in on over-the-hill, long-in-the-tooth members of congress, though severely impacted by illness and advanced age, remain unable to relinquish the reins of power.

Cochran’s future in the Senate in doubt,details the downhill slide of  Sen. Thad Cochran, (R-MS), chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee, who hasn’t presided over a hearing since early September, has not given a speech on the Senate floor all year, and has introduced only two minor bills during that time. His staffers appear to be doing what they can to conceal his inabilities.

Arizona’s Senior Senator John McCain, undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer, is mentioned in the same report. He recently missed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act vote, which passed despite his absence. Unreliable when his vote is needed, he could have turned on a dime had he shown up — which is exactly what he did on the vote to repeal and replace Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delayed the balloting, until McCain was able to return to D.C. Instead, he used the occasion for a dramatic performance, extending his outstretched arm and thrusting a thumb’s down” signal (video) to the shock of those in the chamber.

This list shows the ages of U.S. Senators. Sixteen are 75 or older. Quorum reveals that the 115th Congress is among the oldest in history.

Arizona has been down this ancient road before. Five days after attaining statehood on February 14, 1912, a former territorial sheriff named Carl Hayden became Arizona’s first U.S. Representative, eventually moving on to the senate. On February 19, 1962, Democrat Hayden became the first person to reach 50 years in Congress. That record grew to 56 years, 10 months, and 15 days by the time he retired on January 3, 1969, at age 91.

The McCain-worshipping Arizona Republic has been writing “legacy” stories about the increasingly frail McCain, as though he has already met his maker.  Today’s front page article is titled, “Will Salt River be McCain’s legacy?” It would be incomprehensible for the newspaper to suggest he step aside, spend his remaining time with his family and allow the citizens of Arizona to be represented.

Good or vile, Republican or Democrat, no elected official is indispensable. Our Founders envisioned citizen legislators, who took time to serve their county, and then returned home to live under the laws they helped enact. The concept of professional politicians who stay in office for decades is unseemly on many levels. They ultimately work for special interests represented by lobbyists who keep their campaign coffers filled, rather than the citizens who elected them in the first place.

No one should be rolled out of their office on a gurney on the way to the embalmer. They deserve better and so do we.

Amnesty grading system disappoints

December 20, 2017

Numbers USA is a reliable site on the issues of illegal immigration, amnesty, birthright citizenship, the Visa lottery and chain migration. The organization gives report card grades to all U.S. House and Senate members. Founder & CEO Roy Beck’s illuminating “Gumballs” video has educated on these issues in an unrivaled manner. The pull down topics on the top of each page are well researched.

That’s why we are disappointed by the grading system used on, “Do Your Senators Support Giving Chain Migration to Yet Another Amnesty Group?

Using Arizona as an example, lame-duck Sen. Jeff Flake is correctly given a “YES.” His co-sponsorship of S. 1615, the DREAM Act of 2017 is cited among the reasons. Arizonans who pay attention are well aware that he is committed to giving a pass to those who enter our country illegally. He’s leaving the senate due to embarrassingly low polling numbers, but is still able to do damage for another year.

John McCain received a “Leans Yes” grade because he recently cosponsored S. 744, the Gang of 8’s amnesty bill, that would gift Chain Migration to illegal aliens who receive amnesty. The reason? “Sen. McCain does not receive a “YES” rating because he is not cosponsoring legislation in the current Congress that would do so.”

 This is an irrational rationale.  Throughout his overly long congressional career, McCain has been a committed amnesty proponent — favoring a “pathway to citizenship” — while giving the back of his hand to the rule of law by rewarding America’s invaders. Such actions only encourage further illegal entry. Prior to Flake entering the senate, by only three percentage points, his predecessor Jon Kyl partnered with McCain on repeatedly pushing what they euphemistically called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” code words for amnesty.

McCain does not deserve equivocation. When his close friend and senate colleague Ted Kennedy died, McCain recommitted to doing anything he could to “honor” leftist Kennedy by ensuring passage of what amounts to a gift of millions of voters to the Democrat Party. He said he would make sure the legislation would be named for Kennedy.

John McCain and Jeff Flake were the architects of the Gang of 8 amnesty legislation, in which they aligned with the senate’s most committed liberals, including Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) along with two other like-minded RINOs such as Marco Rubio. Flake has plans to resurrect this monstrosity before he leaves the senate in Nov. 2018. If the ailing McCain is able, he will be on board. Numbers USA should know “pending legislation” should not be the sole criteria. Commitment is what counts. 

For a memory refresher, these were the blatant campaign lies told by Sens. Jon Kyl, John McCain and Jeff Flake. Immediately after the ballots were counted they reverted back to their former amnesty positions. Newcomers to Arizona might be easily conned.  We expect Numbers USA to be more savvy.

Ala. US Senate election today: LIVE RESULTS HERE 

December 12, 2017

Voter turnout was far greater than predicted with 40.46% of the state’s voters casting ballots. In the end, Democrat Doug Jones won by a slim margin of less than 1%. The final vote totals were Jones 49.92% to Roy Mo0re’s 48.38%. Moore did not concede following the vote tally.

John Merrill, Alabama’s Secretary of State has revised his original predictions of a light 20 to 23% voter turnout in today’s Special Election for the U.S. Senate seat, saying he expects the numbers  to exceed 25 percent. Although the state has not elected a Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 25 years, the barrage of unsubstantiated, nearly 40-year-old allegations against Judge Roy Moore will clearly be a factor. But in the conservative state of Alabama, liberal pro-abortion, Democrat Doug Jones has his own mountain to climb. We’re putting our money on a Roy Moore victory, During the Sept. Primary Election, Luther Strange only won 4 out of 67 counties. During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton, by 62.18%  to her 34.33%.

Pres. Trump, a Moore supporter, tweeted this out today — Election Day:

Donald J. Trump?Verified account

 Follow @realDonaldTrump

The people of Alabama will do the right thing. Doug Jones is Pro-Abortion, weak on Crime, Military and Illegal Immigration, Bad for Gun Owners and Veterans and against the WALL. Jones is a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet. Roy Moore will always vote with us. VOTE ROY MOORE!

6:09 AM – 12 Dec 2017

Polls close in Alabama at 7 p.m. (CST). (6 p.m. AZ time)