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February 5, 2023

Racing to criminalize race

In his recent column titled ‘Race Everywhere,’ Victor Davis Hanson exposes the rush to blame “systemic racism” for the horrific beating death of Tyre Nichols, an unarmed young black man. Nichols was murdered by five members of an elite — now disbanded — all black Memphis police unit, in a majority minority Tennessee city. Take time to read Hanson’s fact-filled column.


Biden’s Homeland Insecurity chief Mayorkas double-talks border

February 2, 2023

Wherever there are massive efforts to undermine American sovereignty, count on the fact that America–hating, multibillionaire, one-worlder George Soros is behind the schemes. Now his son Alexander is taking the reins as he hobs and nobs with democrats, as reported by the New York Post. Be sure to scroll through the photographic evidence.

Just as we don’t capitalize the word democrat, Seeing Red AZ does not use the term “migrants” to describe illegal invaders.

Liar George Santos has an AZ rival named Christian Lamar

January 30, 2023

The name George Santos, who was a proficient enough liar to get elected to congress in New York, is emblazoned in our memories since his whoppers were ongoing and his actions outrageous. The link in the previous sentence contains a national news report revealing his preposterous lies.

Christian Lamar, a repeat, though losing, Arizona legislative candidate, was just elected as one of three to a low level obscure CD8 Member-at-Large post at the GOP meeting on Saturday, which he will use as a stepping stone for public office. The other two elected to the post were a state legislator and district chairman.

Lamar lacks any credentials, though he was previously charged and convicted of hitting his live-in girlfriend and coming after her with a frying pan while he was intoxicated. This occurred following a fight they had at a casino. Lamar maintained his innocence, despite three courts upholding the conviction. He then ludicrously filed a civil rights lawsuit against the female responding officer, the Phoenix Police Department, the city and other departments over the arrest, claiming his Fifth and 14th Amendment rights were violated and the investigation was maliciously turned against him due to his race and gender. Christian Lamar sought $7 million in damages, which was tossed by a federal judge. Had he won, he would have been made rich on the backs of law-abiding taxpayers, whose votes he continually seeks.

Christian Lamar was also the subject of a civil lawsuit brought by Midland Funding in 2021.

Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s mouthpiece, refuses to answer questions

January 25, 2023

Unfit for the job…credentials include having worked for Obama, and being a black, married lesbian

The scandal surrounding the ever-increasing loads of classified documents found at Joe Biden‘s home, garage and Penn-Biden Center office, continues to grow. Americans appropriately expecting to get official updates on the debacle are thwarted as spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre remains as stoic as a totem, not only claming up, but refusing to take questions about what has become more than an embarrassment. She is known to let an entire press conference lapse without once calling on Fox News’ Peter Doocy. This is her well rehearsed, absurd denial:

KJ-P: “I’m going to have to refer you to the department of justice for that.”

“I’m just going to respect the process.”

KJ-P: “Again I would refer you to the department of justice …next.”

The concerns that the Penn-Biden Center is the recipient of large sums of money from China are detailed in this letter from U.S. Rep. James Comer, (R-KY), chairman of the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Accountability. It is addressed to Ms. Mary Elizabeth Magill, President of the University of Pennsylvania. The congressman minces no words in his search for the truth. He previously wrote this op-ed, “Get Ready for Republican Oversight,” printed in the Wall Street Journal, detailing the need for accountability by the democrats.

H/T RNC Research

Stunning increase in crimes committed by illegal aliens

January 23, 2023

Numbers have escalated under Biden after being curtailed during Trump’s presidency

Although democrats regard those invading the USA warmly, FOX News reported the surge in crimes among illegal aliens in 2022. The spikes included homicides, drug-related crimes, sexual assaults and illegal weapons possession.

Illegals committed 1,178 assault and violent crimes in 2021, which represents more than a 400% increase from the 208 in 2020. Those shocking numbers have only worsened. Sixty homicide or manslaughter convictions were attributed to illegal aliens in 2021, a dramatic 1,900% increase from the previous year.

The Criminal Noncitizen Statistics for Fiscal Year 2023 are staggering, though you won’t find them in the local news.

Silence is acquiescence. Acceptance of this ever-increasing criminality puts all Americans at heightened risk. Call your state legislators and members of congress. We hear from them when they are campaigning. Now that they are in office, they need to hear from us. Our links omit Arizona’s two U.S. Senators. They were both radical democrats although one recently strategically switched parties to become a registered “Independent,” since she is about to be challenged by another democrat congressional seatmate. Democrats are unmoved by citizen’s pleas to crackdown on the escalating lawlessness on our southern border, which is ignored by Joe Biden and his VP/border czar, Kamala Harris. These are the ever-increasing current numbers of Criminal Noncitizen Statistics as of January 2023 as provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a democrat, issued this Emergency Request to deal with the influx of illegals (he calls them asylum seekers) which he says is, “pushing New York City to the brink.” Border state governors Greg Abbott (Texas) and former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey began busing illegal aliens to other states, including New York. Now overwhelmed, Mayor Adams even went so far as to call for a “border czar,” unaware that that is the specific job of Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris, as CNS News reports.

Biden’s name isn’t Loo but that’s where his polling is

January 21, 2023

Joe Biden is clearly a man in decline, both physically and mentally. But there’s no disputing he has hit his stride with the latest Real Clear Politics polling where he fails miserably in every major category except the one regarding “Coronavirus,” which remains on the list despite dropping off the radar screen long ago.

The active categories include Economy, Foreign Policy, (illegal) Immigration, Inflation, Crime, Handling Of Russia and Ukraine, and Abortion.

Two years into a four-year term and vowing to run again, his numbers are grim, without even touching on the subject of storing classified documents in the frequently unlocked garage of his Delaware home, stacked in boxes behind his Corvette. The fact that cocaine addict son Hunter Biden, 52, lived at his parent’s home is odd enough, but that he paid them nearly $50,000 in monthly rent is even more suspicious. The information in this Breitbart link” puts the Capital “C” in Corruption. Be sure you read it.

*UPDATE: Breitbart link is no longer working.

AZ MLK Day lie perpetuated by leftist media

January 16, 2023

Catholic Biden, hoping to divert attention from his deceptive classified document chaos, delivered a sermon at Martin Luther King’s Ebenezer Baptist Church this morning

Ballotpedia blandly describes the passage of the Martin Luther King Day holiday in Arizona, noting, “The act establishing a Martin Luther King, Jr./Civil Rights Day on the third Monday in January as a paid state holiday and consolidating the paid state Lincoln and Washington Day holidays into a single Lincoln/Washington Presidents’ Day holiday.”

It was much more complicated than described. Republican Gov. Evan Mecham, a former state senator and successful businessman, was relentlessly derided for refusing to authorize another paid-not-to-work holiday. Instead, he set the observance for a Sunday, logically reasoning Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a minister and a Sunday observance made perfect sense, since it was fiscally prudent while honoring King’s legacy.

Impeachment petitions were circulated from the onset of Gov. Mecham’s election by homosexual activist and later convicted murderer Ed Buck (born Buckmelter), previously a high dollar donor to national democrat candidates including Barack Obama, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Kyrsten Sinema. Buck was charged and convicted of numerous murders stemming from his penchant for luring young black drug addicts to his home where he injected them with methamphetamines and had sex with them. Some were able to escape and contacted the police.

That wasn’t good enough for those who wanted another taxpayer-funded weekday off from work. Gov. Mecham, a religious man, was also practical. But his leftwing detractors in the local press swiftly and offensively portrayed him as a bigot, falsely claiming he rescinded the holiday. In 1990, by a margin of 75.36% – 24.64%, Arizona voters rejected Proposition 301 to create a paid Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Nonetheless, the devious contrivance was intended to heap scorn on the conservative governor, who won the 1986 GOP Primary Election trouncing well-known and well-financed contenders. Mecham went on to win the General Election in a stunning upset, defeating longtime GOP Majority Leader Burton Barr who incurred voter wrath for smirkingly admitting, “I lied. Next question,” when asked about breaking his promise to rescind a tax increase  A WWII fighter pilot, Evan Mecham was shot down over Germany, and captured as a POW at age 20, endured a long hospitalization and was awarded the Purple Heart and Air Medal. Still Mecham was marginalized and mischaracterized. The NFL even pulled Super Bowl XXVII from Arizona, based on the deceptive reporting.

Two years after the loss estimated at $350 million in major convention business and the Super Bowl, Arizona became the first and only state to popularly vote for and approve a Martin Luther King Day, creating the holiday in 1992. On March 23, 1993, the NFL awarded Super Bowl XXX  to Tempe, proving that even hints of extortion can be powerful persuaders.

Biden photo-ops sanitized El Paso border in quickie pass by

January 9, 2023

Has ignored cataclysmic southern border, visit would intrude on vacations

Joe Biden is renowned for not visiting the southern U.S. border, though teeming with thousands of illegal aliens from counties world wide. Since being inaugurated January 20, 2021, he has finally stopped off in a hastily cleaned up El Paso, Texas, on his way to the North American Leaders’ Summit in Mexico City. El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser has previously declared a state of emergency (read it here) in response to the crisis.

When Donald Trump was president, Biden fancifully described “horrifying scenes” at the U.S. southern border of “kids being kept in cages” and federal agents “ripping children from their mothers’ arms.” But nearly two years into his presidency, Biden has never prioritized visiting the border despite thousands of costly illegal aliens boldly flooding into our country every day. Many are previously deported criminals. When visiting a semi-conductor plant in Arizona, he was noted for defending his decision to skip visiting the border telling reporters, “There are more important things going on.”

Biden has made dozens of trips to his Delaware home which have cost taxpayers at least $11 Million as of November 18, 2022, according to the New York Post, and particularly enjoys traveling to the Caribbean as covered by RedState Dec. 22, 2022.

Brain-dead Biden obviously needs diversions since he is disconnected from the realities of the world around him and the duties associated with being the leader of the free world.

Slo Joe finally gonna go…to Mexico?

January 5, 2023

Don’t be conned by the leftwing media: criminal illegal alien invaders are neither “asylum seekers” nor “migrants”

It’s been nearly two years since Joe Biden’s January 20, 2021 presidential inauguration. Among his vacuous campaign pledges was his promise to visit America’s southern border abutting California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. He even appointed a “border czar,” none other than VP Kamala Harris, who cacklingly informed us she has also been too busy.  Her rise to political power started in California, where she served as a district attorney and attorney general for the state, mentored, aided and abetted by former San Francisco Willie Brown with whom she developed a “close“ relationship.

Don’t count on Slo Joe to describe the indefensible, sieve-like border that is the gateway for illegal aliens, many of whom are undeterred, previously deported criminal repeat offenders, such as Edwin Ramos, who gunned down a San Francisco father Anthony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, returning home from a picnic. Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office issued a written statement, noting he was “deeply sympathetic to the Bologna family’s devastating loss. A terrible crime was committed, and my heart goes out to the family.” Not a word about prosecuting the murderer.

Kathryn Steinle, 32, was randomly shot to death in broad daylight by Francisco Sanchez in front of her dad by a 7-time felon who should have been handed over to immigration authorities following previous arrests, but was allowed to continue his criminality thanks to San Francisco‘s sanctuary city policy.

These 2015 cases are just the tip of the iceberg, but received notoriety due to the then-shocking nature of the crimes. Now they are commonplace.

President Donald Trump campaigned on, and was committed to constructing a border wall, which the Biden administration has been dismantling.

Biden will be in Mexico City January 9-10 for the North American Leaders’ Summit with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. If Biden was a leader, he would use the opportunity of meeting with Lopez Obrador to set parameters and submit a list of expectations and compliance with our laws.

Be sure not to expect much from Slo Joe and you’ll never be disappointed.

Biden’s border trickery

December 22, 2022

This is the harsh reality of the democrat’s lies: