Did you own slaves? U.S. Reps. Cori Bush, Sheila Jackson Lee still want you to pay $14T in reparations

May 22, 2023

Congresswoman Cori Bush introduced a “reparations” resolution Wednesday, May 17, calling for $14 trillion in reparations to people who were never slaves. She claims it will eliminate the racial wealth gap — though not addressing the numerous contributing factors such as single-mom led families with no fathers, increasing school drop-out rates and the accompanying skyrocketing crime and gang membership.

According to U.S. Rep. Cori Bush, a Missouri democrat, who is promoting the federal reparations bill, “H.R. 40 is the pathway for the governmental framework that will help restore national balance and unity in terms of wealth, healthcare, education, housing, and the criminal justice system. By passing H.R.40, Congress can start a movement toward the national reckoning we need to bridge racial divides.”

This absurdity was originally promoted by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), who said, “Reparations are not a luxury for our people, but a human right long overdue for millions of Americans. The atrocities committed against black Americans are undeniable, and reparations are a tangible route to acknowledging and making amends to the glaring economic and social impacts of slavery and systemic racism. We must repair this damage.”

Slavery was not unique to the United States. It existed in ancient Egypt, where the slaves were white.

The American Civil War (April 12, 1861 – May 26, 1865) was fought to end slavery, with an estimated 620,000 to 750,000 soldiers dead, along with an undetermined number of civilian casualties, making the Civil War the deadliest military conflict in American history. The effort to end slavery was led by President Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president.

Democrat Congresswomen Cori Bush and Sheila Jackson Lee are in need of remedial history studies.


The death of “The City by the Bay”

May 17, 2023

San Francisco upscale mall shoppers greeted with “gifts” in elevators

San Francisco, previously a destination vacation spot for Arizonans longing for urbane elegance, high-end shopping, spectacular restaurants and live theater performances, is no more. 

It has fallen prey to its far-left politics, with democrats Gov. Gavin Newsom and Mayor London Breed running governments that would be the envy of Karl Marx. Newsom, who has spent California into bankruptcy, refers to his wife, Jennifer, mother of 4 of his children, as “First Partner” rather than First Lady so as not to offend the state’s large homosexual community. Mayor Breed has announced her latest scheme, launching what she terms, Housing for All, a strategy to fundamentally change how San Francisco approves and builds housing. Among her priorities is implementing what she calls “Mayor’s Roadmap to Downtown San Francisco’s future,” seemingly unaware that San Francisco was previously known for its vibrant downtown. Kuleto’s, the unparalleled Italian Restaurant in the Villa Florence Hotel, closed after thirty years as has the hotel, which was plagued by homeless addicts blocking the doorways amid hypodermic needles and piles of excrement on the sidewalk. 

The San Francisco Standard headlines its report, “Downtown San Francisco: Human Waste Increasingly Found in Westfield Mall Elevators, Staff Say.”

Desperate to distinguish herself, Breed dedicates a page to informing that “she is first African-American woman mayor in San Francisco’s history.”  She is not the first female nor is she the first black, but those traits, over which she has no control, are paramount to her.

Biden’s DOE crackdown on dishwashers follows gas stoves halts

May 10, 2023

Uninvited Biden invades our kitchens

Claiming it will save American households money, this is the Department of Energy’s statement on the latest restrictions intended to hobble American’s personal purchasing decisions. When the word “stakeholders” is hauled out, beware. We are also told that the dubious “goal is to align U.S electric motor energy efficiency standards with expected European standards.”

The far-left DOE’s Jennifer Granholm, who was confirmed with a less than an enthusiastic senate vote of 64-35-1,  recently received blowback from critics after she testified before the Senate in support of a plan to fully establish an all-electric vehicle fleet in the U.S. military by the 2030s, leading many observers to wonder if the Biden administration believes politics trumps national security. This is the statement by Christine Wormuth, Secretary of the Army, who claims “climate change threatens America’s security.”

Berkeley educated, DOE secretary Jennifer Granholm announced she expects “the new standards for electric motors, coming into effect in 2027, to save consumers up to $8.8 billion in utility bills over the ensuing 30 years of shipments and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 91.7 million metric tons — an amount roughly equivalent to the combined annual emissions of 20 million gasoline cars.”

Many of us will not be here to verify their claims, and there are no supporting facts to bolster them, but democrat’s slippery talk is cheap.

Declining ratings for Oscars have an underlying cause

May 8, 2023

The Deseret News’ Hanna Seariac has done a masterful job of exposing the declining viewership of the previously not-to-be-missed Oscars. Her report is titled, “Are the Oscars and other awards shows increasingly just for the elites?

Left-wing political views espoused by Hollywood celebs have done nothing to engender a wider audience base. So caught up with their status, they appear to forget that the audience is made up of people who are feeling the brunt of Bidenflation and struggling to stay afloat, making ongoing payments, keeping their growing kids dressed, paying medical bills, putting meals on the table and gas in the car. Movies provided a rare diversion.

This Wikipedia list provides amounts paid to highest-grossing actors, cautioning that the “factual accuracy is disputed.”

Hanna Seariac’s report provides an in-depth reflection on the out-of-touch movie industry. We highly recommend you read her review. TCM is free and plays classics.

Biden admin increases illegal surge, as education takes a deep dive

May 4, 2023

Today we take our readers directly to a recent FOX News report, headlined,  “WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre gets agitated when pressed on her claim illegal immigration down 90% under Biden.” It was followed by this bold-face sub-headline, “Fiscal year 2022 ended with 2,378,944 migrant encounters, highest ever recorded.”

Dems believe Americans are fools, don’t pay attention to facts and are easily duped. Illegal immigration to the U.S., the extent of which cannot be fully known due to the millions who boldly evade federal Border Patrol agents, rose at a faster rate in the first nine months of Joe Biden’s tenure than any time in the Border Patrol’s 97-year history.

Yahoo News reports, “The large majority of the Border Patrol’s encounters took place at the Mexican border. Over the past decade, between 30,000 to 50,000 people have been encountered illegally crossing the southern border each month. That number dropped to below 20,000 at the start of the pandemic, primarily as the result of a Trump administration order that any child, adult, or family who illegally crossed would be sent back to their home country rather than taken into custody.”

That rationale is not part of the dem mindset, which views illegals as future democrat voters. It is inconsequential that we are losing our country to the invaders.

This recently released National Review report, “American Students Fail in Civics and History Testing,” should be of major concern to every American. How can future generations feel a compulsion to honor and protect a nation they know nothing about? Liberals are destroying our education system, which will, in turn leave our nation in shambles.

Teacher’s unions influence in democrat politics is broad and well financed. The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has 1.7 million dues paying members, and the National Education Association (NEA) has more than 3 million paying members. That’s well over half of Biden’s popular vote margin of victory over former President Trump — a hefty chunk of the electorate. According to the NEA, one out of every 39 voters lives in a household with at least one NEA member.

Open Secrets displays the hefty amount of money spent in 2023 on teacher’s unions by educrat lobbyists. What do they get in return for the cash payouts? It won’t just be a shiny red apple.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, is a labor leader with a law degree, and member of the AFL–CIO. She is the former president of the United Federation of Teachers. And, of course, she is fashionably married to another woman.

Colorado state House, Senate vote for bill legalizing perversion

May 2, 2023

Though it seems inconceivable, 27 members of the Colorado state House of Representative voted against making indecent exposure to minors a Class 6 Felony.

Democrats hold a 23-12 majority in the Colorado Senate and a 46-19 majority in the state House. Three of the bill’s four prime sponsors are democrats

This is House Bill 23-1135.

It will come as no surprise that Colorado’s Gov. Jared Polis, a mega-wealthy entrepreneur and former congressman ditched his own surname Schutz to take on his mother‘s maiden name. Polis has a page dedicated to his “First Gentleman, Marlon Reis,” as he attempts to normalize the abnormal.

It’s official…Tucker and Fox split

April 25, 2023

APRIL 28, 2023 UPDATE: Viewers are abandoning the network in Tucker Carlson’s former time slotdown 56%

Fox News Media’s statement can be read here.

The loss of Tucker Carlson’s show — frequently the top-rated show on cable news — often surpassing 4.5 million viewers per episode, will negatively impact the network, since many viewers tune in specifically for Carlson. Watch for Fox’s ratings to plummet and advertisers to demand more affordable rates.

The show premiered in November 2016, and took over the desirable 8:00 pm EST time slot in 2017.

This unique and hilarious segment was his finale, although Tucker didn’t know it:

WSJ Poll: American values take a nose dive

April 1, 2023

This should be an April Fools’ Day joke, but it’s not

Belief in God, patriotism, marriage, having children, confidence in the economy and public schools have all fallen dramatically according to this disturbing Wall Street Journal/NORC poll.

Take time to acquaint yourself with the sagging optimism exhibited by Americans, who traditionally have expressed patriotic enthusiasm regarding our national standing. What has changed?  Those paying attention know it begins with a “B,” ends with an “N,” verbally fumbles and frequently falls. His backup is the articulate VP Kamala Harris who, “reiterates” seen here in an official visit to Zambia:

Contrast them to former President Trump’s forceful message of hope in America as Soros-supported New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg preposterously prepares to indict him.

Nashville school murderer identified as transgender 

March 28, 2023

Six innocent people were killed Monday in a mass shooting at The Covenant School, a private Christian school that taught preschool through 6th grade in Nashville, including three children, and three school employees.

Police initially described the “heavily armed shooter,” as 28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale, who police killed at the scene. Hale was a graphic designer who used he/him pronouns. Police said Hale was transgender and they initially identified him by his birth name and gender. Hale was assigned female at birth but identified as a transgender man using the name Aiden.

Biden called on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, saying we “need to do more to protect our schools.”

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, (D-Illinois) echoed Biden’s remarks, saying he strongly supports “bills to ban assault weapons from civilian use and to close gaps in our background check system.”

But Rep. Tim Burchett, (R-Tenn.), told reporters that no laws — existing or proposed — could have stopped the attack.

“It’s a horrible, horrible situation, and we’re not going to fix it,” Burchett said. “Criminals are going to be criminals. And my dad, who fought in the Second World War in the Pacific against the Japanese, said, ‘Buddy, if somebody wants to take you out and doesn’t mind losing their life, there’s not a whole heck of a lot you can do about it.’

US Air Force Academy prioritizes race, gender instruction for cadets

March 27, 2023

We live in an increasingly hostile world as despotic China saber-rattles and war-mongering Russia invades Ukraine — prioritizing the starving and slaughter of civilians. Russia began its recent reign of terror by bombing maternity hospitals. 

Judicial Watch has evidence that there are other considerations which make wartime leaders, surpassing those that have held us in superior stead throughout numerous generations. Leadership involves communicating with subordinates, so the USAFA now has a section in “español.” That foolishness is the least of the now trendy, leftist outreaches. The following report headlined, “Judicial Watch: Records Show Air Force Academy Focus on Anti-American Critical Race Theory Training of Cadets – Academy Head Ties Cadets to Racism and Social Injustice,” is shocking in its content but a must read for those who care about the United States, our military and not falling into the unacceptable, perilous political abyss of political correctness.

American Military leaders are often trained at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) outside of Denver; the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland; and the Army Academy at West Point, NY., prestigious schools most often requiring a congressional nomination, in addition to superior grades and evidence of fitness, to be considered for admission. These have long been considered crucial leadership qualities. A full list of U.S. military academies and their acceptance rates can be viewed here.

Training officers is serious business. “Political Correctness,” including Critical Race Theory, Racism and Social Injustice, have no place in the arena of protecting the USA, in ever more treacherous times.

Whatever else you do today, read the Judicial Watch report. Knowledge is power.