VP Harris blunders, claims US “alliance” with aggressor North Korea

September 30, 2022

“Border Czar” Harris cavorts in Asia, still neglects US/Mexico border where invasion impacting USA is ongoing

Finding anyone who unequivocally asserts Vice President Kamala Harris is up to the job of assuming the reins of government if we were to have an incapacitated president would be less of an absurdity, if we were not already in that tenuous position.  

Joe Biden, the oldest elected president in American history, is a clearly out-of-touch octogenarian, who campaigned out of his basement two years ago, has less than a nodding acquaintance with the truth, and has demonstrated mental fragility in the intervening years. He has fallen multiple times while boarding Air Force One, fallen at home, resulting in a broken foot, fallen off his bike while attempting to demonstrate his non-existent fitness. He has difficulty articulating simple sentences, and was embarrassingly ignored when Barack Obama paid a WH visit. 

Within short order following Harris’ return trip to the U.S. after her four-day Asian jaunt, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea, marking North Korea’s third round of missile launches this week, following previous provocative actions.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre casually acknowledged North Korea “has a history of doing these types of tests,” adding that Harris’ Asia trip this week is a demonstration of “our rock-solid commitment” to the security of Japan and South Korea.

The trip was obviously a diversion from the demanding duties of securing our own chaotic border where Kamala Harris has definitely not demonstrated a “rock solid commitment.”

As millions arrive illegally following Biden’s orders to tear down the effective border wall — miles of which were under construction during President Donald Trump‘s administration — the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a significantly different public face focusing on its history, which even used the dem’s now verboten term “Illegal aliens.” Under Biden, illegal aliens are now deceptively referred to as “migrants” and the colored-coded page of continually updating numbers of illegal invaders has vanished. There is, however, a “Scam Alert” which has nothing to do with the sieve-like border, though it has dozens of undoubtedly well-paid press officers listed. The Biden/Harris administration views illegals warmly as new voters, irreversibly increasing the size of the democrat party. The only way to save our nation is to elect Republicans.

Biden admin keeps Americans well informed as Slo Joe lies

September 29, 2022

Biden claims credit for economy “on my watch”

100 times WH press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre doesn’t have anything to say

H/T RNC Research

Have you ever wondered why we have two arms? Biden doctor explains

September 21, 2022

WH invokes God, prepares Americans for bargained priced $22.4 billion flu, COVID-19 ‘twindemic’

“I really believe this is why God gave us two arms. One for the flu shot, and the other one for the COVID shot,” White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha stated during a press conference as he recently pushed Joe Biden’s latest medical agenda.

Jha is another medical doctor working directly for the Biden administration not involved in patient care. This political scam involuntarily being financed by taxpayers comes at a bargain price of $22.4 billion.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services identifies itself as an official website of the United States government. It deceptively headlines its ‘News Alert’ page using the words, “The vaccine is available at no cost.”

It’s fascinating to be informed by the radical leftist Biden administration that our bodily construction is a result of God wanting to assist Slo Joe as he promotes more inoculations and to be insultingly told that $22.4 billion of our tax dollars under the unprecedented yoke of Bidenflation equals “free.”

Breitbart reveals Maricopa County poll worker disparities, as dems outnumber Republicans

September 15, 2022

GOP underrepresented while Republicrat Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer sits on his thumb

As we approach the November General Election, there are valid concerns detailed in this Breitbart News report titled, “Maricopa County Under Fire for Appointing More Democrat than Republican Poll Workers.” Be assured you won’t find this information in the pages of the failing, Hillary-endorsing, Arizona Republic newspaper, whose circulation has continued to plummet — losing 21,249 daily subscribers between 2018 and 2021 as reported by Statista.

The information contained in Breitbart’s revealing report is crucial for voters who rely on the concept of election integrity. Many of us remember when Helen Purcell was the Maricopa County Recorder, reliably overseeing state and federal as well as city, town and district elections for nearly three decades. Maricopa is the largest of Arizona’s fifteen counties and the fourth largest county in the nation — even larger than six states. Election integrity was never in question.

Today, we have every right to be wary. Read the Breitbart report to get a full picture of the underlying shenanigans that give us reasons for concern. This is hard-core politics at its grittiest. The AZ GOP must remain vigilant. Our current county recorder, Stephen Richer, a former democrat masquerading as a Republican, barely squeaked into office by 50.1 to 49.8%. Last year, anti-Trump Richer, in a revealing turn-of-phrase, announced he was creating PAC to back “pro-democracy” Republicans — otherwise known as RINOs — Republicans In Name Only. The donor list can be viewed here.

The PAC will run independent expenditure campaigns infusing cash into RINO primaries for legislative and county races of candidates who “acknowledge the validity of the 2020 election and condemn the events of January 6, 2021 as a terrible result of the lies told about the November election,” according to a press statement announcing the committee’s formation.

The Arizona Independent News Network headlines its comprehensive report, “Richer’s PAC Finance Report Renews Questions About Conflict And Funding.” We were fooled once. Repeating that mistake will have dire consequences. Acquainting yourself with the facts is worth the short time it takes to read the two news reports. 

Bidenflation’s economic volatility praised by administration

September 14, 2022

$370 Billion specifically earmarked for climate change and green energy, aided by AZ Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

In case you missed it, Biden’s surrogates have released an economic blueprint bafflingly “explaining how his historic legislative successes and executive actions the administration has taken, are rebuilding the economy from the bottom up and middle out now and for years ahead.”

The magical leftist wordsmiths mysteriously conclude “that his first two years in office have been two of the most productive in American history, and as the Blueprint explains, these accomplishments are all part of one economic vision. This Congressional session, the President and Congressional Democrats passed the most aggressive economic recovery package since FDR, the most substantial infrastructure investment since Eisenhower, the most significant investment in manufacturing and research and development in history, and a historic law to lower costs for families and accelerate clean energy manufacturing.” That’s slick talk to get you into costly electric vehicles, regardless of whether or not that’s your preference.

Either the Bidenites have their heads up their derrieres or the brutal reality of continually escalating prices doesn’t affect the Washington elite. The greater Phoenix area leads the nation at 13% inflation.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics actually employs workers to construct charts and graphs to sell this insanity to low information Americans. The bureau describes its efforts as “complementing the written analysis and data tables in BLS news releases.”

Even Bloomberg News, hardly regarded as conservative, acknowledges, “Amid the highest US inflation in four decades, bread prices have soared this year, pushing more premium options to an unheard-of $10 a loaf and beyond.” Market Watch reports “Food prices continued to rise in August, putting pressure on lower- and middle-income households in particular. Food to prepare at home rose by 13.5% in the month compared to last year, the highest rate of growth since March 1979, according to government data. The rise in the cost of living was 8.3% year-over-year in August. Food, in total, was 11.4% more expensive than last year, the biggest annual increase since May 1979.” Escalating rent costs are unaffordable for many families, now being forced to double up in order to get by.

But those who have educated themselves and worked diligently to ensure future security for themselves and their families are viewed as selfish louts who need to spread their wealth past the level of paying high confiscatory taxes. We used to want to emulate them. Now they are reviled for their successes. This single page document titled, SUMMARY: CLOSING TAX LOOPHOLES IN THE INFLATION REDUCTION ACT OF 2022 is based on the flawed premise that wealthy Americans don’t pay their fair share. Read Number 2 on the list of 4. It verifies that the Biden Administration is run by fools who base their decisions on public polling.

Fraidy Katie Hobbs: AZ dem Gov candidate ignoring voters hits new low & UPDATE

September 12, 2022

Hobbs described as presiding over “emotionally abusive” environment by out-of-state newspaper

Primary elections are behind us. Looking ahead, for democrats, Arizona’s governor’s race is worthy of buying stock in Super Strength Tylenol. Although GOP candidate Kari Lake has been willing and able to debate, democrat Katie Hobbs has retreated, hiding behind whatever contrivances she can conjure up.

Katie Hobbs’ campaign manager, Nicole DeMont, attempted to give cover to her dodging client, who is terrified of a debate with Republican Kari Lake. DeMont posted, “For weeks, Arizona was ridiculed as clips of the GOP primary debate circulated on social media. As a candidate and as governor, Sec. Hobbs will never participate in something that will make Arizona the butt of late-night TV jokes and national ridicule. She has too much respect for the people of Arizona.”

“As a candidate and as a governor”? Nice try, Nicole, but no cigar.

The actual butt…of ridicule and myriad other adjectives…is, in fact, Katie Hobbs. As secretary of state now running for governor, she owed it to Arizona voters to make herself accessible and answer questions in the Citizen Clean Elections (CCE) debate forum that’s been used successfully for two decades. Hobbs even stacked the deck in her own favor by appointing CCE Commissioner Mark Kimble, ostensibly an “Independent,” whose bio shows him to have worked as a senior press advisor and communications director for two Arizona democrat members of congress.

Still, Fraidy Katie dashed in the opposite direction until the clock ran out and the debates incorporating her petulant demands never took place. Hobbs, who demeans the very voters she needs to cultivate, is not deserving of the votes of any Arizonans who are paying attention to the juvenile and insulting tactics she used to cover her inabilities and disconnect with Arizona voters. Trump-endorsed Republican Kari Lake doesn’t denigrate us. She makes herself readily accessible.  Don’t be conned by Fraidy Katie. She is the only statewide democrat candidate who refused to debate their Republican opponent. She even refused to debate her democrat Primary opponent.

News of Hobbs’ myriad problems have even reached the Tennessee Star newspaper, which reports Hobbs has faced high campaign staff turnover, and former employees have pointed to an “emotionally abusive” environment.

UPDATE Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022:

Despite its hard-line leftist stance, the local newspaper has apparently cultivated what could be called a sense of humor, giving front-page, above-the-fold placement, including a lengthy jump-page to a regurgitated headlined report, titled, “Hobbs decides against debate.” Quoting a statement, DeMont now adds, Hobbs “respectfully” declined. Hobbs’ so-called respect does not extend to Arizona’s voters who rightfully expect to hear from the candidates for Arizona’s top job.

Republican candidate Kari Lake, appropriately referred to Hobbs as a “coward.”

When Hobbs was Arizona Senate Minority Leader she admitted her guilt in a case of bigotry against Talonya Adams, a black female lawyer and AZ Senate policy advisor who sued and won a $multimillion judgment in a unanimous verdict. This damming report in the Arizona Republic appeared at the time. The facts have since been suppressed as it promotes this bigot for governor.


Dems ensure high voter turnout: Over 100% “No Voter Fraud in Maine”

September 9, 2022

One Maine town voted 146%, another 120% according to election-integrity advocates and poll watchers John and Marlene Daley

Convenience is paramount, including being able to register to vote “in English and 14 additional languages.” The 2022 demographics of the northeastern most state can be seen here. Oddly omitted are political party affiliations. Ballotpedia reports the democrat party controls the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature.

Watch the brief but shocking video HERE.

H/T The New American

Fake news disseminator describes AZ GOP electors as fake

September 8, 2022

The local Hillary-endorsing newspaper is dying. Though subscriptions continue to plummet, it is so bonded to being a vocal tool of the democrat party it is unable to extract itself from spewing leftist propaganda.

A recent article is a vicious example. Ronald Hansen, described as a “political reporter” is of the slice-and-dice variety as long as the target is a conservative. He has previously written about the hateful antics of some of U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar’s malicious, leftwing and jealous, out-of-state siblings, who have attempted to have dental association PAC donors withdraw their support from Gosar, a popular retired dentist, who ably represents Arizona’s 4th Congressional District.

Hansen’s most recent effort is another attempt at political assassination of conservatives. This time he tries to sully the reputations of those he refers to as “fake electors,” including two doctors and a lawyer, all highly accomplished professionals. The doctors are GOP State Chairman Kelli Ward, D.O., and her husband Col. Michael Ward, D.O  who served as the Arizona Air National Guard flight surgeon. Dr. Kelli Ward, formerly a two-term state senator continued to practice medicine in emergency departments in Lake Havasu City and Kingman, Arizona, during her time in the senate. Phoenix lawyer Jack Wilenchik is described as having “helped convene the Trump electors for Arizona,” which, in the convoluted language of the lacking-in-integrity local newspaper, should make him a candidate for hard labor in an orange jumpsuit.

Gov. Doug Ducey signed SB1158 on May 9, 2021. The legislation requires the state bar to pay attorney fees and other costs associated with the case if the state bar seeks to discipline a lawyer and ends up losing.

Dimocrats have the answer to ensuring public safety

September 6, 2022

“Defund, dismantle police, redirect the funds, reimagine public safety,” are the descriptive terms employed by the left.

‘Law Enforcement Today’ headlines its report, “Defund the police to make people safer, they said: Data shows huge increases in crime in 2022.”

Debates are defining, which is why dem Katie Hobbs runs from them

September 5, 2022

Fraidy Katie Hobbs embarrasses herself as she snubs voters

Candidates for political office run to represent district or statewide constituencies. Republicans and democrats, with little else in common, share this fundamental goal. There are various ways to reach potential voters, including grassroots efforts of going door-to-door to appearing at campaign events. Whether incumbents, first time candidates or challengers, candidates welcome the ability to share their message and make their case directly to the voters.

In a bizarre situation unique to the Arizona governor’s race, only one democrat, Katie Hobbs, is intent on keeping her views to herself even as she runs for the state‘s top job. She refused to engage in the Primary Election debate with her democrat opponent the former mayor of Nogales who previously worked for the Obama administration. The deceitful ploy worked so well that she is now attempting a repeat nonperformance against Republican Kari Lake. Hobbs’ trickery exposes her as more than just incompetent — she is telling voters in no uncertain terms that she owes them nothing, not even a glimpse into her vision for the state of Arizona. Hobbs is the only candidate for statewide office to take this deceptive position. It’s an insulting swindle Hobbs attempts to perpetrate against all voters. This is the 2022 debate schedule, including statewide, legislative and federal offices. You can see that she continued to hide from appearing in the Oct. 12, 2022, 6:00 PM debate, where citizens were invited to submit questions. Hobbs intentionally missed the deadline, knowing it was the day early ballots are mailed to voters.

Hobbs was described in the Hillary-endorsing newspaper as “declining” to debate. The accurate word is the definitive “refusing,” which is interchangeable with “rejecting.” Hobbs wants no part of being exposed.

Among Hobbs’ donors are Jonathan and Jennifer Allen-Soros, son and daughter-in-law of socialist multi-billionaire George Soros. Hobbs is also a recipient of pro-abortion Emily’s List, whose name is an acronym for Early Money Is Like Yeast…rising early to aid radical candidates.

Currently Secretary of State Hobbs’ duties include overseeing elections as Arizona’s chief elections officer. Putting this charlatan in charge of verifying the vote is tantamount to putting the wolf in charge of the henhouse.