Leftist AZ newspaper surprisingly vilifies black, dem, female police chief

August 16, 2021

There’s no doubt Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams is in hot water. Though she ticked off all of the politically correct boxes of being the first female to hold that office, in addition to the bonus of being black, Williams is now surprisingly on the receiving end of the local newspaper’s wrath. She was recently suspended for a day, and is facing calls to resign relating to the Phoenix Police Department’s response to the BLM mobs that stormed Phoenix last year that the left portrays as evidence of “system racism.”  Spineless Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, dropped charges against the criminal mobs ridiculously portrayed as “protesters.”

Jeri Williams is not a political novice. In 2016, Pres. Obama appointed her as a member of the Medal of Valor Review Board. Her husband, Cody, was a Phoenix City Councilman. Although council members, like the mayor, run under the “non-partisan” subterfuge, a fact made all too clear when he was inducted into ‘Arizona’s Democrat Party Hall of Fame.’ In 2007, he was appointed to fill a vacant position as South Mountain Justice of the Peace, a position he has since run for, and to which he has been reelected.

When Jeri Williams was appointed police chief in October 2016, she all but walked on water, though not the first minority to serve as chief. Ruben Ortega held that post from 1980 to 1991. He was followed by Daniel Garcia who led the department from 2012 to 2015.

Highly acclaimed Doeg Nelson, Arizona’s top ranking black police officer, who rose through the ranks to assistant chief, was exceptionally well qualified and widely expected to be the next chief in 1980 before being ambushed by Ortega supporters within the office. They invited Nelson for a celebratory drink after their shift, and then arranged to have him pulled over after leaving, which left Ortega unchallenged.

Ortega’s arrogance along with his chastisement by a Maricopa County Superior Court judge were exposed in this 1991 Phoenix New Times report titled, “The Rise and Gall of Ruben Ortega.”

SRAZ has previously covered Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams:

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RINO AZ Sen. Paul Boyer and the friends he keeps

August 12, 2021

To say that Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer is unpopular in his district would be the height of understatement. The iffy Republican is known for ignoring the elected precinct committeemen in the district he represents, who helped get him elected. Openly hostile, Boyer never attends the monthly district meetings where he is expected to give legislative updates. It’s no surprise he is currently the subject of a recall within District 20.

This is the recent statement issued by Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, in which he refers to Paul Boyer as a “RINO” and endorses “highly respected” former State Representative Anthony Kern who is mounting a primary senate challenge to Boyer.

You might wonder what Boyer busies himself with when he isn’t reviling Republicans and the Maricopa County election audit.

National File provides the answer, complete with touchy-feely photographs with Boyer posing with fellow state Sen. Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete, a District 30 Democrat. Navarrete, a 2017 founding member of the Legislature’s LGBTQ Caucus resigned last week after being booked into Maricopa County jail following his arrest by Phoenix Police. During a monitored phone call, police taped Navarrete graphically apologizing to one of his victims.

Navarrete has been charged with seven felonies for having sexual contact with minor boys. If convicted he could serve up to 50 years in prison.

SRAZ has provided this recent timeline.

$1.2 trillion infrastructure scheme passes senate aided by GOP defectors

August 11, 2021

“Massive spending, massive deficits, massive expansion of the welfare state is tyranny.”   — Mark Levin

In what can only be described as a day of fiscal infamy, on Tuesday the U.S. Senate voted 69-30 to pass the 2,700 page $1.2 trillion infrastructure scheme. Nineteen turncoat Republicans joined all 50 Democrats to pass the fiscally irresponsible bill, which is integral to passing the democrat’s $3.5 trillion plan that is no longer limited to updating roads, bridges and tunnels. This massive overreach includes taxing Americans for every mile they drive, skyrocketing prices for goods and services, increasing nanny state government dependence, and of course, climate initiatives. Stanley Kurtz, writing for National Review, exposes Biden’s plan to abolish single family zoning, which dems classify as “exclusionary.” It’s just the tip of the treacherous iceberg.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reports the $1.2 trillion bill would increase federal budget deficits by $256 billion over 10 years.

These are the 19 Republicrats who voted with democrats:

Roy Blunt, Missouri

Richard Burr, North Carolina

Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia

Bill Cassidy, Louisiana

Susan Collins, Maine

Kevin Cramer, North Dakota

Mike Crapo, Idaho

Deb Fischer, Nebraska

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina

Chuck Grassley, Iowa

John Hoeven, North Dakota

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

Rob Portman, Ohio

James Risch, Idaho

Mitt Romney, Utah

Dan Sullivan, Alaska

Thom Tillis, North Carolina

Roger Wicker, Mississippi

Republicrats who voted for the bill — which no voting senator likely read — including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, should all be held accountable during the midterm elections. Passivity will only embolden them. Former President Donald Trump urged defeat of the bill that is the precursor to radical leftist N.Y. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ Green New Deal and will burden future generations with insurmountable debt.

The bill expands paid family and medical leave, while funding child care. It creates universal pre-K and tuition-free community college, and extends household tax credits passed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It lowers the Medicare eligibility age and expands benefits to include dental, vision and hearing. Also included is the expansion of green energy and curbing climate change through business tax incentives and polluter fees.

The infrastructure plan seeks to replace the electric grid with the goal of putting the U.S. on a path to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035.

Welcome to the United States without the leadership of President Trump.

Diversity: Left views it as DNA, never perspective based

August 8, 2021

A recent headline in the failing local newspaper blasted, “Cities on quest for diversity.” The report opened with, “Valley municipalities are beginning to prioritize a diverse workforce to better serve the community.” The inside jump page ran another headline: “Finding solutions to diversify Valley’s municipal workforce.” In all, the article covered four pages.

One of the “experts” stated, “Whatever the strategies undertaken, it must be intentional because government jobs have been historically dominated by white men.” This bizarre contrivance is the radical left’s latest divisive agenda item. In fact, white males are now hindered in their job quests based on their whiteness and maleness.

It should be noted that Arizona has had four female governors, two Republicans and two democrats in recent years. The state legislature has House and Senate members that come from a mélange of ethnic and political backgrounds, including immigrants…many holding leadership positions.

Lorna Lockwood, born in 1903 in the Arizona territory, is notable for being the first woman in the nation to become chief justice of a state Supreme Court serving in that capacity twice. She passed the bar in 1925 and was a state legislator and Superior Court judge before ascending to the Arizona Supreme Court in 1960 — paving the nearly identical career path Sandra O’Connor eventually took to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Arizona Governor Raul Castro, born in Mexico, was elected in 1974. A democrat, he resigned midway through his term when he took an ambassadorship to impoverished El Salvador which he must have regarded as a higher calling than being governor.

This chart showing the mayors of America’s 50 largest cities demonstrates voters elected 17 diverse leaders without the contrivances advanced by the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic). In all, the breakdown of mayoral political parties is 36 democrats, 11 Republicans, and 3 “Independents” (two elected with state democrat party support). Several are listed as “openly gay,” as if that is a qualification. Politically astute Phoenix Mayor Kate Widland Gallego kept the Hispanic surname of the congressman husband she divorced while pregnant, clearly viewing it as a political asset. Phoenix holds “non-partisan” elections, which are a farce. Kate Gallego is a democrat as are the majority of the council.

The nation’s top crime-ridden cites are led by democrats, as reported by Fred Lucas in The Tennessee Star.

Local Arizona reporter Paulina Pineda exemplifies the newspaper’s recent diversity policy of assigning minorities to cover anything dealing with minorities, as if ethnicity — a factor over which none of us has any control — is a prerequisite to being able to competently report news.

Numbers take precedence, with percentages of specific minorities in various Arizona city governments weighed against the municipalities’ racial makeup.  When the word “community” is used, it never refers to the community as a whole, but only to the prominent ethnicity, further dividing residents. 

Not addressed in the farcical report is whether those seeking employment have credentials to match the top tier city jobs or whether they are even interested in the positions. In the accusatory language of AZ Republicese, all that matters is attaining the illusionary nirvana known as diversity. We gift our readers with the wisdom of Walter E. Williams, Ph.D. (d. Dec.  2020). In 2019, he wrote, “The Demonizing of White Men.” Professor Williams was black.

Biden reality check: illegal invasion exceeds crisis levels

August 5, 2021

Real Clear Politics aggregates national polls on a wide range of subjects. Today we bring our readers Joe Biden’s most recent approval ratings on the hot topic of “immigration.” It’s clear to those of us living in the southwest that the incompetent administration has not only lost control of our southern border, Biden has surrendered it. His approval ratings have dramatically plummeted — reflecting  far-reaching, serious discontent.

Although the RCP polling aggregators use the term “immigration,” they are clearly not assessing legal immigration, rather the millions who have invaded the United States in the midst of a pandemic, many of whom are COVID positive.  

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforcement page provides data on apprehensions, admissibility, recidivism, and arrests of criminal aliens at the border. This Summary Page, based on FY 2020 data, provides the unconscionable “snapshot of a typical day” for the CBP agents. Scroll though the entire list.  The website declares CPB’s mission is to “Protect the American people, safeguard our borders, and enhance the nation’s economic prosperity.”  This CBP chart details the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have entered the U.S. each month in violation of our laws. Now muted as “encounters” by the Biden administration, they were previously identified  as “apprehensions,” when they were actually apprehended and returned instead of being transported to communities across the United States.

Providing protection to American citizens and controlling our border is a big job that has no hope of being accomplished when the Biden administration is not committed to fulfilling its mission. Its open border (our nation only has one) policy is politically driven, intended to increase democrat registration in perpetuity.

Those now setting policy began dismantling construction of the border wall that was underway under President Trump‘s leadership. Securing our border was a fundamental issue on which Trump was elected. On day one, clearly unwell Biden began robotically signing 17 pre-prepared, leather bound  “executive orders” he never read, overturning Trump policies, that were stacked up on his desk by his handlers. Among them, with dozens still to come, was defunding any semblance of border security and canceling the Keystone XL pipeline which has kept us energy independent. Wikipedia has a comprehensive list.

Are you still able to maintain relationships with those who voted for this self-destructive insanity? If so, how and why?

GOP hating newspaper promotes former dem Kari Lake as GOP governor. New video explains why

August 3, 2021

Just days ago far left Laurie Roberts, the local newspaper’s former sob story reporter turned political henchwoman, was heaping praise on unlikely gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, a longtime Channel 10 teleprompter newsreader. Lake, put on leave for dropping the F-bomb when she thought the mic was off, finally left and is now deceitfully trying to pass herself off as the conservative in the race, though she was a registered democrat who donated to Barack Obama and John Kerry.

In what turned out to be an honest description of herself, Kari Lake is quoted as saying, “Not everyone is dedicated to telling the truth.”

Radical Roberts is so enamored with the political novice who aspires to run the state of Arizona, that she wrote a sycophantic column purposely excluding the actual experienced Republican candidate, State Treasurer Kimberly Yee, who is too accomplished to merit Robert’s mention. Yee, having been elected to both the Arizona House and Senate knows her way around state government and is doing an  exemplary job managing taxpayer’s money, keeping the state solidly in the black even during the devastating pandemic, which has set the nation on its ear.

Roberts’ column is nothing more than a ruse, intended to promote the least qualified GOP candidate as the Primary Election looms prior to ultimately pushing the democrat among the list of has-beens and never-was aspirants for the state’s top job.

The desperately failing newspaper, which farcically swore off making insultingly biased endorsements, no longer prints pages of its anointed selectees. It doesn’t have to. The promotion of dems and denigration of conservatives is ongoing in editorials, skewed news reports and via the Republican-hating columnists.

The candidate with an actual track record is former state Representative and Senator and current AZ State Treasurer Kimberly Yee.  Read her remarkable accomplishments on behalf of the people of Arizona with a proven track record of service. She has the  enviable record of winning every election in which she has run. Kimberly Yee was tapped to speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention (link). Her brief convention speech endorsing Donald Trump for president is well worth watching.

Now watch faux “conservative” Kari Lake — who was actually a registered democrat — endorsing leftist Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s pick to replace conservative Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. Radical Garland is now the U.S. Attorney General in the Biden administration:

H/T: Video courtesy of SRAZ’s reliable commentor Trevor, who scooped us on this Kari Lake video. Many thanks, Trevor. This will get much needed exposure.

Today is the day: AZ Sen. Fann demands audit compliance & UPDATE

August 2, 2021

Maricopa County’s election audit is grabbing headlines as it should.

The World Tribune ran this report July 27.  Arizona Senate demands audit compliance by Maricopa County, Dominion; Routers ‘critically important.’

This article in the Gateway Pundit, Senate President Karen Fann Calls On Dominion Voting Systems and Maricopa County Supervisors To Produce Materials or Appear Before Senate on AUGUST 2nd, was posted on July 26, 2021.

Today is the August 2, 2021 drop-dead date since the subpoenas were issued. Expecting anything of substance from the colluding Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is to engage in self delusion. But Arizona Sen. Karen Fann’s directive is nothing to blow off. The citizens of Maricopa County have a right to know the results of the recount of 2.1 million 2020 ballots that have been audited.

The Arizona Senate previously considered holding members of the county’s board of supervisors in contempt in February over election-related materials, but the effort was defeated by a single vote when Republicrat Sen. Paul Boyer (LD-20) joined the democrats in voting against the measure.

Gateway Pundit which has provided reliable coverage of the audit, delivers this important update: Maricopa County’s Audits Sponsored by the County Board of Supervisors Specifically Noted Were Limited in Scope – Yet They Claim the Senate’s Audit Was Inadequate with No Such Limitations

Deceit takes over AZ Republic’s entire front page

August 1, 2021

The radically leftist, Hillary-endorsing absurdity that tries and fails passing itself off as a disseminator of news, has outdone itself. The Arizona Republic, alternatively known as the AZ Repugnant, runs a front page and full jump page contrivance titled, “Priming the Audit.”  On page one, it is situated inside a gigantic letter Q and hypes, “Followers of QAnon conspiracy theories exert influence on Republican-led effort in Arizona.”

That “Republican-led effort” is the ballot audit that has been underway in Maricopa County and is taking root in other counties and states nationwide. It’s a preposterous reach even for the failing newspaper that is losing subscribers at breakneck speed and finally acknowledged its insultingly biased pre-election endorsements should end. Phil Boas, the editorial page editor, is best known for despicably orchestrating the daily multi-faceted take down of his own father-in-law, Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio. As Sheriff, Arpaio, who previously headed Arizona’s Drug Enforcement Administration, won reelection to an unprecedented six 4-year terms. Wimpy Phil Boas, who can dish it out, but can’t take it, whiningly claimed the newspaper received death threats after endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

QAnon is a construct of leftists, a purposely shrouded mystery aimed to defame. It is certainly not a Republican organization or offshoot of political conservatism, though the intent of the AZ Repugnant’s “report” is to broad-brush sweep political conservatives and Trump supporters into a cult.

If you are still among the ever-dwindling number of subscribers to the Arizona Republic, and are tired of paying to have your intelligence insulted, canceling is simple. Contact customer service at 1-800-332-6733. Balances less than $10.00 will not be refunded. It needs every dime to exist. You’ll be directed to an agent in the Philippines, since the fraudulent newspaper can pay half the salary they would have to pay an American worker.

Pervert dem megadonor Ed Buck guilty of 9 felonies

July 30, 2021

Conviction of far-left darling of the hypocritical Arizona Republic unworthy of mention on its pages

Earlier this week, a Los Angeles federal jury, deliberating only four hours following a two-week trial, convicted wealthy democrat donor Ed Buck on charges that he injected indigent gay men with methamphetamine in exchange for sex, leading to two deaths and other overdoses, in the mattress-lined living room what was described as his Hollywood “house of horrors.” Court documents portray Buck as a “violent, dangerous sexual predator, who uses the bait of drugs, money, and shelter to lure men struggling with addiction and homelessness into his home, where he manipulates them into participating in his sexual fetishes.”

Buck, 66, was found guilty of nine felony counts including providing and injecting the drugs that led to the overdose deaths of Gemmel Moore, 26, and Timothy Dean, 55. A sentencing date has not yet been announced.

Arizonans will remember Buck (a name he altered from Buckmelter), as detailed in this 2019 post titled. “Deviant Dem megadonor Ed Buck finally arrested after 3rd man overdoses & Update.” Buck’s nefarious anti-Republican career took root in Phoenix, where he received ongoing praise and celebratory status in the local newspaper for being the driving force to take down newly elected Gov. Evan Mecham prior to his January 5, 1987 inauguration to his contrived impeachment conviction on April 4, 1988. The far left Arizona Republic cheered on Buck’s efforts against the former state senator, decorated World War II fighter pilot and POW, and a successful businessman. Evan Mecham was a devoted husband, father of seven, and active in his church, but he was a political conservative making him deserving of the wrath of the radical local newspaper, which daily vomited its multi-pronged, anti-conservative, vicious spew on him.

Governor Mecham was Donald Trump decades before President Donald Trump appeared on the political horizon.

Ed Buck lavished campaign donations on prominent state and federal (be sure to read the entire lists). Democrat candidates — Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Adam Schiff, were among the recipients of Buck’s generosity. Congressman Schiff, who represented the district where Buck lived was known to visit his home.

Buck has given more than $500,000 to a wide array of democrat groups and candidates, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (who Biden just nominated as the U.S. Ambassador to India), Gov. Gavin Newsom (currently facing a recall election) and L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey — obviously attempting to curry favor with powerful office holders who could influence his fate. His scheme worked. While in office, Lacey twice refused to prosecute Buck.

The DCCC reportedly received at least $5,000 from Buck. AZ Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s PAC, Getting Stuff Done, (GSD-PAC) was a recipient of Buck’s generosity, separate from his donations to her campaign, which she ultimately returned.

Those on the long list of leftists who willingly accepted Buck’s generosity remain mute, as does the duplicitous Arizona Republic, which couldn’t praise him enough when he led the impeachment against conservative Republican Gov. Evan Mecham. Now Buck’s conviction is unworthy of mention.

Americans beware: Control is the new normal

July 29, 2021

This afternoon, shaky Joe Biden, masked and wearing sunglasses, made a spoon-fed announcement that all federal workers must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be subject to strict Coronavirus testing requirements. The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Monday all of its health-care workers must be vaccinated.

Read Katie Pavlich’s excellent new report, “BREAKING: Biden Issues New Vaccine Mandates.”

Merrick Garland who heads the Department of Justice as U.S. Attorney General says government agencies and companies CAN force employees to get COVID vaccines as California and NYC lead the way with mandates. Garland rivals Ramsey Clark for the title of most radical leftist to hold that office in modern history.

Remember when Barack Obama nominated this tyrannical activist to the U.S. Supreme Court in the waning days of his administration?  Republican senators back-burnered the nomination, while Arizona single-term Senator Jeff Flake, Obama’s basketball and traveling buddy, was shepherding Garland around the senate desperately trying to gin up votes for him.

Earlier this week, the San Francisco Bar Alliance urged its nearly 500 member bars ask customers to prove they’ve been vaccinated or provide results of a negative COVID-19 test from the past three days. They were not so authoritarian when the deadly scourge of AIDs was infecting large segments of the San Francisco homosexual community, since that would have been politically incorrect.