Red tide or blue wave? Who’s $$ fund leftists?

October 20, 2018

Vote Republican for our future

Following Friday’s exhilarating rally drawing thousands to Mesa to cheer President Donald J. Trump, it’s natural to regard ourselves as sensible, fact-based and cogent thinkers. But the truth remains, most of us — in addition to our day jobs and families — are too occupied sorting through the national news to view all of the local and statewide candidates and crucial ballot propositions analytically. As an aid some might be tempted to turn to a benign sounding site such asBefore the Ballot,” in a quest for neutrality. It was only after checking further using the “paid for by” information, that we found this mammoth reveal on the Center for Responsive Politics. Check out the names on the PAC donor list.

What would move the Florida Democrat Party to give generous donations to “Before the Ballot,” in conjunction with labor and municipal unions, D.C.-based PACs, “Best of the Left” iHeart Radio, left-wing “philanthropists,” mega companies such as PepsiCo — bankrolled by hedge fund billionaires Donald Sussman and George Soros, who each contributed $millions — just to help you fill out your ballot?  Leftist Sussman, who gave $21 million to the pro-Clinton Super PAC, Priorities USA, is no more benevolent than Socialist Soros, (pictured here with his pals John McCain and Hillary) who has been working through his mega-network of organizations to undermine our president and the entire nation while striving to overhaul the U.S. Justice system in his radical image.

Believe either of them simply want to assist you, and there’s a proverbial bridge waiting for you to buy.

Vote Republican and keep the Trump momentum going. This list has not been updated to reflect the two most recent U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, nominated by President Trump. He and his staff have been too busy working to “Keep America Great.”


Arrogant Jeff Flake exposes himself as irrational buffoon

October 13, 2018

During this interview with C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, Jeff the Flake, who was forced to abandon his plans for a second senate term due to appalling 18-percent approval ratings in his home state, arrogantly mulls the idea of running for president. He discusses the possibility of mounting a challenge to Donald Trump, among the most successful U.S. Presidents in modern times. For those with an especially strong stomach, the full interview airs this evening…Saturday, October 13, at 7:00 pm AZ time on C-SPAN.

Republicrat Flake pompously lectures Republicans, telling us we need to remember what decency is and what it means to be conservative — as if the marginal Flake could comprehend concepts of such magnitude.

When Americans, who have waited in lines for hours to attend his rallies, cheer President Trump, Flake, who was frequently unable to draw a crowd, defines that as “unseemly.”

The fact is Pres. Trump is fulfilling his promises — to the delight of the majority of American citizens benefiting from the Trump tax cuts, increased purchasing power and historically low unemployment, reflected strongly among blacks and Hispanics. His unprecedented meetings with North Korean and Chinese leaders and discussions on nuclear disarmament have opened the door to making the world a safer place. Despite contentious battles waged by the left, he has added two originalist justices on the U.S. Supreme Court during his first two years. Those who dislike Trump obviously don’t like winning.

Kimberly Yee: Clear winner in AZ Treasurer debate

October 10, 2018

The two candidates running for Arizona State Treasurer sparred over issues related to the state budget and finances in a debate sponsored by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission. The candidates are Republican Kimberly Yee, former state senate majority leader, and Democrat Mark Manoil, a retired lawyer.

Heading Yee’s exceptional list of endorsements are five former state treasurers. Yee has no learning curve, having previously worked at the Arizona Treasurer’s office, where she promoted fiscally conservative principles, while advancing laws protecting Arizona’s taxpayers.

Manoil boasted about his endorsements by abortion provider Planned Parenthood and the stridently left National Organization for Women. His website features a photo of Manoil with Barack Obama — hardly a vote-getter in a state that gave all of its electoral votes to Donald Trump in 2016.

A typical disconnected liberal, Maniol says he wants to use the Treasure’s Office to fund “social justice programs” — hardly the purview of the office charged with managing nearly $15 billion in assets. Yet in an interesting dichotomy, the predatory property tax lawyer seized property from people only $50 in arrears on back taxes. Although he’s running for the job of managing $ billions in taxpayer monies, he admitted to having his own home foreclosed upon and his car repossessed.

This recent poll conducted by local ABC 15 and Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights provides the most recent data in the Arizona Secretary of State’s race, the Treasurer’s race, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Attorney General’s races. Although Republicans are leading in every sector, we can take nothing for granted. Be sure to vote to guarantee they win. Early ballots are being mailed today.  Polling places will be open 6am to 7pm on Election Day, Nov. 6.

The AZ Treasure’s debate was moderated by Horizon host Ted Simons.

Watch the State Treasurer debate by clicking this link. This video provides a revealing insight into the candidates, with Yee the obvious winner. Clearly the best qualified for the job, she deserves the votes of all rational Arizonans.

Leftie Flake plays hardball with Pres. Trump

October 1, 2018

…though he played as a regular on Obama’s weekly basketball team

There’s been too much written about Jeff Flake in recent days.  If your tastes run to the most grotesque in the political realm, he’s a compelling character, to be sure.

Although we abhor giving him more of the publicity he so obviously craves we’ve engaged in as much Flaking as other confounded conservatives.

As Arizonans, we knew what we got when he first ran for the U.S. House in 2000. Never considered an intellect, he had no issues, and was advised to take on “earmarks.” This became his rallying cry. Presenting himself as a fiscal conservative, he held a safe seat in the LDS heavy East Valley. Seemingly affable, he was taken at his word when he pledged not to run for more than three two-year terms. But the headiness of DC was irresistible and he reneged on his promise with a smirk and the words, “I lied.”

Flake was shoehorned into Jon Kyl’s senate seat when he resigned. Both Kyl and McCain went to bat for their compliant crony, cutting numerous commercials in his behalf. He won by a mere 3 points.

Under the tutelage of McCain, Flake learned to buck his own party. His affliction worsened when Donald Trump was victorious over 16 other GOP candidates, taking the party’s nomination.  Both senators declared neither they nor their families would support him. Trump won without them. Though President Trump has presided over the highest employment in decades, a thriving economy and engaged in historic denuclearization summits with North Korean and Chinese leaders, Flake’s hatred of Trump trumps all.

 He’s done all he can to undercut the president, even denouncing him from the senate chamber. And though Flake is not running for reelection due to embarrassing 18% approval ratings, he delusionally toys with the idea of running for president.

Gateway Pundit reveals more of the cringe-worthy shenanigans Flake has engaged in as he joins with Democrats and other anti-Trump thugs in an attempt ro derail Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Check out the photo showing the obsequious Flake.) Today is the first day the high court convenes for this term. Thanks to Flake, it will be short one member.

Now Flake is appearing in a nauseating traveling show with his buddy Delaware Democrat Chris Coons, attempting to explain why they are playing along with the far left to skewer Judge Brett Kavanuagh, Here they are on liberal CBS‘ “60 Minutes.”

Mediaite reports the ditzy duo also made an appearance at the Global Citizens Festival. It wasn’t that long ago Jeff Flake declared himself a “globalist,” saying, “I’ll take the globalist moniker, thank you very much.”

While promoting his anti-Trump booklet to the media elites, Flake blasted pro-Trump Republicans for being “xenophobic” and “nativist.” On CNN, he criticized Republicans for embracing the “unfamiliar banner” of “populism” and combating illegal immigration. He also derided what he claimed to be “xenophobia” of Trump’s voters.

Notice the words Flake used are identical to those used by former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg in this 2008 interview in the New York Times. He never smeared his constituents with those derogatory names in the local press. Shadegg no doubt regarded us as too ignorant to read tony, leftwing Eastern newspapers.  And why wouldn’t he?  He kept getting reelected.

Like Flake, Shadegg was also a McCain and Kyl open borders clone.

McCain kin cash in after week-long funeral extravaganza

September 13, 2018

Real money to taxpayers, “spare change” to McCain’s

Raising the blood pressure of our valued readers is not something we choose to do. But be forewarned, that will likely be a risky side effect when you read this BizPac Review article titled, “John McCain’s family gets hefty taxpayer-funded ‘death gratuity’ after week-long funeral extravaganza.”

The article, by Samantha Chang, which we urge you to read, ends with this plea:

Patriots, please vote on November 6.* President Trump is battling the media, billionaire mega-donors like George Soros, Hollywood, RINOS, and the entire Democratic Party.

The stakes have never been higher, and America’s future depends on your vote.

Truer words are rarely spoken. This might well be the most important midterm election of our lifetime. Rally behind the Republicans, even if they aren’t the ones you supported in the Primary. Grudges get heavier the longer they’re carried. Meanwhile the Democrats win.


* Polling places will be open November 06, 2018. 

Early ballots will be mailed on October 10, 2018. Questions? Call AZ Secretary Of State’s Election’s Division: 602-542-8683.

AZ Republic views ethnicity as top attribute in Gov’s race

September 10, 2018

Although Arizona’s newspaper of record is still in the thrall of mourning over the passing of John McCain, it has found room on Page One to gear up for Nov. General Election. In the Sunday edition, the Periódico de la República de Arizona  (Arizona Republic) briefly cast aside its grief and all but gave an early endorsement to David Garcia, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate, in an zealous paean that filled a third of the jump page.

There was the cursory, ‘He’s good on education,’ spew that pales in comparison to Gov. Doug Ducey falling on his sword and ponying up the 20% pay hike demanded by the teachers who walked off their jobs for a week. They deserved to be fired rather than rewarded for abandoning over 800,000 students statewide in violation of their contractual agreements.

The teacher’s unions — whose members work 8½ months a year — should consider Ducey their hero.  Instead, they’re enraged that their latest extortionist ploy — #InvestInEd, an irreversible constitutional amendment slated to be on the ballot as Prop. 207, a Marxist redistribution of wealth ‘tax the rich’ scheme — was deep-sixed by the Arizona Supreme Court. They hold Ducey, not the justices responsible. That these educrats who lack a basic grasp of the three distinct branches of government, are teaching Arizona’s students, should concern us all.

What sets Garcia apart isn’t his choice in food or drink, described in minute detail, including his refusal to drink milk at someone else’s home, as his campaign bus hit the political trail. His major accomplishment, over which he has no control, is his ethnicity.  Being a Hispanic running for governor appears to be his major attribute, according to reporter Richard Ruelas. The headline topping his report reads: “Aiming for historic win, Garcia gets on the bus— Democrat would be 2nd Latino governor of Arizona.”

We’ve already had four women governors so gender politics has lost its panache.  In over his head, after serving less than half of his four year term, Arizona Gov. Raul Castro eagerly accepted the offer of President Jimmy Carter to take the post of ambassador to Argentina and was gone in a flash.

Garcia lost his 2014 bid for Superintendent of Public Instruction and now is now focusing his gubernatorial campaign on recklessly abolishing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) leaving our southern border even more vulnerable to criminals. Garcia is also opposed to constructing the much needed wall along our southern border.

His extreme views mirror those of the left-wing, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic, but not the voters of the state of Arizona who overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Divisive identity politics is all David Garcia has.  Running the state requires far more than he offers.

The differences couldn’t be more clear. The wise votes will go to Gov. Ducey. Even Mario Diaz agrees.

AZ tax cheat admits guilt: aided illegals filing fake claims

September 7, 2018

The daily newspaper reports that according to court records, Elias Bermudez has pleaded guilty to preparing false tax returns. The open borders newspaper blandly refers to him as an “Arizona immigrant-rights activist.” 

Investigative reporter Linda Bentley, writing for the Sonoran News covered Bermudez’ indictment in October 2017. Her comprehensive report covers specifics relating to the crime and penalties a conviction carries. 

Bermudez, founder of the deceptively titled, Immigrants Without Borders and owner of El Centro de Ayuda (The Help Center), was indicted on 27 counts of aiding in the preparation of false tax returns. He is accused of advising clients to claim unqualified dependents living in Mexico in order to gain $1,000 Child Tax Credit deductions per child.

Bermudez also operates El Centro de Progreso tax preparation in Phoenix and Tucson.

This shocking exposé  (video also follows post) by Indiana TV 13 is from 2013, but obviously our south of the border neighbors, are still honing their fraudulent schemes, using phony documents and false income to claim tax credits for children who do not live in the United States and are not even children of the filers. The reporter detailed that that the cost to American citizen taxpayers was $4.2 billion yearly, involving 2 million unqualified illegals getting massive tax credits. Those numbers have undoubtedly increased in the five years since this report was filed. The newscaster reports the IRS is aware of the enormous loophole, but the agency claims congress needs to address it.

This astronomically priced fraud should be a major concern of Arizona U.S. Congressmen Raul Grajalva (D-CD3) and Ruben Gallego (D-CD 7), who both represent Hispanic heavy districts. They have been silent on the subject, as has Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia. It’s time for the Republicans to boldly take on this outrageous scam. We elected them to represent us. That includes protecting our hard-earned tax dollars.