Leftist propaganda results in newspapers’ failures

December 6, 2022

Newspaper closures since 2004 average two a week

The headline, “From CNN to Gannett, Media Industry Laying Off Workers Amid Recession Fears,“ substantiates the end result of delivering skewed news intended to insult conservative consumers. Reporter Andrew Moran describes the industry’s demise. In addition to being a relic business in a technology-based world, leftist propaganda is challenged by facts at media giant FOX News. Bidenflation has negatively affected discretionary spending. Radio and television deliver news free of charge, with numerous networks to choose from. Expecting intelligent people to pay to be insulted is not a winning business model. In Arizona, weekly newspapers are the norm.

In the four paragraphs following “Gannett Slashing Headcount,” there is a partial listing of the newspapers in trouble. It reports, “Gannett, which owns USA Today, The Detroit Free Press, The Indianapolis Star, and dozens of other local media outlets, has seen its share price tank this year. Year to date, the stock has cratered more than 53 percent.”  The increasingly extremist, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic is in such dire shape continually losing subscriptions, it isn’t even worthy of being listed — described only as one of “dozens.” Gannett stock (GCI) continues to tank. It was trading at $24.70 on Feb. 27, 2014, which was a major tumble from its previous highs. On Monday, GCI closed at $2.61.

According to Poynter, a news media overseer, an updated survey of US newspapers finds 360 more have closed since 2019.

A trader would do better buying chickens to roam the backyard. That investment provides free fertilizer, fresh eggs and a fresher than supermarket Sunday roast with honey glazed drumsticks.


NY dems $300M scheme aids illegals avoid deportation

December 2, 2022

Today we are taking the unusual step of sending our readers directly to the New York Post, which demonstrates the lunacy that possesses eager to spend democrats. Not being a border state, New York has no idea of the realities of the illegal invasion, including the myriad costs associated with accommodating illegals in residences, schools, providing health and child care, food and other necessities, as well as supplying numerous resources to assist illegal arrivals. Their contributions to the crime rate also results in costly incarceration. The term “undocumented” is also misused. They have plenty of documents, stolen, forged and otherwise fraudulent. Now we find that the Biden administration is “Enabling Citizenship Test Fraud and Abuse.” This is all part of the planned expansion of the democrat voter base, permanently marginalizing Republicans.

Yes, there’s a lot to read here, but don’t be tempted to overlook these articles. Bookmark this page and read them as time permits…but read them! America’s future depends on knowledgeable citizens:

FAIR — Federation for American Immigration Reform — has long been a reliable source on the realties of the costs of the invasion, from crimes committed to the societal burden inflicted on American taxpayers.

CIS — Center for Immigration Studies — writes, “There is no one more documented than an ‘undocumented’ alien.”

The Washington Examiner addresses the crisis in “Illegal immigration soars under Biden to third-highest in 97 years.” The problem has worsen in the year since this was written.

Biden’s open borders will cost taxpayers $100 billion — and counting,” by Mark Krikorian, is well worth your time.

AZ University presidents get massive salary increases, tribes get free tuition

November 20, 2022

The Arizona Board of Regents appears to go to great lengths to keep the public informed, but don’t be conned by a multitude of “pursuants.”  The key words are, “the board will call the meeting to order and immediately convene in executive session.” That translates to “cloak of darkness.”

According to a lengthy report in the local newspaper, Arizona’s university presidents at ASU, UA and NAU all will get steep pay increases granted by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), who unanimously approved the salary increases and contract extensions based on their annual performance reviews. The report states, “Regents raised no questions or comments prior to their vote.” The term of a regent is eight years, twice as long as the governor who appointments them.

Arizona State University President Michael Crow’s base salary (excluding numerous perks and bonuses) is now $809,846, up 5% from $771,282 a year ago. University of Arizona President Robert Robbins will receive $792,241 in base salary, Northern Arizona University President Jose Luis Cruz Rivera will get a base salary of $576,800, up a hefty 12% from when he assumed the position just six months ago. Crow, who was appointed in 2002, is among the nation’s highest paid public university presidents. Arizona’s governor, who runs the entire state, is paid $95,000 — minus all of the perks paid to the university presidents. Governors are limited to two consecutive four-year terms in office.

In addition to their salaries, the university presidents also receive housing and vehicle allowances, numerous benefits, retirement contributions and the opportunity for hefty bonuses each year based on “achieving various goals for their universities.” All of their contracts were extended.

Regents “approved payouts for achieving some of those goals and set new goals for each of the presidents and the university system over the next year and next several years,” ensuring the money stream keeps flowing.

ABOR members previously discussed the contracts in closed-door executive session “because they are employment and salary issues.” The public, whose taxes fund these excessive salaries, and cash strapped students, often working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet, as their tuition and fees rise yearly, are unable to be privy to the details of those conversations.

The latest absurdity comes in the form of NAU’s announcement that it will begin providing free tuition for members of any of Arizona’s 22 federally recognized tribes. The University of Arizona already has such a program in place as does Arizona State University. Guess whose tuition will be raised to cover this extremist separatism?

Energy genius Joe throws wrench into dems midterm prospects

November 7, 2022

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Worried headline: “Hostile Takeover” displays newspaper’s election fear

November 5, 2022

Although Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, many Arizonans have voted early. The radically leftwing Arizona Republic is quaking in its boots over the prospect of significant conservative victories, locally and nationally, in the all-important midterms.

The front page headlines, “Hostile Takeover,” as though exercising the right to vote is a nefarious scheme when engaged in by Republicans. The multi-page article is venomous, as reporter Richard Ruelas unleashes his contemptible bile spew. Watching him on Channel 8’s Horizon, he has a permanent painful expression etched on his face, barely concealed by an occasional forced smile. Above his byline and below the headline are the intended to be defamatory words, “Trump backers, Turning Point control AZ’s GOP.” Hurling the names of the Republican state chair, a physician, and two ranking members of Turning Point, is reminiscent of a side show carnival barker yelling, “Tha show’s about at begin…Git yur popcorn and peanuts here!” Then the lights go out due to an unpaid bill.

Derogatory spew is all the dems have. And the newspaper, losing subscribers faster than a tick-dipped dog loses fleas, is clearly ready to fold.* The increasingly venomous articles are an obvious indicator that it has reached the point where it hurls invectives for the sole purpose of seeing what sticks, as it tries to drive readers to an all digital edition, which would cost far less to deliver than the hard copy.

Though the ongoing effort is to smear President Trump, Americans well remember the soaring economy during the Trump administration — as reported by the Western Journal. It shines all the more when juxtaposed against Biden’s crushing inflation we witness daily at the gas pump, attempting to afford to eat and keep a roof over our heads.

*The newspaper recently announced it is “published 7 days per week, excluding Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.” Apparently it has detected there will be no news to report on those days. Other media sources are committed to keeping a flow of newsworthy information, though the newspaper is closing shop.

Dems must be so proud of their votes

November 2, 2022

Biden’s not sure if this is the 20th or 21st century:

Slo Joe also believes the federal debt has been cut in half:

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Biden has raisins for brans…er…brains

October 29, 2022

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Pelosi reveals democrat strategy; Biden says he could die tomorrow

October 24, 2022

NANCY PELOSI: “When I hear people talk about inflation…we have to change that subject!”

BIDEN: “I could get a disease tomorrow. I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow.”

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Slippery AZ Republic buries report on Kris Mayes’ questionable stock trades

October 23, 2022

Kris Mayes is a far-left democrat. She is also running for attorney general. Normally those facts would be enough to give her Page One placement in the radically left newspaper. Today, however, she is buried on Page 12 of Section B. 

It’s enough to make the dwindling readership wonder, “What’s up?” Associated Press recently admitted, “US newspapers continuing to die at rate of 2 each week.“ Technology enabling us to have instantly updated news as close as our fingertips aside, this reporting duplicity is no doubt a contributing factor.

Today’s headline worthy of back paging is, “Mayes’ stock trades questioned.” Kris Mayes, a former political reporter at the newspaper prior to the June 2000 sale to Gannett, has been forced to acknowledge she was one of ten reporters who had purchased Central Newspapers stock (the parent company of the Arizona Republic) through a 401(k) account in advance of the sale. That’s an illegal practice known as insider trading.” Mayes, who claims she did nothing wrong, then left the newspaper to attend law school. As the well-known girlfriend of Gov. Janet Napolitano, she was admitted without question.

This morning’s edition acknowledges, “The value of the stock rose after the company announced it had put itself up for sale and more than doubled from there once a deal with Gannett was announced.”

Mathematical genius Biden counts

October 21, 2022

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