Nancy Pelosi fears Joe Biden’s debate exposure

September 26, 2020

Terror precedes Calamity Joe’s need to speak coherently during three debates

Fearful Nancy Pelosi, trying her damndest to give cover to blithering Joe Biden, has once again said she does not think Barack Obama’s former vice president should debate President Donald Trump ahead of the November election, saying,“ Why bother? He (President Trump) doesn’t tell the truth.”

Now in his third bid for the presidency, Biden shouldn’t need a hovering protector. Truth is a problem Biden has long had trouble with, being outed for plagiarism and outright lies

Democrat House Speaker Pelosi weighed in on the race this week after having previously said in August she was against Biden debating President Trump, stating she didn’t want the forums to become an “exercise in skullduggery.”

With rare exceptions, Biden has spent the last several months holed up in his basement bunker, even jumbling prepared lines he has before him when he attempts to speak via video. Long known as a gaffe machine, his obvious mental decline, which his handlers tried to lay off to a stutter is increasingly concerning. Biden has a long history of plagiarism and outright lies, even claiming he was the first person in his family to go to college which he had to retract when the truth was exposed. He dropped out of the 1988 race after only three months.

Asked by co-host Gayle King during an interview on “CBS This Morning” whether she still believed the former vice president should skip the three scheduled debates, Pelosi gushed, “Oh, I do. Not that I don’t think he’ll be excellent. I just think that the president has no fidelity to fact or truth and, actually in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution of the United States.” She continued: “He and his henchmen are a danger, with their comments, are a danger to our democracy. So I don’t want to give him…I mean…why bother? He doesn’t tell the truth.”

To her credit, Gayle King countered, “But Speaker Pelosi, that’s what people say is the problem. Your language, to some, is just as egregious as what they’re saying. By calling the president’s people “henchmen,” some could say that’s just as insulting as what he’s saying about you.”

“Well, I don’t care what he has to say about me,” Pelosi boasted. “Every knock from him is a boost [for me]. If he wants to help me raise money, he can keep knocking me. But I’m speaking truth.”

The rest of us are left to wonder which of the women in Biden’s life has the greater sway: Jill Biden who prays he’ll cut the political mustard, or Nancy Pelosi, who fears he won’t.


Quotes: Real and concocted as SCOTUS vacancy looms

September 22, 2020

The differences between left-wing Democrats and conservative Republicans are numerous and stark

At a recent rally President Trump spoke decisively, energizing his supporters, about what’s at stake regarding the latest Supreme Court vacancy:

“Article 2 of our Constitution says the president shall nominate justices of the Supreme Court,” he said. “I don’t think it can be any more clear.”

The crowd repeatedly cheered, “Fill that seat!”

 “That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to fill the seat,” he responded to applause and more cheers.

Since her death last week, Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s adoring minions have not only elevated the leftist jurist to sainthood, they have even accessed her dying words allegedly dictated to and transcribed by her lawyer granddaughter Clara Spera. Although Ginsburg had children, grandchildren and a great-grandchild, her final words were not expressing her love for them, but rather her hatred of President Donald Trump and her desire to constrain him.

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Really? That’s quite a political branch to climb out on with her final breaths, even more so in light of her 2016 comments to The New York Times regarding filling a Supreme Court vacancy, when Ginsburg said of presidents, “That’s their job. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being the president in his last year.” She was, of course, referring to Barack Obama.

Enraged Dem mobs, hoping to constrain President Trump, are targeting the homes of  GOP lawmakers and engaging in grand scale violence. Their congressional counterparts are threatening retaliatory actions, including expanding the court and packing it with Democrats.

Undeterred by their tantrums, President Trump met Monday with Amy Coney Barrett, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, who is said to be among the top of his Supreme Court shortlist. Barrett, 48, and the mother of 7, is profiled on the SCOTUS blog by Amy Howe.

Expect Trump to nominate a replacement for Ginsburg on Saturday, after memorial services are held.

Left vow riots over filling SCOTUS vacancy; Marxist coup focused on 2020 election

September 20, 2020

The political left openly supports the rampaging mobs of radicals waging war on American cities, their citizens and our dedicated men and women who serve in law enforcement.

Now these contemptible thugs are not limiting their violence to inflicting serious bodily harm, looting, taking over city blocks, destroying national monuments and committing arson — carrying out more than $1 billion in property damage in the name of “social justice.” Breitbart reports they are also issuing warnings of rampant national destruction if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell moves forward with the orderly process to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court following the Friday death of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at age 87.

Living in a nation that celebrates liberty with a Constitution that enshrines our rights means nothing to these undereducated thugs, who have scant knowledge of America’s miraculous founding.

Iranian-born Reza Aslan, identified as an author, former CNN host and a professor, is also a virulent Trump-hater, using vulgarities in his twitter descriptions of the president. Aslan converted from Islam to evangelical Christianity and then back again to being a Muslim. His threatening screeds are also profanity-laced and aimed at Americans, who he warns will suffer if Ginsburg is replaced by President Trump.

If this promise of grand scale national chaos regarding the president’s right to fill a Supreme Court vacancy isn’t enough, the anarchists and their partners in the Democrat party are pushing an unrestrained assault against the American election system, as Gateway Pundit underscores in this morning’s post,MUST SEE VIDEO: Catherine Engelbrecht and the Prestigious TRUE THE VOTE Organization Release Powerful Warning on the Marxist Coup in 2020.”

None of us can be too busy not to carve out time to view these three crucial links. America’s future and those of our families depends on us being fully informed as the emboldened radical left is intent on obliterating our way of life.

Is it possible to break a moral compass that doesn’t exist?

September 17, 2020

When columnists have been featured on this site, they are reserved for weekend reading. Dennis Prager’s recent column,The Left’s Moral Compass Isn’t Broken,” one of the most instructive you’ll read, deserves prominence.

We are facing the most important election of our lifetimes — Nov. 3, 2020 —  just 47 days from today. The concept of honesty has vanished from the lexicon of the left. Democrats have turned fiction into fact and truth into a vague memory. They are willing to ignore the destruction of cities and spiraling criminality, including the maiming and deaths of law enforcement officers, whose departments they now want to defund and dismantle.

The Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, a nearly 50-year D.C. political insider, is failing and unable to speak coherently without a teleprompter, and even then, frequently blunders. He refers to the ticket on which he and his running mate, Kamala Harris — selected solely based on her race and gender — as the “Harris-Biden ticket,” forgetting he is the one attempting to challenge President Donald Trump, who has kept his promises to the American people.

We grew up thinking there were two major political parties…Republicans and Democrats. That is no longer the case. Today’s Democrats are yesterday’s Socialists who we fought WWII to eradicate. Those Democrats of the Depression and WWII years, who reelected Franklin Delano Roosevelt to four consecutive terms (1933-1945) were ultimately constrained in 1947 by the Twenty-Second Amendment (ratified in 1951), which prohibited more than two four-year terms in office. This historical footnote is crucial in remembering Democrats have a history of being predisposed to misappropriate power.

There is an important biblical message for Trump supporting activists to take to heart as we head into the waning days of this election cycle, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

AZ Republic’s bogus McHeadliner vilifying Pres. Trump cites anonymous sources

September 6, 2020

“Reportedly,” is a word used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or has taken place, although there is no proof, correctly identified by President Trump as fake news.

And newspapers allegedly, supposedly and purportedly are deemed to be instruments of fact, dependably delivering the news.

This sarcasm is directed at the radically leftist Arizona Republic, which is dependably undependable. As an example, the banner headline topping Saturday’s front page might be mistaken for an April Fool’s Day edition bearing these words: “Trump reportedly insulted McCain.”

John McCain died August 25, 2018. He then had three funerals, in three different locations — Phoenix, Arizona, Washington D.C., and Annapolis Maryland — ensuring it is past the point of speculation he can still be insulted.

The premise of the newspaper article is that President Trump is alleged to have maligned McCain following his death, which Trump denies. It’s a “he said, someone alleges” scenario and first class farce intended solely to discredit Trump and siphon votes from him less than two months before Election Day. There is no pretext too low.

The allegations, initially printed in the leftist Atlantic magazine, were described as originating from “three anonymous sources.” That fact alone should serve to discredit the report. Instead it rates front page coverage by the Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating newspaper.

McCain, who can’t be praised enough by the radical newspaper, still has his syndicate actively working to take down Pres. Trump and Sen. McSally.

Vengeful McCain tried to taint Trump by claiming he had Russian ties though he knew that to be false as he maliciously hand-carried a fictitious “dossier,” paid for by the DNC to then-FBI Director James Comey.

When caught, McCain in his characteristic style snapped, “I discharged that obligation, and I would do it again. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell.”

For a more reliable version of John McCain, do yourself a favor and read,People Must Stop Defending John McCain, He Ended His Career As A Jerk, And He Started Russiagate,posted in The Lid.

Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally is being challenged by Mark Kelly, supported by Socialist billionaire George Soros. Democrat Kelly, also backed by the newspaper, launched two national gun control PACs devoted to electing like minded Democrats and is aligned with extremist U.S. Rep. Ihan Omar. He never uses the word “Democrat” in his ads, a scheme that worked for Kyrsten Sinema, as he tries to obscure his political allegiance. Kelly’s close business ties with Communist China earning him an estimated $20+ million render him unacceptable.

Democrats running for political office engage in a game of charades. The more they can conceal, contort and misrepresent, the more they are given cover by the hemorrhaging subscriptions local newspaper.

McCain’s boundless hatred reaches beyond the grave

August 30, 2020

A group calling itselfMcCain Alums for Joe Biden,” stands as a stark reminder why John McCain was so reviled within the party under whose banner he opportunistically chose to run.

When he initially ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1982, McCain had to be strong armed by political power brokers then known as the ‘Phoenix 40,’ to drop his intention to run as a Democrat to succeed respected Republican John J. Rhodes, who was retiring.  Rhodes, a lawyer, was the House Minority Leader at the time and highly regarded in his East Valley district as well as in Washington D.C.

McCain, who graduated at the bottom of his U.S. Naval Academy class, where he gained entry due to being the son and grandson of admirals, was an Arizona newcomer who had recently married Cindy Lou Hensley in an elaborate wedding at the exclusive Arizona Biltmore Resort within days of the finalization of his divorce from his first wife. Cindy’s well connected father, the owner of Hensley Beverage Company, one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributors in the nation, now chaired by Cindy, encouraged his new son-in-law to pursue a political career.

The couple carpetbagged to the East Valley for his brief congressional stint, returning to Phoenix for his initial senate race.

Notorious for colluding with Democrats, open borders proponent McCain had no commitment to Republican principles, losing both times he ran for president. He carried Arizona by a mere 8.5% over Obama.

John McCain was censured by elected Republican Maricopa County Committeemen and Republican State Committeemen, whom he later retaliated against, with the aid of financier Gregory Wendt a San Francisco Obama donor — using the duplicitously named front group ‘Grassroots Arizona,’ based out of the D.C. suburb of Alexandria Virginia, to which Wendt donated $250,000. McCain conspired with Wendt and other high dollar funders to purge dedicated conservative committeemen from the party. It’s no surprise Wendt is on the list of McCain Alums for Joe Biden.

McCain, whose last political vote was a shockingthumbs down(19-sec. video) against a Republican measure on a partial repeal of Obamacare, failed in his numerous attempts to undermine businessman Donald Trump who achieved the presidency that eluded him. That jealousy still drives the McCain sycophantic claque and explains their backing of leftist, and cognitively deteriorating Joe Biden as a McMemorial.

AZ Republic’s editor Greg Burton is wrong color, must resign

August 22, 2020

Who knew? Diversity of those who report the news is as crucial as the news itself

According to leftist thinking of those in charge at the anorexic and hemorrhaging subscriptions* Hillary-endorsing newspaper, hiring based on qualifications is a passé concept. In order to authentically report the news, diversity takes precedent.

This insulting concept invalidates professionals in all walks of life. Having a degree that relates to your line of work is no longer paramount. To be considered a valuable employee it’s imperative you represent a specific ethnicity and have the proper amount of melanin in your skin pigment.

A recent headline, “Representing our diverse community is crucial to telling Arizona’s story. Here’s a look at our staff today, includes a link to a chart detailing the race and gender of the employees. Each of the newspapers in the Gannett cabal have published the same demeaning stats reflective of staff ethnicity and sexual preferences.

This racial and gender marinated aberration has been gaining momentum as the newspaper routinely showcases minorities with contrived front page coverage with oversize photos, and focuses the entertainment section on black or LBGTQ performers. The lunacy has extended to news reports which increasingly refer to individuals as “the person” rather than “the man” or “the woman.”

From the article:

“For The Arizona Republic and to succeed, we must have an inclusive and diverse workplace where employees are valued and feel empowered.

We must build and sustain a workforce that is reflective of the diversity in the communities we serve. As part of our commitment to an inclusive culture, we will begin annually publishing the makeup of our newsroom staff.”

A more valuable commitment would be to a diversity of ideas rather than the constant barrage of radically leftward skewed news. But that rational concept is unacceptable to the purveyors of vitriolic hatred aimed at President Donald Trump, his dedicated supporters, GOP office holders and candidates. The newspaper, which was stunned when Trump easily defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, declared it will no longer print pre-election endorsement lists, but doesn’t attempt to conceal its leftist bent on a daily basis. Greg Burton and his diversified staff should write their headlines and craft the articles in advance of the Nov. 3, election. They won’t be able focus when President Trump is reelected and dementia sufferer, Joe Biden can finally stop being exploited by his wife and his party, and return to his basement bunker.

* Source: Phoenix Business Journal

America weary of Dem convention deceit, awaits Trump

August 20, 2020

Convention viewership plummeted to new lows

There will be no coverage of the DNC’s final night here. There’s only so much tedium even the most dedicated news followers can be expected to endure, and that limit has been reached. SRAZ is not alone in having its fill. The first two nights of the Dem’s national convention reached a new low, as broadcast viewership was down 48% from 2016 according to Nielsen Media Research.

The Republican National Convention will take place Mon. Aug. 24 – Thurs. Aug. 27, with President Donald Trump expected to make his speech accepting the Republican nomination from the White House lawn. The convention will take place in both Charlotte, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C., with many speakers delivering their speeches remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Vice President Mike Pence and First Lady Melania Trump, with some of the president’s adult children will be featured as well as Trump’s former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, (R-CA), Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa). Scott, the only black Senate Republican played a key role in crafting the GOP police reform bill, which was ultimately blocked by Democrats who jealously pushed their own legislation.

Also reported to be on the speakers lineup are Charlie Kirk, who heads the conservative student group Turning Point USA, former Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, combat veteran and Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell. Former Planned Parenthood director-turned-pro-life advocate Abby Johnson is also slated to appear at the GOP event.

Another scheduled speaker at the GOP convention is Andrew Pollack, the father of Parkland, Florida high school shooting victim Meadow Pollack, a senior. He is now a school safety advocate. The mass murderer, a former student, killed 17 and wounded 17 others on Valentine’s Day 2018. His trial has been delayed due to the pandemic.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the armed St. Louis couple that made news for protecting their house from BLM thugs who broke into their gated neighborhood, then destroyed the gate leading to their home, will also speak. The McCloskey’s, both lawyers, had faced felony charges for unlawful use of a weapon. Those charges were later dismissed.

Both CNN and The Washington Post ultimately settled defamation lawsuits with Sandmann, after mischaracterizing his interaction with Omaha Nation elder Nathan Phillips, a less than sterling character with a violent criminal history, who was beating a drum and chanting loudly at the Lincoln Memorial at the annual March for Life rally. Philips falsely accused MAGA Hat wearing teen Sandmann of blocking him during a confrontation he initiated.

DNC convention: Kasich proves there’s no old coat like a turncoat

August 18, 2020

Desperate Dems display defector for Biden

We’ve all had items of clothing that have become so worn and threadbare they’re not worthy of being donated. Former politicians are somewhat different. John Kasich stands as living proof that becoming irrelevant hasn’t kept him from being a threadbare turncoat useful to the Democrats.

In fact, the former Ohio Governor, congressman and presidential candidate, who was elected to numerous statewide offices as a Republican, spoke at the Monday opening of the cringe-worthy virtual 2020 Democrat National Convention in support of less-than-on-the-ball presidential nominee Joe Biden. Kept hidden in his basement by his campaign handlers, Biden hasn’t agreed to substantive interviews since his candidacy was announced. In serious cognitive decline, inhibiting his ability to clearly communicate, the risk is too great. It’s doubtful he is capable of emerging for a debate. Democrats view Biden as nothing more than a placeholder for Kamala Harris who fits their new identity politics narrative. Biden’s frantic strategists, trying to hold the charade together until election day, have devised the retaliatory strategy of ridiculing President Trump and VP Pence for making trips the Democrats say threaten public health.

Kasich said his conscience compelled him to speak out against President Donald Trump and in support of Biden, stating, “I’ve been a reformer almost all of my life. I’ve been very independent and I’m a Republican but the Republican Party has always been my vehicle but never my master.”

In other words, John Kasich admits he used the Republican Party to further his ambitions.

When he ran for U.S. President in the 2016 Primary Election, Kasich was endorsed by the radically leftwing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic newspaper, an acknowledgment that unquestionably defined him.

Biden’s campaign, meanwhile, has resorted to chastising President Trump and VP Pence for making campaign trips the Democrats foolishly claim threaten public health. President Trump will be in Yuma, Arizona today, no doubt welcomed by cheering supporters.

AZ election “sabotage” claims linked to Dem SOS Hobbs

August 16, 2020

Lunacy of the Soros-led left exposed

The Breitbart report begins with these words:

“Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) accused the Trump administration of attempting to “sabotage” the United States Postal Service ahead of Election Day and is demanding an investigation, as detailed in a letter on Friday to state Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R).”

This is a prime example of what American voters can expect when they elect Socialist Soros’ approved Democrats to office, but especially so when they are in charge of overseeing state elections.

Leftist Katie Hobbs a partisan lackey of Barack Obama, is following the former president’s unfounded attacks, deplorably claiming President Trump is attempting to suppress the vote by “actively kneecap [ing] the postal service.”

The USPS is mired in debt and admits it is unable to verify the timely reliability of mail-in ballots. This letter is identical to those sent to election officials, national governors, and the District of Columbia alerting them to the risks associated with mail-in ballots.

Arrogant Obama is unable to appropriately sideline himself as other past presidents have done once their terms were over. It’s not in his DNA. He also has the same concerns of the majority of Americans about the cognitive fitness and diminished mental clarity of his former Vice President Joe Biden — now heading the Democrat presidential ticket — and wants to ensure Kamala Harris’ contingent presidency.

President Donald Trump is contentiously doing the job Americans overwhelmingly elected him to do. He deserves a second term.