Terrified dems work to obstruct Trump before 2024

August 10, 2022

Democrats are fired up. Not because they have a healthy and vigorous candidate going forward to the 2024 presidential election, but because the man they fear the most is in their cross hairs. Former President Trump became the first president in history to have the now politically motivated FBI raid his home — under the obsessive direction of Biden’s U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, Obama’s recycled, failed Supreme Court nominee. On March 10, 2021, Garland was confirmed as A.G. by a 70 -30 vote in the US Senate. Check out the go-along-to-get-along GOP turncoats.

President Donald Trump was far too effective as he led the nation, overseeing the greatest economy in decades and nominating three conservative justices to the U.S. Supreme Court as this lengthy archived list of accomplishments verifies. Biden has brought us to our knees with record, unrelenting inflation. The New York Post headlines its recent report, “Biden says ‘inflation’ bill funds healthcare, ‘God knows what else’ in bizarre speech.”

The 45th president is viewed by democrat operatives within the current administration as having too much influence with primary voters across the USA, as evidenced by recent primary victories, so there is no ruse too extreme to compromise him.

Ruthless realities point to the fact that Republicans cannot afford to be complacent. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the House Republican Conference chair, called the raid a “dark day in American history” and rightfully accused the Biden administration of “weaponizing the Department of Justice against their political opponents.”  

Early Voting begins Oct.12, 2022. General Election day (in person voting) is November 8, 2022.  Additional information is available HERE.

Pres. Trump: Mar-a-Lago home raided by FBI & UPDATE

August 8, 2022

 Big victories for Trump endorsed Primary Election candidates set stage for obscene Biden authorized FBI raid

This afternoon, we take our readers directly to The Post Millennial which appeared to be the initial news source covering what the 45th president, Donald Trump, has described as, “These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents.” He added, “Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before.”

Trump also compared the FBI search to “an assault that could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries” and also “to the Watergate scandal.”

This is a must-read article, horrific in the selective unannounced, politically motivated raid of the private home of the former president viewed by democrat operatives within the current administration as having too much influence with primary voters across the USA.

To no one’s surprise, Justice Department spokesperson Dena Iverson declined to comment on the search, including about whether U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland had personally authorized the outrageous raid.

When the odor is pungent, Garland never passes the smell test.


On cue, in Tuesday’s edition the biased, Trump-despising, Hillary-endorsing, radically left-wing, local newspaper headlines, “Trump: FBI searched estate,” as if the extraordinary incursion into his home was a figment of President Trump’s imagination.  Included in the banner headlined article were these gems: “The search, which the FBI and Justice Department did not immediately confirm, marks a dramatic escalation in law enforcement scrutiny of Trump and comes amid a separate but intensifying probe into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Trump and his allies immediately sought to cast the search as part of a Democratic effort to keep him from winning another term in 2024, even though the Biden White House said it had no prior knowledge of it.”

Believe this preposterous claim and we’ve got a cut-rate bridge in the Sonoran desert to sell you.

Rodney Glassman: Perpetually losing candidate thanks & threatens

August 8, 2022

Rodney Glassman patterns himself after the Energizer Bunny, with one significant difference. The bunny symbolizes an entity that functions. Glassman, a lifelong democrat who has run for every conceivable office and repeatedly lost, conveniently morphed into a Republican and continues to lose, since GOP voters are onto his deceit. Following this linked post are numerous exposés of the flagrantly deceptive Glassman, who has previously been the darling of pro-abortion Planned Parenthood and endorsed by the radical leftist UFCW union.

In an outlandish attempt to ready himself for yet another foray into political office, losing Glassman has insultingly sent out mass emails absurdly headlined, “Thank You, Arizona,” and received by conservatives who haven’t, won’t and never have supported this shoddily cloaked liberal opportunist.

Dear    ,

I want to personally thank you for your support of my campaign. Over nearly a year, we have grown one of the strongest Attorney General campaigns in Arizona history, with support from every corner of our great state. None of this would have been possible without your continued support.

While the results were not what we hoped for, I am thankful for every vote that we received in the primary election.

I congratulate our Republican nominees and wish them success in November as they work to ensure we don’t lose our state to the radical left.

Again, thank you for your support and your vote in this campaign. The best is yet to come.

Your friend,

Rodney Glassman

This brief response would be an appropriate reply:


Do not assume we are your friend, ever supported or voted for you.  We aren’t, didn’t, haven’t previously and won’t in the future. You are a political opportunist with abundant family wealth to allow you to live lavishly in the Biltmore Estates and continually run for public office, repeatedly losing. You claim, “the best is yet to come.”  Your repeated defeats fulfill that threat.

Do us a favor and return to the democrat party, stop insulting us with your fake claims of conservatism when you accepted Planned Parenthood endorsements and were a willing leftist union pawn who cut your political teeth working for liberal democrat U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva — a job secured for you by your dem donor dad. 

Not your friend,

AZ Conservative Republicans

Trump takes CPAC by storm

August 7, 2022

He’s more popular than ever

Arizona Republicans been so consumed with our primary election and its aftermath, we’ve backburnered the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) being held in Dallas, Texas, featuring this list of speakers. The popular headliner was Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

The big news coming out of the convention, which concludes today, is that Trump won a majority — 69 percent of the vote — in the anonymous straw poll, maintaining his position as the favorite for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

He was followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 24 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) came in third place with 2 percent, while other choices received 1 percent support or less.

Most significant is the former president expanded his lead by 10 points from the February CPAC straw poll when he received the support of 59 percent of voting attendees to DeSantis’ 28 percent.

In a hypothetical poll not featuring Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis held the lead with 65 percent. Donald Trump Jr. came in second place with 8 percent, Ted Cruz came in third with 6 percent.

Former President Trump’s principled message remains consistent: The Republican Party “needs to campaign on a clear pledge that if they are given power, they’re going to fight with everything that they have to shut down the border, stop the crime wave, beat inflation and hold the Biden administration accountable.”

Commit that to memory.

Election losses, wins, front and center amid AZ’s primary election news & UPDATES

August 3, 2022

LATEST UPDATE as of August 5: President Trump’s influence solidifies AZ Governor’s race as Kari Lake beats Karrin Taylor Robson by 2.8% points

With few exceptions, good news resounds in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election. Arizona’s Republican incumbent members of congress — Biggs, Gosar, Lesko and Schweikert — remain popular and as of 10:00 p.m. last night, enough President Trump supporters broke ranks to give Karrin Taylor Robson a 7-point edge over Republicrat contortionist Kari Lake, in the Arizona governor’s race. Lake morphed into a Republican after leaving the party twice before taking a circuitous path of endorsing and supporting Obama — in her initial foray into public office. Trump-endorsed Mark Finchem, a former state legislator, sailed to a smooth primary victory in the race for Secretary of State. This under-the-radar office is next in line of succession to the governor, since Arizona does not have a lieutenant governor.

AZ House Speaker and sculptor, Rusty Bowers, who theatrically testified against Pres. Trump during congress’ recent January 6 hearing, got the drubbing he deserved and will now have ample opportunity to whine as he chisels marble, since his days at the state legislature are not only termed out, they are over. The Arizona GOP executive committee censured Bowers and called on Republican voters to “replace him in the ballot box,” which they did.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich will get to enjoy his retirement instead of spending time in humid or snowy Washington D.C. as a senator.  

Exceptionally well qualified Andy Gould, with prosecutorial and judicial credentials, running for Arizona Attorney General lost to marginal Abe Hamadeh, lacking relevant legal experience while touting his military service. Though commendable, it is not a qualification for being attorney general.

Kimberly Yee, Arizona’s incumbent state treasurer with credentials galore, easily beat back two primary challengers.

Interim Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, a career prosecutor and chief deputy won the primary bringing the office back on an even keel after unfortunate events surrounding her predecessor. Mitchell previously gained national recognition serving as Investigative Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee during the unprecedented and disgraceful 2018 democrat-led confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh for Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff for an unparalleled 6-four-year terms, is a longtime resident of Fountain Hills. He has challenged incumbent Mayor Ginny Dickey.  As of 8:42 AM ET Aug. 4, 2022, the race remains neck-in-neck, separated by 5 points.

Arizona’s Family News Channels 3 and 5 provides this updated list of election results.

Arizona’s general election is Nov. 8, 2022.

2022 AZ Primary Election Results

August 2, 2022

Polls close Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022 at 7 p.m.

Federal, State, and Legislative vote tallies can be seen as they are processed within the highlighted links provided by the office of the Arizona Secretary of State.

Ballotpedia also provides the election results for all major offices on the AZ ballot. CLICK HERE.

Rasmussen AZ GOP 2022 primary survey: Trump-backed candidates lead

August 2, 2022

This poll showing the results of a survey of Republican primary voters was released Friday, July 29, 2022. 

Today is Election Day.  If you haven’t voted early this is your last chance to have your voice heard. 

This Aug. 2, survey, “Biden vs. Trump: Guess Who Wins Rematch?” reflects the unsurprising national voter dissatisfaction with Joe Biden.

Gallup’s survey is even more brutal, as left-leaning MSN headlined, “Joe Biden’s approval rating lowest for any modern president, Gallup poll finds.”

Far leftist “Meathead” Stivic was not acting, he was portraying himself

August 1, 2022

There was a time before the advent of political correctness, when the immensely popular Archie Bunker Show was considered side-splittingly funny. It was irreverent, opinionated and we all laughed at the truisms that were integral to the family that consisted of Archie and Edith Bunker, their daughter Gloria and her husband Michael “Meathead” Stivic, played by Rob Reiner. It was the 1970’s and “All in the Family” was the show to watch.

In the intervening years, humor was replaced by jockeying for the highest level of victimhood and angst. Comedians, once an entertainment staple, are a now rarity.

Reiner was not simply playing an irritating, young ne’er-do-well, left-winger who continually riled conservative Archie, while living rent-free in his in-law‘s home. He was playing himself, a radical propagandist. Now 73, he has taken on the biggest comedic role of his life. He is a fervent Joe Biden supporter, a role enhanced by his visceral hatred of conservatives and Donald Trump, verified by his chronic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Despite the worst economy in decades — previously thriving under President Trump — Reiner does not veer from his virulent leftwingism, proving Archie bestowed the perfect nickname on this less than reputable, sponging son-in-law. In this tweet, Reiner described President Trump and the 63 million Americans who voted for him for president as “racists and white nationalists.”

And all along we thought we were patriotic Americans.

Cloutless newspaper toils in vain to influence votes

July 27, 2022

Arizona voters are gearing up for the Aug. 2, 2022 Primary Election, whether voting early or on Election Day. Pertinent information can be found here. Exercising our rights is an integral part of American freedom. So too, is freedom of the press, enshrined by congress in our First Amendment. The fact is, hard copy news has gone the way of the buggy whip as Associated Press recently admitted. The local newspaper, shriveling in size and filled with disreputable content, remarkably relinquished its reins on pre-election endorsements after infuriated subscribers cancelled in the wake of its Hillary Clinton endorsement. In the aftermath, the Arizona Republic whined that it received death threats following that ill-conceived position. The daily’s more recent tactic is to create an echo chamber of anti-conservatism generally, and anti-Trumpism, specifically, as a reliable arm of the democrat party. Journalists left long ago, replaced by Cronkite J school students and reporters who fit these constricted parameters. As examples, the newspaper that brags about hiring based on ethnicity and gender — they call it diversity and inclusion — has a employee who specializes in “people experiencing homelessness” and another who is unable to type the words “illegal alien,” repeatedly using the word “migrant,“ to describe America’s invaders. The brassiest new tactic is coddling incarcerated criminals while ravaging the Arizona prison system.

The upcoming primary and general elections present unique challenges, since Trump-hatred is so virulent, Trump endorsed candidates become pariahs. With staff dwindling, the two remaining columnists who previously specialized in sap have taken on the mantle of hate-mongers and deceit spewers. A recent pro-abortion column by emaciated leftist E.J. Montini was headlined, “GOP’s goal is complete subjugation of women,” which is not only insulting, it’s untrue. Laurie Roberts whose specialty was exposing the plight of children in tenuous situations, has joined Montini in disparaging Republicans while glorifying democrats — advising the remaining readers not to believe the polls if they don’t align with her leftwing wishful thinking. She conveniently forgets it was Republican governors who appointed her Republican sister Ann Timmer to the Court of Appeals and then as a justice on the Arizona Supreme Court. 

Facts are of no consequence. “It’s the agenda stupid.*

*Bill Clinton’s strategist James Carville coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid,” during the 1992 presidential campaign.

Trump-hating Liz Cheney going down to defeat in Wyoming

July 25, 2022

Recent poll shows Liz Cheney trailing Harriet Hageman 52% to 30%

Those who watched egotistical U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney arrogantly eviscerate former President Trump on Fox’s Sunday morning news show are aware it’s not a leap to conclude her political days are numbered. Cheney was one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump, some who are not running for reelection and others who are facing strong challengers.

Political watchers expect a massive Cheney loss in Wyoming’s August 16, 2022 GOP primary against Trump-endorsed challenger Harriet Hageman who was born, raised and focused her legal career in Wyoming. Liz Cheney, aptly known as a carpetbagger, relocated to the state to run for congress.

Donald Trump’s single biggest win among all the states in 2020 was in Wyoming, with 70% of the voters casting their ballots for him. Verbally thrashing the vigorous president who presided over a stellar economy and high employment is not a winning strategy, especially in Wyoming. The Casper Star-Tribune running a banner headline declaring, “The poll results are in: Hageman holds commanding lead over Cheney,” provides in-depth coverage of the upcoming election. Still, magical thinker Cheney, living in an alternative universe, bizarrely dangles the possibility of a 2024 presidential run.

Just as Arizona elected state committeemen did with John McCain, Jeff Flake and Cindy McCain, the Wyoming Republican Party, in a display of dynamic unity, voted to censure Liz Cheney following Trump’s impeachment, voting last fall to no longer recognize her as a member of the GOP.

Meet Harriet Hageman, check out her Issues page, and send her a donation that will help send Republicrat Liz Cheney back to Wisconsin, D.C., Virginia, Illinois or any number of other places she’s lived before moving to Wyoming for the sole purpose of running for congress — where she does not represent the state’s conservative voters.