Please, Joe…No!!

January 24, 2022

Dem candidates scurry away from Biden, rebuff endorsements

Joe Biden is not just plunging to previously unprecedented polling lows, he has no coattails as the midterm elections approach. 

It’s clear Slo Joe doesn’t comprehend the fact that many candidates aligned with his party consider him a liability. Attempting to appear relevant, Biden finally had a press conference a year into his term.

“We’re going to be out there making sure that we’re helping all of those candidates,” Biden threatened. Exposing his lack of takers, he boasted,  “Scores of them have already asked me to come in and campaign with them, to go out and make the case in plain, simple language as to what it is we’ve done, what we want to do, and why we think it’s important.”

The “scores” go unnamed. Someone should ask Biden about the recent Virginia governor’s race upset in which Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin triumphed over democrat former governor, longtime party operative and DNC chairman, Terry McAuliffe.

Stay home, Joe.  Maybe you can convince “Dr.” Jill to spike the diluted pablum in your sippy cup.

Kyrsten Sinema proves laissez-faire dems aren’t so tolerant after all

January 23, 2022

Former Green Party member Sinema, once adored by leftist AZ Republic newspaper now feels its wrath

If you’re seeing smoke on a no-burn day, rest assured it’s only members of the Arizona democrat party executive committee and the leftist local newspaper fuming as they vent their rage. Early Saturday, the dems passed a resolution to censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in advance of the party’s convention. The cause of their angst? Sinema’s vote to keep the filibuster, a senate tool that has been used effectively since 1837. The filibuster requires 60 votes to end debate and move to a final vote. It doesn’t take much to tick off the dem party elite who want absolute control over U.S. senators toting the democrat label.

In a desperate effort to achieve success, the filibuster has suddenly transmogrified into a tool to limit minority voting rights, which is nothing more than blatant deception on the part of the democrats.

Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate, principled and popular West Virginia democrat, has partnered with Sinema on retaining the filibuster. In this 2021 Op-Ed, ”I will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster,” he wrote to the Washington Post, he explains his rationale. Manchin honed his bipartisan skills as a state legislator and governor.

When Arizona Republican-elected state committeemen voted to censure John McCain in January 2014, it was an honest reaction to his repeated assaults on the party he chose to use to forward his ambitions, as we exposed in, “John McCain: Unfavorite son censured by home state GOP.” Enraged, he retaliated against the party faithful as reported by Politico.

We’ll jumble our metaphors to describe Sinema as a mixed bag of many facets. In 2018 the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper dubbed her “Arizonan of the Year” as we noted in “Kyrsten Sinematic theatre of the absurd.” Do yourself a favor and read it to get a complete handle on the duplicity that drives the desperately failing newspaper.

Biden’s catastrophic first year topped with a post-nap WH speech

January 19, 2022

January 20, 2021: A day to lament

We are just a day away from the first anniversary of sleepy Joe Biden’s presidency. Rather than celebrating, most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, are trying to wrap their arms around the magnitude of the calamity we are enduring — which is sure to worsen.

Today, a meticulously coached Biden, who is unable to veer off his script, is scheduled to give an actual press conference, only the second in the interminable year. Staying alert and on-topic should be a monumental task. It is scheduled, according to this White House announcement, at 4:00 PM (ET), presumably after his afternoon nap.

January 20 is a day for reflection, when we pause to wonder how we went so quickly from a flourishing economy, record employment, construction of the much needed border wall, energy independence, and a power position on the world stage to staggering inflation, empty grocery shelves and sticker-shock prices on available commodities. The price of gasoline rose 58.1% in the 12 months ending in November according to the most recent inflation data published December 10, 2021, by the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Crime has also spiraled under the Biden administration as Soros-funded elected prosecutors release criminals back onto the streets after dropping charges. The pandemic Biden claimed to be able to halt has, instead, bred new variants. Radically left-wing Teacher’s unions have fought reopening schools, though American children, who are not virus spreaders, have fallen behind their global counterparts. Based on Biden’s weakness, Iran is once again flexing its nuclear muscle, while the administration remains silent.

These disasters are only the tip of the Biden iceberg. If you care about your family, community, state and nation, vote Republican on every level…and be certain you aren’t being conned by a newly-minted, conservative poser. The walls are irreparably closing in.

Biden sinks in polls: Dems fear he’ll negatively impact midterms

January 18, 2022

A newly released Gallup poll indicates Joe Biden’s administration’s failures have given a significant boost to the Republican Party.

Americans’ political party preference during 2021 shifted from democrat to Republican in the largest move since Gallup began regularly measuring party identification in 1991.

In an extraordinary plunge, democrats went from a nine-percentage-point advantage in the first quarter of 2021 to a five-point reduction trailing Republicans in the fourth quarter, Gallup reported Monday.

According to the non-partisan polling organization a total of 49% of Americans identified themselves as democrat in last year’s first quarter, but that has plummeted to 42% in the final quarter. Survey respondents identifying as Republican increased from 40% to 47% during the same period.

Two months ago, (Nov.18, 2021) Gallup titled its coverage, “Biden Approval Ratings Mostly Underwater“ It’s worsened since then as Americans react to the democrat’s outrageous and unsustainable $trillions of spending and runaway inflation. Soaring crime rates, flagrantly open border policies, and the continued virus (now with “variants“), which Biden campaigned on “shutting down,” all point to Biden’s inabilities to effectively govern. Frail Biden even fell asleep at a global climate summit and during a meeting with Israel’s prime minister.

Seventy-six percent of those surveyed January 12, by Quinnipiac University pollsters said they think political instability in the United States is a bigger danger than foreign threats.

A startling majority of those polled — 58 percent — said they think the nation’s democracy is in danger of collapse. Only thirty-seven percent disagreed.

Real Clear Politics is known for its polling aggregators. The one known as State of the Union shows ‘Biden’s Job Approval Ratings’ as well as the ‘Direction of the Country.’

Slo Joe Biden is not up to any aspect of the job of president of the United States. Thank the democrats you know.

Trump comes to town, lets conservatives down

January 16, 2022

Republicrat Kari Lake endorsement is a monumental fail

Drawing an enormous crowd of energized supporters, as only he can do, former President Donald Trump held his first 2022 rally in Florence, Arizona, at the Canyon Moon Ranch festival grounds.

Although there is still speculation he will run for president again, a large percentage of his loyalists believe he remains most effective as an energizing force to keep Republican candidates on topic and point to his multiple successes that need to be replicated. During Trump’s administration, the economy soared and employment was at a record high. He was constructing the border wall he had promised as a candidate and appointed a record number of judges to the federal bench and three justices — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — to the U.S. Supreme Court, comprising a conservative majority.

As president, his style was unique but effective. America was once again elevated on the world stage. He engendered a loyal following that still exists as evidenced by the massive crowd he drew Saturday.The Heavy has photos, although its estimated crowd size is thousands lower than we saw. Since there was no coliseum-style seating, it was difficult to get photos without professional equipment.

Energy ran high throughout the event. The single, but “huge” disappointment was Trump’s endorsement of former TV anchor, teleprompter reading, Kari Lake in Arizona’s governor’s race. Now a Republican, the party switching, generous donor to John Kerry and Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns is a standout for her lack of ability to run the state of Arizona. Trump cannot possibly know each of the candidates he endorses, and in this case he obviously got disastrous advice.

Here is Kari Lake, who claims to be pro-life, endorsing pro-abortion Merrick Garland for the U.S. Supreme Court when Obama tried (and failed) to slip him in as a last minute nominee to replace conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, who mysteriously died while on a hunting trip. Garland was resurrected as the U.S. Attorney General by feeble Biden’s handlers. Among his first acts was suing the state of Texas over its newly implemented abortion law.

These are a few revealing posts about unqualified, teleprompter reader Kari Lake:

July 26, 2021: Conservative” AZ Gov candidate Kari Lake was an Obama democrat. Major new video added

Aug. 3, 2021: GOP hating newspaper promotes former dem Kari Lake as GOP governor. New video explains why

Sept. 23, 2021: Fake “conservative” Guv candidate Kari Lake’s moral compass is broken

Sept. 29, 2021: Pres. Trump gets bad advice in AZ Gov’s race

Oct. 3, 2021: Fake conservative Kari Lake fails trying to speak Republicanese

Oct. 27, 2021: Merrick Garland supporter Kari Lake goes mute as he mobilizes FBI against parents

Freedom to Cheat Act: Left craves total fed takeover of elections

January 15, 2022

Lacking evidence, radical dems push farce of voter suppression

The latest deceit emanating from the dems is that voting is denied to vast numbers of Americans, although the U.S. Constitution addressed this in 1870. The local newspaper, which functions as an arm of the democrat party recently headlined a biased report, “AZ students restart hunger strike for voting bill.” The missing word before students is “ignorant.”

The nearly 600-page, fraudulently-named, Freedom to Vote Act empowers election day registration along with expansion of vote-by-mail and early voting. It also restricts removing voters from voter rolls regardless of whether they have moved or are no longer eligible voters prior to elections. It also requires all states to implement on-line voter registration. Felons are welcomed as voters. And for good measure, it also establishes Election Day as a paid federal holiday. Both of Arizona’s dem senators were co-sponsors of, and voted for, passage of the devious bill. The legislation is named for the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis to give it heft, contrived to expand voting rights for black Americans, which are already guaranteed by the Fifteenth Amendment.

Today we bring our readers “The Freedom to Cheat Act: The Radical Left’s Latest Attempt to Undermine Our Democracy,” a must-read article by Ken Blackwell. (Impressive bio under link).

Another enlightening commentary appearing in National Review is “‘Voting Rights’ Has Become a Meaningless Political Slogan,” by Charles C. W. Cooke. They are both informative articles. The few minutes of reading provide a greater sense of the deception passing as fact by the democrat party.

REMINDER TO OUR READERS: In accordance with our 2020 established policy, the word “democrat” or its derivatives will no longer be capitalized on this site. The exception is when the word is capitalized in quotes or beginning a sentence.

Dem’s filibuster duplicity intends to deceive

January 13, 2022

NY Post: The only reason to kill the filibuster: to empower Democrats

Today we veer from our usual practice of writing a post, and take our readers directly to those that are topical and describe the dem’s deceit as it relates to the filibuster they are suddenly so keen to remove from the legislative process. 

Written by Art Moore and posted on WND, “GOP senator’s pro-filibuster speech entirely from past Schumer remarks,” provides clarity to the topic that many Americans struggle to fully grasp and the democrats vulgar trickery as they make use of the process they chide us for protecting. For further background, we encourage reading, “Why Preserving the Legislative Filibuster Is Critical for Conservatives,” by Rachel Bovard, previously published on the Heritage Foundation website. It presents additional  insight on this crucial topic.

Democrats are suddenly committed to eliminating a fundamental tool they have repeatedly used, yet attach nefarious schemes to the GOP wanting to maintain the filibuster. Breitbart News earlier exposed which party has actually used the process most frequently. Its report is headlined, “Report: Democrats Used Filibuster 327 Times While Republicans Used It Once in 2020.”

The New York Post editorialized, “The effort to undo the Senate’s legislative filibuster is an un-American, Constitution-eroding, radical play to nationalize politics by empowering slim and fleeting majorities to institute wide-ranging, generational policies.”

Lots to read here today, but all critically important.  As we’ve said, “knowledge is power.” That concept is more true now than ever before. We are living in perilous times.

Matt Salmon’s governor’s office retry is a fool’s errand

January 12, 2022

Matt Salmon is running again. He began his political career in the state senate in 1990. Then running for congress from a Mesa-based district, he was elected to three 2-year terms, retiring to honor his term-limit pledge. That opened the door for the aptly named Jeff Flake, a McCain clone, to succeed him. In 2002 Salmon ran for governor, losing to democrat Janet Napolitano. She then left the governor’s post mid-term to join Barack Obama’s administration.

Next in line of succession* was Secretary of State Jan Brewer, which is why the mundane post is so popular.

Salmon’s history of commitment isn’t much better than Napolitano‘s. Salmon was a U.S. Rep. from 1995 to 2001 and again from 2013 until 2017, not a difficult task, running from the East Valley, where his roots run deep. The governor’s race is statewide. He lost it previously. As a member of the LDS church, which advocates healthy lifestyles and disparages smoking, Matt Salmon was President of the Electronic Cigarette Association, where he peddled vaping to young people.

In the intervening years, he was reported to have earned $336,090 yearly as of 2018, as the chief lobbyist for Arizona State University, notably supporting the China-financed Confucius Institute. This Jan. 2022 list shows a much slimmer list of participants and ASU appears to have ditched its program, which likely accounts for unemployed Salmon running again.

Matt Salmon still chasing AZ governor dream…when not backing China,” provides additional background.

Now, as he once again aspires to be Arizona governor, he has a unique campaign tactic. It includes incessantly emailing lists of his supporters, including many sporting the titles “retired“ and “former.” There is also a long list titled, “Women for Salmon Coalition,”  whose white letters on a red background appearance resembles the nefarious “Republicans for Napolitano.” The similarity stops there. Salmon’s women’s coalition is more likely to be drawn from a Relief Society list.

Salmon’s time has come and gone. His political aspirations have hit a roadblock. He might have had better luck running for secretary of state, which has frequently provided a direct route to the governor‘s office:

*In 1977 Wesley Bolin, Arizona’s longest serving secretary of state with 28 consecutive years on the job, succeeded Gov. Raul Castro who left midterm to become ambassador to Argentina. Bolin served less than five months before suffering a fatal heart attack. The next in line of succession was Attorney General Bruce Babbitt, later elected to two full terms.

In 1988 Secretary of State Rose Mofford succeeded impeached Gov. Evan Mecham. Jane Hull followed the same route in 1997 after Gov. Fife Symington resigned due to a felony conviction —  which was later reversed. Gov. Jan Brewer was secretary of state when she completed Janet Napolitano’s term in 2009 when she resigned to join the Obama administration.

In Arizona, the secretary of state’s office provides a never-ending, high stakes political version of musical chairs.

Leftist lunacy invades NYC elections: Voting non-citizens is ‘best choice’

January 11, 2022

If you thought former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was dreadful, meet the newly elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who pledges to “reduce inequality.” Among his schemes, Adams has allowed the “Our City Our Vote” measure to become law, giving approximately 800,000 non-citizens the right to vote in municipal elections. The ultimate goal of the scheme is the grateful voters will permanently increase the size of the democrat party’s footprint.

The exact language of the bill is inaccessible, though numerous sites provide radical reasons why illegal aliens should be able to vote in NYC’s elections.

The New York Post tweeted, ‘Mayor Eric Adams says allowing non-citizens to vote for NYC elections is ‘best choice.’

Adams is wrong. Citizenship confers certain privileges. The right to vote is one of them.

MC Justices of the Peace: Diversity prioritized

January 10, 2022

Although some JP’s have law degrees, others just have a pulse

In a report on Maricopa County’s 26 Justice Courts, the local newspaper has, predictably, tossed credentials aside in order to highlight what it considers most important. Headlined “Maricopa County Justice Courts lead way on representation,” the focus is not on anything even slightly resembling legal knowledge or background. The newspaper’s spotlight shines brightly on “diversity.” Don’t be lulled into thinking this includes diverse ways of addressing the cases that appear before the courts, but rather on the immutable characteristics of the justices of the peace, themselves — genetic factors over which they have no control, but it plays so well into the focus of the failing newspaper.

Ethnicity and gender are always front-and-center issues for the seriously ailing newspaper. Impartially reporting news is backburnered to advancing its leftist messages. This crucial point is all the more evident in the three page article about the JP Courts, which focuses on the purple hair and youth of one JP, who claims her race and appearance puts defendants at ease. She was 24 when she first ran for her job. Another standout is referred to as a Navajo “Two-spirit,” an “indigenous gender-identity that embraces both masculine and feminine spirits.” A former state legislator who ran a gay bar carrying his last name is also featured.

Though justice court judges can oversee civil cases up to $10,000, DUI charges and misdemeanor cases, their qualifications are minimal. In layman’s terms all that’s required is a pulse. According to the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, a registered voter in Arizona, reside in the justice court precinct and understand the English language. They are paid a percentage of the salary of a Superior Court judge, along with benefits. JP’s base salaries, excluding weddings for which they are also paid, are over $100,000. Benefits are in addition to the base pay. The types of cases they handle are outlined on