McCain: I won’t run again — as if it were an option

May 1, 2018

No, it’s not a joke, though the slavishly obsequious report stretches credulity. The McCain toadies at the Arizona Republic bring news of John McCain’s new book, “The Restless Wave,” scheduled for a May 22 release. The title evokes visions of female navy members McCain might have pursued during his youthful escapades.

Now 81 and diagnosed with an aggressive and deadly form of brain cancer by his Mayo Clinic neurosurgeons in July 2017. No one has heard his voice, though his wife and daughter assure us he‘s making an “amazing recovery.” In one of his last public appearances in the U.S. Senate, he cast the deciding vote against the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, and was cheered by Democrats while stunning Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who had held off the vote to accommodate McCain due to the razor thin Republican edge. McCain didn’t say a word, but voted a Caligula-like thumbs down. (19-second video.)

The book, like other McCain titles, was written by his former chief of staff, Mark Salter, who dutifully takes second billing. McCain’s staffers, who have worked in his stead posting press releases, tweets, (currently unavailable according to his office) and issuing contrived floor statements, giving the semblance of smooth sailing to a rudderless office. They wait anxiously for word that they can move past putting up a false front, although the money is good  (place cursor over salary to see the full amount) and the job is not strenuous.

“This is my last term,” the 81-year-old McCain concedes in the memoir. “I’m freer than colleagues who will face the voters again.”

McCain, who ran as a Republican and spent his decade’s long career colluding with the most liberal of Democrats, even voting to confirm liberals to the federal judiciary and other key posts, preposterously states, “I can speak my mind without fearing the consequences much. And I can vote my conscience without worry. I don’t think I’m free to disregard my constituents’ wishes, far from it. I don’t feel excused from keeping pledges I made. Nor do I wish to harm my party’s prospects. But I do feel a pressing responsibility to give Americans my best judgment.”

Longtime Arizonans have yet to see evidence of what might constitute his “best judgment.” He has taken potshots at President Trump at every opportunity, even hand-carrying to then FBI Director, James Comey, what turned out to be a phony anti-Trump “dossier,” in a blatant attempt to discredit the president.

SRAZ has referred to Arizona’s Senior Senator by the acronym of ASS. A venomous viper, ASP might be more accurate.

McCain, who has unethically lied about his political opponents, implausibly now complains about the nation’s “decline in civility.” John Sidney McCain, III, has made a lack of civility the  hallmark of his overly long career.


AZ Special Election Congressional Dist. 8 results & more

April 24, 2018

 We’ve got what you’re looking for —  and the back story

Beginning at 8:00 pm tonight, the Secretary of State’s automatically updating election results can be viewed HERE.

Congressional District 8 has 455,660 registered voters, residing in 143 precincts within Maricopa County. The Republican stronghold district was previously represented by conservative Congressman Trent Franks, first elected in 2002.

Republican Debbie Lesko is running to replace him. A well respected pro-life legislative leader who supports President Donald Trump, she has served in both the Arizona House and Senate and was Senate President Pro-Tempore. Lesko has amassed an impressive list of endorsements.

Hiral Tipirneni is a liberal Democrat who has played fast and loose with the truth in campaign ads showing her in scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck, at a patient’s bedside. In fact, she has not practiced medicine since 2007, after a serious medical malpractice charge was brought against her.

“It’s disingenuous,” said Jack Pandol, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. “Hiral wants voters to believe she’s something other than who she really is: a former physician sued for malpractice who turned to a cushy job making millions hawking Obamacare instead.” 

Philip Wegmann reporter for The Washington Examiner tweets Hiral Tipirneni’s deceit was outed by her Apple Watch, worn in the campaign ad. He writes, “Apple came out with the original watch in 2015.

Tipirneni hasn’t treated a patient since 2007.”

SRAZ is calling the race for Debbie Lesko by at least 10 points.

And the winnah is…..DEBBIE LESKO

With early ballots counted, Republican former state Senator Debbie Lesko has been declared the winner over Democrat challenger Hiral Tipirneni —-  proving baseless smear campaigns don’t resonate with knowledgeable voters.. Early ballots show Lesko carrying 52.9% of the vote to Tipirneni’s 47.1%.

Yuma, AZ picked romaine lettuce linked to E. coli

April 21, 2018

Life-threatening complications include kidney failure

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has expanded its warning about an E. coli outbreak connected to romaine lettuce to cover all forms of romaine, including whole heads and hearts of romaine grown in the Yuma, Arizona, growing area. A previous warning was limited to chopped forms of romaine, including salads and salad mixes. 

CDC based the new warning on eight new cases of acute gastroenteritis at a correctional facility in Nome, Alaska, that appear to be connected to the current outbreak affecting 53 people in 16 states. Thirty-one of those have been hospitalized, the CDC said, and although no one has died, five people have developed a type of kidney failure called hemolytic uremic syndrome. This map details the cases by state.

According to the CDC, “E. coli are a diverse family of bacteria that can be found in the intestines of people and animals.”  This information leads us to ask how sanitary are the conditions in the fields where the laborers are picking crops?  Do they have bathroom facilities with soap, running water and antiseptic hand spray or wipes? What do you think? Given the likely circumstances it’s surprising there aren’t more serious disease outbreaks.

From the U.S. Food & Drug Administration:

The symptoms of Shiga toxin-producing (STEC) E. coli infections vary for each person but often include severe stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea. If there is fever, it is usually not very high (less than 101 degrees Fahrenheit /less than 38.5 degrees Celsius). Most people get better within 5–7 days. Some infections are very mild, but others are severe or even life-threatening.

Around 5–10 percent of those who are diagnosed with STEC infection develop a potentially life-threatening complication, known as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

Symptoms of HUS include fever, abdominal pain, feeling very tired, decreased frequency of urination, small unexplained bruises or bleeding, and pallor. Most people with HUS recover within a few weeks, but some suffer permanent damage or die. People who experience these symptoms should seek emergency medical care immediately. Persons with HUS should be hospitalized because their kidneys may stop working (acute renal failure), but they may also develop other serious problems such as hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and neurologic problems.

Read the complete updated report here.

AZ Conservative conference attendees threatened with hormone dosing at Starbucks

March 26, 2018

With the outrageous spectacle of an unread $1.3 trillion spending bill signed into law, the brash and under educated anti-Second Amendment marchers sucking up air, and a yawn inducing aging porn star desperately seeking attention and cash —- all dominating the news, this story might have been missed.

Never forget liberals are hard at work. Whether in D.C., being sidled up to by a desperate-for-ratings ancient prime time show or colluding with radicals to destroy our Constitutional freedoms, the agenda driven crowd keeps itself busy.  So busy, in fact, this deserving of coverage story was consigned to an indifferent dismissal status.

The highly anticipated Western Conservative Conference, featuring a star-studded array of conservative leaders, was held at the Phoenix Convention Center this past weekend.

The report concerns a woman allegedly posing as a Starbucks employee at the Convention Center who tweeted this blatant threat to slip estradiol (female hormone) pills into the coffee of convention attendees. The prescription drug has numerous side affects and is not intended to be given as a lark.

Aaron Klein writing for Breitbart News covers the creepy saga.

Fearing the flu, McCain stays in Cornville

February 9, 2018

We finally have an answer regarding John McCain’s month’s long absence from Washington, D.C.  According to his refined daughter Meghan, it has nothing to do with what his Mayo doctors described as Stage 4 glioblastoma, “a particularly aggressive” form of brain cancer, diagnosed in July. In fact, she tells Stephen Colbert he’s made acrazy, amazing recovery.’

Meghan says it’s the fear of contracting the flu that is keeping the 81-year-old away from his senate office, claiming he continues to stay actively involved in events and sends out numerous tweets from his compound in Cornville, AZ. Recently that location has been described as the more upscale Sedona, though having a ranch in rural, adjoining Cornville is nothing to turn up one’s nose at.  He is also a co-sponsor of yet another of his attempts to grant citizenship to illegals. This time he’s ditched his ‘Gang of Eight’ liberals and Republicrats and is partnering with Delaware Democrat Chris Coons on his signature issue of putting nearly 2 million illegals above American citizens and increasing the Democrat voting base, ultimately rendering Republicans to Whig status.

The reason to oppose this latest amnesty scheme have not varied from this 2013 list put out by FAIR.— the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Lies easily spew from McCain’s mouth. Few will forget this con job when he was in campaign mode. Jeff Flake engaged in the same flagrant deceit when elections rolled around. Dropping his senate reelection due to abysmally low polling numbers, Flake now spends his time auditioning for a job on one of the alphabet networks, who will happily hire a GOP defector.

The fact is, it is the staff of Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) who are acting in his stead, turning to Twitter (like the President he so reviles) to announce the latest machinations to push through what they dishonestly refer to as a “bi-partisan immigration compromise.” The seriously ill McCain is not staying out of D.C. due to fear of the flu.  This is another trickery being peddled by his mostly left leaning ideologues providing themselves cover and paychecks in his auto-pilot office.

McCain, Flake and Gosar: A study in contrasts

February 3, 2018

Irrelevant McCain and Flake both side with Democrats on Memo

The long awaited Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) document detailing anti-Trump collusion and biases at the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation has been released. The reactions to the memo from members of Arizona’s congressional contingent couldn’t be more dissimilar.

Arizona U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-CD 4) took to Twitter boldly using the “T” word, to unequivocally state FBI activity detailed in the document is, “not just evidence of incompetence but clear and convincing evidence of treason.”

Referencing the operatives who authorized the surveillance warrant, Gosar says he will co-author a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking for “criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation.”

Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) unable to return to Washington DC as he battles an aggressive form of brain cancer, is somehow able to send out leftwing messages, sounding as though they emanated directly from the Democrat playbook — leaving many to wonder if his ghost writer is Chuck Schumer. Jeff Flake, Obama’s BFF and McCain’s doppelganger, joined his McMentor  blasting Republicans for wanting to expose the truth. Both Arizona senators are irrelevant — McCain through illness and Jeff Flake by virtue of heeding his bottom dragging polls and opting out of a second senate race, rather than face humiliation.

Meanwhile,ASS’s daughter, Meghan, chatting affably with radical leftist Stephen Colbert, uses a profanity-laced message to relate she would have a hard time not voting for Joe Biden for President. She also contends her father has miraculously made a ‘crazy amazing recovery’ from Stage 4 brain cancer.

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because he is so resilient in so many different ways,” she added. “He’s a tough bastard. I hope he comes back to Washington soon, because I would like to see him go up against Trump a little more.”

No thumbs down on tax bill: McCain to miss vote

December 18, 2017

An increasingly frail John McCain has returned to Arizona after being hospitalized for several days. He is reported to be recovering from various side effects related to the chemotherapy he has received to treat what his doctors have referred to as an “aggressive” form of brain cancer. McCain will spend the holidays with his family and will not be on hand for the final vote on the GOP tax package — expected to take place this week. His office optimistically reports he will return to Washington in January.

A joint statement released Sunday night by McCain’s senate office and his doctor describes his current health situation:

Dr. Mark Gilbert, Chief of Neuro-Oncology at the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Cancer Institute, said McCain,”has responded well to treatment he received at Walter Reed Medical Center for a viral infection and continues to improve. An evaluation of his underlying cancer shows he is responding positively to ongoing treatment.”

His office said the 81-year-old McCain “will undergo continued treatment at the [Scottsdale] Mayo Clinic:”

During the vote to repeal and replace Obamacare, which was delayed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell until Arizona’s Senior Senator could participate, he entered the chamber, and seeking maximum effect, dramatically thrust his thumb down in a manner emulating Roman emperor Caligula, denying life to pleading gladiators in the Colosseum. The so-called “skinny repeal”was dealt a devastating blow, and failed with his stunning vote, in which he joined the Democrats and two other RINOs Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.