Day 1: Biden’s exec orders reverse Trump policies, feeds dems red meat

January 21, 2021

The Biden team will put “racial justice and equity at the center of our agenda.”

— Susan Rice, incoming White House domestic policy adviser

Fox News details the mandates under the headline, “Biden to sign 17 executive actions, orders to reverse Trump policies, restore Obama-era programs on first day.”

Among the 17 initial reversals of current policies, with a vow of more to come, Biden said he will rescind Trump’s plans to withdraw the U.S. from the [duplicitous] World Health Organization, the U.N.’s public health arm. He has directed Dr. Anthony Fauci, (astonishingly disturbing photo link showing Fauci’s more than a doctor) with addressing WHO’s executive board today.

The man behind the curtain isn’t the Wizard of Oz. It’s Barack Ozbama.

2020: Sending joyous Christmas wishes to our readers

December 25, 2020

May the peace and goodwill of this season be with us all. We express our gratitude to our service personnel, many stationed far from their own families, who ensure our countless freedoms and ask for blessings on President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania, and their entire family.

There’s no denying this has been an unprecedented year, dealing with a deadly global virus that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and negatively impacting the historically best economy our nation has seen. For the first time ever, we have witnessed an election many consider fraudulent, based on numerous questionable practices brilliantly enumerated here by Patrick Basham.

We pray that 2021 will not continue to challenge us, and God shines his blessings on America.

Seeing Red AZ

AZ Republic: Potent reminder that fake news is real

December 13, 2020

Holiday spirit is replaced by raw animosity

In the Sunday Dec. 13, 2020 edition of Arizona’s failing newspaper,* the following headlines exemplify the Trump-hatred that is its driving force:

“Trumpism is unlikely to be an enduring ideology”

“After Trump, What does GOP stand for?”

“Conservative gadfly exactly what Phoenix doesn’t need”

(This is written by editorialist Elvia Diaz about fellow Hispanic Nicole Garcia who had the temerity to run for a Phoenix City Council seat as a Republican.)

In the article headlined, “Vaccine begins arriving around nation Mondayapproval kicks off huge logistical operation.” President Trump, who expedited “Operation Warp Speed,” bringing together doctors, scientists and industry executives to quickly develop and distribute a safe and effective vaccine, is given a single mention. Vice President Mike Pence who led the Coronavirus Task Force is ignored.

Then there is the radical leftist EJ Montini’s column titled, “Lighting the way through our dog days.” Mistaking it for another of his hateful efforts to denigrate Republicans in general and President Trump in particular, the theme was actually about deviously taking his faithful dog to the vet to be euthanized. This would only be worthy of space in the extremist newspaper that would like to figure a way to accomplish that deadly act en masse on Trump supporting Americans.

Tired of having your intelligence insulted? If you still subscribe to the Trump-hating, conservative loathing Arizona Republic, it’s past time to cancel. Call 1-800-332-6733.

*H/T Phoenix Business Journal

Los Angeles typifies the horror of dems in control

December 4, 2020

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has issued an edict that should make us all glad we don’t live in democrat controlled California. The open borders proponent, reacting to the COVID-19 virus has now banned bicycle riding and walking outdoors, telling residents of the city, “It’s time to cancel everything.”

Read Garcetti’s newly revised 12-page list of mandates and restrictions.

Garcetti’s election mandate was underwhelming. Though he was re-elected with 81.4% of the vote in 2017, voter turnout was only 20%. A democrat, he carried the endorsement of the radical United Teachers Los Angeles union (UTLA) which donates exclusively to leftists* and supports defunding the police, Medicare for all, increased taxation, redistribution of wealth, including allocating unspecified $billions to illegal aliens and placing a moratorium on charter schools, which provide parents an educational alternative to the failing public schools.

The union, which is currently fighting reopening schools, includes 35,000 teachers who represent more than 1,000 schools, which includes most of the city of Los Angeles. The second-largest teachers union in the nation, it now declares they are “grieving and outraged and have an obligation to act” incorporating a BLM curriculum in K-12 schools to eradicate what UTLA refers to as “deeply ingrained racism.”

Schools have become a fertile ground for indoctrinating and propagandizing school children with extremist views, when they need to learn to read, write, be proficient in math, learn geography and revere the magnificent history of America’s founding that uniquely sets us apart, making the USA the dream destination for so many.

*Center for Responsive Politics.

Joe Biden fractures foot: “Hey, man,” no questions

November 30, 2020

Leaving a secure basement bunker can be hazardous

Americans are being told Joe Biden fractured his right foot while playing with one of his dogs Saturday. The injury discovered in a scan Sunday will require him to wear a walking boot for several weeks, according to his doctor.

Claiming the injury occurred while playing with his dog certainly carries more panache than saying the feeble senior citizen stumbled and fell.

Biden is a barely walking testament to modern medicine. He previously suffered a brain aneurysm. During surgery, doctors found a second aneurysm that had not bled, which they also treated. While hospitalized for that surgery, he was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism, causing a medical team to insert an “inferior vena cava filter,” to prevent future blood clots from reaching the heart and lungs. He was then put on oral anti-coagulants.

He’s had several non-melanoma skin cancer lesions surgically removed and has sinus and nasal surgeries. Biden takes a statin to control his cholesterol levels and blood thinners to prevent the most troubling risks, blood clots or stroke. Since 2003, Biden has had persistent episodes of atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat.

Biden’s gallbladder was removed. He’s had multiple surgeries and physical therapy treatments for orthopedic injuries. Biden had surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia a major cause of urinary incontinence. This 2019 medical summary was previously released by Kevin C. O’Connor, D.O., Biden‘s primary care physician.

It defies logic that Dr. O’Connor concluded Biden is “a healthy, vigorous, 77-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

Inauguration day is Jan. 20, 2021. If Biden — who has increasingly exhibited cognitive difficulties,*(must watch brief videos) is sworn in, after voter certification and the Electoral College votes — at age 78, he would be the oldest president in American history. Kamala Harris must be eagerly anticipating Joe’s next playful jostle with his dog.

Biden has had numerous irritable exchanges with reporters and voters when pressed about his age and health in recent months.

Asked by a reporter whether he would release his medical records, Biden said he would, paused, then in true wing-nut fashion, challenged: “What health concerns, man? You wanna wrestle?”

While campaigning in Iowa, Biden had a tense go with a voter, who said he was 83-years-old and did not have the mental faculties that he did when he was younger. The voter challenged Biden over his age and questioned him about his son Hunter’s nefarious and lucrative business dealings in Ukraine.

Biden responded, “The reason I’m running is because I’ve been around a long time and I know more than most people know. And I can get things done. That’s why I’m running. if you want to check my shape, let’s do push-ups together, man. Let’s run, let’s do whatever you wanna do. Let’s take an IQ test.”

* H/T PJ Media: “The Top 5 Worst Moments From Biden’s Trainwreck Interview”

Ballot Propositions 207 and 208 deserve NO votes

October 9, 2020

Social and economic disasters on the ballot

Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) is a pro-family, pro-life organization and a trustworthy source when it comes to Arizona elections. Each election cycle CAP puts out a voter guide, which many conservatives have come to rely upon.

SRAZ is proud to take our readers directly to the website. CAP’s in-depth review of the often confusing Ballot Propositions will clarify the issues. Take a few minutes to get informed:

Prop 207 deserves a NO vote. The latest news on this proposition provides more information.  Join with these organizations, Arizona leaders, elected officials and faith leaders who are outspoken opponents of the measure.

This is the link to the 17-page, misleadingly titled, “Smart and Safe Arizona Act.” In actuality, it is the legalization of recreational marijuana that will target our kids and imperil safety.

Prop 208, also deserving of a NO vote is an education funding farce. In fact, it is a permanent and massive tax increase, unmatched in Arizona history, placing Arizona in the top 10 states for highest income tax along with California and New York. It will negatively affect small businesses, harming our already struggling economy in a COVID-19 era.

Get the facts on Prop. 208.

This is a list of Arizona Chambers of Commerce, elected leaders and small business associations that oppose this oppressive taxing authorization. Find out the truth about who’s financing this costly tax hike effort and how they’re leveraging federal tax dollars to mount the campaign to permanently separate Arizona taxpayers from incalculable sums of their money.

Seeing Red AZ includes this April 27, 2018 post that is separate from Center for Arizona Policy. The last two paragraphs detail the $ multimillions teachers unions contribute to Democrat politicians and the permanent school funding sources, in addition to their recent 20% pay increase and the continual school budget overrides.

Pres. Trump, First Lady test positive for COVID-19, MD’s give video update

October 3, 2020

Democrats display vile hostility

President Trump tested positive for the coronavirus early Friday morning, and spent the night at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he received the drug remdesivir after experiencing mild symptoms. He did not require supplemental oxygen. Before he was transported to the hospital, the president announced his diagnosis in a tweet and said that he and First Lady Melania Trump, who also tested positive, would quarantine together. In an abundance of caution, he was hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Democrats reacted as would be expected:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis is “tragic” and “very sad,” but predictable, given his frequent contact with crowds.

“This is tragic, it’s very sad, but it also is something that again going into crowds unmasked… was a brazen invitation for something like this to happen,” she mocked.

CNN’s Jake Tapper slammed President Trump following his announcement that he and First Lady Melania tested positive for coronavirus.

“Make no mistake, this was not just reckless behavior, this was a demonstration of a wanton disregard for human life,” Tapper claimed.

The same network’s Jim Acosta, who has never concealed his aggressive hostility toward the president, garnered well deserved ridicule after tweeting about President Trump not taking questions as he was boarding Marine One en route to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Govtrack provides the continually updating list of members of Congress who are or have been quarantined, tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in contact with an infected person. Currently there are 72 people on the list.

President Trump plans to continue his day-to-day duties from Walter Reed while he convalesces for the next few days.

White House physician Sean Conley and his medical team provided this morning’s update on the president’s condition.

It begins 42 minutes into the video.

Republican McSally reassures voters with healthcare vote

October 2, 2020

Symbolic vote counters challenger Kelly’s deceitful allegations

Arizona’s lone Republican Senator Martha McSally is in a closely watched  race. She’s being challenged by Democrat Mark Kelly, a far-left gun control advocate who organized the anti-Second Amendment Giffords PAC, specifically aimed at electing other like-minded restrictionists. Mark Kelly has nefarious ties to China and Socialist multi-billionaire donor, pro-open border George Soros, who has made no secret of his desire to reconfigure the United States and our criminal justice system. Soros works through his Open Society Foundation for the ultimate eradication of national sovereignty.

It should be a no-brainer for those who are paying attention. Yet Arizona has become a battleground state with one of our senate seats already in the Democrat  column, after foul-mouthed Kyrsten Sinema, a former Communist supporter, Green Party candidate, and Obama ally worked overtime to reconfigure herself into a soft-spoken moderate.

McSally, a retired Air Force Colonel who was the first woman to lead a fighter squadron into combat should be ahead by a mile. The U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, with credential galore, is behind in fundraising due to Soros’ money spigot and John McCain’s former associates shoveling donations at nefarious Democrat challenger Mark Kelly as reported by The Washington Examiner.

The differences between the two are stark. McSally has an A rating with the NRA. Kelly has an F. She has been unequivocally” endorsed by Pres. Trump, who had her on stage with him at his massive pre-pandemic rally in February.

This is Mark Kelly, exposed as a friend of America-hating, anti-Semitic, Ilhan Omar.

Thursday, in a muscle-flexing vote, Senate Democrats attempted to cut off the Trump administration’s support for a Supreme Court challenge to Obamacare. It failed as expected though six Republicans facing challenging reelections crossed party lines to back the measure.

Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ), attempting to counter Democrat Mark Kelly’s relentless campaign deceit that she has voted against insuring Arizonans with preexisting conditions backed the cloture measure to proceed  — which garnered 51-43 votes, short of the 60 votes needed to advance. Six senators did not vote. This is the voice vote tally

Pres. Trump expands list of possible SCOTUS picks

September 10, 2020

Yet another reason to support the reelection of President Donald Trump

Yesterday, Sept. 9, 2020, President Trump released this expanded list of those he is considering to fill any vacancies that may occur on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Each of those under consideration have exemplary resumes and graduated their respective law schools with high honors.

Among the potential nominees is Arizonan Bridget Bade, appointed by the president to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in 2019.

Also under consideration are Sens. Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton, both of whom have first-rate legal backgrounds in addition to being magna cum laude Harvard graduates.

As of September 9, 2020, the United States Senate has confirmed 205 Article III judges nominated by President Trump, including two associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 53 judges for the United States courts of appeals, 148 judges for the United States district courts, and two judges for the United States Court of International Trade. There are currently 45 nominations to Article III courts awaiting Senate action, including 44 for the district courts and one for the Court of International Trade. There are currently 68 vacancies on the U.S. district courts and two vacancies on the New York based U.S. Court of International Trade. Senate Democrats have held up confirmations in advance of the November 3, 2020 election.

The Heritage Foundation’s Judicial Appointment Tracker compares each president’s appointees as of September 9 of each president’s fourth year. The compelling graph goes back to Pres. Ronald Reagan.

Early in his presidency Pres. Trump nominated Justices Neil Gorsuch (2017) and Brett Kavanaugh (2018). Though both were eventually confirmed, Justice Kavanaugh was subjected to a vicious Democrat-led effort to defame him.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Bill Clinton nominee is 87-years-old and in ill health as evidenced by the numerous medical alerts from the U.S. Supreme Court. They rival a circus acrobat’s contortions trying to conceal the severity of her many hospitalizations and surgeries.

Earlier this year SRAZ wrote,Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s egocentric big gamble,”which includes this 2012 video link of the radical leftist former ACLU lawyer acknowledging she’s not a fan of the U.S. Constitution.

Phx Art Museum, Walgreens, M-W dictionary view you as bigot

August 21, 2020

It’s time to acknowledge “systemic racism” is a two-way street though you wouldn’t know it if you watched the Democrat National Convention

It’s past time for some personal reflection. You might regard yourself as a decent sort…maybe even exemplary. You’re a churchgoer, routinely go out to lunch with Jamal or Juan and enjoy yourself, coach a minority majority basketball team and even donated days of your sick leave to Mo’Nique when she had emergency surgery and only a day left of her own leave time.

All of those actions put you in a good co-worker category, so it’s no wonder they had a surprise party for you on your birthday.

Now we find there are others who look upon you not with kindness, but suspicion. These entities don’t actually know you and you pay handsomely for their services, yet they not only hold you in contempt, they want you to know it.

You might ask yourself, “What have I done to earn their wrath?”

The answer is not difficult to find. If you enjoy the Phoenix Art Museum and are a member, they’ve already sent you this missive telling you what they find objectionable. Ditto this email you received if you have your prescriptions filled at the neighborhood Walgreens.

Without provocation, they have declared you part of a newly designated  problem known as “systemic racism.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary recently changed its definition of the word ‘racism’ after receiving an email from Kennedy Mitchum, a young black Duke coed, saying that the definition should include a reference to systemic oppression. An editor responded, eagerly agreeing to update their definition. The change was reported by Forbes’ Diversity & Inclusion editor. Once known as a financial magazine, Forbes now also has a writer who specializes in “LGBT life, identities and being queer.”

Whites have been impacted by reverse discrimination for decades. In 1978, citing evidence that his grades and test scores surpassed those of many minority students who had been accepted for admission to UC Davis School of Medicine while he was rejected, Allan Bakke, a NASA engineer and former Marine officer, charged that he had suffered unfair “reverse discrimination” on the basis of race. He argued this bias was contrary to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. His case ultimately was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court which ordered Bakke be admitted to UC Davis Medical School, and the school’s practice of arbitrarily reserving 16 seats for minority students was struck down. Read the opinion in the Regents of the University of California v. Allan Bakke case. Dr. Bakke became a well-respected anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota.