Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone’s jail drug crisis reaches epic proportions 

May 28, 2023

12News is once again reporting on the ongoing drug crisis occurring in the Maricopa County jails. This Feb.16, 2023 graphic report leaves little to the imagination.This April 7, 2023 report concerned seven female inmates now recovering after overdosing on fentanyl. Over 170 MCSO jail inmates were taken to the hospital for overdose or drug-related incidents in 2022.

Penzone, a democrat elected in 2016, weakly claims the type of drugs and how they were obtained is still under investigation. His immediate predecessor, Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who housed overflow inmates in surplus military tents, was elected to an unprecedented six four-year terms. Bleeding heart liberals protested, though the tents had large air coolers. Arpaio correctly noted that the tents were used to house our military in the Middle East without the aid of cooling fans. Penzone resisted being compared to Arpaio, since he always fell short of the popular sheriff. As a top federal official with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Mexico, the Middle East, Central and South America as well as in the United States including Arizona where he headed DEA, Joe Arpaio spent three decades fighting narcotics trafficking worldwide.

Over 170 MCSO jail inmates were taken to the hospital for overdose or drug-related incidents in 2022. For these conditions to exist within the jails exemplifies the need to replace Sheriff Penzone.

Currently there are two announced Republican 2024 challengers to Paul Penzone: Frank “Mike” Crawford and Jerry Sheridan. Both Crawford and Sheridan have filed statements of interest. Visit Jerry Sheridan‘s campaign website. This is Mike Crawford’s campaign website.


When universities call themselves “Liberal Arts,” they mean it

May 12, 2023

Infanticide masquerading as abortions available to “All/Any Students”

A liberal arts university in Connecticut says it will now cover the costs of “any student” who decides to get an abortion or a Plan B contraceptive, regardless of their insurance status.

Connecticut’s Wesleyan University recently announced, following a pressure campaign from the university’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter, the school would now pay for presumably female students to get an abortion or emergency (after conception) contraceptives. The school has also committed to picking up the transportation costs incurred by “such students.”

The decision comes after the Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter at Wesleyan collected over 700 signatures on a petition that urged the school to ensure “all students are able to overcome financial burdens to, and lack of transportation for, abortion procedures.”

The blue state of Connecticut has no restrictions on abortions and encourages those who choose to abort a living, 6-month fully formed, and healthy baby to “Shout your abortion!”

“Politicians should not get between a person and their doctor. As long as I am governor, reproductive rights will be protected in Connecticut, and I will do everything in my power to block laws from being passed that restrict those rights.”

– Governor Ned Lamont

Democrat Lamont gets more enthused over Coca Cola than innocent life:

AZ Supervisor Bill Gates blames Trump supporters for his PTSD

May 9, 2023

Are you what has derogatorily been referred to as “an election denier?” If so, according to this report in the Daily Beast, you are responsible for driving Maricopa County Board of Supervisor’s District 3 member Bill Gates to therapy.


Republicrat Gates has revealed that he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after what he terms were “relentless threats and harassment from election deniers” — using leftist code for Trump supporters.

The complete interview appeared in the left-leaning, subscription only, Washington Post, which has never endorsed a Republican presidential candidate. The WaPo was established in 1877 as a four-page organ of the democrat party and has never veered far from its roots.

Supervisor Gates, too old for whining at age 51, claims he has been targeted by a Trump-obsessed fringe that drove him to the brink, causing his family to retreat to a vacation spot. He further alleged he became so filled with anger and sadness that his wife made him go into therapy, and now has developed coping mechanisms for dealing with conspiracy theorists.

Gates, who has a law degree but never enters a courtroom, works as Director of Distribution for Ping Golf. He ought to take his new “coping mechanisms,” a cup of hot cocoa and his tinker toys and give up trying to portray himself as a grown-up.

Colorado state House, Senate vote for bill legalizing perversion

May 2, 2023

Though it seems inconceivable, 27 members of the Colorado state House of Representative voted against making indecent exposure to minors a Class 6 Felony.

Democrats hold a 23-12 majority in the Colorado Senate and a 46-19 majority in the state House. Three of the bill’s four prime sponsors are democrats

This is House Bill 23-1135.

It will come as no surprise that Colorado’s Gov. Jared Polis, a mega-wealthy entrepreneur and former congressman ditched his own surname Schutz to take on his mother‘s maiden name. Polis has a page dedicated to his “First Gentleman, Marlon Reis,” as he attempts to normalize the abnormal.

Tennessee today could be Arizona tomorrow

April 29, 2023

Don’t be tempted to disregard this Epoch Times report headlined, “Biden Admin Files Lawsuit Challenging Tennessee Ban on Transgender Procedures for Minors.” We located the article by Katabella Roberts on the Bongino Report. However you opt to find it, be sure you read it.

Schools are no longer what we recall from our days as students. Teaching Math, English, History, Geography, Science and Social Studies has taken a back seat to sexualizing American boys and girls, while pushing the newly trendy construct known as “transgenderism.”

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on April 26, challenging Tennessee’s newly-enacted law banning transgender medical procedures for children, arguing that the legislation violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.

In this press release, the DOJ said it also asked the court to issue an immediate order to stop the law—Senate Bill 1, or SB 1—from going into effect on its scheduled date of July 1.

And who is in charge of the Department of Justice? None other than U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland the far left radical who Barack Obama had tried to promote onto the U.S. Supreme Court. Fortunately that slippery action never came to pass, despite Hillary Clinton’s, Harry Reid’s and Jeff Flake’s efforts to expedite Garland. Newly inaugurated President Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch. During his presidency, Donald Trump also nominated Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett to the high court and both were confirmed. Additionally, President Trump filled numerous vacancies on the U.S. District Courts and Courts of Appeals. See them all here.

Biden CDC Director finally admits COVID vaccine was a scam

April 21, 2023

H/T RNC Research

Biden proclaims transgender day, demands we “respect” them

April 13, 2023

Joe pushes new-sex for kids as the latest mantra of the left

Our economy is an unparalleled disaster and the world is on shaky ground with tyrannical muscle-flexing nations creating havoc, but Joe Biden’s surrogates have a massive load of agenda items to shove down the throats of the American people. Topping the list is transgenderism, the latest calling card of the left. 

Biden recently declared transgenderism “celebrates the joy, strength, and absolute courage. Transgender people are some of the bravest people I know — people who have too often had to put their jobs, relationships, and lives on the line just to be their true selves. Today, we show millions of transgender and nonbinary Americans that we see them, they belong, and they should be treated with dignity and respect.  Their courage has given countless others strength, but no one should have to be brave just to be themselves.  Every American deserves that freedom.” Declaring “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul — proudly serving in the military, curing deadly diseases, holding elected office, running thriving businesses, fighting for justice, raising families, and much more,” Biden issued a proclamation marking March 31, 2023, as the Transgender Day of Visibility, bizarrely adding a racial component.

ABC News, taking the perspective of the odd transgender affirming aficionados uses the word “targeting“ when describing enforcing laws ensuring underage children can engage in these “therapies,” without informing their parents. It lists the states — Arizona among them — where the vast majority of bans target people under the age of legal majority, which for most of the United States is the age of 18. Gender-affirming care refers to social affirmation often assigning newly “preferred” pronouns, puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgical procedures, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Hormone therapy refers to testosterone hormones for trans boys (born as girls) and estrogen for trans girls (born as boys) taken in early adolescence onward.

Comprehensive reading, history, math, geography, science all take a back seat to genetic sex altering. This is part of a concerted “dumbing down” of America, making us easier for takeover by our adversaries, who see foolish, self-imposed weakness thriving during the Biden administration.

Nashville school murderer identified as transgender 

March 28, 2023

Six innocent people were killed Monday in a mass shooting at The Covenant School, a private Christian school that taught preschool through 6th grade in Nashville, including three children, and three school employees.

Police initially described the “heavily armed shooter,” as 28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale, who police killed at the scene. Hale was a graphic designer who used he/him pronouns. Police said Hale was transgender and they initially identified him by his birth name and gender. Hale was assigned female at birth but identified as a transgender man using the name Aiden.

Biden called on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, saying we “need to do more to protect our schools.”

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, (D-Illinois) echoed Biden’s remarks, saying he strongly supports “bills to ban assault weapons from civilian use and to close gaps in our background check system.”

But Rep. Tim Burchett, (R-Tenn.), told reporters that no laws — existing or proposed — could have stopped the attack.

“It’s a horrible, horrible situation, and we’re not going to fix it,” Burchett said. “Criminals are going to be criminals. And my dad, who fought in the Second World War in the Pacific against the Japanese, said, ‘Buddy, if somebody wants to take you out and doesn’t mind losing their life, there’s not a whole heck of a lot you can do about it.’

An incomprehensible outrage infiltrates US Department of Defense

March 23, 2023

Today we take the unusual step of sending our readers directly to anther website. Ari Blaff, writing for National Review, headlines his column, DoD Medical Staff Call Puberty Blockers, Hormone Replacement, for Kids ‘Human Rights.’

This is not a suggestion, but absolutely necessary reading — especially, but not limited to, those who have been known to regard occasional reports as “too preposterous to believe.” The leaders of communist China and Russia, neither of whom is our ally, have been holding joint meetings for days. They keep their eyes on American weakness. This report certainly details our preposterous frailties.

The importance of this report cannot be overstated. Read it, and share it with friends and relatives. It is not political. It is harsh reality. 

With the world in turmoil, our border wide open, Joe auditions for nursing home

March 22, 2023

Squints at teleprompter, unable to comprehend the words as he attempts to announce creation of new Nevada national monument he is unable to pronounce

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