SC Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87, hospitalized again and Update

July 14, 2020

This is the clipped Press Release issued by the U.S. Supreme Court today, July 14, 2020.

When Justice Ginsburg was previously hospitalized in May 2020, we wrote, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s egocentric big gamble.” It’s even more appropriate today.

June 17, 2020: This is Justice Ginsburg’s latest statement acknowledging the return of liver cancer for which she has previously been treated, and reiterating she has no plans to retire. The thought of President Trump naming her replacement would bring on more suffering to the far left Ginsburg than the disease itself.


Electing Democrats undermines citizen safety

July 13, 2020

Accelerated release of prisoners also jeopardizes public health

There’s a lot of talk about ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ these days. Restructuring the American criminal justice system is a pet project of the left, most notably driven by open borders Socialist multi-billionaire George Soros. He began in earnest in 2016 by giving more than $20 million to Democrat candidates, even funding Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone and a liberal challenger to then-County Attorney Bill Montgomery, who won despite the high dollar infusion.  Soros’ efforts and spending have intensified in advance of the 2020 election.

You might not have heard of “decompression” relating to prison populations, but that is the word being bandied about in California as Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom is planning another release of prison inmates onto the state’s streets.

Efforts at “decompression” within California’s prison system during the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a prison population that has plummeted by approximately 10,000 prisoners.

When rational people think of a statewide emergency response to the virus, it wouldn’t entail swinging open the cell doors in San Quentin Prison and releasing thousands of offenders so hard core that they end up in a facility that as of 2015 its death row held a capacity of 715 prisoners, though executions no longer take place. Trespassers, jaywalkers and petty thieves are not part of the population.

The intent is to release enough prisoners to make the population so low density as to allow “social distancing” for the inmates who remain, a policy that is more attuned to a ladies luncheon than a penitentiary system.

Vern Pierson, the Republican district attorney in Northern California’s El Dorado County, called it “concerning” for public safety, saying the criteria the prison system will use to decide which inmates to release remains unclear. “The Newsom administration also has not made clear whether crime victims and prosecutors will be given notice when an inmate is released or if they will be able to file objections,” said Pierson, president of the California District Attorneys Association. “We don’t know what the actual impact of this is going to be. We do know that it’s a high likelihood there will be significant increases in crime,” Pierson said.

Pierson noted that because of changes made to California’s criminal justice system in recent years — including the release of many offenders whose crimes weren’t considered violent — those still in state prisons tend to be the most serious offenders.

Zero Joe Biden has difficulty with zeros

June 26, 2020

Joe Biden’s handlers know that confining him to his home basement bunker is the only path to political viability, given his increasingly obvious cognitive difficulties.

Even with a script before him, he is unable to articulate a cohesive thought. It’s a pathetic spectacle that verges on elder abuse. Yet Biden was the best the desperate Dems had in their depleted 2020 presidential arsenal.

Known for his myriad gaffes and inappropriate touching, (must see video) what we are witnessing now far exceeds even his self-admitted,I am a gaffe machine,” string of blunders. He is a sick man, being used in a desperate attempt to challenge President Trump.

On Thursday, during a rare outing, he made a definitive pronouncement stating, “Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.”

This continually updating COVID-19 Tracker reports a considerably lower nationwide number of 126,277. Among his other problems, Zero Joe has trouble with zeros.

Joe Biden: Deserving of pity, but not the presidency

June 15, 2020

Joe Biden is past the point of ridicule for his political inanities. He’s not well and is showing obvious signs of cognitive decline. Never eloquent, and previously known for his absurd gaffes, his speech has now become incoherent.

The problem is, this pathetic man is the Democrat Party’s nominee for the demanding job of the U.S. Presidency.

Last week, Biden was once again seen struggling to put together a cogent sentence, finally giving up and stammering, “I don’t know.” This occurred during a roundtable discussion in Philadelphia dealing with reopening the economy amid the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s one of the few times he’s been out of his home basement bunker. Even there, as he attempts to read from prepared scripts, he bungles his remarks.

This previous compilation isn’t funny though fellow Democrat Cory Booker was moved to laughter:

Under any circumstances, President Donald J. Trump deserves reelection. With this mentally frail man as his challenger, it becomes a critical imperative.

Dems seek to mandate Contact Tracing for our own good

May 22, 2020

This job, advertised by Maricopa County, requiring scant education and experience in “customer service” might seem benign enough, especially in the economic downturn due to the Coronavirus.

Business Insider provides a more complete account, which sounds eerily similar to George Orwell’s novel “1984.”

His prophetic book, published over 70 years ago, warned of the rise of mass surveillance imposed by totalitarian officials and repressive regimentation of all persons and behaviors within society, implemented by a new language called “Newspeak.”  SRAZ wrote this descriptive post referring to Orwell’s vision in 2013. It described Associated Press’ then newly imposed manipulation of language referring to illegal aliens.

Contact Tracking/Tracing is insidious. Under the guise of following people who might have been exposed to the virus, it requires follow-up with any persons — relatives, business associates, casual acquaintances and intimates. Privacy, which the U.S. Supreme Court  managed to interpret as a Constitutional right when  legitimizing abortion in Roe v. Wade,  becomes irrelevant when it comes to the imposition of Contact Tracking.  The job description says callers are expected to “show empathy to distressed individuals” presumably those who protest that their fundamental First Amendment freedoms of association are being violated.

Integral to the scam we are told unnamed “bipartisan health experts” have recommended Congress spend $12 billion to hire an additional 180,000 contact tracers over the next 18 months.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls Contact Tracing “part of a multipronged approach” to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic — otherwise known as leftist imposed job security. Tracers in NYC can make a $57,000 salary with benefits and work remotely.

There have been other deadly viruses that Americans have suffered through since the 1918 Spanish Flu global epidemic, that killed an estimated 675,000 on our soil and 500 million worldwide. Never before was there such a leap to eradicate our rights along with the illness. Americans of previous generations were raised with a historic appreciation for our founding documents. Unfortunately, that is not the case today. Now the CDC  has the upper hand and determines what is or is not a dangerous overreach in addition to the virus — which reportedly is leveling off as America begins reopening for business.

Dr. Fauci’s unsavory,longstanding associations exposed

May 21, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the pint-size fixture we first met at President Trump’s Coronavirus daily briefings, has been more than a benign participant. His medical credentials, including serving as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) are impeccable.

But it turns out there’s a much dicier history that defines Fauci. National File’s investigative journalist Patrick Howley reveals through photos and in-depth research who Fauci is and his associates are.

The years-long relationship between Fauci and the Gates family is further illustrated in the article as Fauci has led our government’s Coronavirus response while his friend Bill Gates agitates for a continued population lockdown until a Gates-funded vaccine hits the market.

The information presented is too powerful to interpret for our readers. It’s critically important that you read Fauci photographed with Soros and Bill Gates’ father, who was ‘head of Planned Parenthood.’”

The “titans of globalism” identified in the 2001 photo assembled with Dr. Anthony Fauci are guaranteed to astound.

On May 15, Vice President Mike Pence announced the addition of five new individuals to the White House Coronavirus Task Force. The announcement comes as the Task Force enters a new phase, which is focused on getting Americans back to work and allowing businesses to re-open.

AZ Republic mischaracterizes Dem Mark Kelly’s Chi-Com dealings

May 18, 2020

On Friday SRAZ posted,AZ Senate wannabe Mark Kelly’s Chinese Communist ties exposed, Democrat Kelly’s recently revealed nefarious connections make him an unacceptable senate candidate.”

RealClearPolitics and Breitbart News each zoned in on the nefarious treachery of AZ Senate Democrat candidate Mark Kelly. He’s better known for what he cagily omits than what he says. His campaign ads never use the word “Democrat” nor do they mention his anti-Second Amendment PACs or his close association with Socialist multi-billionaire/financier George Soros, a one-worlder who disdains national borders.

Kelly, along with wife, former U.S. Rep. Giffords, operates two major gun control groups,* Giffords PAC which between its hybrid PAC and 501(c)(4) nonprofit Giffords, spent nearly $7 million to aid Democrat congressional candidates in 2018. Watch for those restrictive efforts to intensify.

In February we noted that the anorexic, Hillary-endorsing and demonstrably failing Arizona Republic newspaper declared its new policy to omit political endorsements. We wrote, “Political endorsements go by the wayside? Hardly. Republicans are routinely mischaracterized within the newspaper’s pages. No endorsement list is needed.”

And sure enough, buried on page 19 in the Sunday edition is this duplicitous headline: “Republicans criticize Kelly over subsidies: Candidate also knocked for ties to Chinese firm.” The intentionally misleading article covers three-quarters of a page.

The banner headline singles out “Republicans” as though they are Kelly’s only critics — ignoring the fact that all citizens have a right to know which politicians are colluding with America’s secretive, brutally repressive and deceitful Communist enemy. The regime withheld vital information about the magnitude of the Coronavirus pandemic in order to hoard medical supplies. The deadly virus originated in China’s filthywet markets,” where bats and monkeys were slaughtered for food.

* PAC Information: Center for Responsive Politics.

Dems latest $3 trillion scheme deals fatal economic blow

May 13, 2020

House Democrats’ latest Coronavirus relief proposal revealed Tuesday includes more than $3 Trillion in new spending, amounting to the largest and most expensive aid package ever related to the Coronavirus.

Looking to ensure a permanent and reliable voting bloc, the latest bill puts illegals and foreign workers ahead of American citizens. Thousands of American health care workers will be displaced by foreigners who have demonstrated they will work for less.

 The details are outlined in the latest 1815-page pork-laden stimulus package with the catchy title ‘‘Health and Economic 6 Recovery slick and Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act’’ or the ‘‘HEROES Act,” which no one, including the voting Dems, are expected to read.

The problem for unemployed Americans is the “Heroes” in the bill are illegal aliens and newly released prisoners. Inmates over age 50 with chronic illnesses such as diabetes are a newly protected class, eligible for “compassionate release,” and allowing judges to reduce previously imposed sentences. D.C. lobbyists, now eligible for small business loans, also benefit.

The Dems are using the virus to fulfill a mission, shielding Illegals from deportation in addition to giving them giving them $1,200 payouts.

This 90-page summary is loaded with Democrat pet projects unrelated to the virus including millions for the National Endowments for the Humanities and Arts. “Community newspapers” are a new category worthy of government support, as are “life insurance contracts,” and “forgiveness of student debt.” Other recipients are categorized by ethnicity, including “historically black, Tribal and Hispanic serving schools and minority owned businesses.”

Voting has not been overlooked. Ballots received within ten days after election day must be counted.

Trust Democrats at your own peril.

Project Roomkey: CA Gov. Newsom’s homeless solution

May 9, 2020

Those California Democrats are nothing if not compassionate. Nancy Pelosi recently shared a video of her fully stocked, stand-alone freezer filled with her favorite expensive gourmet ice creams, intended to soothe her frustrations “during these trying times.”

Now the San Francisco Chronicle chronicles the deep compassion Gov. Gavin Newsom is extending to San Francisco’s street bums. They’re the ones who sleep on the sidewalks amid discarded needles and piles of their own feces, which the city hoses down occasionally so intrepid pedestrians can maneuver.

This is the recent headline: SF gives methadone, alcohol, cannabis to some addicts and homeless isolating from coronavirus in hotels. The newspaper requires a subscription, but the caption under the photo of workers in hazmat suits is definitely worth your time.

And Project Roomkey?  It’s a program in which the Federal Emergency Management Agency will pay 75% of costs associated with housing homeless, including people who test positive or may have been exposed to the Coronavirus. Federal funds come from taxpayers. Newsom is negotiating with 900 hotels to provide rooms to the homeless, while gifting them with methadone (synthetic heroin), booze, cigarettes and of course, marijuana. This government induced stupor will surely give them a reason to clean up their act and become self sufficient. Moreover, they will be ripe for Democrat operatives to register and encourage the grateful addicts to vote to keep their dealer in the governor’s office.

This is Newsom’s brilliant solution to solving the homeless problem. But he also has an answer for solving the Coronavirus problem. Newsom unilaterally decided to accelerate release of 3,500 prison inmates due to concerns that the close conditions might intensify the spread of the virus in the state prison system.

And there’s more. Newsom has officially gone on record rewarding illegals who have invaded the state, with cash payouts. He is gifting $500 apiece of taxpayer’s money to hundreds of thousands of illegals who were not included in the pork-filled $2.2 trillion stimulus package that was guided through congress by fellow Dems Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

It’s all about votes — regardless of who casts them.

Obsessive Trump-hatred overrides reason, conceals facts

May 7, 2020

Dying newspaper reduced to begging for subscribers

It’s not a pretty sight. The incredibly shrinking, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper runs a full page “Thank You” to its remaining readers. Signed by editor Greg Burton, it admits the heft of the newspaper has shrunken, blaming it on the lack of advertisers during the pandemic. In fact, the publication has been in serious trouble for several years, laying off hundreds of employees, being forced out of its building and recently being sold. It can blame its woes on the Coronavirus, but as the Phoenix Business Journal reports, it was in death throes long before anyone heard of Wuhan China.

Today’s edition includes a malicious editorial, “Trump using pandemic to weaken environmental protection,” written by AZ Dem U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva (CD-3). He’s the open borders leftist with a history of radicalism who used nearly $50,000 of taxpayer money to pay off a staffer, buying her silence about him repeatedly showing up for work drunk.

Continually insulting your customers is not a business model geared to success. The Republic, however, knows no other path. It is so consumed with hatred for President Trump that its film critic has been pulled into the bile spew. As he reported on the president’s Tuesday visit to a Phoenix Honeywell faculty now manufacturing face masks — where the president and Sen. Martha McSally were enthusiastically received by the employees and Honeywell CEO and chairman Darius Adamczyk* — Bill Goodykoontz, spewing deprecating disinformation, writes:

“How do you cover President Donald Trump? The simple answer is: It depends.  In reality, it’s a question with uniquely tricky answers. Let’s start the answer with another question.  Why bother?”

He writes about the President of the United States, using the words, “His fluid relationship with the truth.” Would he have used those same insultingly contemptuous words to describe Barack Obama who began his political career in the living room of cop-killing terrorists William Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn?  Will he ever use them to cover propped-up dementia sufferer and sexual abuser Joe Biden?

Editor Greg Burton can flap about his gratitude for the remaining readers. In truth they are either masochists or his claque of radical leftists, standing ready to act as the newspaper’s pallbearers.

*Polish-born Adamczyk, knows a thing or two about Socialism and supports our capitalist president. In June 2017, he was one of the technology industry leaders who met with President Donald Trump to discuss how they could support emerging technologies.