As Americans suffer, job seeking “refugees” keep coming

April 6, 2020

Although it’s been nearly five years since we posted this alarming Mother’s Day message, featuring Ann Corcoran, editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch, her message remains pertinent.

Today, we urge you to read her latest shocking exposé,Refugees are Still Arriving in the US, What Happened to Supposed Suspension?

Corcoran’s information comes directly from the Refugee Processing Center (RPG) which is operated by the U.S. Department of State. The government agency has outlived its mission and needs to be shut down. Faith-based organizations such as World Vision provide in-country assistance, though Islam — introduced by Arab slave traders — still has a presence in the DR Congo.

As the United States reels under the burdens imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, forcing business and school closures, unprecedented job losses and government mandated isolation as we struggle to fight the spread of this deadly scourge, the shocking news comes that we are still resettling arrivals from the DR Congo. Other vital considerations aside, the impoverished country, where corruption and violence flourish, is known for its outbreaks of cholera, measles and Ebola.

Corcoran notes:

“We can’t safely fly, but nearly 2,000 ‘refugees’ were being flown into the U.S. during March. The refugee admissions program is scheduled (so far) to resume this week after April 7th, but it never really stopped! Here is where the 1,110 were placed in March:

Top ten ‘welcoming’ states are:  TX, OH, NY, IL, WA, KY, MA, CA, MO, and TN.”

In November 2019, Corcoran wrote,Obama Told UN We Would Take 50,000 Congolese Refugees in Five Years! Time is up!

Yesterday SRAZ posted, “How Italy became epicenter of deadly Chinese virus.” Giacomino Nicolazzo grieved not only for the massive death toll in Italy, but also the loss of its irreplaceable cultural heritage brought on by the influx of a foreign culture.

Pay attention. There will not be a “do over.”

Rationing health care comes naturally to Dems

February 19, 2020

Throw Mama from the healthcare train

With an estimated $62 Billion in personal wealth to purchase anything he desires, including his own premium health care, mini Michael Bloomberg is also all heart.

Blunderful Bloomberg, advocating for health insurance that would be administered by the federal government, is now reprising Barack Obama and Jack Kevorkian when it comes to providing care for aging Americans.

Obama begrudged his own grandmother’s hip replacement surgery based on her age, saying, “we as a culture and as a society [can start] to make better decisions within our own families and for ourselves,” adding “at least we can let doctors know and your mom know that, you know what? Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller.”

Billionaire Bloomberg, now attempting to purchase the U.S. Presidency for himself, also supports rationing healthcare for American seniors, saying providing them access will “bankrupt us.” Ageism is an unconcealed form of discrimination. None of the politically attuned Dem candidates bring the alienating topic of obesity into their health care discussions, though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate 40 percent of American adults aged 20 and over are obese, a condition that can lead to costly treatments for coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain types of cancer that are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death.

 When Dr. Jack Kevorkian, known as “Dr. Death,” entered the scene in the 1990s, his grotesque assisted suicides were viewed as obscene criminal acts. Who ever thought Democrat presidential candidates would be boldly hawking the same depraved message within the framework of their campaigns a few decades later?

Socialist Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All scheme would radically change the way health care is covered, doing away with all private health insurance, replacing it with a government run system. Obviously the astronomical costs would include limitations on medical services. It is fraught with problems not only for patients but also for doctors and hospitals.

Inconsequential Elizabeth Warren, dragging in the polls, supports a similar government run scheme.

American taxpaying citizens want to be able to chose their own doctors and make their own decisions regarding health care. Increasing dependency on government — the worst type of deception — is a brazenly false scheme honed to a razor sharp edge by the Democrats who long to implement it, while restricting our choices.

Trump storms New Hampshire in advance of Dem primary

February 11, 2020

On the eve of today’s New Hampshire Democrat primary, President Donald Trump swooped into Manchester for another of his “Keep America Great” packed rallies (photos). Many of his thousands of supporters camped out overnight in the rain and snow to see him. Last year, he broke the attendance record at the SNHU Arena (which holds approximately 12,000). Yesterday’s unable to be accommodated, overflow crowd remained and enthusiastically watched the rally on large screens.

The loyal and extraordinary support Trump engenders was characterized on the front page of this morning’s edition of the seriously failing, Hillary-endorsing, Arizona Republic as his “victory-and-vengeance tour,” following his acquittal on bogus impeachment charges led by desperate congressional Democrats.

A must read in advance of today’s tabulation is,Bernie Owes Obama Big Time.” Barack Obama set the stage for the Vermont socialist’s rise to national prominence. But the Democrat’s Marxist coming-out party happened too soon for America.

Author Karin McQuillan is a clear-eyed observer of the political scene, as evidenced by this zinger: “The growing power of the hard Left within the Democratic Party’s ranks is not new. It is not the result of Trump derangement. It is the cause of Trump derangement.” McQuillan’s first career was as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, providing her with the insight she needs to make that ‘diagnosis.’

Polls opened Monday at midnight at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, traditionally the first primary in the nation. Statewide vote totals will be reported here. Polls close today at 7:00 pm (ET).

AZ patriots portrayed as fringe element, killers by NYT

December 29, 2019

The newly compromised Drudge Report, reported to have been sold, has been veering off into the hinterlands with a bizarre anti-Trump bent, all the more obvious with this guaranteed to incite headline: “Nothing Less Than Civil War’: These Voters See Doom Without Trump.”

Using the familiar Drudge format of headline links, the disappointingly revised site links to a the unfamiliar DNYUZ which turns out to be the consistently left-wing New York Times. The last Republican presidential candidate the publication endorsed was Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. Today it runs an obnoxious report filled with deception, denigrating Trump supporters as dimwits and white nationalists. Apparently inconsequential is the fact that well-respected, U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ CD 4) serving his fifth term, addressed the patriotic crowd. Yet the NYT’s radical new hire Astead W. Herndon blatantly libels conservatives to ensure job security.

Two months late in reporting on the October gathering referred to as “Trumpstock,” in the small Mohave County, Arizona town of Golden Valley, Herndon must have longed to be among the naked doper crowd at Woodstock, whose 1969 headliners Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin both died of drug overdoses within a year of that event.

Though conceding “the president draws support from a broader political and ideological cross-section of Republicans than the Trumpstock crowd reflected, attracting some independents and Democrats as well,” the intent was to marginalize supporters as small minded bigots.

 “But if any group remains singularly loyal to Mr. Trump, it is the small but impassioned number of white voters on the far right, often in rural communities like Golden Valley, who extol him as a cultural champion reclaiming the country from undeserving outsiders.

These voters don’t passively tolerate Mr. Trump’s “build a wall” message or his ban on travel from predominantly Muslim countries — they’re what motivates them. They see themselves in his fear-based identity politics, bolstered by conspiratorial rhetoric about caravans of immigrants and Democratic “coups.”

 Get that?

Next comes our support of the Second Amendment, or as Barack Obama described conservatives “clinging to our guns and religion.”

We are irrationally portrayed as heat-packing armed vigilantes, who shoot first and ask questions later, hence the article’s absurd Civil War referenced headline.

Trump impeachment: Oscar worthy theatrical production

December 19, 2019

Absence of bi-partisan effort exposed: Insufficient votes to remove the president in the senate keeps Pelosi from moving forward with sham impeachment

The impeachment talk that began in November 2016, immediately following the inauguration of Donald Trump as America’s 45th president, culminated Wednesday with a theatrical production leading to articles of impeachment filed in the U.S. House. The contrivance could hardly be called a bi-partisan effort since not a single Republican voted for it. In fact, they were joined by two dissenting Democrats and another who refused to vote. From its inception, the entire effort has been steeped in rank Trump hatred.

Staged to convey a somber tone to the gleefully awaited event, the leftist members melodramatically dressed in black and declared the need to remove the president so they could face their children and grandchildren. Since more than a few qualify as senior citizens, they could have mentioned their great-grandchildren for added impact. Then the all day and evening performance bizarrely veered off into the stratosphere when Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she may not send the articles of impeachment to the (Republican majority) senate.

Despite ongoing efforts to smear him, President Trump remains immensely popular, drawing record crowds to his rallies. He smoothly held one in Battle Creek, Michigan yesterday as his Democrat antagonists were poised to obliterate his presidency. Americans, benefiting from his economic programs, waited for hours in sub-zero temperatures to hear him speak.

It’s not only Trump and his policies the left loathes. They also despise us, because they know we will reelect him in 2020. They lie with impunity and hate with vigor. We are the “smelly Walmart shoppers,” described by Barack Obama as “clinging to out guns and bibles.” Like schoolyard bullies, they disingenuously promote the notion that Hillary Clinton would be in the White House if it wasn’t for rabidly sexist and racist Republican voters.

Skipping the double talk in favor of quadruple talk, Pelosi was able to keep a straight face as she said, “We’re not sending [the articles] tonight because it’s difficult to determine who the managers would be until we see the arena in which we will be participating. So far we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us, so hopefully it will be fairer and when we see what that is, we’ll send our managers.” That the word “fair” was able to escape her unprincipled lips is a marvel.

 In a recent commentary, the brilliant Victor Davis Hanson, wrote:

“Given the current criteria of the Trump impeachment, Barack Obama easily would have been impeached: in Fast and Furious, the Iran nuclear deal, and Benghazi, Obama stonewalled congressional requests or kept critical information from the public and Congress. On illegal immigration, Obama simply made up or ignored laws in the manner earlier that he said to have done so would be antidemocratic and monarchial.

Every impeachment charge against Trump far more easily could have been lodged against an imperial Obama presidency—without mentioning that Obama ultimately may be found to be knowledgeable of the entire CIA, FBI, and Justice Department surveilling of an opposition campaign and sabotage of a presidential transition.”

The editorial in today’s issue of the steeply declining, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic is topped with an absurd headline, “The best way forward now? We, the people, get to vote.” The leftist editorial board conveniently forgets, we already did.

* Photo courtesy of New York Post

Dem witness admits Obama admin concerns re: Hunter Biden

November 16, 2019

Few Arizonans had even a passing familiarity with New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik until Friday when she adroitly zoned in on former U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch before the House Intelligence Committee where she is the sole Republican woman.

Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee who was replaced by the Trump administration, admitted that she was briefed by the Obama administration on Hunter Biden’s position with the Ukrainian firm Burisma Holdings and conceded it had the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Yovanovitch admitted that the Obama administration prepared her for her confirmation as ambassador with practice questions about Hunter Biden and his involvement in Ukraine. Hunter, the son of Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden was receiving more than $80,000 a month from Burisma, one of Ukraine’s largest energy companies, while his father was Obama’s point man for Ukraine policy. The younger Biden lacked any experience in natural gas, outside of his gene pool.

“You testified that in this particular practice Q&A with the State Department, it wasn’t just generally about Burisma and corruption, it was specifically about Hunter Biden and Burisma. Is that correct?” Stefanik asked.

Yovanovitch answered, “Yes.”

A stoic, blinking Adam Schiff appeared stunned as he watched the exposure of his impeachment scheme. Stefanik boldly referred to his “regime of secrecy,” and accused him of “making up the rules.”

As part of her reelection campaign, on Sept. 25, 2019, U.S. Rep. Stefanik announced her opposition to the impeachment of President Trump.

Finally…SCOTUS hears oral arguments on DACA

November 13, 2019

In a victory for the Trump administration, oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court began Tuesday morning on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (which morphed into the acronym DACA). President Trump moved to end the program in 2017 but was thwarted by lower court rulings.

Estimates of those affected by Obama’s political construct via an executive order, bypassing congress, now range between 700,000 to 800,000. The flawed premise was to bestow the gift of U.S. citizenship to those who needed only affirm they were 16 years of age or younger when they initially entered the United States or arrived by 2007. They merely had to declare that they have been of good moral character since initially being brought to the U.S. as children by their invader parents — illegally. Verifying how many came as babes in arms or ably propelled themselves over the border last month is impossible to substantiate. Many of those who claim to have been brought as babes in arms are now grandparents.

Government attorneys representing the Trump administration told the court that the program “sanctions the ongoing violation of federal law by more than half a million people,” arguing it is not authorized by immigration statutes. They stated leaving DACA in place interferes with the ability to send “a message that leaves no doubt regarding the clear, consistent and transparent enforcement of the immigration laws.”

A ruling isn’t expected until mid 2020.

DACA worked hand-in-hand with another scam known as the D.R.E.A.M. Act. The acronym stood for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. It was introduced as S.1291. The 2002 bill was drafted before the speech police ruled the words “illegal” and “alien” unacceptable, so they were used extensively throughout the bill.

The D.R.E.A.M. Act, an actual nightmare, whose recipients slickly morphed into “Dreamers,” was a liberal dream come true, a warm and fuzzy piece of legislation also lacking any means of verification while permanently swelling the ranks of the Democrat Party. Read SRAZ’s complete 2016 post,D.R.E.A.M. Act morphs into dreamy amnesty.” Knowledge is power.

Those who claim this status have obtained protection from deportation under DACA, which permits them to work legally in the United States and also provides access to myriad benefits including driver’s licenses, in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities, education grants, the ability to apply for Social Security Numbers — required to claim Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a major tax benefit for lower-income earners — which allows recipients to participate in Social Security and Medicare. 

The open border, pro-illegals Arizona Republic runs a bizarre and insulting op-ed by Arizona’s worst governor, Janet Napolitano. A radical leftist noted for her blasé retort when frustrated Arizonans pleaded for border action: “Show me a 50-foot fence, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder,” she was at the Supreme Court yesterday opposing the Trump administration. We are not linking to her convoluted rationale. She resigned the governor’s post to become Obama’s Secretary of Homeland INsecurity. Her latest argument is, “Ending DACA is profoundly negative.”