The enemy within: Sen. RINOs join Dems to restrict Trump & Update

March 15, 2019

Republicrat senators, in a shameful display, voted with Democrats Thursday to block President Trump’s declaration of an emergency at the southern border.

The president declared the emergency after being blocked by congressional Democrats in his efforts to secure our southern border and halt the steady stream of illegal invaders, crime, drugs and human trafficking. Many traveling with children fraudulently claim to be family units to enhance their changes of being granted asylum.

Businessman Donald Trump —- based on his stated promise to build a border wall, rose like cream to the top of his sixteen bottlenecked opponents in 2016. Most of them have since vanished from the political consciousness. He then demolished problem-plagued Hillary Clinton in the General Election.

Now, instead of coalescing behind the man who resuscitated the Republican Party, spineless Republicans are expressing concern that by invoking the National Emergencies Act, the President is exceeding his authority. This is preposterous on it’s face.  

Although the left is going ballistic over President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to secure our southern border in response to congress’ failure to act, the ability to do so is not a new construct emanating from the Trump White House.

The National Emergencies Act was enacted by Congress in 1976, when it was signed into law by President Gerald Ford. It has no specific definition of what is considered an emergency, but has historically been invoked during unusual threats to the nation. There have been 58 national emergencies declared since the act‘s inception. Thirty-one of them remain in effect today.

In 1979, Pres. Jimmy Carter initially put the act to use to declare a national emergency freezing all Iranian government assets in the U.S. in response to the Iran hostage crisis. His national emergency is still in place and has been renewed annually by successive presidents, as required by law.

Pres. George W. Bush declared national emergency acts following the September 11, 2001 attacks. In all, he declared 13. As president, Barack Obama declared national emergencies on 12 foreign relations issues that have also been renewed.

Yet in the House last month, a dirty dozen plus one Republicrats voted in unison with the united Dems 245-182 to pass a resolution rejecting President Trump’s declaration. Thursday’s 59-41 roll call vote on H.J. Res. 46 in the Senate will send it to Trump’s desk. President Trump has indicated he will veto it.

Contemptible Senate Republicans who appallingly voted with Democrats are Lamar Alexander (TN), Roy Blunt (MO), Susan Collins (ME), Mike Lee (UT), Jerry Moran (KS), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rand Paul (KY), Rob Portman (OH), Mitt Romney (UT), Marco Rubio (FL), Pat Toomey (PA), and Roger Wicker (MS). Arizona Sen. Martha McSally supported the president.

Regardless of what Republicrats and Democrats assert, President Trump absolutely has the authority to declare a national emergency on the border. He has that authority because Congress explicitly gave the power to the executive branch in 1976.

President Trump has just signed the first veto of his presidency:



Phx elects leftist mayor, 2 radical council members

March 13, 2019

Phoenix Mayoral and open City Council seats: America’s fifth largest city has only extreme leftist Democrats on ballot

Kate Widland Gallego has been elected Phoenix Mayor, decisively defeating her fellow council member Daniel Valenzuela. Gallego will be running again in 2020, since this “special election” was to fill the unexpired term of former Mayor Greg Stanton, now a U.S. Rep. in CD 9. Stanton succeeded another radical, Kyrsten Sinema, who is now in the U.S. Senate. Phoenix residents had a choice of electing a far left Democrat or a far left Democrat.

Unofficial UPDATED totals:

Mayor of Phoenix

Kate Gallego:

Votes               Percentage

92,816               58.58%

 Daniel Valenzuela:

Votes               Percentage

65,624                41.42%

Council Member District 5:       

Betty Guardado: Supported by AZ Resist Check out theirChants.”

Votes                 Percentage

4,182                    37.19% 

Council Member District 8:

Carlos GarciaCheck out his raised clenched fist, and his comments about former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Votes                 Percentage

3,497                    28.66%

If the newly elected Phoenix Mayor and City Council members make your blood run cold, no one who’s paying attention will try to disabuse you of that creepy feeling. Every one of the candidates and winners are open border proponents. The only losers are Phoenix’ law abiding citizens

See all council candidates and totals here.

Want news? Failing AZ Republic invites you to write it

March 10, 2019

Editorial Page editor Boas’ shocking metamorphosis into a beggar 

It’s no secret the Arizona Republic is on its last legs. The situation has turned so dire for the local newspaper, that its parent company, Gannett, Co. Inc. recently laid off its Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist to save a few bucks. The action even threw the newspaper for a loop, featuring an editorial bidding a fond farewell to Steve Benson and his talented but venomous pen. This boot follows previous massive layoffs preceded by large scale buyouts of senior staffers.

A quick Internet search reveals countless publications detailing the company’s layoffs and overall wretched state. The Wall Street Journal recently headlined its report,Gannett’s Loss Widens as Ad, Circulation Revenue Fall.” Its been death by a thousand cuts, with so little coursing life blood left that the anorexic publication relies on vapid ASU Cronkite Journalism School student reporters who write as colloquially they speak. The absurdity could be entertaining, if you enjoy farce.  

But there is a bright light at the end of this darkened tunnel.

Editorial Page editor Phil Boas, is, of course, a deep thinker. Who could forget Boas? He’s the guy who dedicated years of his life to the craven pursuit of taking down popular 6-term Republican Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio — his own father-in-law.  Boas oversaw the endorsement of the problem plagued Democrat with this headline: “Elect Paul Penzone, not Sheriff Showboat.” After Penzone was elected, the new sheriff referred to illegal aliens as “guests.”

Now, functioning with editorless staff, a couple of far-leftwing columnists, and mostly purchased content, Boas has had to become inventive. His latest cost-cutting gimmick is called “Voices.” That’s the slick way he sells what they are not paying for but expect you to provide — previously known as op-ed pages. Those haven’t existed in the left-wing echo chamber for years. Not only can’t the newspaper afford established conservative opinion writers, it definitely doesn’t want them.

But the fact remains subscriptions are continuing to tank because few Trump-supporters can tolerate the elitist radical leftism that oozes off every page of the Hillary-endorsing newspaper. Boas and his like-thinking ideologues are bonded to the policy of insulting the very people who pay their increasingly overpriced subscription rates for emaciated editions.

Yet Boas farcically writes, “…we began our experiment with conservative writers [former Gov. Jan Brewer who pushed Medicaid expansion, was the odd choice]. And for a reason. After Donald Trump won election, most newspapers could not turn to their in-house and syndicated conservatives to express pro-Trump points of view, because so many media conservatives opposed Trump. I fit that category.”

After admitting his own bias against President Trump, Boas doesn’t name any conservatives on the Arizona Republic’s staff —- because he can’t. Even Libertarian-leaning Robert Robb has fallen in with the newspaper’s standard.

Most pathetically, following articles is this plea: “Support local journalism. Subscribe….today.” (We omitted the link the failing newspaper provided.)  The big-time beg should be written on corrugated cardboard with a black marker and held up for passing traffic on Van Buren Street by Editorial Page editor Phil Boas.

Lunatic Dem inmates are in charge of the asylum

March 9, 2019

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Friday to allow illegals to vote in our elections

The bill is softly titled, “For the People Act of 2019,” which conceals Its actual  intent — the expansion of voting rights to include illegal aliens.  Democrat will fall on their swords to ensure illegal aliens be granted every right of citizens.

This is the full text of the bill.

Here is the party line, roll call vote  234 – 193, with five not voting.* Democrats regained control of the House during the 2018 midterms.

*Those who didn’t bother to show up to vote:

Lacy Clay (D-MO)

Rick Crawford (R-AR)

Neal Dunn (R-FL)

Mike Rogers (R-AL)

Steve Stivers (R-OH)

Check out these dependable sources of information:

The Center for Immigration Studies has a revealing post, titled,Aliens and Voter Fraud.”

The Heritage Foundation maintains a list of election fraud cases, including instances of ineligible voting and false registrations totaling hundreds of cases.

9th Circus Court OKs invaders rights to sue DHS

March 8, 2019

Judges — all Bill Clinton appointees — assert illegal alien’s constitutional rights have been violated

Vijayakumar Thuraissigiam is a native and citizen of Sri Lanka and a Tamil, an ethnic minority group in Sri Lanka. After illegally crossing into the United States, he was arrested 25 yards north of the Mexican border, and placed in expedited removal proceedings. He was referred for a credible fear interview after he indicated a fear of persecution in Sri Lanka. An asylum officer determined that Thuraissigiam had not established a credible fear of persecution. A supervisor approved the decision, and an immigration judge affirmed the negative credible fear finding in a check-box decision and returned the case to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for Thuraissigiam’s removal.

Then Thuraissigiam, who presumably neither speaks English nor possesses a law degree, filed a habeas petition in federal district court, arguing that his expedited removal order violated his statutory, regulatory, and constitutional rights.

Imagine that! Invaders have constitutional rights to invade our sovereign United States of America. How many American citizens would be knowledgeable enough to file a habeas petition in federal court?

Read the bizarre opinion HERE.

The case was appealed from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. The presiding District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia (age 70) is an Obama appointee.

Ninth Circuit Judges A. Wallace Tashima (age 84), M. Margaret McKeown (age 67) and Richard A. Paez, (age 71) were all Bill Clinton appointees.

Tashima, who wrote the opinion, was previously appointed in 1980 to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California by Jimmy Carter.

These leftist judges who put illegals above American citizens present clear and convincing evidence why President Donald Trump’s court appointments are so significant.  His impact on the U.S. Supreme Court has been spectacular. It is also why the Democrats are chomping at the bit to impeach him.

Illegal invasion: Leftist deceit vs. truth

March 6, 2019

Lies pose as news

President Trump has gone to the mat to protect the United States against the invasion of our country. It was a fundamental issue on which he ran and won the presidency in a spectacular upset. Democrats, desirous of increasing their voter base have fought him at every turn, forcing him to declare a national emergency to obtain funding for the wall they previously supported. (revealing video)

So enraged are the radical open border proponents, they are now engaging in every level of deception, threatening impeachment.

Truth, on the other hand, is irrefutable. Rather than the numbers of illegal aliens declining as the left claims, they are actually increasing, yet given the deceptive reporting, Americans would never know it. A few dishonest, in-tandem, examples simultaneously bombarding our citizens:

DISHONESTY proliferates in these reports:

Nov. 27, 2018: Reuters headlined, “Illegal immigrants in U.S. at lowest level since 2004: study. The body of the report softly refers to “unauthorized immigrants.”

Nov. 27, 2018: USA Today ran, “Number of undocumented immigrants in USA falls to 12-year low, researchers say.”

Nov. 27, 2018: Pew Research Center Hispanic Trends: “U.S. Unauthorized Immigrant Total Dips to Lowest Level in a Decade.”

Nov. 27, 2018: NBC News: “In 2016, U.S. saw lowest level of undocumented immigrants in over a decade.”

Nov. 27, 2018: NPR headlined the same words as it cites another source spewing the identical deceit: “U.S. Seeing Lowest Level Of Unauthorized Immigrants In A Decade, Pew Study Says.”

Jan. 17, 2019: Forbes: “Falling Illegal Immigration Numbers Confirm No Border Crisis.”

Looking for honesty? Read the facts in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, which headlined its report, “Record Immigration Surge at the BorderNumber has been steadily rising since fiscal 2015, when fewer than 40,000 such migrants were arrested.

The WSJ report begins with these words:

Arrests of families crossing into the U.S. illegally in the past five months hit a record, prompting the chief of Customs and Border Protection to say the system is at “the breaking point.”

From October through February, border agents arrested 136,150 people traveling in families for crossing the border illegally. The prior record for a 12-month period was 107,212, during the fiscal year that ended in September.

More than 66,400 people were arrested in February, making it the busiest month since President Trump took office and the busiest February since 2008. The numbers were the sharpest evidence yet that, despite Mr. Trump’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, the flow of migrants is only growing.

“This situation is not sustainable,” Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said while releasing the numbers Tuesday. “The system is well beyond capacity and remains at the breaking point.” On Tuesday afternoon, the White House highlighted the new numbers, saying they “reflect an ever-worsening crisis on our southern border.”

Other FACTUAL reports:

 March 5, 2019: The Washington Times: Illegal immigration at worst rate in decade.

March 5, 2019: Conservative Review: New, awful data shows that the border invasion is worse than ever.

March 5, 2019: NPR backtracks with this report: Migrant Families Arrive In Busloads As Border Crossings Hit 10-Year High.

March 5, 2019: Breitbart News: Illegal Immigration Under Trump Projected to Surpass Obama Era Levels.

March 3, 2019: Breitbart News: 55 Migrants Transported to U.S. Hospitals Each Day, Say Feds.

March 5, 2019: NumbersUSA: CBP Experiencing Record SW Border Arrests/Inadmissible Family Units.

Why is ICE taking illegals to Phx. Greyhound station?

February 24, 2019

President Trump undermined by Dems who abhor building a wall and agents providing illegals free travel within U.S.

The local newspaper reports that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents dropped off groups of illegal aliens at a Phoenix Greyhound bus station Saturday afternoon. Numerous buses arrived to pick up the illegals, who crossed our sovereign border from Mexico.

The report further states that members of a local church set up tables with soup, muffins and an assortment of fruit near the Buckeye Road station to feed the illegal aliens while “mapping out warm places they can stay.”

It’s a safe bet none of the good church folks were bringing any of the illegals back to their own homes.

A spokesperson for ICE confirmed the agency dropped the illegal invaders at the bus station, saying the organizations it normally works with couldn’t accommodate them.

Could it be that they’ve had their fill?

Obviously proud of aiding and abetting the criminal invasion of our country, the church members, described in the news report as “humanitarians,” requested the newspaper’s reporters not use their names. Many illegals are previously deported felons whose crimes included homicides, sexual assaults and drug trafficking.

If the overuse of the terms illegals or illegal aliens stand out as odd, we are intentionally emulating the newspaper’s repeated use of the word “migrants.” We still came up short.

In 2014, under a policy sanctioned by President Obama and his Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, ICE officials acknowledged, “Scores of undocumented immigrants from Central America were released at Greyhound bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix,” over several days, after they were flown to Arizona from south Texas. Not only did they fan out across the United States, avoiding detection, other illegals have been encouraged by the ease of which they were able to move freely without fear of being apprehended — after getting an assist from the very agency that is charged with deporting them back to their countries of origin.

Nineteen states and the territory of Puerto Rico have offices listed on ICE’s website. Some states have multiple offices. Presumably they are all staffed. We are paying their salaries and benefits, while the invasion continues unabated, with a warm assist from ICE officials, as they continue to recruit new agents.

What’s going on?