Border Patrol apprehends 654 illegals in Yuma, AZ

November 16, 2018

12 illegal aliens have joined in a legal action suing Pres. Trump for denying them their “rights” to claim asylum in the United States

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) substantiates the most recent apprehension of 654 illegal aliens from Guatemala surging across the U.S. border near Yuma in just two days this week. According to this press release, these aliens are not believed to be associated with the large caravan being monitored traveling through Mexico to the United States.

The groups illegally entered on both sides of the San Luis Port of Entry where there is outdated border wall infrastructure. Larger numbers have started to illegally cross shallow portions of the Colorado River near Yuma.

Yet in a display of unmitigated gall, a dozen illegals, aided by accommodating pro-invasion legal teams — even asking for “an awarding of costs and attorneys’ fees” — are suing President Trump, (legal document linked) citing his “shockingly unconstitutional“ actions in not swinging our door wide open to accommodate and provide taxpayer-funded benefits to the hordes of invaders.

This CBP chart details the realities in raw numbers dating back to Fiscal Year 2012. Apprehensions have increased under President Trump’s administration, which has prioritized border security.

Year to date apprehensions in the Yuma Sector are up over 150% compared to this date in Fiscal Year 2018.  Total Fiscal Year 2018 apprehensions were more than double total Fiscal Year 2017 numbers. According to CBP statistics, 60,745 invaders were apprehended or were deemed inadmissible while attempting to enter the U.S. illegally via the southern border in October, the first month of the fiscal year 2019.

A total of 521,090 foreign nationals were apprehended at the southern border in fiscal year 2018 – up from 451,514 in fiscal year 2017. In Yuma alone, more than 26,000 were apprehended in fiscal year 2018. 

Additional information regarding unaccompanied minors and others entering along other southwest border sectors including El Paso and Laredo Texas, Tucson, Arizona and San Diego, California is reported by CBP.


Flaky Flake vows to block Trump’s judicial nominees

November 15, 2018

When it come to disasters facing the United States, we have a tough choice between the thousands of illegal aliens storming our southern border or lame-duck Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. 

Republicrat Flake who was realistically unable to run for reelection due to bottom-dragging 18% approval ratings in his home state, so despises President Trump that even as his days in the U.S. Senate are numbered, he is working with Democrats to undermine the president.

 A member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Flake has vowed to block Trump’s federal judicial nominees in order to assure the continuation of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian collusion into the 2016 presidential election — that after two years has not produced a scintilla of evidence against President Trump, his family or associates. The skullduggery was orchestrated and funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, in association with other unsavory characters. The ‘report’ which came to be known by the intrigued-laced term, “the dossier,” was personally carried to then-FBI Director James Comey by none other than John McCain, a Hillary Clinton supporter. McCain previously referred to Clinton as a “rock starhe could support for president — which he, Flake and their families, no doubt did.

In this video statement from the senate chamber, Flake pompously announced, “I have informed the majority leader I will not vote to advance any of the 21 judicial nominees pending in the Judiciary Committee or vote to confirm the 32 judges awaiting confirmation on the Senate floor until S. 2644 is brought to the full Senate for a vote.”

As Flake showboats in deviation from the GOP majority, the bill is supported by unified Democrats. President Trump, who has repeatedly dismissed the Mueller probe as a “witch hunt,” has steadfastly denied that any collusion with Russia occurred.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other top Republicans oppose the Flake/Coons bill. “I don’t think any legislation is necessary,” said McConnell, who on Wednesday won his effort to remain Senate Republican leader next year.

“We know how the president feels about the investigation, but he’s never said he wants to shut it down,” McConnell stated.

Like his mentor John McCain, who made a career of colluding with Democrats, Flake has partnered on this nefarious scheme with his Frick and Frack buddy, Delaware Democrat Sen. Chris Coons.

Ann Coulter clarifies the 14th amendment

November 4, 2018

Navigating through the maze of “birthright citizenship” can be a daunting task.                                                                                         

This superb analysis clarifying the issue is titled,The true history of millstone babies.” Author Ann Coulter boldly asserts, “If you’d like to be the smartest person at your next cocktail party by knowing the truth about the 14th Amendment, this is the column for you!”

A political commentator, syndicated columnist and author of numerous best selling books, Coulter is also a lawyer — evidenced by the well researched legal facts in her enlightening article on this timely subject.

Exemplifying the calamitous state of our border crisis, are the thousands of Central American invaders from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, who were facilitated by conduit Mexico. The current wave of Guatemalans are moving ever closer to breaching our southern border.

President Trump has correctly responded by deploying 15,000 troops, though they are largely symbolic. He needs to follow that action by cutting off all foreign aid (move cursor over country) to the nations that are facilitating this onslaught. Money bridges any language gap. Eliminating our taxpayer-funded generosity will be understood even by illiterates and would definitely be the motivating factor their governments need.

Arizonans know all too well, the wall must be completed. The money we save could be better directed to this needed construction.

Jeff Flake auditions for leftist CNN

November 3, 2018

Flake not even above defending George Soros and calling Pres. Trump‘s “fear mongering unseemly and sickening” as Flake supports illegal caravans flooding U.S., which the president and the majority of American citizens find unacceptable

Jeff Flake, at the end of his political career — due to unprecedentedly low 18% approval ratings in his home state that kept him from campaigning for reelection — is busying himself auditioning for a new job. Among the obvious choices for the renegade Republicrat would be the networks that salivate over the prospect of a brazen defector.

Watch (Video) as Flaky Flake, who preposterously describes himself as a “conservative” fills the bill, grinning as he dutifully supplies GOP antithetical answers to Wolf Blitzer‘s loaded questions. Listen as he says he recently went to a church in his neighborhood where members brought food and clothing for 22 families who he called asylum seekers. “It was very refreshing,” says Flake. The families are illegal aliens who unlawfully invaded the United States.

He has also become an apologist for multi-billionaire Socialist George Soros, defending him against charges of being a “globalist” — since Flake has embraced that same word to describe himself.

Most disturbing is Flake’s denial — on Soros’ behalf — of Soros’ involvement in turning Jewish neighbors over to the Nazis as a teen in his boyhood home of Hungary. In this interview with Steve Kroft, Soros himself acknowledges that he aided the Nazis in the confiscation of their property and ultimately committing his neighbors to certain death in the concentration camps, but has no conscience over the hideous acts, saying, “No. No. It was not difficult. It created no feeling of guilt.” He compared the experience to being in “the markets“…presumably the stock markets, where the hedge fund investor made his $ billions, saying, “If I wasn’t there, someone else would have been.”

Apologist Jeff Flake is as soulless as George Soros. That lack of character makes him a an ideal fit for one of the leftist networks he’s trying so diligently to convince he’ll be a winning asset in broadcasting their agenda.

Breitbart News covers the Friday video interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” where relentless Trump detractor Jeff Flake said President Donald Trump’s “tone” on illegal immigration was “just wrong and sickening.”

Pres. Trump takes aim at Birthright Citizenship

October 31, 2018

The news has been rife with reports that President Donald Trump is determined to make changes to what is known as ‘Birthright Citizenship.’ Predictably, the radical left in our country are going ballistic.

If they had paid closer attention during the last presidential campaign, they wouldn’t be so surprised.  Addressing this misinterpretation of our nation’s Fourteenth Amendment (Sec. 1, key words: “Subject to the jurisdiction thereof”) is a topic he campaigned on. His Hillary-supporting adversaries in the media and the Democrat Party — an obvious redundancy — were so dismissive of the successful New York businessman and political novice, they paid scant attention to his comments. Seeing Red AZ didn’t. They resonated with us and on Aug. 20, 2015, we posted,Ending birthright citizenship = end to anchor babies.

Prior to that, on Aug. 9, 2010, we wrote,Anchor babies and “birth tourism” making the newsnoting that Texas Sen. John Cornyn was the latest senior Republican to call for a review of birthright citizenship amid complaints that illegal aliens have abused that post-Civil War constitutional provision. As the former Texas Attorney General and justice on the state Supreme Court, he has a solid legal footing.

The Amendment was adopted in 1868, following the end of the Civil War. Its intent was to give American-born children of freed African-born slaves all of the rights and privileges of citizenship. It was necessary then, but has no relevancy today.

On April 21, 2011 we wrote, “Birthright citizenship? Increasing opposition seen — Birth Tourism at crisis proportions,” citing a Rasmussen survey substantiating the increasingly high level of opposition to birthright citizenship, as 61% of likely U.S. voters believed that a child born in the United States to a woman who is here illegally should not automatically be gifted with U.S. citizenship.

We outed Arizona’s senators as compulsive liars in this March 6, 2015 post, citing McCain and Kyl’s deceit on the topic in 2010.

 Our Aug.29, 2015 post,Anchor babies: The latest numbers are shocking,” included this Breitbart link,Census: Anchor baby delivered every 93 seconds.” With the continued flood of illegals into our country, it’s a good bet those numbers have only increased.

Though he’s gone, be aware in 2010 John McCain had two distinctly different viewpoints on this crucial issue within a mere ten days. No wonder the Arizona Republic newspaper deified him during and following his week-long funerals.

Unlike the waffler, conservative SRAZ remains consistent. We’ve included a number of posts for you to peruse. Read them as you are able, but do make a point to check them out. The background information is integral to the current discussion.

Among developed nations, only the U.S. and Canada still grant Birthright Citizenship. Check out the lists, courtesy of NumbersUSA.

Pres. Trump expands border security as invaders persist

October 27, 2018

Left’s manufactured crisis timed to coincide with midterm elections using a strategy intended to overwhelm immigration authorities

With its obvious liberal bias running at full tilt, Politico accuses President Trump of “whipping up a frenzy” on the issue of the caravan numbering an estimated seven thousand invading our country. The author terms them “migrants,” as though they are swallows leaving Goya, Argentina, making their annual 6,000 mile migration to California’s San Juan Capistrano Mission. Unlike the small birds, these Central American “migrants” don’t leave. The swallows don’t expect handouts of taxpayer money, living subsidies, numerous benefits including health care and education for their children.

Those illegally crossing the border into the United States include waves from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. All are well coached in the necessary jargon of showing “credible fear” of persecution in their home country as they seek “asylum.” They know that bringing children along — their own, or “borrowed” ones, serves as insurance. Many of the children are abused by those purporting to be their relatives.

Another “caravan” is currently making its way through Mexico en route to the U.S.

The average length of schooling in Honduras is 6.2 years, though on average it takes 9 years to complete what amounts to a sixth grade education.

The literacy rate of Guatemalans over the age of 15 is just 75% — apart from Haiti, this is the lowest literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere. Only 35% of Guatemalan teenagers attend middle school.

 In  El Salvador, only 33% of children up to age 14 attend school. Six percent of Salvadoran children never attend any school.

These “migrants” are so grateful at the prospect of entering the United States of America, they proudly wave flags of the nations they are leaving and burn the American flag, for good measure. Their invasion is encouraged by a group known as Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders. According to its website, “border walls are imposed by greed.”

The murderous MS-13 gang, now spreading terror throughout the U.S., originated 3 decades ago on the streets of in Los Angeles, comprised of young illegals from El Salvador.

The United States has a hospitable legal system for immigration. We also have a right to determine who will enter our country.

President Trump has stated the caravan will not be allowed into the U.S., and vowed to send troops to assist in securing the border. He tweeted the U.S. will “begin cutting off or substantially reducing” foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  He is also considering executive actions to prevent the caravan from illegally breaching our nation’s sovereign border.

Watch almost jobless Jeff Flake audition for a CNN gig…

October 24, 2018

…as he runs interference for Islamist Invaders

Despite having to abandon his lifetime senate plans due to embarrassingly low 18 percent approval ratings, Jeff Flake still creates his own reality.

Interviewed at CNN’s ‘CITIZEN’ conference, Flake said President Trump’s tweet stating, “Unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in,” with the caravan of invaders headed toward the U.S. border is a “fear tactic.” When asked if he knew what Trump was talking about, Flake said, “No. That’s long been pretty much a canard and a fear tactic.”

A canard and fear tactic?  Hardly. We posted,Hezbollah on our doorstep: Radical Muslims in border towns,” in 2011.

Here is the delusional Flake, (same video below) so consumed with Trump hatred, he Is unable to think clearly.

Interviewer Jake Tapper, who personifies the liberal media, unable to control his sputtering, referred to President Trump, “The fact checkers can’t keep up with the president these days, he’s saying so many things that aren’t true, that have no evidence behind them. The president constantly says things that are just not  true…they’re lies…it’s difficult to understand why he keeps doing this…on a political level or a psychological level?

Flake responds, “What is troubling is to look behind him and to see the reaction of people behind him.”

That’s most of us, folks. Tapper calls us, “the resistance,” then sympathetically notes, “How lonely it must be to be Jeff Flake.”

Republicrat Flake, bizarrely describing himself as a conservative, denies Democrats want open borders, though he was a member of the Gang of Eight. The group was a failed amnesty promoting scheme he and John McCain cobbled together with a quartet of the most liberal Democrats, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Robert Menendez, Michael Bennet and two other McCain sycophants, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.

Tapper then prompts Flake with another inane question, saying, “I know it’s not your tendency to be immodest.” What are you proudest of in terms of accomplishments?”

Obviously Jake Tapper missed the self-aggrandizing, prone to pontificating to an empty senate chamber, Flake’s 2011 vanity ladened solo survivalist trip to a deserted island, taking only his camera and tripod.

Tapper reminds Flake that he previously described Trumpism as a fever in the Republican party. Flake responded, “It’s a long fever.”

Since he doesn’t want to risk infection, Flake, who speaks Afrikaans could always move back to the African nation of Namibia, where he worked as a registered foreign agent lobbying in D.C. on behalf of a uranium mining company with financial ties to Iran.

And Tapper? An obvious leftist, he once worked as campaign press secretary for Democrat congressional candidate Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, (D-PA) and later as her congressional press secretary. Her former husband, onetime Iowa Congressman Edward Mezvinsky, was convicted of fraud and spent five years in a federal penitentiary. The Mezvinky’s are the parents of Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Mark.

It’s a full circle.