Irrelevant Cindy McCain channels leftist hubby, endorses Biden

September 23, 2020

John McCain’s amnesty scheme has altered America’s and Arizona’s demographics to Democrat dominance

Relying on anonymously sourced, and acknowledged fabricated remarks calculatedly attributed to President Trump, and a “longtime friendship,” to make her case for endorsing feeble and befuddled Joe Biden, Cindy McCain attempts to make herself relevant.  Her influence among Republicans is on par with that of former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republicrat who opted out of running for a second term due to abysmal 18% approval ratings in his home state. Flake gained notoriety for writing meager checks to Democrats and posting photos of his donations online, while making a pathetic spectacle of himself.

If there is anyone who actually cares what Cindy Lou Hensley McCain has to say about anything, they must be hiding under a rock. Her irrelevancy hasn’t kept the former 14-year-old junior rodeo queen from hiring Hollywood-based, United Talent Agency (UTA) to promote her for global speaking tours, with no success. Now characterizing herself as a “humanitarian,” she was previously outed by The Phoenix New Times as addicted to prescription painkillers. She stole pills from a medical-aid charity she headed.

The heiress and chairman of the third largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship in the country is hungry for recognition, which she garners by deprecating our Republican president. The Biden endorsement is nothing new. The entire McCain family made it known they would not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. McCain, who lost two previous presidential elections in 2000 and 2008, was consumed with jealous rage that non-politician Donald Trump was able to achieve what had eluded him. 

Open borders advocate John McCain colluded with Democrats throughout his career and repeatedly led them as he pushed for amnesty for illegals invaders he cagily referred to as “God’s children.” McCain’s efforts aided the expansion of Democrat Party. Breitbart reports that the rapid demographic changes are tilting Arizona and the entire nation toward a permanent Democrat dominance.

Largely ignored, Cindy Hensley McCain is not above lying about human trafficking to garner attention.

“As I focus on the next phase of my humanitarian endeavors, I’m thrilled to work with UTA to leverage my charitable passions to carry on my husband’s legacy by reaching new audiences and continuing to improve the lives of others,” solemnly intones Cindy.

If she thinks endorsing theHarris Biden Administration(Biden’s 4-second video admission) will achieve her goal, Cindy’s sadly mistaken.

Drop the leftist AZ Republic: Why pay to be insulted?

September 12, 2020

Skewed, manipulated and fabricated “news” is no news at all

The toxic Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic is not only in a state of financial desperation, it is also rife with misinformation, interspersed with grammatical, spelling and factual errors. These days the staff of the displaced and recently sold newspaper is mostly composed of ASU Journalism school students, lacking editors and content with a byline. Remaining employees have voted to unionize.

Hemorrhaging readers due to the ongoing venom spew aimed at President Trump, Republican office holders and candidates, deceit is its driving force, with no effort at balanced reporting. In the wake of the nationwide BLM riots, the newspaper sides with the radical, destructive mobs who push defunding and disbanding the police.

Intimidation is rampant. The Daily Wire headlines its recent reportRochester Officers Cover Names After Protesters Shout Their Addresses, Kids’ Names, Make Taunting Calls To Parents In Front Of Them.” They were described as “peaceful protesters” in the local media. This week Rochester, NY native and Police Chief La’Ron D. Singletary, who is black, along with his entire RPD command staff announced their resignations. The city’s mayor Lovely A. Warren and the majority of council members are also black, proof that nothing calms the violent thugs.

Greg Burton, the AZ Republic’s editor-in-chief concentrates on promoting diversity based on ethnicity and gender, but never of thought. He normalizes the abnormal with promotion of “non-binary and transgender” actors, who we are advised, prefer “they/them pronouns.” The far-left newspaper which now focuses on blacks, has long been bonded to the astronomically costly flood of illegal aliens — which the newspaper mischaracterizes as “immigrants” — breaching our border, as Kristin Tate pointed out in The Hill. It’s a good bet these groups aren’t subscribers. The point is propagandizing the rest of us.

Conservative views are unwelcome. Columnist EJ Montini, as emaciated as the shriveled newspaper, exemplifies an image of being consumed by hatred. His interchangeable cohort Laurie Roberts, formerly relegated to sob stories, has now metastasized into full blown loathing aimed at conservatives in general and Pres. Trump in particular.

Save your money. The overpriced Arizona Republic averages a yearly subscription rate of nearly $500. There are better ways to spend money than paying to have your intelligence insulted.

Is political changeling Rodney Glassman seeking another job?

September 7, 2020

Slickster Rodney Glassman attempting to promote himself as a middle-man bundler for Pres. Trump and hoping to be rewarded

Today is Labor Day. Now celebrating all American workers, it was originally promoted by labor unions and signed into law June 28, 1894 by President Grover Cleveland.

Although perennial candidate Rodney Glassman wasn’t around in Cleveland’s era, he does have something in common with the former president: Both were Democrats.

Plagued by personal scandals, Cleveland never changed his affiliation, but Glassman, who has run and lost myriad elections, was a lifelong Democrat…until he magically recast himself as a “conservative” Republican during his recent 2020 campaign for Maricopa County Assessor. Glassman lost that primary race also, soundly trounced by incumbent Eddie Cook.

Two short years ago, in 2018, then Corporation Commission candidate Glassman was featured on the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union slate which endorsed only Democrats. His photo is adjacent to that of far left U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, (AZ CD-3) an illegal alien advocate, in whose D.C. office Glassman previously worked.

In 2012 when Democrat Glassman ran for the U.S. Senate from Arizona, he was enthusiastically endorsed by both Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona.

Additionally, Rodney Glassman was a candidate for state chairman of the Arizona Democrat Party, hoping to guide the statewide strategy for defeating Republicans. This post was one in a long string of offices he sought and lost.

Rodney Glassman is desperate for a win. His intent is to buy his way into office…any office.

He’s unmistakably gearing up again, recently sending out bizarre emails soliciting money for President Trump. “Please join me in contributing to President Trump’s re-election campaign by completing the attached contribution form and mailing it to: Rodney Glassman, Trump Victory Fund,” with his law firm’s address. Those who amass funds on behalf of presidential candidates are known asbundlers,”* often seeking cushy appointments for their efforts. The amounts on the form range from $1,000-$5,000 annually on the low end to $1,161,200 per couple annually.  Glassman even offers this inducement: “If you’d like to meet for a coffee or lunch, I would be happy to connect personally for a visit and contribution hand-off.” He signs the email, “Thanks, in advance! Your Friend, Rodney.”

Thanks…but no thanks Rodney. Most of us choose our friends more carefully. And we are perfectly capable of sending in our usually more modest donations to reelect President Trump on our own.

Disclosure of Campaign Bundlers*

“…The public needs to be able to gauge for itself whether the people elevated to political appointments got there based on their merits or by virtue of their prowess as elite “bundlers.” A study of President Obama’s top-tier fundraisers in 2008 showed that 80% received “key administration posts” as defined by the White House.”

* Center for Responsive Politics

McCain’s boundless hatred reaches beyond the grave

August 30, 2020

A group calling itselfMcCain Alums for Joe Biden,” stands as a stark reminder why John McCain was so reviled within the party under whose banner he opportunistically chose to run.

When he initially ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1982, McCain had to be strong armed by political power brokers then known as the ‘Phoenix 40,’ to drop his intention to run as a Democrat to succeed respected Republican John J. Rhodes, who was retiring.  Rhodes, a lawyer, was the House Minority Leader at the time and highly regarded in his East Valley district as well as in Washington D.C.

McCain, who graduated at the bottom of his U.S. Naval Academy class, where he gained entry due to being the son and grandson of admirals, was an Arizona newcomer who had recently married Cindy Lou Hensley in an elaborate wedding at the exclusive Arizona Biltmore Resort within days of the finalization of his divorce from his first wife. Cindy’s well connected father, the owner of Hensley Beverage Company, one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributors in the nation, now chaired by Cindy, encouraged his new son-in-law to pursue a political career.

The couple carpetbagged to the East Valley for his brief congressional stint, returning to Phoenix for his initial senate race.

Notorious for colluding with Democrats, open borders proponent McCain had no commitment to Republican principles, losing both times he ran for president. He carried Arizona by a mere 8.5% over Obama.

John McCain was censured by elected Republican Maricopa County Committeemen and Republican State Committeemen, whom he later retaliated against, with the aid of financier Gregory Wendt a San Francisco Obama donor — using the duplicitously named front group ‘Grassroots Arizona,’ based out of the D.C. suburb of Alexandria Virginia, to which Wendt donated $250,000. McCain conspired with Wendt and other high dollar funders to purge dedicated conservative committeemen from the party. It’s no surprise Wendt is on the list of McCain Alums for Joe Biden.

McCain, whose last political vote was a shockingthumbs down(19-sec. video) against a Republican measure on a partial repeal of Obamacare, failed in his numerous attempts to undermine businessman Donald Trump who achieved the presidency that eluded him. That jealousy still drives the McCain sycophantic claque and explains their backing of leftist, and cognitively deteriorating Joe Biden as a McMemorial.

Pres. Trump renominated as RNC offers vision of hope, optimism for USA

August 25, 2020

The radically left Arizona Republic newspaper headlined its Page One coverage: “Trump and GOP cast dark warnings.”

At a scaled-down 2020 convention kickoff held in the omnipresent shadow of the Coronavirus, the mood remained upbeat for supporters of President Trump. Speakers on behalf of the president gave moving speeches, including former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley; Andrew Pollack, an impassioned school safety advocate whose daughter, Meadow, was among 17 murdered at her Florida high school; and former pro football player Herschel Walker, a decades-long friend of the president.

Rather than the nearly 2,500 regular delegates, only 336 delegates — six from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories — have been invited to cast proxy votes at the Charlotte Convention Center. But social distancing, masks and rigorous safety measures didn‘t dampen the enthusiasm of either the delegates or the featured speakers.

First Lady Melania Trump will speak today from the White House Rose Garden. Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence will give his address from historic Fort McHenry in Baltimore, where in 1814, Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the words to what became our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Many others will address the national audience today, including Arizonan Mary Ann Mendoza who lost her Mesa police officer son, Brandon, in a crash with an illegal alien, wrong-way drunk driver, with a long criminal history. Following the tragedy, she wrote a letter to then-President Barack Obama requesting that illegal aliens not be allowed to register vehicles. That same week, agenda-driven, saboteur Obama requested $3.7 billion for illegal invaders. Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, endorsed by Obama, has been exhibiting disturbing cognitive difficulties, making him an obedient follower.

President Donald Trump will deliver his acceptance speech on Thursday from the White House South Lawn.

There are numerous options available to watch the historic event, including C-SPAN which carries Day 2, Aug. 25 HERE.

President Trump returns to AZ, touts border wall

August 19, 2020

Dem’s virtual convention featuring leftist has-beens and Cindy McCain, is an actual bust

President Trump met with supporters at a Yuma airplane hangar Tuesday afternoon, braving Arizona’s intense summer heat, where the temperature usually spikes even higher than other parts of the state. Calling attention to the progress on the border wall, he was accompanied by Sen. Martha McSally and members of the state’s congressional delegation as well as Arizona GOP chairman, Dr. Kelli Ward. Also addressing the crowd were Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Chad Wolf, acting U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security; and Mark Morgan, acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Pointing to progress in fulfilling his campaign promise of building the wall, President Trump was met with cheers. In a display of fierce loyalty, many of the attendees traveled to Yuma from around the state to hear President Trump’s Border Wall Construction and Operational Update, marking 300 miles of protection on Arizona’s southern border, with a projection of over 450 miles by the end of the year, impeding criminal activity, including violent gangs, drug cartels, disease and illegal aliens. He addressed the decline in illegal border crossings, and the policies his administration has put in place, such as ending catch-and-release and overhauling the work-visa program.

Trump received accolades from Customs and Border Patrol Deputy Ortiz, who said “…On behalf of the men and women of CBP and all the law enforcement across the country, thank you for your support. I’ve been doing this job for 29 years, and I can tell you that it makes a world of difference knowing that we have the top cover from our commissioners, the Secretary, and certainly from the administration.And I want to tell you that the infrastructure that we’re putting into place — whether it’s a technology, whether it’s the wall system, or the men and women that we’re adding to our workforce each and every day — it’s certainly going to help improve the security in our country. And so, on behalf of all of us that, each day, put on our uniform, leave our families, hoping to make a difference, we appreciate your support. Thank you. “

Trump’s trip to Arizona was a welcome distraction from the second day of the DNC’s bitter side-show dredging up ancient Democrats pledging their loyalty to the often confused Joe Biden, who would have difficulty naming any of them. Radical leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was highlighted at the convention for a full 60-seconds. She used her minuscule wedge of time to nominate avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders, who suspended his campaign, leaving April 8. He endorsed Joe Biden April 13. Her foolishness an example of the incoherent Democrat party.

For the Democrats, this election is about them running under the radically left banner of the of a Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all, free education and  higher taxes. There is no leadership emanating from this vacuous party, who have joined with the BLM crowd eager to defund the police and anarchist mobsters who are looting and committing acts of violence against people, property, federal buildings and American historic monuments.

Yet this is where Cindy Lou Hensley McCain, the beer heiress, finds her haven. She was given time at the DNC to detail her husband’s warm friendship with Biden. McCain previously lost to the Barack Obama/Joe Biden team. In 2014, John McCain was censured by Republican elected state and county delegates who had their fill of his colluding with the Democrats.

The entire McCain family let it be known that they would not support Donald Trump in 2016. Like her husband, Cindy‘s also a prolific liar, tweeting on April 24, 2019:

“Joe Biden is a wonderful man and dear friend of the McCain Family. However, I have no intention of getting involved in presidential politics.”

Take a look at who’s buying campaign related radio ads

August 15, 2020

With just 80 days before the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election, campaign ads have ballooned, as US Postal Service warns it can’t guarantee all mail-in ballots will be counted

 Radio Link, a radio industry publication, provides an insight into political radio ads in the 2020 campaign season.The Political Ad Floodgates Are Open,” details who’s spending — including what the publication refers to as “impossible to trace PAC money.”

Scroll though the list of the top 50 political spenders from Media Monitors, which features Joe Biden as the most prolific.

When we find donation pleas in our email, remember where that money goes and how necessary our donations are. Campaigns are waged on multiple fronts: televised, hard copy mailers, online ads and radio, which likely impacts us more than we realize. Listening in the car, for example, we are a captive audience. When TV commercial breaks come on, we are likely to get up and head for the kitchen foraging for a snack.

Arizona U.S. Senate races made the list. Negative advertising buys are prolific as you’ll see on the link. Unions have a strong advertising presence including the American Postal Workers Union though the U.S. Postal Service has just issued a warning stating it is unable to guarantee that all mail-in ballots will arrive in time to be counted. President Trump is obviously right in voicing his concerns regarding ballot integrity, especially as the Coronavirus complicates the process.

Here’s the advertising bottom line:

From June 1- July 31, the #21 spender in the nation for radio spots was here in AZ…SOMOS PAC* a Hispanic-led, radical group, in support of leftist senate challenger Mark Kelly, who is a committed Second Amendment restrictionist. The #26 spender is MI FAMILIA VOTA*, an Arizona-based voter advocacy group, self described as, “working to increase civic engagement in Latino, immigrant and allied communities,” is airing targeted spots against incumbent Republican Sen. Martha McSally.

Dem Joe Biden, a fifty-year career politician, committed to an open border, is campaigning on providing free health care, education and citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, who will permanently swell the Democrat voter base.

* Center for Responsive Politics

Beware the AZ Republic’s skewed election coverage

August 10, 2020

The far-left Arizona Republic has been engaging in post-Primary Election quarterbacking. In the process, the newspaper that supposedly swore off of endorsements, sounds as if it is an official arm of the Democrat party, as it assesses the election results.

Expectations of neutrality are folly. Although the endorsement pages are pragmatically shelved, there is no doubt who is, none too subtly, being pushed. There is anguish spilling forth from the pages when Democrats lose, sloppy anticipation when they come within spitting distance of Republicans and unconcealed glee when they win.

This morning’s editorial foolishly attempts to neutralize Democrat Sheriff Paul Penzone with the ridiculous headline, “Penzone pushes back on radical left,” slickly opining, “He may be a Democrat but he does not support the radical left.” Those who pay attention remember all too well newly elected Penzone’s greeting to illegal aliens, referring to them as “guests.” As he campaigned in 2016 his leftist law enforcement policies were bankrolled with $2 million gifted by Socialist George Soros who deplores national borders, and vowed to reconfigure the criminal justice system.

The newspaper relies on it’s deceptive “may, could, might” headlines, exemplified by, “Primary results may create challenges for Republicans’ hold on power in the Arizona Legislature.” Then again, they may not.

Emaciated, radical writer EJ Montini headlined his recent column, “Ballot isn’t McSally vs. Kelly; it’s Trump vs. not-Trump.” This is the Hillary endorsing, Trump-hating, seriously declining newspaper’s futile attempt at throwing a jab. His counterpart, Laurie Roberts, headlined her anti-Republican spew, “7 debates? Oh, yeah, McSally is worried.”

Sen. Martha McSally, endorsed by Pres. Trump, is a former two-term member of congress. An honors graduate of the Air Force Academy, she retired as an Air Force Colonel, following her impressive career which included being the first female pilot to command a fighter squadron in a war zone.

Democrat challenger, Mark Kelly has been deeply involved with Communist China since retiring from the Navy, making $millions through nefarious dealings.

His commercials neglect to mention his desire to restrict our Second Amendment rights through Giffords PAC a hybrid super PAC and Giffords a 501C Carey PAC,* which spent nearly $7 million to aid Democrat congressional candidates in 2018.

Kelly claims he is rejecting corporate PAC money, but has no problem taking money from Socialist multi-billionaire George Soros’ ActBlue, which has hosted DC fundraisers for him and continually hustles on Kelly’s behalf online. He congratulated his friend and then-president Barack Obama on his restrictive firearm legislation, saying, “…And that’s why the steps Pres. Barack Obama announced this week to narrow some of the loopholes in our gun background check system are so responsible: They help keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

Who decides whose hands are “wrong”?

Kelly’s wife, former AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, has recently endorsed seriously declining Joe Biden for President, saying, “We deserve a president who listens to the American people, not the NRA.”

* Center for Responsive Politics

Loser ‘Demand Daniel’ refuses to concede; starts new party

August 8, 2020

This is the formDemand Daniel’ McCarthy has made available to survey the enthusiasm among Arizona voters for starting a new political party in the wake of his massively overwhelming loss.  Using the royal “we” meaning “I” McCarthy accurately concluded, “We got our butts kicked.Sen. Martha McSally garnered 75.6% of the vote compared to McCarthy’s 24.4%.  In raw numbers, McSally leads by 360,326 votes.

The local press reported his petulant quote:

“I’m not going to get in the way of the general election. We just want to take the next couple of days and really dig in. It looks like constitutional conservatism doesn’t have a voice in the Republican Party.”

What egotistical political novice McCarthy fails to comprehend is that conservatives willingly cast their ballots for Republican incumbent U.S. Senator Martha McSally, endorsed by President Trump. They recognize that open borders Socialist George Soros supported candidate Mark Kelly has deep ties to Communist China, putting $millions more in Kelly‘s pockets. Kelly’sGiffords PAC raises funds for national anti-Second Amendment leftist candidates.

Sen. Martha McSally’s Democrat rival Mark Kelly poses a serious threat to the balance of power in the U.S. Senate. Currently, Republicans lead by a slim margin. This is the breakdown: Republicans (53 seats), Democrats (45 seats), and 2 Independents who both caucus with the Democrats, bringing the total to 53 – 47. Lacking a senate majority President Trump’s hands would be tied in such vital areas (enumerated here) as entering into international treaties and filling executive and judicial vacancies. There is likely to be another opportunity as radically left, onetime ACLU lawyer, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 87, has been in seriously declining health, as reported in a series of press releases from the high court.

Ill-equipped to handle the job, Daniel McCarthy was out of his realm as seen in this televised interview that will long be instructional for novice candidates.

Ever morphing Nathan Sproul still up to old tricks

July 29, 2020

Just a year ago, a brightly smiling Meghan Cox was featured in the Phoenix Business Journal as an honoree of the “40 Under 40” up-and-coming business leaders. 

More recently, she’s the subject of a less glowing Arizona Republic headline,Report ties Arizona political operative to Ohio bribery case.” Cox has not been charged with a crime.

The Dayton Daily News covered what has been described as “the largest bribery case ever in Ohiohere, reporting Ohio Republican House Speaker Larry Householder and four other prominent men have been arrested in a $60 million federal bribery case, charged with participating in a racketeering conspiracy. The charge carries up to 20 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine. The scheme was tied to the $1.3 billion taxpayer-funded bailout of Ohio’s two struggling nuclear power plants.

Opponents launched a citizen referendum campaign to send the bailout package to the ballot, where voters would have an opportunity to reject it. Speaker Householder and his allies counterattacked by paying petitioners for the referendum campaign, which had 60 days to collect 265,000 signatures, not to work or to switch sides.

As part of that effort, Householder’s operation hired Tempe-based Lincoln Strategy Group, previously known as Sproul and Associates until the name become toxic. Nathan Sproul is no stranger to nefarious dealings. Meghan Cox, identified as “a leading expert in ballot initiative access and strategy” is listed on the website as co-founder and principal.

This 82-page criminal complaint (rife with redactions) against Householder and his allies includes text message exchanges between an unnamed signature collector and a woman who identifies herself as Meghan, asking if the petition carrier is still working for the referendum campaign and offering $2,500 “to sign on with our team today. Begin reading on page 75.

When her offer is rejected, Meghan tells the person, “If you aren’t interested in my offer – no worries. Thank you.” The contact then questioned her ethics and inferred that her conduct was illegal.

Meghan’s phone number and the company she identified herself as working for are redacted in the complaint. The complaint refers to Meghan as “Contractor 1” and her company as “Petition Services Co 2.” Meghan has since been identified as Meghan Cox

The hard-left local newspaper provides a platform for Sproul to spew as an opinion contributor. This one goes back to 2008.

This 2008 post reveals even more Sproul trickery as we wrote inProp 202: Arizona’s ‘Stop Illegal Hiring’ Act is a Sham.” He used a deceptive name intended to fool voters who overwhelmingly support controls.

In 2014 SRAZ wrote,Below-the-belt politics? Nathan Sproul lurks nearby.”

In 2012,the RNC fired Sproul after reports of voter fraud. This action came as three employees of Strategic Allied Consulting, a firm owned by operative Nathan Sproul, pleaded guilty in Florida to felony charges related to altering and destroying scores of voter registration forms. Investigations were also launched in Colorado and Nevada.

These reveals are just the tip of the Sprouling iceberg, but they show his descending path since serving as the head of the AZ Christian Coalition and then as Executive Director of the AZ Republican Party. Deception is far more lucrative.