Trump, Pence duke it out on AZ Guv’s race

July 23, 2022

Status of endorsers outranks candidates

Former President Donald Trump and his former Vice President Mike Pence have staked out Arizona’s Republican governor’s primary election as a battleground both for their own chosen candidates but with more than a whiff of personal competitiveness in the air. They are both considered 2024 presidential candidates.

On Friday evening Trump spoke in Prescott Valley supporting former newscaster Kari Lake as Pence addressed a crowd in Peoria, AZ declaring, “No one worked harder for the Trump/Pence ticket in 2016 and 2020 than Karrin Taylor Robson,” as he highlighted her fundraising for the GOP ticket.

There’s as much at stake for the endorsers as the candidates as Pence hopes to score another win against Trump in the endorsement category. In an unexpected 2022 drubbing, Pence supported Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who made quick work (73.7% – 21.8%) of Trump-supported challenger, former Sen. David Perdue in the May 24, 2022 primary.

Lake, a former Obama donor and supporter, who twice left the Republican Party to become a democrat, has magically morphed into a conservative in time to run for governor, a job for which she has neither background nor capabilities. Karrin Kunasek Taylor Robson characterizes herself as a political outsider, though her family is enmeshed in Arizona politics.  Former Congressman Matt Salmon recently dropped out of the race.

Pence and Taylor Robson also visited the National Border Patrol Council’s office in Tucson. The Border Patrol union has previously supported Trump. Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council has endorsed Taylor Robson in the governor’s race.

Fmr. McCain aide Max Fose likens leftist Sen. Mark Kelly to McCain

July 18, 2022

Finally…the left got something right

Seeing Red AZ has never attempted to conceal its abhorrence of former Sen. John McCain, whose political duplicity was renowned. His last official vote — which Speaker Mitch McConnell held up to allow the then-ailing McCain to cast the deciding vote — was a stunning case in point, as McCain voted with the united democrats — much to the mystified dismay of his GOP colleagues — on what was known as the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare. Watch the 19-second video here:

Attempting to explain his political treachery in heading up Republicans for Kelly, supporting the deceptive Mark Kelly, McCain-connected Max Fose answered the question with a now trendy, tricky response that attempts to make the questioned person agree, by ending the question with “right?” “You don’t see Mark Kelly throwing bombs across the aisle, right?”


Soros-funded Kelly is duplicity run amok. His strong financial ties to Communist Chinese tech giant Tencent are a driving force of the commercial space exploration venture he co-founded. Tencent, is one of the world’s largest internet enterprises and owns the Chinese social media platform WeChat. The text platform has more than a billion users and is suspected of monitoring the activity of many of them inside and outside of China, as detailed in this 2020 Real Clear Politics report. The Washington Free Beacon exposes Kelly’s early and lucrative ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Married to former AZ congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who is Jewish,  Mark Kelly gleefully poses with anti-Semite U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Omar has stated her belief that America should be dismantled, opining it is “based in a system of oppression.” She believes Israel has no right to exist.

Mark Kelly should not represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate. Seeing Red AZ endorses Jim Lamon, a successful businessman and job creator, who prioritizes addressing the border crisis. Jim Lamon’s list of conservative elected officials, activists and law enforcement endorsements is impressive. These are the boots-on-the-ground men and women who understand the need for retaking control of our border that has been a haven for illegals and criminal activity. Kelly, an anti-Second Amendment gun confiscator, is unfazed by the widespread criminality.

The Washington Times reported DHS encountered a record 2 million illegal aliens on our southern border in 2021 alone.

Victor Davis Hanson’s brilliant insights: Biden and 2024 election

July 17, 2022

You won’t want to miss, “Why the Left Will Cut Biden Loose.”

Memo to Fox News: Illegal aliens are not “migrants”

July 11, 2022

The word migrate implies travel, it does not designate an ultimate destination

Fox News launched on October 7, 1996, presenting a unique, conservative alternative to other network programming. As its ratings soared, it soon left the uni-thought organizations in the dust. Its commitment to facts and a conservative perspective provided viewers with an outlook that was abysmally lacking in mainstream political coverage.

Fast forward a couple+ decades and the lines have decidedly blurred as language has intentionally muddled, obscuring facts. This facile switch has happened with such proficiency that we have to remind ourselves that we are the victims of institutionalized trickery.

The standout example is the correct term “illegal alien,” which Fox newscasters, jackbooting in lockstep, have recently replaced with “migrants.” They also have taken to calling leftists “progressives,” as though they are forward thinking rather than demonstrably regressive.

Are Fox newscasters adhering to Biden’s policy implemented in April 2021, which instructed U.S. immigration enforcement agencies to replace the term “illegal alien” (which is used throughout U.S. immigration law) with “undocumented non citizen?”

Hans von Spakovsky, writing for the Heritage Foundation, titled his cogent commentary, “Sorry, but the Accurate Legal Term is ‘Illegal Alien.” The son of two legal immigrants, he is an author and  election law authority appointed by President Donald Trump to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in 2017.

Arizona Republic writes its own obituary

July 7, 2022

Far left newspapers quickly dying off

There’s no question hard copy newspapers are a relic from times past. Even Associated Press acknowledged that fact with its recent report titled, “U.S. newspapers continuing to die at rate of 2 each week.” News is now free, instant and as close as our fingertips. Various vantage points are the reader’s to choose. Paying to be insulted is no longer the only option.

The hapless, dwindling number* of subscribers to the local daily have been met with outrageous assaults for their loyalty. This Dec. 30, 2021, post, ‘AZ Republic reneges on subscribers third time since Sept.,” exposed the latest money saving scam engaged in by the failing newspaper: Non-deliveries to paying subscribers, commonly known as theft.

Columnists who previously wrote inanities, have now become voices of the democrat party, relentlessly promoting illegal immigration.

When the Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating newspaper runs a report titled, “What to know about primary voting,” it’s time to run the other way. One of the authors is former democrat and unconcealed Trump-despiser Stephen Richer, who is currently Maricopa County recorder, overseeing our countywide elections. In 2020, he squeaked into office 50.1% to 49.9%.

The Arizona Republic is struggling with a skeleton crew rife with editor-less student reporters who have trouble with basic grammar. Hard leftist Elvia Diaz, the digital editor of the Spanish language version La Voz, has taken over as director of opinion. Diaz, who entered the U.S. illegally with her family, “will edit The Republic’s Viewpoints section, opinion columnists and guest writers, set the board’s agenda and, working with the executive editor and the board, shape The Republic’s institutional voice.” That should definitely garner more readers.

Another vicious Republican-hater, Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, is now on the radical Washington Post’s payroll in the newly created position of “Democracy Reporter for Arizona,” a job that likely requires dagger-like slashing proficiency.

Greg Burton, the newspaper’s executive editor caved to these demands and responded by reconfiguring the staff according to gender and ethnicity, traits none of us can alter and which have nothing to do with professional skills.

The Republic’s subscriptions have been declining for years, with the majority senior citizen demographic easily identified by the ads for mobility scooters, dentures, hearing aids, erectile dysfunction cures, and walk-in bathtubs as the dead giveaway. It supplements its income by gouging bereaved family members for overpriced obituaries honoring their love ones. Hoping to stay afloat a while longer, the distressed newspaper ran a half-page, full-color ad complete with an exclamation point on its news pages: “Printing Press Operators Needed! $24.68 per hour, plus lead operator pay.” It has also advertised for residential delivery personnel before it makes the financially advantageous switch to an all digital publication.

* Phoenix Business Journal

AP report: Hard-copy newspapers dying at breakneck speed

June 30, 2022

SRAZ has frequently weighed in on Arizona’s blatantly leftist, Hilary-endorsing newspaper, verifying that it is barely hanging on to its radical perch. It is certainly suffering through some hard times, though mostly due to its stubborn bonding to a hard-left, open borders perspective and foolish refusal to stop insulting its remaining readers, most of whom are senior citizens.

On Wednesday, Associated Press substantiated our findings on a national scale. The diminishing numbers are shocking. David Bauder’s report is headlined, “U.S. newspapers continuing to die at rate of 2 each week.”

This Dec. 30, 2021, post, AZ Republic reneges on subscribers third time since Sept.,” exposed the latest money saving scam, engaged in by the failing newspaper: Non-deliveries to paying subscribers. That’s known as theft, which is a prosecutable crime under the Arizona Criminal Code Title 13. Criminal Code § 13-1802.

Newspapers have been in decline for a very long time. The Phoenix Gazette, the afternoon edition for Arizonans who wanted the most recent news, bit the dust with the advent of televised news. Then the Internet, via cell phones, which could be conveniently carried, discretely vibrating when a new report is available, signaled the demise of home-delivered newspapers, which are vanishing and will be replaced by a fully online content, incurring no need for newsprint, ink and delivery.

Hard copy news is known as a newsosaur for a reason. The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles are a monument to prehistoric creatures. They sell tickets for access.  Even free of charge a dead newsroom, reliant on student reporters lacking editors is nothing to see. 

Biden rightly accused of having blood on his hands

June 28, 2022

Failure to secure southern border encourages risky actions

The horrific cost in terms of lives lost was all too apparent Monday after Texas authorities located an 18-wheeler with at least 100 illegal aliens abandoned in San Antonio, including at least 46 individuals who were dead of heat related causes, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blamed President Joe Biden and his immigration policies.

In this tweet, Abbott, a Republican who is running for reelection, said Monday evening’s gruesome discovery rests squarely on Biden. “At Least 42 People Found Dead Inside Truck Carrying Migrants In Texas. These deaths are on Biden,” Abbott said, Officials later raised the death toll to at least 46. “They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.”

As of Tuesday morning the death toll rose to 50, including seven Guatemalan citizens and two Honduran citizens.

Recently, Republican National Committee spokesperson Nicole Morales accused democrat gubernatorial challenger O’Rourke of showing that he’s out-of-touch with Texans. Disregarding his preferred Hispanic sounding nickname “Beto,” she emphatically declared, “Robert Francis O’Rourke is once again proving himself to be out-of-touch with Texans. Biden’s border crisis is almost as ‘great’ as Beto’s failed presidential run,” Morales stated.

A new record was set for the number of illegal alien encounters at the southern border, reaching 235,000 in April. Biden, Pelosi and Schumer view the illegals — the ones who survive — as grateful new democrats.

Rasmussen: Staggering majority of Americans disapprove of Biden

June 18, 2022

VP Kamala Harris ditches border to concentrate on cyber bullying

Rasmussen rated high for factual reporting, reveals only 23 percent of likely U.S. voters believe the country is heading in the right direction. This number remained unchanged from the previous week, with Biden showing no improvement, as dissatisfaction with his abysmal programs, inability to rein in backbreaking inflation and lack of leadership grows. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of respondents disapprove of Joe Biden.

Real Clear Politics, a polling aggregator has even more dismal news for Biden. On the Economy, 61.5 % disapprove of the job he’s doing. On the Direction of the County, Biden rates even worse, with 68.6% stating he’s on the wrong track.

And appalling VP Kamala Harris?  Feeble Biden named her the border czar putting her in charge of the crisis at our southern border. But the invasion of our county is of no interest to her. Instead, this past week she launched a Cyber Bullying Board, stating, “This affects all of us if it affects any one of us.” She could have used those same words to describe the invasion of our nation.

Breitbart News headlined its fact-filled report, Analysis: 1.1 Million More Illegal Aliens in U.S. Since Biden Took Office.”  We urge our readers to take time to acquaint themselves with the facts that are of no interest to either Biden or Harris, but will irretrievably alter the nation we are leaving to our future generations.

As Bidenflation continues to soar, Biden plunges lower

June 10, 2022

Trump melancholia reaches epidemic proportions

Problems are intensifying for increasingly feeble Joe Biden as he is losing leftwing support at an ever escalating rate. Democrat candidates realize they have no coattails to clutch, since he is pathetically unaware of what such items are. (brief video.)

Real Clear Politics aggregates numerous polls to arrive at a job approval rating, followed by an interactive graphic. 

Slo Joe remains upside down, with only 39.5 percent approving of the job he is doing, while a whopping 54.8 percent disapprove.  Not surprisingly, his job approval on the economy is even worse, with 60 percent disapproving. The 34 percent who approve must either be on the government payroll, his relatives or masochists who derive perverse pleasure from paying astronomical prices for food, housing and fuel.

On the issue of Immigration (read “illegal”): Biden has overseen the largest surge since tearing down the wall that President Trump was constructing as an integral part of his campaign promise. Biden is responsible for open border policies that have welcomed more than 1.5 million illegal aliens — enough to double the size of Dallas or San Diego — and significantly increase the democrat voter base. His dismal polling on this crucial topic stands at a shockingly significant 58 percent disapproval.

Trump melancholia is rightfully defined as widespread. There are likely more Americans suffering from it than were afflicted with COVID. Symptoms are itching teeth, teary eyes, restricted purchasing power, and a chronic longing to hear the truth.

Illegal invaders bolstered by media advocates

June 8, 2022

How do editors justify the placement of news items?

The question begging an answer looms large as the radical leftist Arizona Republic chose to hide an article about the illegal invasion bearing this headline, “Migrant caravan sets out in Southern Mexico, headed to US,” on page six.  It’s four sentences in length, buried between equally brief news reports of a tropical storm in Bermuda and an item about a South African pastor found guilty of treason.

The invasion of the United States is real and worthy of front page coverage, but the unprincipled, Trump-despising, Hillary-supporting local newspaper supports illegals breaching our southern border. It championed the Biden administration tearing down the wall being constructed to protect our sovereign nation from those who continually exploit us on every level.

The brief report datelined Tapachula, Mexico, states:

“Several thousand migrants set out walking Monday in southern Mexico, tired of waiting to normalize their status in a region with little work and still far from their ultimate goal of reaching the United States.

Their advocates said they wanted to call attention to their plight, timing it with this week’s Summit of the America’s in Los Angeles. According to a Reuter’s report, it was estimated to include “at least 6,000 migrants,” mostly from Central America, Venezuela and Haiti. It is the largest migrant caravan to attempt to leave southern Mexico this year.”

The Arizona Republic underestimated the numbers as “between 4,000 to 5,000,” which is still indefensible.

Yes, America’s illegal alien invaders have “advocates,” as they access our generous benefits, while bringing deadly pills laced with Fentanyl, destined for American streets.

And with the promotion of illegal alien Elvia Diaz as editorial page editor, whose expanded duties include “editing The Republic’s Viewpoints section, opinion columnists and guest writers, setting the board’s agenda and working with the executive editor and the board, shaping The Republic’s institutional voice,” the newspaper full tilts towards Mexico.

This morning’s edition is proof positive, as Diaz heaps accolades on Mexico’s president for “snubbing” the Summit of the Americas hosted by Joe Biden in Los Angeles. Under normal circumstances, she’d be aligned with Biden, but when forced to choose, Mexico’s Lopez Obrador wins out.