DACA eligible illegals invoke Satan, ritually murder teen girl

March 5, 2018

Jeff Flake, who never saw a young illegal he didn’t embrace as  representing “the best of America” remains silent on vicious criminal gangs

In the time he has left in the U.S. Senate, short-termer Jeff Flake has pledged he will continue to fight for the normalization — granting amnesty, and eventual citizenship — to the so-called DACA /Dreamers — illegals under age 36 who claim they were brought here in defiance of our nation’s sovereign border and U.S. law, by their illegal alien parents, when they were children. Though their claims are impossible to verify, Flake preposterously states, “They represent the best of America.”

John Binder, writing for Breitbart does a fine job detailing Flake’s baloney,

If, like Flake, you have no principles and naively fall prey to contrivances, this revolting report in the Los Angeles Times should pluck at your heartstrings and bring tears to your eyes. The question is which “victim” would move you to tears?

Would it be Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, two illegals perpetrating MS-13 gang violence and Satanism, while drugging, raping, torturing and ultimately murdering  one of three teenage girls they kidnapped in what was described as a satanic ritual on their young murder victim?

The depravity of their acts is mind-boggling. MS-13, also called Mara Salvatrucha, is believed to have been founded in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s by illegals fleeing civil war in El Salvador. It is now a major international criminal enterprise with tentacles throughout the United States.

Leaders of the Central American street gang have determined their members are not violent enough. Their aim is strike terror in the hearts of American citizens. The gang, with about 10,000 members in the U.S., is notorious for its propensity for gruesome violence. Initiation requires committing murder. Many gang members have been convicted of grisly homicides, some using machetes to behead their victims.

Barack Obama’s lenient immigration policies aided in allowing the gang to flourish. President Trump has made eradicating MS-13 a law enforcement priority for his administration  —  signing an executive order directing all federal law enforcement agencies to take on gangs, transnational criminal organizations and cartels, declaring it a  policy of his administration “to dismantle, decimate and eradicate MS-13.”

Yet we are led to believe that all of the youthful illegals contribute to our society and deserve to be welcomed into the U.S. It’s important to remember Jeff Flake’s amnesty proposals would include Miguel and Diego, had they not been arrested.

The Washington Examiner provides wide-ranging facts about the DACA/”dreamers” Jeff Flake and his like-thinking amnesty mentor John McCain, conveniently omit.


Mayor of crime capitol Oakland alerts illegals to ICE sweeps

March 2, 2018

Democrat Mayor obstructs justice while empowering criminal invaders

Oakland California has the unenviable distinction of having one of the highest crime rates in the nation in 2017. There is no question Oakland is the most dangerous city in California. There were 1,426 violent crimes — murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault — reported per 100,000 residents in Oakland.

With those dismal stats as a template, how do the actions of the mayor provide protection for the citizens of the city?

On Thursday, the White House announced the Department of Justice was reviewing the actions of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who last weekend alerted residents in advance of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sweep. Who would have guessed Mayor Schaaf is a Democrat? She took to twitter to defend her indefensible actions — using the routine fallacious platitude about “keeping families together.” Illegals are free to take their children with them when they return to their familial homeland.

Schaaf warned city residents to imminent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids garnering criticism from federal authorities. Lawyer Schaaf, who’s running for reelection,  responded, “I was sharing information in a way that was legal and was not obstructing justice, and it was an opportunity to ensure that people were aware of their rights“.

232 people were taken into custody, while about 800 evaded arrest thanks to the mayor’s warning. The people she’s referring to are illegal aliens, who invaded our nation and should have limited rights, certainly none that ensure their continued ability to live in the United States.

California is a sanctuary state and Oakland, which is not immune from federal law, is one of many sanctuary cites within the state.

Dems yell “Russia!” ignore Mexican election interference 

March 1, 2018

Media Research Center exposes the actual foreign influence attempting to alter our American elections, and it isn’t an ocean away or abutting Mongolia, Finland or Kazakhstan. Mexico tracks nearly 2,000 miles along our southern border, and .Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos has made his positions all too clear, as he declares, “The real challenge, first, is to resist. To say no. And then beat Donald Trump, now or in 2020.”

Take a moment to consider the full significance of those words, Ramos wants Donald Trump, the President of the United States, out of office, either before or after his first term. What exactly is he advocating and why is he allowed to get away with such sedition while obviously inciting violence?

Read the complete article which includes two brief but alarming videos, and concludes with Ramos calling ‘Dreamers’ the “new political leaders of the Latino community,” which is a further slap in the face to thousands of non-‘Dreamer’ Latinos who actually do exercise considerable political leadership throughout the country.

In another stretch, Ramos also hails the ‘Dreamers’ as part of a “new civil rights movement in the United States.” This would be the first “civil rights” movement involving non-citizens who are otherwise unlawfully present in the United States. The Univision anchorman’s stated wish for a United States “in which nobody is illegal, regardless of the papers you may or may not carry in your wallet” is tantamount to a wish that all the country’s immigration laws and controls be completely annulled.’

In this Fox News clip Laura Ingraham takes on the arrogant Ramos, who has dual citizenship and votes in U.S. elections, though he savages our president and policies, contending “no one is illegal.” Ramos’ daughter was a paid staffer on Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Think about Ramos’ advocacy for rebellion, a borderless USA, pervasive criminality and widespread chaos. Remaking Mexico within the United States is to invite disaster. Mexico ended 2017 by marking the deadliest year in that country’s history.

Elvia Diaz: Sets poor example for Lenten conduct

February 25, 2018

Those who observe the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter focus on introspection. Some give up a specific behavior as an exercise in sacrificial self-denial.

 The Arizona Republic’s Elvia Diaz has written a column on her desire to find common ground with people she normally disagrees with as part of her series spanning Lent.

She chooses as her antagonist, Republican Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio. How nice, it seemed, that committed leftie Elvia Diaz wants to make amends with him. Yet despite her stated desire to treat the fiscal conservative decently for the holiday, she describes DiCiccio in less than glowing terms, referring to “his methods of challenging his liberal colleagues as boorish, bordering exaggerations, or truth twisting, and bullying political rivals and journalists when they disagree with him.”

If this negative spew is indicative of her self-reflection, she’s missed the mark by a mile, showing herself incapable of examining her own thoughts and motives.  Diaz also displays her animus toward the word “liberal,” preferring to hide behind the term “progressive,” favored by liberals who want to deny who they actually are. Could she be a “self-loather?”

She does admit that she and DiCiccio have no common ground, defining him as appealing to “tea partiers” — a term rarely used by most conservatives these days. She also disingenuously describes him as “a diehard Trump supporter and buddy of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.” Is she exhibiting early onset memory loss or simply choosing not to recall that DiCiccio ripped Arpaio in the Ahwatukee Foothills News, telling the newspaper in 2016 that neither he, nor anyone in his family, would be voting for Arpaio.

Her use of the phrase “pro-immigrant rights activists” is duplicitous at best, since she’s discussing illegal aliens, who should have no supporters. This was used in the context of a Trump rally in Phoenix when police employed tear gas to disperse the crowd after the rally ended. The “activists  refused to let the issue go,” she writes, demanding, “among other things, that Phoenix ban President Trump from using city-owned buildings and police officers.”  

Admitting that she “doesn’t throw a blanket endorsement of the work of our men and women in blue” as DiCiccio does, Diaz says, “DiCiccio isn’t wavering and neither am I.”

In summation, after giving him a scathing review, she schizophrenically concedes, “I find DiCiccio respectful, attentive and willing to talk, though we often disagree.”

What happened to the lying boor she described at the beginning of her peculiar article? This must be Diaz’ concession to Lent with which she began her rant.

McCain crony rips Trump’s CPAC speech

February 24, 2018

Three day conservative conference draws huge crowd, top conservative speakers

Steve Schmidt’s checkered career includes elevating political RINOs and even worse, John McCain, who makes Republicrats appear mainstream.

Here’s Schmidt, the top adviser, message developer, and strategy wizard behind McCain’s 2008 failed presidential campaign, as he appeared Oct. 2017 on far-left MSNBC where he is employed as a political analyst, absurdly claiming, “John McCain has spent every hour of his adult life in service to this nation“…..and has “lit a torch for future political leaders.” The use of the past tense bizarrely sounds like a eulogy though the obstinate and vengeful McCain is still above ground.

Far outside the prism of reality, Schmidt actually compares McCain to George Washington. It would not be surprising to learn he has an altar erected to deity McCain that he kneels before as he starts each day. His Twitter page is topped by wild mavericks, no doubt another nod to his calamitous client, who has long used that analogy as a cover for his liberalism while shrewdly running as a Republican in the red state of Arizona. Carpetbagging into the state following his marriage to Cindy Lou Hensley, he was advised in 1982 by the then-powerful Phoenix 40 that he could not hope to replace retiring House Minority Leader John Rhodes, an ethical conservative congressional leader, if he ran as a Democrat as he was poised to do. 

Schmidt’s latest mantra is that “it’s apparent to everybody that Trump is unfit for office,” conspiratorially stated on the Trump-hating network. For emphasis, he adds, “They say it privately in the bars.”

When Schmidt’s out of the bars where he appears to conduct his private polling, he tweets vicious anti-Trump attacks, recently blasting President Trump’s CPAC speech that won acclaim from conservatives, who he refers to as “a crowd of cheering extremists….the heirs of the Know-Nothing’s and nativists that have always plagued us.”

Using his apparently favorite bar analogy again, Schmidt says this of President Trump’s speech:

“This speech at CPAC is demagogic, vapid, intellectually dishonest and just plain old fashioned idiotic.  If someone delivered this speech from the end of a bar most people would think that person was an imbecile.”

And with that bit of wisdom, we can imagine political hack Steve Schmidt calling out in a boozy slur, “Schet up ‘nother roun, Joe. Thish one’s on me!”

Dimwit Pelosi: To curb flow of illegals,“Mow the grass!”

February 23, 2018

Border fence is unnecessary

Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Peloisi has never been regarded as a brain trust. Brain rust is a more fitting description for the far left, disconnected from reality (video montage) California Congresswoman who will turn 78 next month. She’s exhibited her appalling lack of mental acuity on numerous occasions over the years.

When President Trump instituted massive tax cuts and economic reforms that put significant money in the pockets of American workers, multimillionaire Pelosi hypocritically called it “crumbs“ saying, “God never intended one group of people to live in superfluous inordinate wealth while others live in abject deadening poverty,” citing what she said was a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King. Pelosi is routinely listed as one of the wealthiest members of congress, is reportedly worth approximately $100 million, according to this account in the Washington Examiner.

During her recent political stop in Phoenix, charlatan Pelosi outdid herself at a town hall by exposing her lack of basic knowledge about the border where Arizona abuts Mexico. The desert isn’t a park with lush green grass, though she suggests that mowing the grass would be a better solution to curb the invasion of illegals than building a wall — since they would no longer be able to hide in the tall grass.

Arizonans have heard such absurdities before. When Republicrat Christine Jones was a candidate for Arizona governor, she cluelessly spoke of Mexicans swimming across the Rio Grande to enter our state. The problem for Jones is the fact that the Rio Grande is not in Arizona.

Facts can be such pesky things for ignorant politicians.

Amnesty pig Jeff Flake’s latest scheme exposed

February 19, 2018

Inanely grinning egotist Jeff Flake has never been accused of being an intellect. Deceitful and scheming? Absolutely! Trusting him with America’s border security is akin to trusting his son Austin with your pet schnauzer.

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words. The one accompanying Breitbart’s recent report is worth at least double that. The poor pig likely had no say in being forced to pose with Arizona’s Senior Senator’s (ASS) amnesty clone Jeff Flake.

Breitbart exposes the rabid, pro-amnesty scheme Trump-hating Flake says he intends to force a vote on in the U.S. Senate with “Jeff Flake-Backed Amnesty Plan: DACA Extension for Minor Wall Funding.”

Arizonans know Republican poser Jeff Flake all too well, which is why he plunged to an unprecedented 18% approval rating that led him to abandon his reelection campaign after a single term in the U.S. Senate. Even the marginal Flake knew there weren’t yet enough newly minted voters to keep him in office.

Amnesty, in all its incarnations, is a gift to the Democrat Party, with the ultimate goal of rendering the GOP to Whig status.  Ann Coulter got it right with this still relevant column back in 2013.