Jeff Flake: A shameless spectacle finds leftist perch

January 30, 2019

Just as Pinocchio’s nose grew longer as he told ever more preposterous lies, former Sen. Jeff Flake’s has grown further leftward as he has curried the favor with the anti-Trump media. Breitbart carries the report.

For a man who was unable to run for reelection after a single senate term due to bottom-dragging 18 percent approval ratings in his home state, it’s absurd, though typically Flakey, that he would announce that he’s not going to mount a 2020 challenge to President Trump. Even his kinfolk in his rural Arizona birthplace of Snowflake — named in part for his great-great-grandfather, are no fans of Flake’s vile rhetoric. Most support the president.

Flake is taking his rabid vitriol on the road as a new hire of the left-wing CBS News network. There’s nothing quite as compelling as a defector, ready to turn on the party under whose banner he ran and the Republican President of the United States for the proverbial few pieces of silver.

While trying to give himself cover, he groused that the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee “are so melded” that they are “trying to do everything they can to squelch any opposition.”

Flake, who has bragged he still stays in touch with Barack Obama, says he prefers BO’s tone to President Trump’s. He’s not referring to volume; it’s the liberal content that grabs the Flake.

Flake’s ego outweighs his conscience to the point he’s back to hitting the bottle —- of peroxide, as he returns to tinting his locks golden again, while moving to get camera ready.

His time-off time could have been better spent with a good surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. An added benefit beyond the obvious?  Flake would get more oxygen to his brain, something he could definitely use.


Leftist network to hire deceitful Flake?

January 13, 2019

Insufferable Republicrat egotist Jeff Flake appears to have found a fitting perch for his hateful, anti-conservative spew. Arizona’s unpopular  former congressman and single-term senator is frequently mischaracterized as being a vulgar Trump-hater.  But in a state that gave all of its electoral votes to the president, it’s fair to say he actually reviles the majority of Republicans in the state he claimed to represent.

Often described as opting not to seek reelection, it’s worth remembering that Flake’s embarrassingly low 18-percent approval rating in his home state made the decision for him. Even his relatives populating the small, conservative LDS community named in part for his great-grandfather, and where Jeff Flake was born and raised, find him intolerable. They know he prefers illegal aliens to them.

The Hollywood Reporter appears to confirm reports that Flake has been discussing a possible job with the reliably left CBS network. Just as traitors are heralded by antagonists of truth, Jeff Flake should be similarly revered by those who promote Socialists Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other political extremists exemplified by the governors and mayors of NYC and the sanctuary state of Mexifornia.

If hired by CBS, Flake won’t find many fans among Arizonans who pay attention, and prefer Fox cable programming to the raging alphabet networks who have been correctly identified as purveyors of “fake news.”

More bull from the Senate’s “Sell Out Six”

January 11, 2019

Leftist media mischaracterize border wall as “Trump’s.”  It’s OURS!

Here we go again. Compromise to Republicrats and Leftists always includes provisions for granting amnesty to illegal invaders.  It’s the old song and dance that John McCain and Jon Kyl peddled for years, followed by the same two-step with performers McCain and Flake, as we noted back in 2013. McCain minced no words telling us we had to accept amnesty.

In its latest incarnation, there’s a new component added to the mix. It’s the reliable magician’s trick of misdirection, which falls flat when wily senators rather than David Copperfield are on stage. Cunning and deceit are not showstoppers.  Americans are weary of the porous border, its accompanying crime and the lies being proffered to cover the deception.

Six RINO Senators including Lindsey Graham,(SC); Thom Tillis,(NC); Lamar Alexander,(TN); Rob Portman,(OH); Lisa Murkowski,(AK); and Susan Collins,(ME) are swaying and swooning to the ludicrous amnesty and farcical DACA tune, as they play to their business class campaign donors desirous of cheap labor.

Then Presto! Graham has an epiphany, issuing this statement chiding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for “her refusal to negotiate on funding for a border wall/barrier — even if the government were to be reopened”… opining, “It is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall/barrier.”

Earlier Graham concluded that under a potential deal “the president gets his security funding and can add some things to the mix that would draw some bipartisan support.” 

Let’s get this single fact straight: Making deals with the devil makes you a demonic pawn.  Graham, a member of the infamousGang of Eight,” was integral to the many versions of McComprehensive Immigration Reform, despised by American citizens. Their frustration set the stage for the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who fully comprehended the level of discontent and remains keenly aware that border security is national security.  

Graham obviously missed the fact that Pelosi said there will be no funding for any type of border barrier — although she does make her priorities clear. The ability to fund killing human babies remains paramount, yet national security is “immoral.”

It’s time to put the numbers in perspective. The Immigration Reform Law Institute’s 2017 study revealed illegal immigration to the U.S. costs federal, state and local taxpayers a staggering net cost of $116 billion a year — an increase of $16 billion compared to previous estimates. Consider the relative costs as the Washington Post reports today that “another caravan of illegal invaders is forming in Honduras, with plans to embark next week on a journey that will once again test the immigration policies of Mexico and the United States.”

Galahad Flake defends Sinema

January 8, 2019

The news that jobless RINOcrat Jeff Flake has donned his armor— not to set out to seek the Holy Grail—- but to defend the honor of Kyrsten Sinema, should not come as surprise. Flake is engaging in whatever provocative actions he can to reignite his relevancy just long enough to land a job. What better way to catch the attention of leftist networks CNN or MSNBC, where he could inveigle permanent employment as a renegade Republican?                               

Flake’s days of trying to pass himself off as a conservative are long gone.  In its place is the bared provocateur auditioning for a full-time perch on a left-wing network where he reliably bashed President Trump as a prized turncoat guest.

Arizona’s GOP National Committeeman Bruce Ash, currently the object of intra-party conservative wrath, was obviously trying to hone his credentials by commenting that Sinema looked more like “Senator Madonna” than the “Senator Barbie Doll” image that filled her 2018 senate campaign ads.

Ash noted that Sinema’s politics and positions will “lean further left than the dumb ass people on our side ever imagined,” when they left their ballots blank in the race between Sinema and Republican candidate Martha McSally, “which led the way to her being seated in the U.S. Senate this past week.”

Unemployed Flake responded with this tweet:

No, @kyrstensinema won because she ran a good race and had a message that resonated with Arizona’s voters. The sooner we Republicans recognize this, the sooner we will we be in a position to win the next contest.

Complement bestowing Flake neglected to say that Sinema never mentioned her party affiliation in her deceit-based campaign. Both Sinema and Martha McSally now hold Arizona’s two U.S. Senate seats. After Jon Kyl stepped down to resume his lucrative D.C. lobbying gig, Gov. Ducey appointed Martha McSally to fill the seat previously occupied by John McCain.

And Ash? In 2016, Seeing Red AZ reported on the lunacy that defines Bruce Ash. With the passage of time, he has only become more unhinged.

AZ Republic: homeless vagrant on borrowed time

January 1, 2019

A common New Year resolution for many is to slim down. The Arizona Republic is taking that to the next level. It’s not simply depriving itself of extra calories. It’s becoming an emaciated homeless vagrant.

The 10-story building and parking garage the Republic once called home has sold for a reported $38 million. The plan is for the company to lease back space from ViaWest, the Phoenix-based real estate company that purchased the newspaper’s properties.

Subscriptions have continued to plummet and Gannett shares have followed suit. Still, the departing execs take good care of themselves, as tweeted by longtime insider, Jim Romenesko. The latest closing price for Gannett as of December 31, 2018 was a skeletal 8.53.

The handwriting was on the wall as far back as June 2011, when Gannett — the parent company of the Arizona Republic — laid off 700 employees in its newspaper division, as it announced, “we need to take further steps to align our costs with the current revenue trends.”  Layoffs and buyouts continued as the newspaper decreased in size and content, replacing seasoned reporters and editors with ASU Cronkite J students.

Aside from promoting leftist candidates, an open border, taking potshots at elected Republicans and insulting its remaining readers while spewing venom at President Trump — the Hillary Clinton and Kyrsten Sinema endorsing newspaper could be counted on to give slavish praise to Senators McCain and Flake. The Republic dedicated incessant coverage to the seemingly endless funeral for one and the face-saving “retirement” of the other, after he garnered only 18% approval ratings in his home state.

Newspapers were once regarded as bastions of integrity, printing op-eds, presenting different points of view. That practice has long been cold-storaged at the local newspaper. The homeless Arizona Republic is dead. It just doesn’t know enough to lie down. 

Jeff Flake’s chronic illness confirmed

December 21, 2018

In his final days in the U.S. Senate, Jeff Flake has been less inclined to mask the malady that has long plagued him, but he initially went to extraordinary lengths to conceal. Now his terminal case of RINOitis is revealed for all to see, characterized by fluent aphasia symptoms.

Trump-hater Flake, who wouldn’t risk the embarrassment of running for reelection due to an unprecedented, bottom-dragging 18% approval rating in his home state, is not going quietly.  Nope. He’s after payback.

Following the example of his mavericky aisle-hopper McMentor, Flake is once again teaming up with Delaware Democrat Chris Coons. This time the dynamic duo are working to impose a carbon tax on energy companies for carbon dioxide emissions. Flake solemnly states, “Republicans need to get serious about climate change.”

Both the House and Senate versions would impose a tax of $15 per ton of carbon dioxide in 2019, increasing $10 each year, rising to nearly $100 per ton by 2030. The legislation includes a component to rebate savings back to households to compensate for higher energy costs.

What is not advertised is that the rebate is a classic redistribution of wealth scheme, beloved by newly elected U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who was endorsed by the Democratic Socialist party. She will be sworn-in as Flake exits, keeping them from partnering on future legislation. They would have made quite a team.

In the Flake/Coons version, low and middle income households would receive more in rebates than they pay in taxes, while higher income households would pay more than they receive.

Sounds like a plan —- if you think like Jeff Flake.

The Daily Caller headlines its earlier report,Jeff Flake will introduce bill to raise taxes before leaving senate.” It details how a carbon tax resulted in tens of thousands of protesters flooding the streets in France, causing the French government to ditch implementing its plan. 

Violent federal prisoners fast tracked to our cities via “reforms”

December 20, 2018

A Democrat-led contrivance, S. 3649 known as theFirst Step Act,” touted as a bi-partisan criminal justice reform measure has passed the senate by a vote of 87-12Check out Arizona senator’s votes. This is the revised text of the 149-page bill. It now proceeds to the House.

Leftist members of congress who live in walled and gated communities, claim minorities are more frequently incarcerated for crimes, and S. 3649, a kid-glove solution to reduce recidivism is the answer to getting these good folks back among us.

When the far-left Washington Post falls into deep swoon mode heaping accolades on President Trump for this ineffectual response to rising crime rates, it should set the antenna of knowledgeable conservatives on high alert.

This laxity toward criminals is what former GOP House Majority Leader Tom Delay characterized as a “Hug A Thug” policy in 1994. Only the dates and players have changed.  The radical agenda remains the same. This inanity was pushed by Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law in alliance with Illinois liberal Sen. Dick Durbin, who previously joined with Chuck Schumer and other radicals to push amnesty for illegals, as a member of John McCain and Jeff Flake’s ill-conceived Gang of Eight.

The legislation gives judges more discretion in sentencing offenders for “nonviolent crimes, particularly drug offenders.” Those who have personal experience dealing with drug users or sellers, whose targets are often teens, would be less likely to refer to them or their often deadly activities as “non-violent.”

Another warm and fuzzy aspect involves ensuring violent federal prisoners are incarcerated no more than 500 miles from home, making it easier for family to visit more frequently. Engaging in vicious criminal activity that results in federal prison sentences is for punishment, not reunions.  Expansion of home confinement rather than time in a cell is also in the mix.

Supervised early release of some minimum or low-risk prisoners who have earned credits by participating in programs to reduce recidivism —- setting up a risk-assessment system to determine whether an inmate is likely to commit more crimes when released and improved rehabilitation programs for former prisoners are among the more reasonable aspects of this otherwise questionable program, that ultimately releases more criminals into American neighborhoods.

There are no provisions in the bill to require the Bureau of Prisons to notify victims when a prisoner is released early or to track further arrests of ex-convicts.

In this National Review op-ed titled,What’s Really in Congress’s Justice-Reform Bill,“ Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) makes his case for opposition to the measure, he calls “flawed legislation.” It’s well worth your time.