Radical leftist L.A. District Attorney George Gascon facing recall

May 9, 2022

Arizonans will not soon forget notorious George Gascon, the Cuban-born, former Mesa Police Chief with a token law degree, who advocated limp enforcement policies for illegals. In 2009, he left Mesa for San Francisco where he was appointed police chief.

Within less than a year-and-a half, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom selected Gascon as the interim District Attorney when Kamala Harris — yes, that one — was elected Attorney General. Despite never trying a case, let alone prosecuting any, Gascon’s statement on his lack of qualification to be the District Attorney was telling. He said, “Running a D.A.’s office is not the same as prosecuting cases on the floor. They’re different skill sets. I believe I have the organizational skills, and I have an understanding of the criminal justice system not only today, but where we need to be in the future.”

Gascon’s vision of the future is lowering the standards for prosecution — allowing more criminals to go free — and giving free rein to illegal aliens entering the United States.

Finally, Californians have had their fill of laxity as brazen smash-and-grab thefts routinely occur everywhere from upscale department and jewelry stores to neighborhood Walgreen’s, causing many of the pharmacies to close. The Police Tribune reports homicide rates have skyrocketed 94 percent In Los Angeles County.

Breitbart News’ Joel B. Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large, reports the campaign to Recall Soros-backed George Gascon has 400,000 Signatures, more than two-thirds the number necessary, That fact provides hope that even Californians have had their fill of the man known as “Gascan” while in Arizona.

Seeing Red AZ has frequently written exposed him. This is a sampling:

June 25, 2009: Sanctuary City San Francisco: A perfect fit for George Gascon

Oct. 11, 2020: Amiable bedfellows: Kamala Harris, George Gascon…George Soros

Dec. 9, 2020:  LA D.A. George Gascon honed radical leftist career in Mesa, AZ

Dec 31, 2020: L.A. County prosecutors rebel against DA George Gascon

June 5,. 2021: L.A. D.A. George Gascon protects criminals, disregards law abiding citizens

Nov.13, 2021: LA DA George Gascon releases murderer after only 6 yrs. of 50 yr. sentence

Dec.11, 2018: Fmr Mesa Police Chief George Gascon: Arrogance personified

To qualify for the ballot, a total of 566,857 signatures, or 10 percent of total Los Angeles County registered voters, must be submitted to the LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office by July 6.

On February 22, 2022, the LA Association of Deputy District Attorneys took a vote on whether to support the recall. A total of 83.3% of the prosecutors voted, and 97.9% of them supported the recall.

Secret Service agents bribery scheme invades Biden admin.

April 9, 2022

When the president is barely cognizant and the VP is out of her league, scene is set for corruption

Today we take our readers directly to Real Clear Politics and an in-depth report headlined, “Biden Detailee Entangled in Secret Service Bribery Scheme.” 

The author is Susan Crabtree, with credentials galore…including spending five years as a White House Correspondent for the Washington Examiner and senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Prior stints include seven years as a senior editor and investigative reporter for The Hill. She is now the national political correspondent for Real Clear Politics.

Knowledge is power. If you read nothing else today, you’ll want to read this alarming report.

To no one’s surprise, the radically leftwing Arizona Republic didn’t find this worthy of coverage.

Biden’s open border: News the pro-illegal AZ Republic hides

February 23, 2022

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 153,941 “illegal encounters” in the month of January

The New York Post, a newspaper nearly 3,000 miles away from Arizona, has consistently provided the facts on the indefensible, worsening crisis on America’s southern border.

Reuters recently reported over 10,000 individuals — mostly Haitians, but also Cubans, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans — had set up a camp underneath the Del Rio International Bridge in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, across the border from Del Rio, Texas.

In a new report, Fox News, citing court documents, revealed illegal alien encounters on the southern border increased in January, almost double the numbers from 2021.

Biden’s pro-amnesty and weak border security policies have created a surge in previously deported criminals and COVID-positive illegals unlawfully entering the United States. Yet these people are being resettled — flown and bused to locations throughout the United States — while American citizens are under unrelenting pressure to get vaccinated, or risk losing their jobs. Our children must be masked despite scientific evidence of the negative effects, as reported by Vinay Prasad, MD. in his The Cult of Masked Schoolchildren.”

This graph provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows the spiraling numbers of “border encounters,” a euphemism for illegal alien invaders, yet VP Kamala Harris, Biden’s appointed border czarina has done nothing to stem the tide. No longer limited to Mexicans and Central Americans, illegal invaders are now crossing our border from as far away as Africa, according to Pew Research Center. This Biden double-talk known as the U.S. Citizenship Act” on opening our border was his first-day-in-office priority.

Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, founder of “Protect America Now,” is sounding the alarm on this crisis, noting in the linked video that apprehensions at the border have hit a 20-year high. The number of illegals getting through have no respect for American laws or sovereignty.

Law Enforcement Today headlined its exposé, “Report: Biden using funds for health testing to disperse illegal immigrants across United States.

Thanks to Biden and his fellow democrats, American taxpayers are funding the loss of our country.

Editor’s note:  There’s a lot to read here, but knowledge is power. Armies can’t fight on empty stomachs and voters need to digest information.

Canadian truckers vs. tyrannical Trudeau

February 19, 2022

A lesson in leftist overreach

Since its January 22 inception, Americans have watched news reports of hundreds of Canadian truckers known as the “Freedom Convoy,” protesting government imposed COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates. The truckers have blocked a major roadway in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa to bring attention to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s increasingly oppressive tactics to force compliance. 

When police confiscated their reserve gasoline and logs that citizens brought to them to build roadside fires to warm themselves in the freezing weather, it wasn’t nearly enough. After recent arrests of over a hundred truck drivers, Justin Trudeau, with the acquiescence of Canadian banks, has begun seizing the truckers’ personal bank accounts, though they have been convicted of no crime, and despite the fact that the majority of the truckers have been vaccinated. What we are witnessing is an outrageous governmental power grab and a leftwing amnesia that renders French speaker Justin Trudeau unable to recall the meaning of liberté.

This enlightening New York Post commentary, “Justin Trudeau’s Canadian injustice is just a naked grab for power,” by James Bovard, should stand as a warning to Americans. 

Talk is cheap, as this April 30, 2007 quote from slippery Justin Trudeau illustrates:

“For me, to represent people who represent the future of Canada and the great challenges we will face over the coming decades — this is where I wanted to start. … I’m a teacher; I’m a convenor; I’m a gatherer; I’m someone who reaches out to people and is deeply interested in what they have to say. And people see that I’m not faking it. I’m actually genuinely committed to this dialogue that we’re opening up, and this understanding that needs to happen in order to be an effective MP.”

Phx. becomes Chicago as 9 police officers are ambushed, shot

February 12, 2022

The consequences of left’s “defund the police” rhetoric

Nine Phoenix police officers were shot, none fatally in this instance, during an early Friday morning ambush as they responded to a domestic violence call that left the male shooter and a woman inside the residence dead. A baby in the south Phoenix home was unharmed. The woman who died after being transported to a local hospital was identified as Shatifah Lobley, 29, the shooter’s ex-girlfriend and the infant girl‘s mother. Police identified the gunman as 36-year-old Morris Richard Jones III.

It’s only the beginning of February and there have been 14 shootings aimed at law enforcement personnel in Arizona this year. Police put their lives on the line each day when they leave for work. We owe them a debt of gratitude, yet the ‘defund the police’ mantra has bizarrely taken hold in segments of society, giving rise to increased lawlessness.

On June 7, 2020, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Police Chief Jeri Williams, both democrats, held a joint press conference standing in solidarity with violent protesters, at a “Black Mother’s Rally.”

On July 21, 2021 The Chicago City Council voted 36-13 to create an elected board of Chicago residents to oversee the Chicago Police Department, enacting the most far-reaching police reform ordinance in the United States. Mayor Lori Lightfoot supported slashing Chicago’s police budget amid an historic spike in gun violence

These shocking homicide numbers are a year old. Given the surge in crime, it’s reasonable to expect the numbers have escalated.

Walk inside crosswalk? Phoenix residents would rather die

February 5, 2022

On a list of the twenty deadliest U.S. cites for pedestrians, Phoenix holds the unenviable distinction of being Number 4, according to Quote Inspector, an auto insurance association. When it comes to pedestrian related fatalities, Phoenix comes in behind Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; and San Bernardino, California.

These are the hazardous numbers:

  • Pedestrian fatality rate: 4.6 per 100k (2.7X higher than U.S. average)
  • Total pedestrian fatalities (past 5 years): 362
  • 5-year change in pedestrian fatalities: 88.5%
  • Pedestrian fatalities in low light conditions: 76.8%
  • 65+ pedestrian fatality rate: 7.3 per 100k
  • Minority pedestrian fatality rate: 4.3 per 100k

Although alcohol often plays a role in the late night (described as “low light”) fatalities there appears to be a cultural defiance to walking inside crosswalk lines. We’ve all seen people deliberately walk several feet outside the crosswalk when they and the children they often have in tow would all be much safer minus the penchant for mocking the law.

Arizona Revised Statutes §28-793 is very clear as it relates to crossing at other than a crosswalk.

Always eager to expand the bureaucracy, democrat-controlled Phoenix approved an Office of Pedestrian Safety in 2018, though the fatalities have continued to rise. 

Though the majority of pedestrian-vehicle fatalities are avoidable deaths, the local newspaper puts a different spin on the problem, headlining, “Phoenix has deadliest roads in nation. Is the city doing enough?” The city is not causing the needless deaths, it‘s the defiant pedestrians, which an activist quoted in the article suggested we “stop shaming.”

Phoenix also has a deadly problem with “wrong-way” drivers on Valley freeways as exemplified by this shocking ABC15 video (provided by ADOT). Despite the clearly marked exit signs, there is an increasing penchant for entering on the egresses. Alcohol is frequently involved, but a frequently contributing factor is the inability to read English. Arizona is a border state, and the welcoming Biden administration, making sure they have access to every conceivable economic benefit, bears a burden for the deaths, as it views the millions of illegal aliens it welcomes as unalterably increasing the numbers of the democrat party. 

The Western Journal headlines its clarifying September 30, 2021 report, “Number of New Illegals in ‘21 Greater Than Populations of 11 States.”

Tom Cotton: Proof citizens benefit with GOP U.S. Senators

January 7, 2022

Unlike Arizona, which has two democrat U.S. Senators, the residents of Arkansas are fortunate. They have Tom Cotton representing them in the U.S. Senate. His website makes it clear what his priorities are since the home page is titled, “Tom Cotton…Senator for Arkansas. His background is unique. Cotton grew up on a farm, graduated Harvard Law School, clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals and spent two tours of duty in Iraq with the101st Airborne and in Afghanistan.

As a U.S. Senator Tom Cotton’s voting record is excellent. He also writes brilliantly, which is why SRAZ is directing our readers to this recent commentary which appeared on Townhall. Don’t be tempted to pass this by, to read at a later date. The knowledge contained in this article titled, “Recall, Remove & Replace Every Last Soros Prosecutor,” is critically important. 

Socialist billionaire George Soros abhors not only sovereign national borders, but also law enforcement. He funded the campaign of Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone, a democrat, by shoveling a cash infusion of $2.9 million into his campaign to unseat popular Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who had been elected to an unprecedented six 4-year terms.

Soros also funded ads attacking Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, whose campaign against unknown democrat Diego Rodriguez flew below the political radar until the billionaire put $1.3 million into the race against the incumbent. Montgomery retained his position and was later appointed to the Arizona Supreme Court. Soros spent $millions attempting to influence races across the United States. His anti-law enforcement agenda began gaining attention in 2016 when Politico exposed his scheme to overhaul the criminal justice system.

Currently, Arizona has two democrats in the U.S. Senate, supposedly representing the citizens of the state. Mark Kelly, who has conveniently misplaced his party affiliation, has lucrative ties to China, and is also a Second Amendment restrictionist. Kirsten Sinema has become a mixed bag. Though a radical leftist with a long track record, she now often aligns with democrat Joe Manchin (WV), who frequently upholds more conservative principles, such as protecting the filibuster,

The last time Arizona had two democrat U.S. Senators was when Ernest McFarland and Carl Hayden represented the state. Hayden had been the territorial sheriff and first ran for congress in 1911 in anticipation of Arizona’s 1912 statehood. He was born in Hayden’s Ferry, Arizona Territory, which was later renamed Tempe in 1878.

McFarland, born in 1894 had the distinction of being the only Arizonan to served in all three branches of government. In 1924 he was elected Pinal County Attorney. He was a U.S. Senator, Arizona governor and Arizona Supreme Court justice. He owned KTVK Channel 3, which he acquired in a sweet media deal with fellow democrat, then-Pres. Lyndon Johnson, who also signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. To put this timeline in context, both Hayden and McFarland joined the military during World War I.

PBS, chiefly funded by tax dollars, is a reliable propaganda arm for the democrat party. A 2014 Pew Research Survey found that 60% of PBS’s audience is consistently or mostly liberal, 26% mixed, and 15% consistently or mostly conservative.

Seeing Red AZ supports conservative businessman Jim Lamon for the U,S. Senate.

“Racist America” captures headlines in failing AZ Republic

December 19, 2021

If you are among the documented few* who still read the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper, you would be met with an entire front section aimed at convincing you that America is a racist nation and our police departments are the enforcers of racist policies.

Ethnicity is the mother’s milk that nourishes the failing newspaper, which it readily admits, by virtue of its hiring practices. A recent headline? “Representing our diverse community is crucial to telling Arizona’s story. Here’s a look at our staff today,” includes a link to a chart detailing the race and gender of the employees. Each of the newspapers in the Gannett cabal has published the same demeaning stats reflective of staff ethnicity and sexual preferences. You’ll notice the comment section is closed.

This morning’s edition cites the U.S. Justice Department’s investigation into Phoenix’ and Louisville, Kentucky’s police departments, “putting all police on notice.” The Biden Justice Department is headed by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, whose website no longer posts crime statistics.

Leftist Barack Obama tried and failed to shuffle Garland onto the U.S. Supreme Court in the waning hours of his presidency. For a potent reminder, former TV newsreader Kari Lake, an Obama donor — now masquerading as a Republican candidate for AZ Governor — advocated on Garland’s behalf in the video included in this fact-filled link, which is crucial reading for desiring to be informed voters.

Our law enforcement officers have become punching bags and are responding by taking early retirement or resigning, which leaves American vulnerable to increasingly violent crime, now committed at alarming rates. The Justice Department Is supposed to uphold the law and protect the constitutional rights of all Americans, not challenge the brave men and women who put their lives on the line as they don their uniforms each day.

The FBI Crime Data Explorer has become politically correct under the OBiden/Harris administration, no longer listing crimes according to the ethnicity of the perpetrators or victims. This is the explanatory statement:

“Since crime is a sociological phenomenon influenced by a variety of factors, the FBI discourages ranking locations or making comparisons as a way of measuring law enforcement effectiveness. Some of this data may not be comparable to previous years because of differing levels of participation over time.”

As Seeing Red AZ noted in this 2013 post: Newspeak was the language George Orwell wrote about in his book “1984,” which was published in 1949. Orwell predicted, “By 2050 — earlier, probably — all real knowledge of Oldspeak will have disappeared.” 

He turned out to be a reliable prophet.

* H/T Phoenix Business Journal

Biden‘s America: 12 major US cities hit all-time homicide records

December 9, 2021

Far-left, Biden-supporting Tucson makes notorious list

With three weeks left in 2021, 12 major U.S. cities have already broken their own annual homicide records.

Of the dozen cities that have surpassed the horrific milestones for killings, five topped records that were set or tied just last year.

The following cities have exceeded their own yearly homicide records: Tucson, AZ; Portland, OR; Indianapolis, IN; Toledo, OH; Columbus, OH; Rochester, NY; St. Paul, MN; Philadelphia, PA; Louisville, KY; Baton Rouge, LA; Austin, TX; and Albuquerque, NM — which broke its own record in August.

According to a workforce survey released in June by the Police Executive Research Forum, the retirement rate in police departments nationwide jumped 45% over 2020 and 2021. Another 18% of officers resigned, coinciding with radical activists efforts to defund police agencies.

It’s not rocket science…when police are undervalued and under-funded, crime flourishes. We are living in Biden’s America.

Words describing brazen crimes are…racist?

December 6, 2021

Criminality that took hold in California has now spread across the US

In another absurdity promoted by the left, the rash of crimes involving hordes of hooded looters breaking into high-end stores, smashing display cases, grabbing expensive jewelry, handbags, and other merchandise is merely offensive. These social reformers are less offended by the criminality than they are by the description of the thieves. 

Calling smash-and-grabbers “looters” is now more objectionable than the costly thefts estimated in the tens of billions, since the term has been deemed, “racist.” The large-scale heists began in California after the 2014 passage of Prop. 47 deceitfully peddled as the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” which lessened criminal penalties and downgraded many felonies to misdemeanors, reducing incarcerations. Thefts under $950 are ignored. DNA samples are no longer collected from misdemeanor offenders meaning the DNA database has shriveled, making it more difficult for law-enforcement agencies to solve cold cases, including those involving rape and murder. To no thinking person’s surprise, Prop. 47 was supported by the democrat party and the ACLU.

The speech contortionists are alive and well at the dilapidated, radically left, Arizona Republic newspaper. An expansive report headlined, “Retailers reassess loss prevention,” is illustrative of the lengths to which the word police will go to avoid the offensive word, “looters.”

“Gangs, flash mob incidents and thieves,” are among the words given the stamp of approval. 

Since the looters are fully covered with hoods, gloves and masks, their race is unknown. But that fact doesn’t intrude on the new language limits being imposed.

Lorenzo Boyd, PhD, Professor of Criminal Justice & Community Policing, a professional race hustler, indoctrinator extraordinaire and diversity pimp, at the University of New Haven, lectures us that words matter:

“Looting is a term that we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something. We tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing,” asserted Boyd as he blatantly ignores the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of the word

What exactly Boyd — named Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer — means by “doing something,” is never explained. It’s a reminder of Somali-born U.S. Rep. Ihan Omar describing the monstrous September 11, 2001 deaths of 3,000 Americans as, “Somebody did something,” when asked about the horrors in 2019. This is how the New York Post responded to her absurdity.