Jab mandate: Comply with radical COVID agenda or lose your livelihood

October 19, 2021

Agenda driven medical reports link unrelated deaths to COVID

One of the most reliable sites for cutting edge news is Law Enforcement Today. SRAZ has previously linked to it. Today we do so again, taking our readers to an important report, headlined, “Exclusive: L.A. first responders ordered to turn over personal and genetic data to China-linked company or face firing,” that should concern every freedom-loving citizen.

First responders, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are being required to upload their medical records and personal information into a Fulgent Genetics app used by the county to track employee compliance with the COVID-19 vaccination mandate.  It includes a required consent to release their personal and genetic information to foreign nations. Fulgent is an international technology company with ties to China.

Five Los Angeles County employees recently filed suit against the county, alleging the vaccine mandate for county workers issued by executive order in August and ratified by the Board of Supervisors is unconstitutional.

If the name Hilda Solis sounds vaguely familiar, there is good reason. Leftist Solis, whose parents were illegals, was proclaimed by then-president Obama, and given the cabinet post of Secretary of Labor. She is now the chairman of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors promoting this radical agenda via an executive order requiring the L.A. County’s 110,000 employees to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Be sure to read the linked headline to fully comprehend the extent of the governmental overreaches into citizen’s private information. Proving we have to be wary of information disseminated via the MSM, Yahoo!Finance provides a glowing report on Fulgent Genetics. It is only in paragraphs five and six that the troubling China connection is revealed.

Health dishonesty abounds. In the coverage of the death of former secretary of state Colin Powell, the news, which now promotes a deceitful Dr. Fauci pushed booster shot, reports Powell, 84, “died of Covid, despite two vaccines.” Omitted from most reports is the fact that Powell also suffered from Parkinson’s disease and multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that weakens the body’s ability to fight infections.

Biden’s economy: Buy now, think later…when you’re in servitude

October 15, 2021

Recent news accounts describe the problems accompanying the staggering inflation delivered to Americans by Joe Biden, including escalating gas and energy prices, empty shelves in grocery stores and unaffordable housing. We are being told to buy holiday gifts now, since stock will not be replenished. Year-old cars are selling for more than they did new, and merchants are beginning to ration toilet paper again.

Although Biden mandates vaccines for Americans, hinging employment, schooling and the ability to travel on producing verification of falling in line with his demands, there are no such restrictions on the hundreds of thousands of illegals from countless countries, continuing to invade the United States and being transported and relocated across our nation.

U.S. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN.), the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, sent this list of 42 disastrous items to his Republican colleagues, outlining the dangerous policies in President Biden’s $3.5 Trillion budget proposal. This list should energize us all to call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Stacey Lennox of PJ Media urges lighting up the phone lines of individual congressional members stating. “it matters more than you think and some Democrats need to get more uncomfortable about the midterms than they already are.”

Take time to review these stats from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and it will be obvious that our agents are overworked as the numbers have grown beyond the ability to apprehend and hold the vast numbers for processing. They are referred to as “encounters.” These stats have not been updated since August 2021 and are currently much worse.

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel’s implausible quickie cure

September 18, 2021

After making this September 10, 2021 announcement that she was seeking residential treatment for alcoholism, anxiety and eating disorders, Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel now says she’s ready to return to the rigors of heading the nation’s third largest prosecutor’s office.

A week is record time to deal with not one, but three, major problems. It’s not unusual for residential rehab programs to extend from three to six months or up to a year. Adel initially received treatment in a California facility, followed by a local rehab.

Allister Adel might have hastened her decision after the leftist local newspaper that approves of her lenient policies called for her to step down, even after she hung a seasoned prosecutor out to dry to burnish her own image and curry media favor. Still editorial columnist Elvia Diaz, cuts Adel no slack, four days after going into treatment, as she called for Allister Adel to  “go —for good.”  Diaz accused Adel of charging too many “people of color.” ignoring the fact that they are charged because they disproportionately commit crimes. Diaz also judges the lawyers in the office by their skin pigment, claiming there are too many who are “white.” Although Adel is a Republican, her bent is decidedly left. But that’s not enough for Diaz who wants DNA to trump all other considerations.

After initially being elected Nov. 2, 2021, and suffering a brain bleed that night, Adel returned from medical leave, four months later, in February. She has been absent from the office she is supposed to be leading more than she’s been there.

Allister Adel needs to be challenged by an experienced conservative who will actually show up for the job and return professionalism to this very important office. In the interim, she should concentrate on her recovery and turn the duties of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office over to her chief deputy and do away with the drama.

Child sex slavery: Another result of Biden’s Afghan chaos

September 9, 2021

Under normal circumstances, blaming a barely cognizant, frail and aged man for heinous crimes could be considered as offensive as the crimes themselves. In this case, the man is the President of the United States, the crime is what is euphemistically being referred to as “child brides,” and the perpetrators are older Afghan men being resettled in the United States as refugees. Their “brides” are prepubescent girls.

Yahoo! News, referring to Associated Press’ coverage, has noted that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol along with other agencies, have been encountering this criminal activity, even detailing 60-year-old men with 12-year-old “brides,” and are investigating those reports.

After an exhaustive search of USCBP’s website, that appears to have been scrubbed. There’s no doubt our border agents are kept busy dealing with problems along the porous southern border. We owe them a debt of gratitude for the work they do under demanding conditions.  It would be helpful to have substantiation if they encounter such activities.  Previously, border cameras picked up the horrific sight of two toddler girls being dropped over the border wall by cartel smugglers.

When Donald Trump was president the news was rife with reports of children “separated from their parents” at our southern border. Rarely were the facts of countless children traveling alone reported. Parents in Central America and Mexico often paid drug cartel members $thousands to transport their children to the border where they would connect with illegal alien relatives already living in the U.S. The ultimate expectation was those children, via the sham known as “chain migration,” could sponsor the rest of the family in tandem with another scheme known as “family reunification.”

NumbersUSA is a valuable resource, providing information to equip concerned Americans with the facts.

This Western Journal commentary by Kipp Jones is headlined,Here’s the Sick Tactic Cartels Are Using to Smuggle Members Into the United States.” It’s worth your time.

AZ Republic’s latest farce: “People experiencing homelessness”

August 19, 2021

Phoenix police are characterized as bullies

It’s ironic that the Arizona Republic newspaper which knows first hand about homelessness,* would employ a reporter who focuses solely on homelessness. Jessica Boehm’s job title is, “Homelessness and Housing Insecurity Reporter.”

Her recent article is headlined, “Homeless people say police throw away their belongings.” The three-pager, denigrating police officers, comes complete with three photos. It also gave three words a workout. Homeless people are never described as such. There is a new definition which Boehm uses repeatedly: “People experiencing homelessness.” The attempt is to indicate this is a temporary situation.  For many it is not. In fact, those encamped in tents on vacant city lots habitually refuse to go to shelters which provide beds, toilets, showers, meals and recovery services. Arizona has dozens of them.

What Jessica Boehm conveniently omits is that many of the street people are drug addicts and alcoholics. They don’t want to conform to regulations imposed by the shelters such as segregating men and women.

In many cases, their own families spent years trying to assist the “people experiencing homelessness,” until they could take no more.

Coddling vagrants never works. San Francisco’s homeless problem, exacerbated under democrat Mayor London Breed — who has paid fines for ethics violations while in office — has driven away its once vibrant tourist industry that made it a destination for sightseers, theatergoers, diners and shoppers. Now hotels, stores and fine restaurants have closed due to street bums camping out on downtown sidewalks, accompanied by piles of feces, hypodermic needles and rats. Breed did have time to implement an “Office of equity for transgender and gender nonconforming people.”  The sanctuary city of San Francisco also declared the NRA a domestic terrorist organization.

Jessica Boehm should take a trip to what was once described in song as the “golden city by the bay,” to see the results of what she views so warmly.

* Homeless Vagrant on Borrowed Time

Leftist AZ newspaper surprisingly vilifies black, dem, female police chief

August 16, 2021

There’s no doubt Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams is in hot water. Though she ticked off all of the politically correct boxes of being the first female to hold that office, in addition to the bonus of being black, Williams is now surprisingly on the receiving end of the local newspaper’s wrath. She was recently suspended for a day, and is facing calls to resign relating to the Phoenix Police Department’s response to the BLM mobs that stormed Phoenix last year that the left portrays as evidence of “system racism.”  Spineless Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, dropped charges against the criminal mobs ridiculously portrayed as “protesters.”

Jeri Williams is not a political novice. In 2016, Pres. Obama appointed her as a member of the Medal of Valor Review Board. Her husband, Cody, was a Phoenix City Councilman. Although council members, like the mayor, run under the “non-partisan” subterfuge, a fact made all too clear when he was inducted into ‘Arizona’s Democrat Party Hall of Fame.’ In 2007, he was appointed to fill a vacant position as South Mountain Justice of the Peace, a position he has since run for, and to which he has been reelected.

When Jeri Williams was appointed police chief in October 2016, she all but walked on water, though not the first minority to serve as chief. Ruben Ortega held that post from 1980 to 1991. He was followed by Daniel Garcia who led the department from 2012 to 2015.

Highly acclaimed Doeg Nelson, Arizona’s top ranking black police officer, who rose through the ranks to assistant chief, was exceptionally well qualified and widely expected to be the next chief in 1980 before being ambushed by Ortega supporters within the office. They invited Nelson for a celebratory drink after their shift, and then arranged to have him pulled over after leaving, which left Ortega unchallenged.

Ortega’s arrogance along with his chastisement by a Maricopa County Superior Court judge were exposed in this 1991 Phoenix New Times report titled, “The Rise and Gall of Ruben Ortega.”

SRAZ has previously covered Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams:

Nov. 6, 2021: Biden’s US AG Merrick Garland launches probe into Phx Police

Nov. 5, 2019:  Phoenix police chief prioritizes firing officers

July 14, 2019: How did police become the enemy?

RINO AZ Sen. Paul Boyer and the friends he keeps

August 12, 2021

To say that Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer is unpopular in his district would be the height of understatement. The iffy Republican is known for ignoring the elected precinct committeemen in the district he represents, who helped get him elected. Openly hostile, Boyer never attends the monthly district meetings where he is expected to give legislative updates. It’s no surprise he is currently the subject of a recall within District 20.

This is the recent statement issued by Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, in which he refers to Paul Boyer as a “RINO” and endorses “highly respected” former State Representative Anthony Kern who is mounting a primary senate challenge to Boyer.

You might wonder what Boyer busies himself with when he isn’t reviling Republicans and the Maricopa County election audit.

National File provides the answer, complete with touchy-feely photographs with Boyer posing with fellow state Sen. Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete, a District 30 Democrat. Navarrete, a 2017 founding member of the Legislature’s LGBTQ Caucus resigned last week after being booked into Maricopa County jail following his arrest by Phoenix Police. During a monitored phone call, police taped Navarrete graphically apologizing to one of his victims.

Navarrete has been charged with seven felonies for having sexual contact with minor boys. If convicted he could serve up to 50 years in prison.

SRAZ has provided this recent timeline.

AZ Newspaper concerned criminals don’t look their best in mug shots

August 9, 2021

AZ Republic absurdly cozies up to criminals

This July 13, 2021 post, “Associated Press gives official pass to criminals,” exposed the lengths to which the leftist media will go to conceal facts from the public.

SRAZ first exposed the AP’s fixation on altering information to fit its leftwing bias in 2013, in “Winston Smith: Alive and well at Associated Press.” It’s only gotten worse in the intervening years.

Fast forward to August 8, 2021. Sunday’s edition of the far-left Arizona Republic mirrors a lockstep approach with Associated Press as evidenced by this headlined report, “Our crime coverage is changing.”

Among the article’s absurdities is the assertion that mug shots will be rare. The rationale according to the newspaper is that “mug shots portray people in the worst light, on a traumatic day and can feed stereotypes about communities of color and the mental illness community.” The meritless claim is that police shootings rarely lead to discipline against officers and takes on “how power is wielded.” The newspaper also claims that mug shots are released to “showcase a police departments efforts,” preposterously writing, “That’s not a standard we should or will use to determine news value.”

Of course not. The unworthy police are not treated as well as the criminal perpetrators.

There is a way to address this problem with mug shots of criminals.  Police agencies and county sheriff’s departments should consider reassigning some of their budgets to employ hair stylists, cosmetologists, image and lighting consultants to fix up the thieves, drug criminals, pedophiles and murderers to make the criminals look less like the criminals they are. Those with tattoos on their faces should have the option of having them obscured by a professional makeup artist, since they could be described as indicative of violence, such as below the eye tear drops which depict murders committed. That braggadocio could sway public opinion or, God knows, potential jurors.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams and Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone are both leftists. Penzone, who was financed by socialist billionaire George Soros, runs for election. Williams was appointed by City Manager Ed Zuercher, who has recently announced his retirement. Williams’ husband, Cody, a former Phoenix City Councilman and now a reprimanded, though well paid, South Phoenix Justice of the Peace, ran for office as a democrat.

‘Law Enforcement Today’ exposes the Soros connection to Penzone. It’s a must read.

AZ Dem Sen. Navarrete not so gay following child molestation charges & Updates

August 7, 2021

Arizona State Sen. Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete, a democrat who represents Legislative District 30, was arrested Thursday evening, charged with seven felonies and booked into Maricopa County jail. Phoenix police received a report that Navarrete, 35, had engaged in sexual conduct with minor boys. He earlier gained an aura of respectability by working as a community liaison for Neighborhood Ministries.

Initially elected in 2016, he was in a hurry to make his mark, currently mulling a run for state treasurer, a job that requires more than being a two-term legislator with a predilection for young boys. Navarrete, a 2017 founding member of the Legislature’s LGBTQ Caucus, graphically apologized to one of his victims on a phone call that was recorded by police.

They are all spotlighted in an article titled, “Kill bills: Arizona’s LGBTQ Legislative Caucus fights for your rights.“ featured in OutVoices Phoenix.

Navarrete was the prime sponsor of SB1340, titled, “Schools; Sex education instruction,” providing an insight into his area of interest.

Senate Democrats initially released this guarded statement, before calling for Navarrete to resign.

If convicted of the charges against him, Navarrete faces up to fifty years in prison.


Saturday, August 7, 2021:

This admitted pedophile was preposterously released from Maricopa County jail by Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Steve McCarthy on a $50.000 bond early this morning. Democrat Sheriff Paul Penzone kept his intake mugshot from being displayed along with all others booked into the facility. Commissioner McCarthy, is a former public defender who belongs to Los Abogados, the Hispanic Bar Association.

August 9, 2021:

Republican and democrat state legislative leaders filed an ethics complaint against Navarrete, who arrogantly refuses to resign.

Wednesday, August 10, 2021:

Finally caving to pressure and following his questionable release from jail, Oteniel “Tony“ Navarrete has resigned as a democrat state senator representing Legislative District 30. Now he is denying he sexually molested two boys, one of whom he apologized to in a phone conversation monitored by the police. Reneging on his admission makes his release wearing an electronic monitor less than dependable as an assurance he can be relied upon to appear for court dates. A status conference is scheduled tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. in Maricopa County Superior Court. If convicted he could serve up to 50 years in prison.

Biden’s US AG Merrick Garland launches probe into Phx Police

August 6, 2021

In war-declaring bold type that crackles with rage, the radically left-wing local newspaper headlines, FEDS INVESTIGATE PHOENIX POLICE.

The U.S. Department of Justice, headed by leftist Merrick Garland issued a press release titled, “Justice Department Announces Investigation of the City of Phoenix and the Phoenix Police Department.”

Included in the announcement are these words, “Department of Justice officials informed Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, PhxPD Chief Jeri Williams, and other City officials of the investigation. As part of this investigation, the Department of Justice will reach out to community groups and members of the public to learn about their experiences with PhxPD.”

Democrat Mayor Kate Gallego responded by “welcoming” the investigation“ rather than standing up for the Phoenix Police, who work tirelessly, putting their lives on the line along with their uniforms each day as they respond to ever-increasing crime in our city. This is her statement, (click to enlarge) unprofessionally released via twitter. Notice her media contact is Jeanine L’Ecuyer, reshuffled after earlier serving as former Gov. Janet Napolitano’s director of communications and later as deputy chief of staff. Napolitano, known as J-No for her rabid wielding of her veto pen, was the worst Arizona governor in memory.

This incendiary statement condemning “police violence” was sent out by Phoenix City District 8 Councilman Carlos Garcia. Born in Mexico, where violent drug cartels are in control, he has worn a black T-shirt that says “End Police Brutality” to council meetings.

It’s worth noting that Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams, who called on the FBI to investigate a police shooting last year, is black. Her husband Cody, was formerly a Phoenix City Councilman. He is now a South Phoenix Justice of the Peace, running as a democrat.