Biden’s border chaos curtailed by Trump appointed federal judge

May 15, 2023

Fox News headlines its recent report, “Federal judge blocks Biden admin from releasing migrants without court dates as Title 42 expires.”

Judge T. Kent Wetherell II, nominated to the federal bench by President Donald Trump, was confirmed by this 78-15-7 senate roll call vote on July 10, 2013. Arizona’s senators at the time were Republican Martha McSally and democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who both voted for Judge Wetherell’s confirmation. Sinema reregistered as an Independent Jan 3, 2019.

Reminder: Seeing Red AZ does not use the word “migrants” when describing illegal aliens, unless used in a quote.


Slo Joe Biden “agrees” with “Let’s go Brandon!” chants 

December 26, 2021

Duplicity abounds at the dying Arizona Republic

Unless you’re living under a rock, it’s a good bet you know how the slogan,Let’s go Brandon!” originated and what those who use it are actually implying. Joe Biden isn’t under a rock. Slow Joe’s under a massive boulder.

On Christmas Eve, Joe and Jill Biden were supposedly taking calls into the North American Aerospace Defense Command Santa Tracker, which they claim “follows the progress of Santa’s reindeer-guided sleigh for millions of children.” The Biden’s are so committed to lying to American adults, they think they can pull off a similar scheme on children.

At the conclusion of one call, a father exclaimed, “Merry Christmas and Let’s go Brandon!”

“Let’s go Brandon, I agree,” a disconnected from reality Biden responded, before incoherently asking the dad if he was in Oregon. The call was then abruptly terminated by Biden‘s handlers.

The dying Arizona Republic,* which actually took three days off from delivering its skewed version of the news, didn’t cover this since it reveals Biden as incompetent as he is. It returned with an odd message in its Dec. 26, 2021 edition. In a report revealing that yet another democrat has resigned from the state legislature’s House and Senate. This one is not a crook or pedophile, but a member of the Navajo Nation, leaving to join the Biden administration. Mention is made of the low $24,000 salary, not being a livable wage for her.

Ballotpedia has an updated list comparing statee legislative salaries. Scroll past the map to get to see the ‘Salaries by State’ chart:

Low, unlivable-wage salaries were never raised whenever pay increases have been on the ballot, and the newspaper consistently disparaged the idea, editorially and through its in-tandem, radically leftist columnists. A former columnist, turned arrogant PR guy, consistently referred to our lawmakers as undeserving “dwarfs.” The politically incorrect term got a workout. An online search reveals all references have been deleted.

That will soon be the fate of the local newspaper.

*H/T Phoenix Business Journal

Phx Sun’s owner Sarver falls from grace by 2021 standards

November 6, 2021

Seeing Red AZ is a conservative political site that rarely delves into sports. A rare exception was in 2010 when the Phoenix Suns basketball team, under the leadership of majority owner Robert Sarver, veered into Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070. The legislation, signed into law by then-Gov. Jan Brewer, imposed penalties on illegal aliens invading Arizona.

At the time, Sarver made the decision for the team to wear “Los Suns” on their jerseys in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals in celebration of Cinco de Mayo and in a show of solidarity against SB 1071. Sarver, a Tucson native, said it was “to honor our Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation.”

Then-Suns guard Steve Nash, a South African-born Canadian, also opposed the new Arizona law that makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

Nash said Sarver came up with the “Los Suns” jersey idea but left it up to the players, and all of them were for it. Seeing Red AZ, advised, “Phoenix Suns: Play the game, stay out of politics.” That post was followed by, “Los Suns game 6 loss: 111-103,” describing the loss of fan support.

Fast forward to 2021, when the fallacious and divisive Critical Race Theory is being taught as fact in classrooms across the nation. Leftist Sarver is no longer embraced, but vilified, after having been accused of making “racist and misogynist comments,” which he denies, stating:

“I don’t know how to prove I didn’t do something.  Friends and colleagues, white and Black, who attest they’ve known me for 10 and 20 years and have never heard me use language like this or behave in a racist or sexist way are told their own experiences with me aren’t relevant. There was only one named source in the entire piece to stand behind these accusations, former coach Earl Watson. I understand that he is frustrated with me because we terminated him.” (This is an excerpt of a longer statement.)

Denials are worthless when being accused of racism or sexism. Sarver’s past of falling in with the prevailing open border policies of the left, will not save him. Nor will his impassioned statement. In 2021, his protests are the equivalent of spitting in the wind. 

Prior to Sept. 24 reveal, more questions raised with AZ audit

September 20, 2021

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit asks the big question, “What’s going on?” as it relates to Arizona’s recently processed 673,000 voter identities with the Social Security Administration – 58% had NO MATCH FOUND.

Gateway Pundit has been in the forefront of delivering accurate accounts as related to our forensic ballot audit. Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the latest full report that begins with these words:

“In the last 10 weeks, Arizona has checked the voter registration credentials with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on 673,560 applicants.

This is a massive volume considering most States including Arizona typically process around 2,500 a month. They’ve processed more identities in the last 2 months than they’ve done in the last 9 years combined. Is someone scrubbing a database, or auditing “Federal Only” voters?”

The graph bearing the headline, “Arizona New Voter Verification Identification with Social Security Administration,” is important to acquaint yourself with. It is one of three enlightening charts.

Under the guidance of Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, the results of the audit — reviled and continually marginalized by the leftist media — are scheduled to be released Sept. 24. Stay tuned.

Michelle Ugenti-Rita’s political aspirations explode in boos at Trump election integrity rally

July 25, 2021

Scandal-plagued* Arizona state senator Michelle Ugenti Rita (R-LD23) received a roaring reception at Saturday’s capacity crowd Trump election integrity rally, but it definitely wasn’t what she was hoping for. 

Ugenti-Rita, who has said she no longer supports the Maricopa County ballot audit, and has ridiculed AZ Senate President Karen Fann, was booed repeatedly and finally left the stage in disgrace before finishing her prepared statements. Attendees were furious at her petty refusal to support SB 1241, an election integrity bill proposed by another Republican, Sen. Kelly Townsend — opting instead to join the democrats and Republicrat Sen. Paul Boyer. She‘s currently a candidate for Arizona Secretary of State and will likely be withdrawing rather than face a humiliating Primary Election loss.

Ugenti-Rita’s disgrace was widely reported nationally:

Gateway Pundit: (Scroll all the way through…past ads)

State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita HasTGP Reporter Removed From Trump Rally And ARRESTED after She is Booed Off Stage (VIDEO)

Conservative Treehouse:

Perfect — AZ GOP Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Who killed election reform bill, destroyed by audience, booed and run off stage

 BPR/Business and Politics:

GOP state senator mercilessly booed off stage at Turning Point rally in Ariz., after killing election bill

Watch the Booing video HERE.

* Complete and shocking coverage by Julia Shumway in The Arizona Capitol Times.

Whiteness morphs into insidious crime, as students taught self hatred

May 7, 2021

Critical Race Theory is a term we hear bandied about with increasing frequency, invading not only our culture, but our schools. It is anything but benign. Its main objective is to alienate Americans from one another, cast blame, and instill guilt, while elevating some by blaming others through insidious indoctrination. Taking pride in our country is regarded as the purview of racism. Voices raised to defund the police have become de rigueur.

At its core is the word “theory,” which is not a fact based premise, but rather a conjecture based on hypotheticals.  AZ Senate Bill 1532 has been introduced to address these overreaches in classrooms.

The bill’s wording mirrors that of Idaho’s recently passed landmark legislation HB 377 (Dignity and Non-discrimination in Public Education) that was signed into law by Republican Gov. Brad Little. The Daily Wire headlines its report, “First In Nation: Idaho’s Republican Gov. Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory.” Arizona Gov. Ducey should do no less.

Victor Davis Hanson, a leading conservative historian has written, “Is Racism Moral Now?” posted on American Greatness. The left is attempting to silence us into submission. This is an important commentary that is definitely worth your time. As SRAZ has often reminded our readers, Knowledge is power. These are unprecedented times that require vigilance and solid responses to the deceptive madness that is endorsing repression as equality. Silence is acquiescence.

The wacko party’s aberrant priorities

February 26, 2021

The Heritage Foundation explains theEquality Act,” otherwise known as H.R. 5. The article is subtitled, “How Could Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws Affect You?”

In view of the Biden administration’s thrust to prioritize sexual orientation and gender identity issues in an era of massive unemployment as the result of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s of utmost importance that you acquaint yourself with this disastrous and far-reaching legislation that undermines reason, constitutional protections and religious values. The democrat sponsor is Rhode Island U.S. Rep. David Cicilline, featured in the Advocate’s article, “Meet the 10 Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Members of the 116th Congress, lauded by the LGBTQ Victory Institute, as a “turning point in the history of federal lawmaking.”

Democrats are no longer simply the “other” political party. They have veered off into trendy aberrant arenas that most of us never heard of before the advent of Bruce Jenner morphing into Caitlyn, and which are not the purview of government. Glamour magazine named the former three time husband and father of six biological children and four stepchildren, ‘Woman of the Year,’ in 2015 as a tribute to his/her work in “transgender awareness and advocacy.” Jenner’s acceptance speech was described as “powerful and moving.”

California’s legislative assembly has recently put forth Assembly Bill 1084 requiring “gender neutral” departments in retail stores, banishing specific areas for boys and girl‘s clothing and even toys. Violators would be subject to $1,000 fines.

This is the state that welcomes unvetted illegal aliens during a global pandemic, while American citizens are unemployed and as elitist California Gov. Gavin Newsom has selectively enforced business lockdowns, unilaterally deciding whose jobs are essential. California citizens, who are waging a recall against Newsom, will ultimately have the last word. We wish them well.

Although they continue to be paid, unionized public school teachers still refuse to return to the classroom. In the 2020 election cycle,* the country’s most influential  educrat dominated teachers unions endorsed and supported Biden and democrat senate candidates over their Republican counterparts. The American Federation of Teachers donated $2 million to Priorities USA Action, a democrat super PAC that spent $44.2 million supporting Biden. The National Education Association gave $500,000 to Take Back 2020, another democrat super PAC that spent $6.4 million to run ads supporting Biden. The AFT also gave $175,000 to Take Back 2020. Teachers unions spent a total of $43.7 million in 2020. Remember that the next time you hear teachers are underpaid for their part-time jobs, with long holiday and full summer vacations not accorded any other workers.

*Center for Responsive Politics

AZ’s flush public schools closed due to deceit, not COVID

February 21, 2021

It appears that all it takes to reopen Arizona schools is more money. According to the Arizona Education Association, the educrat union, everything is hinged on more money. The union, which partners with the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers,  blandly refers to itself is the largest professional association for public school employees in Arizona, dodging the word “union.”

This is its message to its members under the banner, ‘Advocating for Change‘: “All across Arizona, we are with you. We are right there next to you fighting for our students. Fighting for our future.

We need to dismantle unjust systems. We need to fully fund public schools. We need to hold our elected leaders accountable to our communities. And we need your help to make it happen.” The “fighting” message would not be complete without tossing in the trendy leftist word, “equity,” which reliably shows up.  Equity is meant to induce shame for ‘white privilege,’ another favorite term.

“Fully fund” definitely falls under the heading of subjective. A recent news report was headlined, “Ariz. schools to receive $1 billion in federal funds.”  Arizona Superintendent of Education, Kathy Hoffman released this ludicrous statement in response:

“While this significant infusion of federal recovery dollars is good news for Arizona’s schools, it’s not a substitute for sustainable funding from the state as they move through and beyond the crisis of this pandemic.”

Hoffman’s memory is too short for the position she holds. Either that or she’s become a comedian. In 2018 as teachers abandoned over 840,000 students and shut down over 1,000 Arizona schools as they followed an avowed 23-year-old socialist and uncredentialed hip-hop music teacher as they protested for 20% raises, SRAZ posted, #REDS for ED: Union thugs demand more $ for less. It contained these two paragraphs:

Teachers unions* have steadily amped up their political involvement: From 2004 to 2016, their donations grew from $4.3 million to more than $32 million — an all-time high. Even more than most labor unions, they have little use for Republicans, giving democrats at least 94 percent of the funds they contributed to candidates and parties since as far back as 1990 when Center for Responsive Politics initially began collecting data.

Passage of ballot propositions — 301 in 2000 increasing the state sales tax and 123 in 2016 a grab from the state land trust — guaranteed more money for education, which apparently is never enough. School districts routinely hold budget overrides and bond elections to “get more money into the classroom” —- eduspeak for bolstering teacher’s salaries. A major premise of passing the Arizona Lottery in 1980 was that money from ticket sales would fund schools.

In 2020 an irrevocable $5 Billion tax increase for education was passed on the fallacious premise of “taxing the rich,” aka those who create jobs.

This was in addition to these State & Federal Grants displayed by the Arizona Department of Education.

Teachers who aren’t teaching are still getting paid as students are falling further behind, suffering academically, emotionally and socially after missing a year of actual instruction, ultimately rendering them less able to compete in the global economy.

Despite the fact that far-left teachers’ unions wield tremendous influence in terms of donations and votes, Center for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky. M.D. has repeatedly confirmed that schools can open without teachers being vaccinated since children are less prone to contracting or transmitting the virus. Her assertion is substantiated by the official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“I also want to be clear that there is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely reopen and that that safe reopening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated in order to reopen safely,” Dr. Walensky confirmed.

* Center for Responsive Politics

AZ GOP State Sen. Paul Boyer surrenders to Dems

February 9, 2021

Political contortionist lacks core beliefs

It’s not everyday we see a career politician wave a white flag at the opposing party, (video seen below) but that’s what took place Monday at the Arizona State Senate. At issue is a declaration holding the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt for failure to adhere to a subpoena challenging the November presidential election results in which irregularities were witnessed with the problematic Dominion voting machines. Maricopa County GOP chair Rae Chornenky resigned in the wake of failing to certify the voting machines. Arizonans were not alone in their distrust. Following the election, Rasmussen Reports polling cited 47% who thought fraud was likely.

Paul Boyer was the lone Republican among 16 who voted against holding the AZ Board of Supervisors accountable. His bizarre quote is, “Make no mistake today’s vote merely provides a little bit more time to work together charitably and actively as friends.”

If Boyer thinks Republicans have democrat colleagues with whom he can he rely on as “charitable friends,” he must believe in the tooth fairy.

Although his photo, committee assignments and office phone number are shown on the senate website, there is no biographical information for Boyer, who is termed out in two years. You might want to call his office and express your dissatisfaction with his foolish vote that frustrated Senate President Karen Fann and bewildered Republicans.

The brief text of SR1005 can be read here. No doubt Boyer’s angling for a much more lucrative future lobbying gig. State legislators are paid $24,000 a year and haven’t had a pay increase since 2000. For mental midgets such as Boyer caving to his democrat “friends,” even that paltry sum is too much.

* H/T Channel 3TV & CBS 5AZ video

AZ GOP senators proceed with 2020 election audit

January 30, 2021

Arizonans looking for fact-based information regarding contentious issues in our state know the radically leftist, Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic is not the place to find it. The newspaper dramatically lost subscribers in the wake of the blowback from the 2016 endorsement. They have not returned.

A reliable source is The Gateway Pundit. This Jan. 29, 2021 post,HUGE NEWS! Arizona State Senate Hires Its Own Independent, Qualified, Forensic, Auditing Firm to Analyze 2020 Results,” exemplifies in-depth information that is either never seen or discredited by the far-left local newspaper that has actually threatened its few remaining Republican subscribers.

The Gateway Pundit report includes a comprehensive press release from Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann (R-LD 1) that is definitely worth your time.

Arizona Republicans don’t buckle under hard left partisan pressure. We seek the truth…a scarce commodity at the local newspaper, which has fallen on well-deserved hard times.