Common Core: Making news for all the right reasons

February 20, 2015

The Arizona House Education Committee voted 5-2 approving a proposal that would scrap the state’s imposition of Common Core “standards” and strip the Board of Education’s ability to adopt new ones. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Mark Finchem, (R-LD 11), now moves to the House floor.

Read the amended version of H.B.2190, which was approved after testimony from those on both sides of this contentious issue. A video of the hearing can be viewed here.

Seeing Red AZ has frequently covered the various incarnations of the Common Core back story and deceptive name change —- once it became too toxic. In the end, it comes down to the GOP establishment, with John McCain yet again playing the manipulator behind the curtain vs. the grassroots conservatives who put the underestimated Diane Douglas in office.

When Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas acted within the purview of her office, she was hammered by a Hamer. The establishment view is summed up by this obnoxious comment by obliging tool Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. “It’s bizarre and outrageous and offensive and she should apologize to all she’s offended,” Hamer is quoted in the New York Times. “Her comments and behavior aren’t necessarily following a linear pattern at this point.”

In other words, for having the temerity to disagree with the elites, Diane Douglas can deliberately be deemed nuts by the diminutive, insult-hurling Hamer.

The superintendent’s remarks were “intense even for Diane Douglas,” blasted Lisa Graham Keegan, who had previously called Superintendent Douglas “erratic.” Name calling has become commonplace among Common Core proponents. John Huppenthal, the troubled man replaced by Douglas referred to opponents as “barbarians.”  Like newly elected Gov. Doug Ducey, Keegan is closely tied to the McCain faction.  A RINO-turned-Independent who supported Douglas’ radical leftwing educrat opponent, Keegan served as McCain’s education policy advisor during his failed presidential campaign.

The conservative base of the Republican Party supported Diane Douglas. As the establishment choice, Doug Ducey had the backing and financial network of the GOP hierarchy.  He was also the beneficiary of scattered votes in a 6-way Republican primary field. A Libertarian and Americans Elect candidate further diluted the pool. 

Ducey needs to reassess his victory and realize he is the governor. He owes John McCain and his political kneecapping cronies nothing more than a courteous greeting when they meet at public functions. They don’t belong in his office and when they call, his secretary can honestly tell them he’s busy.  After all, he’s got a cash-strapped state to run. By virtue of her election, Diane Douglas is already in charge of the Arizona Department of Education.

AZ House Republican majority release 2015 agenda

February 10, 2015

Republicans in the Arizona House of Representatives, led by House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro, released an ambitious seven-part policy agenda and accompanying video. “We want to make sure we are doing the business of the people,” Montenegro explained. “The House Majority Agenda helps us to stay on track. We want to conduct our work in a way that makes Arizona proud.”

“These seven guideposts give us a roadmap to prioritize the work of the House,” added House Speaker David Gowan.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope for conservative victories among the budget battles.

Alert: Beware of & UPDATE

February 9, 2015

The Arizona Daily Independent reports on a scheme ostensibly devised to facilitate voters connecting with their legislators on pending legislation. It was sold to those on West Washington Street as having the additional benefit of freeing up legislative staffers from the grinding business of having to deal with answering the calls of those pesky constituents.

The ADI did the investigative work that reveals there is far more going on here than simply improving contact through an electronic system that works as a survey of public sentiment. The online newspaper names the schemers behind the system and details its deceptive practices.

The legislature’s own multi-faceted, direct system of communication remains in place. Any Arizona voters can contact their state House members or state Senator by clicking on these roster links. Their email addresses, office phone and Fax numbers —- along with each legislator’s bio, linked under their names—- are provided for ease of access. Toll-free numbers are even included for statewide constituents. For those who are unsure of their legislative district, this is the place to locate that information.

Do yourself a favor and read “ is not what it appears to be.” Should you become aware of pending legislation you would like to share your views on, contact your legislator directly. Third party smoke screens and subterfuge are not how our system was intended to function.



We neglected to mention the Arizona Legislature’s own official page, which includes this Bill Status Inquiry and Request to Speak. It’s clear the Arizona Legislature is user-friendly and interested citizens don’t require intercession by or through  any third party. 

Lovas’ daylight saving time bill was bad idea for AZ

January 12, 2015

Chamber of Commerce coordination? Nah. Well, maybe just a nudge

State Rep. Phil Lovas, (R-LD 22) has withdrawn HB 2014, which would have put Arizona on daylight saving time. Having heard from constituents and other residents who strongly oppose the concept, Lovas, the prime sponsor, wisely reconsidered.

Few Arizonans relish having an extra hour of sunlight in the blazing hot summer. We sensibly opted out March 21, 1968.

Several other states —- Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Utah and Wyoming — have contemplated joining Arizona and Hawaii in opting out of daylight-saving time. In fact, this online survey that collected more than 27,000 responses shows two-thirds of Utah residents favor staying on Mountain Standard Time year-round, exactly as Arizona does. 

So who’s lurking behind the scenes attempting to move pioneering Arizona against the tide? What a surprise! The Arizona Chamber of Commerce has issued a policy brief supporting Arizona’s move to daylight saving time.

Lovas’ endorsement page from his campaign website indicates he doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Third on this list of supporters is the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Just a bit further down the list the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce also shows up.

“I support it because I think it will help business in Arizona and help us be more competitive,” echoed State Rep. Paul Boyer, (R-LD 20), one of the bill’s two co-sponsors. Boyer’s list of endorsements also includes both Chambers.

“Arizona is uniquely and adversely impacted by this change in time,” the AZ Chamber’s policy brief states. “The total economic impact of this shift is unclear, but anecdotal data indicates this shift affects Arizona’s economic competitiveness.”

According to the daily, Garrick Taylor, Senior VP of Government Relations and Communications (top lobbyist) for the AZ Chamber says they didn’t coordinate on the legislation. “But we’re always encouraged when lawmakers like Rep. Lovas are looking for ways to strengthen Arizona’s economy,” he said. “We’re hopeful the paper has restarted a conversation that hasn’t been had since the 1960s.”

“I thought it was worth having a discussion on the concept,” the accommodating Lovas, an Ohio native, said. “It’s been about 50 years since daylight saving was implemented and Arizona’s changed greatly.”

Actually, it’s still hot as blazes.

AZ driver’s license clash centers on “non-citizen” designation

January 5, 2015

Newly elected state Rep. Jay Lawrence (R-LD 23) is not reluctant to enter the illegal alien fray, exhibiting the boldness that got him elected this past November.

Lawrence is drafting legislation that includes a “non-citizen” designation on driver’s licenses issued to so-called DREAMers, given a pass —- along with their families —- by Barack Obama’s executive amnesty actions which enable them to avoid deportation.

Since driver’s licenses are one of the accepted forms of documentation when showing identification at statewide polling places, Lawrence views his legislation as a means of protecting the integrity of the voting process.

A press conference called Friday afternoon by Democrat Hispanic lawmakers and other activists warned the Republican caucus that they will be organizing against any efforts  to draft legislation to add a “non-citizen” designation on driver’s licenses. They offensively compared Rep. Lawrence’s proposal to Nazi Germany’s requirement forcing Jewish citizens to wear yellow badges and armbands emblazoned with the identifying Star of David, apparently unaware that Lawrence is Jewish.

Yet even in California where radically leftist Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown sees no distinctions between illegal aliens and American citizens, (shocking 1-min. video) their licenses will carry a special designation on the front and a notice stating that the document is not official federal identification and cannot be used to prove eligibility for employment or public benefits. Colorado and Oregon are among states, including California, that require such designations.

Arizona House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro (R- LD 13), a naturalized citizen born in El Salvador, called  the Democrats’ press conference “a publicity stunt that serves no purpose other than to divide lawmakers and the public,” adding it appeared “more like political grandstanding than true concern for the people of Arizona.” Conservative Montenegro is a staunch supporter of securing our sovereign border.

The Governors Highway Safety Association points out that all 50 states have enacted graduated, (often three-stage) laws governing driver’s licenses for all novice American citizen drivers, who have higher than average accident rates. Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) programs allow new drivers to safely gain driving experience before obtaining full driving privileges. No one has ever claimed such restrictions are offensive.

Former California lawmaker and current Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo, a Democrat who repeatedly and unsuccessfully introduced a license bill for illegal aliens over 15 years, is not disturbed by the “non-citizen” designation. Cedillo says it won’t impede those eager to drive legally from applying for it.

LD 7 Rep. Albert Hale: Awphusor iz jus a lil bita gin

December 20, 2014

Albert Hale isn’t just a run of the mill resident of Navajo County. He’s currently an Arizona State Representative who previously represented LD 7 constituents in the Arizona Senate. Additionally, Hale, a lawyer, was president of the Navajo Nation from 1995 to 1998.

He’s been an Assistant Attorney General for the Navajo Nation, Special Counsel to the Navajo Nation Council, and was a Judge Pro Temp for the Laguna Tribal Courts, Laguna Pueblo, Laguna, New Mexico. In all, he’s practiced law over 36 years.

It would seem that a person holding a law degree and the lofty titles of judge, lawmaker and president might possess even a passing familiarity with the law. But Democrat Hale not only fails the test, he fails miserably.

When stopped by a DPS officer for speeding, Rep. Hale admitted, after first issuing a denial, he had gin in his coffee. The gin was one of the few things he actually had.

Hale, 64, was missing nearly everything else he needed —- such as proof of insurance, a current tag on his vehicle, and the ability to pass field sobriety tests, which he failed several times, according to the daily. It also reports he was arrested, booked into the Navajo County jail and charged with driving while intoxicated “to the slightest degree” in last month’s incident. That charge has been dismissed by the Navajo County attorney pending the results of crime-lab tests.

The question remains, will Rep. Albert Hale need a driver to transport him the nearly 300 miles from his St. Michaels home abutting the New Mexico border to his Jan. 5 swearing-in ceremony at the State Capitol in Phoenix —- or will he be telecommuting? 

Rep. Albert “Ahbihay” Hale’s mug shot can be viewed here.

More funny (re-branding) business from Jan Brewer

May 17, 2014

Brewer’s back to her old tricks

The latest news from the governor’s office is that Jan Brewer is expected to call the state legislature into a special session to revamp Child Protective Services, the troubled child-welfare agency that shamefully neglected to investigate well over 6,000 reports of child abuse and neglect. Here is her press release on what is rightly termed an “inexcusable situation” and “unconscionable practices.”

But in re-crafting the agency, Brewer is doing what she does so well. She’s renaming it.

In this press release she announced her Obama-like “Executive Order” craftily renaming Common Core, Obama’s approved federal takeover of America’s education system. Note that the words “Common Core” are mysteriously missing as she re-dubs the objectionable program “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.”  Brewer and Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal colluded on this deception. Huppenthal calls his name-con re-branding.

As Arizona’s child-welfare agency is finally turned into a functioning office with corrective oversight, substantive changes absolutely need to be made. A new moniker is not one of them.

We agree with Thomas Jacobs, who according to the daily, represented CPS as an assistant Arizona attorney general from the mid-1970s to 1985.  Jacobs wants to keep the Child Protective Services (CPS) designation, which he says is the best, most-widely recognized acronym and name.

“Everyone in the country knows what CPS is and stands for,” says Jacobs. “Why confuse the public on a subject of vital importance? Changing the name isn’t going to erase or correct the problems with this troubled agency.”

Tell that to Gov. Brewer, who thinks the best way to effect change is through obscuring the facts and re-christening the unacceptable. The best deodorant is sunlight.


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