Former Gov. Fife Symington dangles a senate possibility

October 6, 2018

Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington, a Republican, is considering a possible run for the U. S. Senate seat previously occupied by John McCain. Currently former Sen. Jon Kyl, appointed by Gov. Doug Ducey, Sept. 4, is acting as a placeholder. There will be a special election in 2020 to permanently fill the seat.

One thing is certain. Arizona Republicans have had their fill of untrustworthy senators running as Republicans while comporting themselves as Democrats. McCain and nearly-out-the-door Jeff Flake each used the GOP party apparatus to get elected and then all semblance of the Republicans they claimed to be vanished after Election Day.  It was a charade engaged in by both men, that left Republicans unrepresented.

Symington reportedly began considering the possibility when former Attorney General Grant Woods, a Republicrat who specializes in endorsing Democrats — announced he was thinking about running for McCain’s seat — as a Democrat. The party switch would be the first honest political move Woods has made in years.

Symington, who received a Bronze Star for his Air Force service during the Vietnam War, resigned in 1997 during his second term as governor, following a conviction on charges of extortion and bank fraud — a conviction which was overturned by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, not known for its conservative bent. Pres. Bill Clinton, whose life Symington saved in a near-drowning incident in college, later pardoned him. A popular governor, easily elected to a second term, Symington was a tax-cutting businessman who entered politics in the manner engaged in by Donald Trump in 2016.

Currently, Woods, McCain’s first Chief of Staff, appears in this campaign ad boosting the U.S. Senate candidacy of radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema, angling to succeed his onetime boss.

Among the Democrats Grant Woods has previously supported are Janet Napolitano — his name was prominently displayed on the notorious ‘Republicans for Janet’ list during her 2006 gubernatorial race. Woods also endorsed Democrats Terry Goddard and Felecia Rotellini for AZ Attorney General in two separate races. Leftist Harry Mitchell was Wood’s pick for Congress. He endorsed Dem Fred DuVal for governor. In 2016, Woods endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

A longtime political manipulator and contemptible braggart, lawyer Woods has learned he can generate attention by remaining a registered Republican while supporting Democrats. The washed-up McCain sycophant has nothing else to offer.


Grant Woods threatens reprising McCain

September 25, 2018

The Arizona Republic newspaper has gotten lazy. Subscriptions waned as former readers wearied of having their intelligence insulted with a constant barrage of regurgitated, spleen venting leftism. The newspaper’s Trump haters, unified in their vitriol, band together in a daily choreographed frenzy — armed with honed word swords with which to annihilate their conservative enemies. Between the editorial page doyens, the columnists and political cartoonist, the obliteration of foes takes primacy.

John McCain remains a deity to which all employees knees bend in supplication. Though his three-day funeral came to an end, his presence is still felt. The latest manifestation is a 13 x 6 inch, halftone screen, shadowy head and shoulder shot of the now deceased senator, grinning. And what is worthy of the toothy smile, eerie, though it is?

Nothing less than the first of two pages, written by Grant Woods, his first chief of staff when McCain was a one-termer in the U.S. House nearly four decades ago. Woods later was elected Arizona Attorney General.

Still bombastic, the Medicare eligible Woods has nary a gray hair on his Oxford Brown shoe polish toned head. The self-aggrandizing Woods writes a “My Turn” column titled, “Why McCain’s death might convince me to run for Senate (just not as a Republican).”

“If I believe our country is in perilous times, what is my responsibility as a citizen to do something about it? I have to do more, that much is clear,” he writes. “But does that mean I have to run for office again, this time for my mentor John McCain’s seat in the U.S. Senate? Maybe it does. I have the option of running as an Independent.  It suit me and would be a lot of fun.”

His sole practice law firm website is also replete with braggadocio. Former public defender Woods pompously refers to himself as, “one of Arizona’s most acclaimed and successful lawyers,” calling his own career “legendary.” Normally such glowing accolades are bestowed by fans, but Grant Woods has no fan that matches the guy he sees in the mirror each morning. 

For GOP squish Woods to threaten to run as anything but a Republican is no threat at all.  For years he has garnered publicity using this same maneuver. He’s publicly endorsed numerous Democrats from Hillary Clinton to liberal Dems Terry Goddard and Felecia Rotellini for AZ Attorney General in two separate races. Leftist Harry Mitchell was Grant Wood’s pick for Congress. His name was prominently displayed on the list of Republicans for Janet Napolitano, (click to enlarge) the worst Arizona governor in memory, who later abandoned her post to join the Obama administration.

Invariably on the wrong side of issues, Woods prosecuted U.S. Border patrol agent Nicholas Corbett, charging him with second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide in the fatal shooting of an illegal alien during a border altercation. Corbett, who maintained he acted in self-defense, was tried twice, with both cases resulting in hung juries as Woods did not prove the case.

The thought of this Democrat-endorsing, McCain clone trying to resurrect the now buried Republicrat is chilling — even in Arizona where the September temperatures are still in the triple digits.

Jeff Flake outed as a “Traitor”

September 18, 2018

Arizona Republicans who have firsthand knowledge of the deceptive tactics employed by lame duck Sen. Jeff Flake, will find this post that uses the words,Jeff Flake, Traitor,” as its headline an irresistible must read.

John Hinderaker, one of several attorneys writing for Powerline employs some other choice adjectives for Republicrat Flake, along with describing what he rightly identifies as Flake’s “insane hatred for President Trump,” as the driving force behind his alignment with the Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Their objective is to scuttle Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Describing Flake’s reprehensible antics as they relate to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Hinderaker states, “Rarely have I witnessed anything so disgusting in the world of politics.”

Despite rightly declaring Flake “should be ashamed of himself,” the author clings to the hope that Jeff Flake would put his spitefulness in check between now and Thursday, when the Judiciary Committee vote is scheduled to be held.

We would caution him not to hold his breath.

Hinderaker calls Flake out as a never-Trumper and castigates him for elevating “his hatred for our president over every principle of politics and public policy.” He further notes. “Flake would rather subvert his own allegedly conservative principles than allow President Trump to exercise his constitutional powers as president. Words can hardly express how contemptible this is.”

“Allegedly conservative principles” are key words. As an example, there were no conservative principles displayed on the Gang of Eight amnesty scheme orchestrated by Jeff Flake and John McCain in which they colluded with leftists Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Michael Bennet (D-CO), and Dick Durbin (D-IL), along with reliable squishes Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Marco Rubio (R-FL). The concerted effort that would ultimately have increased the ranks of the Democrat Party, rendering Republicans to Whig Party status, was not an endeavor undertaken by principled conservatives.

The only line in his otherwise well-argued column that reveals Hinderaker as a Minnesotan rather than an Arizonan is including Flake among others for whom he “once had considerable respect.” Those of us who are not 1700 miles away have long known flaky Flake as a practiced liar, going back to his reneging on his original term limits pledge made when he ran for the U.S. House in 2000.  When called out on his deception, he displayed his notorious smirk and wisecracked, “I lied.” That was one of the few truths the McCain clone has told.

McCain kin cash in after week-long funeral extravaganza

September 13, 2018

Real money to taxpayers, “spare change” to McCain’s

Raising the blood pressure of our valued readers is not something we choose to do. But be forewarned, that will likely be a risky side effect when you read this BizPac Review article titled, “John McCain’s family gets hefty taxpayer-funded ‘death gratuity’ after week-long funeral extravaganza.”

The article, by Samantha Chang, which we urge you to read, ends with this plea:

Patriots, please vote on November 6.* President Trump is battling the media, billionaire mega-donors like George Soros, Hollywood, RINOS, and the entire Democratic Party.

The stakes have never been higher, and America’s future depends on your vote.

Truer words are rarely spoken. This might well be the most important midterm election of our lifetime. Rally behind the Republicans, even if they aren’t the ones you supported in the Primary. Grudges get heavier the longer they’re carried. Meanwhile the Democrats win.


* Polling places will be open November 06, 2018. 

Early ballots will be mailed on October 10, 2018. Questions? Call AZ Secretary Of State’s Election’s Division: 602-542-8683.

Supercharged Cindy Hensley McCain emerges

September 9, 2018

Attending a week of funerals for her husband — conducted in various locations nationwide — must have been exhausting for Cindy McCain. But the 1968 AZ Junior Rodeo Queen proved she had the grit to handle the stress.

Without missing a beat, and inserting her maiden name in her byline, Cindy Hensley McCain was able to get down to business and have a self-serving op-ed published in USA Today. The newspaper is the Gannett parent company of the Hillary-endorsing and John McCain-worshiping Arizona Republic, which this morning devoted half of its Valley and State section to a tribute titled, “John’s story is the American story.”  It was accompanied by two oversize candles, dripping wax — one larger than the other. There is an obvious significance to this choice, which we choose not to tackle.

To what end Cindy Hensley McCain’s USA Today was written is anyone’s guess though it sounds suspiciously like campaign bait being dropped in the briny, as the beer heiress hustles for money for her “new home” the McCain Institute. At the very least, she wants to be a player on the Arizona political scene.

The Arizona Daily Independent Sept. 1, Sunday Comic satirically points out that the difficult tasks associated with funeral planning were done for her, in advance of her husband‘s death. Be sure to read the comment section following the illustration. They are the same tone as those written here.

The slavish adoration is a fabricated media construct, and does not represent Arizonans who pay attention or others who knew him well. Elected Republican State Committeemen at their 2014 mandatory statutory meeting voted overwhelming for a resolution to censure John McCain, citing his repeated collusion with congressional Democrats. This contempt was replicated in the majority of Arizona’s fifteen counties at GOP county statutory meetings by elected precinct committeemen. In Maricopa County, the vote in favor of censure was 1,150 to 351.

Ducey appoints Jon Kyl to fill senate vacancy

September 4, 2018

Although at the time of this posting an announcement is not yet up on Gov. Doug Ducey’s Press Release page, Fox News is reporting that Ducey has appointed former AZ Sen. Jon Kyl to fill the state’s U.S. Senate vacancy.  

The question to ask is why would Ducey opt for a 76-year-old place holder and McCain clone when he has the opportunity to make a decisive impact on the state?

AZ Guv Ducey dogged by dicey problems

September 4, 2018

When Arizona teachers marched off the job following a self-identified socialist pied piper as they abandoned 800,000 students statewide this past Spring, they were demanding higher pay.  Though they work approximately 8 1/2 months a year, they wanted salaries commensurate with other jobs where employees are expected to work in the summer and are only allowed Thanksgiving Day off, having to be back at their post the following day. Winter and Spring breaks, previously referred to as Christmas and Easter before the educrat PC Police neutered the holidays are two full weeks. Days off for “Fall Break” are in October. A weeklong “Spring Break” is separate from “Spring Holiday.” A week for “Fall Break” is separate from Thanksgiving.

Do you get an early release from work so you can “collaborate” with your colleagues? Bet not. Twenty-one days in the school year are so designated. How about those half days off for “planning“? This school district calendar was randomly selected.

Still, the teachers whined, threatened and left. Had Ducey possessed the cajones of Ronald Reagan when the demanding PATCO union air traffic controllers walked out, canceling over 7,000 flights, the outcome would have been much different. Reagan fired 11,345 unionists (1 min. video), who refused to return to work. The world continued to spin on its axis and flights flew with senior management taking the reins.

Following his acquiescence to the RedsForEd 20% pay hike, during which he claimed there would be no accompanying tax increase, Ducey is being vilified by the same marauding teachers, who now blame him that their latest money stream scheme InvestInEd (Prop. 207) — an irrevocable constitutional amendment funneling an additional $700 million yearly to further pad salaries — failed to qualify for the Nov. ballot. It wasn’t Ducey, but the AZ Supreme Court which declared the sponsors misrepresented its actual intent in the proposition‘s ballot description. In fact, it is a Marxist redistribution of wealth scheme based on placing onerous tax burdens on small business owners, other job creators and many two salaried professional families, the teachers view as “the rich.”

Now Ducey is also charged with the duty of replacing a newly constructed deity, albeit a perpetually deceptive one, with feet of clay. Ducey, up for reelection on the Nov. ballot is being challenged by reckless, radical Democrat David Garcia, who will win the support of the far-left unionist teachers.

And now, with John McCain buried after numerous funerals, it falls on Ducey to name his successor. That could be dicey for Ducey. He needs to be mindful of the conservatives, so despised by McCain, but whose votes he desperately needs in November.