Fmr. McCain aide Max Fose likens leftist Sen. Mark Kelly to McCain

July 18, 2022

Finally…the left got something right

Seeing Red AZ has never attempted to conceal its abhorrence of former Sen. John McCain, whose political duplicity was renowned. His last official vote — which Speaker Mitch McConnell held up to allow the then-ailing McCain to cast the deciding vote — was a stunning case in point, as McCain voted with the united democrats — much to the mystified dismay of his GOP colleagues — on what was known as the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare. Watch the 19-second video here:

Attempting to explain his political treachery in heading up Republicans for Kelly, supporting the deceptive Mark Kelly, McCain-connected Max Fose answered the question with a now trendy, tricky response that attempts to make the questioned person agree, by ending the question with “right?” “You don’t see Mark Kelly throwing bombs across the aisle, right?”


Soros-funded Kelly is duplicity run amok. His strong financial ties to Communist Chinese tech giant Tencent are a driving force of the commercial space exploration venture he co-founded. Tencent, is one of the world’s largest internet enterprises and owns the Chinese social media platform WeChat. The text platform has more than a billion users and is suspected of monitoring the activity of many of them inside and outside of China, as detailed in this 2020 Real Clear Politics report. The Washington Free Beacon exposes Kelly’s early and lucrative ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Married to former AZ congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who is Jewish,  Mark Kelly gleefully poses with anti-Semite U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Omar has stated her belief that America should be dismantled, opining it is “based in a system of oppression.” She believes Israel has no right to exist.

Mark Kelly should not represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate. Seeing Red AZ endorses Jim Lamon, a successful businessman and job creator, who prioritizes addressing the border crisis. Jim Lamon’s list of conservative elected officials, activists and law enforcement endorsements is impressive. These are the boots-on-the-ground men and women who understand the need for retaking control of our border that has been a haven for illegals and criminal activity. Kelly, an anti-Second Amendment gun confiscator, is unfazed by the widespread criminality.

The Washington Times reported DHS encountered a record 2 million illegal aliens on our southern border in 2021 alone.

Life is a gift: A concept AZ US Dist. Judge Rayes doesn’t comprehend

July 13, 2022

Though you’ve likely never heard his name, Douglas Leroy Rayes, a U.S. district judge for the District of Arizona, can make decisions that have a profound impact on Arizona residents.

On Monday, he blocked a 2021 Arizona law recognizing the personhood of a fetus from the moment of fertilization, siding with the abortion industry which determined the measure “was too vague and exposed them to prosecution.”

The Center for Reproductive Rights, which asserts it “fights for the fundamental human rights of all people in the U.S. and across the globe,” neglects to include preborn human babies as it makes fundraising its mission, highlighting donors and “major gifts,” using death as a fundraising mechanism.

The Arizona Attorney General’s office recently prevailed in disallowing abortions based on the sex or race of the child. The office countered that the provision, which says state law must be interpreted to grant fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses the same “rights, privileges and immunities available to other persons,” was not intended to create any new abortion-related crime.

U.S. District Judge Douglas Rayes, an Obama appointee, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in 2014 by a 77 to 19 vote — with 4 senators not voting. Republicrats John McCain and Jeff Flake both voted for this democrat, who replaced Republican Judge Frederick Martone, then assuming senior status.

During the hearing, Rayes expressed concern about a state policy that the provision’s effects be interpreted case by case in court, after abortionists voiced fears they could be prosecuted for child endangerment or other crimes.

In his ruling, Rayes, engaging in classic double-talk, wrote that his motion blocking the law was not just about abortion. “It is about giving people fair notice of what the law means so that they know in advance how to comply.”

The case is one of many disputes over state abortion laws after the U.S. Supreme Court sent the matter back to the individual states, sensibly removing it from under the auspices of the federal government.

Arizona passed the personhood law in April 2021. Abortion providers sued to block it last August, fallaciously arguing that it was unconstitutionally vague because it did not make clear what conduct, if any, it would prohibit. In March, Arizona passed a law banning most abortions after 15 weeks. That measure is set to take effect in September.

In Bideneese, inanimate guns, not villains, are the villains

June 2, 2022

In the aftermath of recent violent attacks at schools, churches and shopping marts, — worsened by a shooting at a Tulsa medical center today — a novel new defense is being used to bankrupt gun manufacturers. Don’t for a minute be lulled into thinking this is an isolated or unexpected instance. There is a new scheme afoot the intent of which is to rid law-abiding Americans of their Constitutional right to own firearms.

This  recent New York Post report notes that a woman wounded in last month’s mass shooting on a New York City subway filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the maker of the handgun used in the attack and its parent company, accusing the firearm manufacturer of “reckless disregard for human life.”

There is no longer a human villain at the other end of the gun used in criminal activity. Now the very act of possessing a firearm is egregious enough. In 2005, then Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, a far-left democrat with a penchant for worldwide, public-financed travel with his then-girlfriend, envisioned a gun buy-back to melt down four tons of weapons and build a sculpture more than 24-feet tall.” Somehow that escaped the notice of the NRA, which shockingly endorsed him in 2007. They also had John McCain, a longtime proponent of “closing gun-show loopholes,“ as the featured speaker when the NRA hosted its convention in Phoenix. Even the best organizations occasionally screw up.

In llene Steur’s lawsuit, filed in federal court in Brooklyn, she claimed Glock has “endangered the public health and safety” by the marketing, distribution and sales of its guns.  In February, the families of nine victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting reached a $73 million settlement in a lawsuit against Remington, the maker of the rifle used in that horrific attack. Remington, one of the nation’s oldest gun makers founded in 1816, filed for bankruptcy for a second time in 2020 and its assets were later sold off to several companies. The manufacturer was overwhelmed by lawsuits and retail sales restrictions following the school shooting. The depraved murderer and his family didn’t have the deep pockets of the manufacturer.

The grotesque murders are horrific. Yet this circuitous route of disarming law-abiding citizens prevents them from protecting themselves and their families. John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate Pres. Ronald Reagan and others in his entourage, has been unconditionally released by U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman, a Clinton appointee. Yes…it’s been 44 years. This release was unwarranted.

AZ Gov. Ducey follows TX Gov. Greg Abbott busing illegals to D.C.

May 14, 2022

Abbott has announced Texas brought 922 illegals to the nation’s capital in 35 buses. Will Ducey follow that example?

In a move that would be certain to inflame his open-border mentor Señor Juan McAmnesty, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has begun busing illegal alien invaders to Washington, D.C.

Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s successful plan, which has delighted Texans and agitated D.C. insiders, unable to conceive of the Southwestern border calamity to which they have turned a blind eye, impacting their elite environs.

It’s known as retaliation.

Just prior to his more recent follow-the-leader imitation, Ducey bizarrely called on leftist tech giants to aid in stopping drug and human exploitation crimes, beginning his letter with the words, “It’s no secret our southern border is a mess.”

No kidding.

As governor of Arizona, a border state seriously impacted by illegal invaders who suffer no consequences for their actions, Ducey is finally showing concern about the crisis under which Arizona’s citizens have long endured and been forced to finance with our tax dollars.

If these numbers from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) detailing the Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on the United States seem shocking, bear in mind they are from 2017. The Biden administration has irreparably opened the floodgates since then, appointing Alejandro Mayorkas, an immigrant, (probably illegal) from Communist Cuba, as Homeland Security Secretary, acclaimed as the first Latino in that position, by a president who is driven by “Firsts.”

Ducey, who is unable to run again due to term limits, has something up his sleeve. The question is, “What?”

AZ AG Brnovich’s senate candidacy bashed by Pres. Trump

April 19, 2022

Blistering message decimates Brnovich’s aspirations

To say POTUS 45, Donald J. Trump, is not a fan of U.S. Senate candidate Mark Brnovich would be the height of understatement. Brnovich, the current AZ Attorney General, is term limited and is looking for a new political perch.

He’d be wise to have a backup plan, since former President Trump has sent out a scathing message that does irreparable damage to the McCain endorsing sycophant. (Brief video).

Brnovich, recently sporting a Rasputin-like mass of facial hair, appears to be trying to conceal his identity, which is beyond strange for a candidate.

Seeing Red AZ endorses conservative veteran and businessman Jim Lamon in the multi-candidate Republican August 22, 2022 primary. His notable law enforcement endorsements, among others, speak volumes as the Biden administration has torn down the border wall and is flooding the United States with “more than 1.5 million” illegal aliens, according to this report in the Washington Examiner.

Bumbling Biden calls Fox WH correspondent Peter Doocy a “Stupid SOB”

January 25, 2022

Dems and RINOs don’t like having their “wisdom” questioned

Who knew that being verbally assaulted by the president of the United States would be among the perils of doing your job properly?

And back in 2017, Peter Doocy was also slammed by Sen. John McCain, who asked him “Why would you ask such a dumb question?” to a perfectly legitimate one that McCain didn’t want to answer.

Gov. Ducey suddenly motivated to education action 

January 5, 2022

The rumor mill has been rife with talk of term-limited Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey having an itch to relocate to D.C. in some political capacity. As we noted on Dec. 26, 2020, the former ice cream tycoon and his wife sold their gated 11,412 sq. ft. Paradise Valley golf course fairway mansion and 1,200 sq. ft. guest house situated on 2.14 acres, at a discounted rate of $8,150,000, obviously in preparation for his next adventure. His term ends on January 1, 2023, and he’s readying for another gig.

Speculation regarding lame-duck AZ Gov. Doug Ducey’s future plans have been running the gamut, though his national profile is not in the realm of Governors Ron DeSantis (FL) or Greg Abbott (TX).

He’s been quiet of late, not noticeably rocking the political boat except for his needless expansion of the Arizona Supreme Court, obviously thinking two of his friends, neither of whom had tried a case in years, would look sharp in black. There was also that newsworthy snub of then-President Trump, calling Ducey with his distinctive “Hail to the Chief” ring tone and Ducey pointedly ignoring it in front of Trump-disdaining reporters, who made sure it got the attention Ducey clearly desired.  A longtime McCain ally, initially employed by Cindy Hensley McCain at her Hensley Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship when he first arrived in Arizona to attend ASU, their friendship blossomed to the point that John McCain encouraged the then-ice cream mogul Ducey to run for governor.

Ducey’s political future is definitely on his mind as he issued this bullet-pointed January 4, 2022 News Release announcing he was taking “preemptive action to ensure in-person learning remains an option for all Arizona families and students, consistent with guidance from public health experts.” Ducey refers to it as creating an “Open for Learning Recovery Benefit Program.”

Demanding students be kept in class has not exactly been a priority for Ducey, who coddled the striking “#Reds For Ed” teachers who abandoned, for over two weeks, over 840,000 statewide students, as they followed then-24-year-old Noah Karvelis, an eager Socialist Labor Party member and 2016 AZ Bernie Sanders campaign coordinator, demanding 20% pay hikes for their part-time jobs…do you get the entire summer off? Ducey hung tough for a brief moment and then capitulated to the union members demands, emboldening them to get behind Marxist Proposition 208, a ballot measure that provides a perpetually increasing money stream, under the guise of “tax the rich,” a fallacious democrat advanced scheme.

Ducey didn’t have the fortitude exhibited by Pres. Ronald Reagan in 1981 when the PATCO Union Air Traffic Control workers threatened to walk off the job, potentially shutting down U.S. air travel. Reagan gave them a deadline and fired those who refused to comply. Supervisors and management filled in until new replacements were able to take over the reins. There were no disruptions. 

John McCain: Still lives and breathes

November 29, 2021

McCabre visage bizarrely nurtured by dying newspaper

Though he had three funerals — one in Phoenix, one in D.C. and anther, including a 2018 burial in Arlington, Virginia — if you happen upon a copy of the failing,* Arizona Republic newspaper, still swooning over the man who defined the pejorative term RINO (Republican In Name Only), you’d swear John McCain is still inhaling oxygen.

When his former chief of staff and later AZ Attorney General, Grant Woods, died in November, there was nearly as much written about McCain as Woods. They were birds of a feather who each used the AZ GOP to further their ambitions, then blatantly switching over to the leftist camp which actually exemplified their political ideals. Woods actually reregistered as a democrat. Cindy McCain, a Biden endorser, who was rewarded with a U.N. ambassadorship, eulogized Woods at the service that rated ongoing full, front-page coverage for days.

Sunday’s edition of the radical Trump-hating, Hillary-endorsing newspaper headlined, “A PLAN TO CHANGE REALITY.” It is a multi-page rehash of the 2020 election recount, distrusted by Republicans statewide, who are relentlessly denigrated by the leftwing newspaper. The caption accompanying an oversize, and let’s face it…creepy, full color photo of smiling John and Cindy McCain — him in a “thumbs-up” pose — reads “Donald Trump’s attacks against the late U.S. Senator John McCain, cost Trump support in Arizona.”

The only voters who believe that rubbish attempting to pass as fact-based news are the pathetically ill-informed, otherwise known as subscribers to the Gannett owned dying local newspaper, whose stock continues to plummet.

This Forbes report is must reading for anyone who wants to know where Gannett (GCI) is heading: Reasons Why Gannett Stock Has Yet To Find A Bottom.

* Phoenix Business Journal

McCain, a key component in Steele dossier, still given cover

November 5, 2021

Vengeful, twice failed presidential candidate McCain was instrumental in discredited report intended to damage Trump’s 2016 campaign

The news is newly rife with updated reports about the Steele dossier promulgated by Christopher Steele, a British spy maliciously linking then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to Russian operatives.

The discredited so-called “dossier,” has the ring of an espionage novel worthy of a John le Carre thriller best seller list placement. Steele was on the payrolls of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to ferret out what were later revealed as non-existent connections between Trump and Russia.

FOX news begins its intrigue-laced report with these words:

“Federal agents arrested the primary sub-source who contributed to the unverified anti-Trump dossier Thursday as part of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigations regarding the origins of the probe into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Igor Danchenko’s arrest is linked to a federal grand jury indictment in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Durham has charged Danchenko, a Russian citizen residing in Virginia, with five counts of making false statements to the FBI.”

Read the Nov. 3, 2021 indictment here.

Missing — always missing — especially in the pages of the leftist, McCain-worshiping local newspaper, is any reference to the key player in the attempt to bring down Donald Trump: John McCain. He’s the bitter man who obsessively envied and despised Trump. The 45th president, a businessman, with no political experience, achieved that which continued to elude resentful Republicrat McCain, who lost the presidency in both 2000 and 2008.

The discredited dossier was funded by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. McCain and Hillary were long-standing pals.

McCain admitted hand-carrying the vicious and contrived report intended to irreversibly damage Donald Trump, to then-FBI director, later fired, James Comey. When called out on his major role in attempting to topple Trump, McCain, exuding his malicious style bragged, “I discharged that obligation, and I would do it again. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell.”

Columnist EJ MindTiny gets it Mcbassackwards again

October 28, 2021

There is no disputing the fact that the Republican-hating, Hillary-endorsing, (seriously!) Arizona Repulsive newspaper is on life support.* Yet instead of attempting to resuscitate itself, the failing disseminator of leftist propaganda stays the course that has brought it to this pathetic condition. Although President Donald Trump no longer occupies the Oval Office, he continues to take up residence in the heads of the biased reporters and columnists, who routinely use the popular former president as a  punching bag.

In a bow to the Biden-endorsing, RINOcrat McCain women, EJ Montini’s column is headlined, “Daughter finds McCain still living inside Trump’s head.” He is referring to notorious Mega, not Sidney (born during McCain’s first marriage) or Bridget, his two other daughters.

As anyone paying attention knows, the exact opposite is true. Contrarian (19-second video) John McCain, whose entire career was predicated on one day being president, ran unsuccessfully twice, losing the 2000 primary to George W. Bush and the 2008 general election to Barack Obama.

McCain was so enraged that Donald Trump, who had never previously held public office, won overwhelmingly (less than 2-minute video) during his first presidential race, that vengeful McCain — who made up a guest list for his own funeral — intentionally omitted President Donald and First Lady Melania Trump.

Instead of dedicating the time he had left to interacting with his family, megalomaniac McCain orchestrated three funerals for himself.

For more on the newspaper working as the personal publicist for the McCain family read, “McCain & Co.: Too much is never enough.”

* H/T Phoenix Business Journal