AZ Gov. Ducey lifts COVID restrictions as he looks ahead

March 27, 2021

Governor Doug Ducey issued Executive Order 2021-06 on March 25. After scrolling through 17 WHEREAS’ readers will finally get down to the NOW THEREFORE, officially certified with a gold seal, signed by Ducey and attested to by the secretary of state. According to COVID-19 Tracker, over 3 million vaccine doses have been administered so far in Arizona, with 14.8% fully vaccinated, and 26.7% of the population who have received at least one dose.

Bearing the effusive title, “New Phase of COVID-19 Mitigation…Business Guidelines Transition From Requirements to Recommendations,” the Executive Order officially provides Arizonans and businesses the ability to get back to living and reopening businesses. There’s always a backstory.

Ducey’s official bio omits his close association with John and Cindy Hensley McCain. When Ducey came to Arizona to attend ASU he worked at Hensley & Company, heiress Cindy’s Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship inherited from her father. A squish Republicrat, she endorsed and campaigned for Joe Biden for president in 2020.

Ever pragmatic Ducey was onstage with President Donald Trump at his Feb. 19, 2020 overflow pre-pandemic rally at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, accepting the president’s accolades for securing the border. But within days, he forfeited his authority to Mexico as he halted the Sanctuary City ban.

It’s far worse to be stabbed in the back by someone masquerading as a Republican, than a candid Leftist.

Duplicitous Ducey is not going to go quietly into the dark night when his current term expires January 1, 2023. He’s got something up his sleeve which could well entail a self-serving party switch as he seeks his next gig. 

This post, “AZ Gov. Doug Ducey sells out to China,” details his groundwork, as he recently sold his 11,412 sq. ft. Paradise Valley golf course fairway home situated on 2.14 acres, at a discounted rate of $8,150,000. It includes a link to this World Tribune commentary by Joe Schaeffer, “Arizona Gov. Ducey to China: ‘Lots of opportunities’ to exploit ‘our defense industry, mining and ores.’” To call it enlightening would be the height of understatement.

Arizona’s border: A dire crisis created by Biden

March 11, 2021

“They see him as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said of Biden, accusing him of incentivizing organized crime

The surge in illegal aliens crossing Arizona’s southern border has reached crisis proportions since the Biden administration has thrown out the welcome mat. Along with the illegals from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, others from terror sponsoring nations of Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia have been crossing into the U.S. The threat is exacerbated by the highly transmittable, global COVID-19 virus.  On Feb. 6, SRAZ posted,11 Iranians arrested in Yuma as Biden OKs sieve-like border,” with information taken directly from this U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) press release. The Islamic Republic of Iran is designated by the U.S. Department of State as a high levelDo Not Travel Zone.”

Newly released CBP statistics are shocking, showing the numbers of families breaching our nation’s southwest border increased by more than 100 percent between January and February. Unaccompanied minors rose 60 percent to more than 9,400. Drug crimes have escalated, even as CBP officers, Border Patrol agents, and Air and Marine Operations agents continue to interdict the flow of illicit narcotics across the border. Nationwide, drug seizures increased 50 percent in February from January 2021.

Joe Biden has been president since January 20, 2021 — a mere 51 days — yet has already overseen a massive influx of illegals, with a projection of nearly 120,000 unaccompanied minors being brought here by their well-paid human traffickers and drug cartels, overwhelming the border facilities. The increase in this transnational crime has intensified under Biden after flattening under President Trump. Biden and his handlers see the illegals as future democrats and have halted construction on the border wall.

Biden gave a much different response (brief video) in 2006 as he engaged in a Q and A with an audience at the Columbia, SC, Rotary Club when asked about illegals crossing into our country.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a former member of McCain’s amnesty supporting Gang of Eight, no longer under the thumb of his buddy John, has done an about-face on this enormous and dangerous scheme, endorsing the policies of former President Donald Trump. Graham has called Biden’s illegal immigration policies a “nightmare,” though he was previously integral to advancing John McCain’s illegal alien deception explained in 2013 by The Heritage Foundation. Vacuous beer heiress and Biden supporter, Cindy Lou Hensley McCain, claiming to love Graham like “my family,” tells MSNBC, “I don’t know what’s going on the inside of his head.”

The answer is simple, Cindy Lou…Lindsey wised up.

AZ Ed Supe Kathy Hoffman needs bright light scrutiny

March 3, 2021

Now that the radical left has deemed the much beloved Dr. Seuss children’s booksracist,” (just as they have the teaching of math) why is the local news suddenly silent on Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman?

Democrat Hoffman took the oath of office on January 2019 with hand upon the children’s book, “Too Many Moose! while disdaining the Bible. Fellow leftist Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, the only member of the U.S. Senate not to identify with a faith, took her oath of office on a copy of the Constitution.

If Seuss is racist and his books need to be withdrawn from the public forum, what are we to think about a book bemoaning an ever-increasing number of moose? Obviously it advocates for thinning the herd, which is brought about by certain death.

In addition to Hoffman’s commitment to keep Arizona’s unionized teachers out of the classroom as they continue to get paid and sexualize children beginning in kindergarten with the Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) program, Hoffman’s own identity and background are intentionally sketchy.

Gateway Pundit reveals more, and identifies Hoffman as a “transwoman.”

Take a couple of minutes to acquaint yourself with the actual agenda, as reported by Breitbart News. AZ House Speaker: ‘Radicalized’ Sex Ed ‘Grooming Children to Be Sexualized.’

Trying to delve into the mindset of democrats is a bridge too far. Factoring in bogus Republicans is more than anyone with integrity can comprehend. The unifying theme is that RINOs benefit by the deception. Cindy McCain along with Gov. Doug Ducey, who was mentored by McCain, and former single-term Senator Jeff Flake, were recently censured by the elected GOP state committeeman at the January statutory meeting. Anheuser-Busch beer heiress Cindy follows in her deceased husband’s footsteps, as John McCain was also censured by elected Arizona Republican delegates in 2014 for his brazen hostility toward the party he opportunistically used to rise to prominence.

To no one’s surprise, Hoffman was endorsed by Republicrat Cindy McCain, who also campaigned for incompetent Joe Biden.

It’s not too soon to be focusing on AZ’s U.S. Senate seats

March 2, 2021

While being interviewed by Newsmax’ Greg Kelly following former President Donald Trump’s exhilarating speech to CPAC on Sunday, son Eric Trump made this intriguing statement:

“What my father did for our nation again was so transformational. I’ve never been so proud of someone in my entire life. The backbone he has. The spine he has. The fight, the conviction. There’s never been anyone like him in American politics and there probably will never be another one like him. We’re honored to do it. So, it’s really the honor of our lifetime. I think there’s a good chance we’ll all be there on stage again. I don’t think you’ve seen the last of this family.”

We can only hope. 

Arizona’s two U.S. Senate seats are both currently held by democrats for the first time since 1953. Senate terms are six years, three times as long as those for members of the U.S. House of Representatives who run every two years.

What a western welcome Eric or Donald Trump, Jr. would receive if either moved to our beautiful state and established residency in preparation for a challenge to radical leftists Mark Kelly or Kyrsten Sinema, who both specialize in deceit. This New York Times exposé is from 2018, but provides an in-depth retrospective of the extent of Sinema’s deviousness when seeking to recreate herself as a compelling candidate.

Mark Kelly, an anti-Second Amendment hardliner, for others,* not himself, has also profited greatly from his longstanding ties to Communist China.

The hard-core anti-Trump donor listStop Republicans PAC,” currently displays 23,957 records of high dollar individual donors, obviously terrified of conservatives and readying the resources to stop us in advance of the next election cycle. The information was retrieved from the Center for Responsive Politics and is based on data received by the Federal Election Commission as of Feb. 1, 2021.

In 2018 following the CPAC meeting, SRAZ posted, “McCain crony rips Trump’s CPAC speech,” exposing the arrogance and vicious tweets of Steve Schmidt, the top adviser, message developer and strategy wizard behind McCain’s 2008 failed presidential campaign, as he appeared Oct. 2017 on far-left MSNBC where he was employed as a political analyst.

*GIFFORDS PAC, named for his wife Gabby Giffords, specifically donates to democrat gun control candidates.

McCain colluder hid info on molester, resigns anti-Trump group

February 13, 2021

Steve Schmidt emerges as a newly minted democrat

Wherever there’s an unsavory or sordid saga, when the layers are peeled back, there’s likely to be a McCain connection. 

So it is with the revelations of the Lincoln Project, the scheming anti-Trump group that desperately, though unsuccessfully, desired to characterize itself as taking the moral high ground in its war against the popular former president. It raised $millions and funded attack ads against President Trump, which initially raised eyebrows since one of the principals of the nefarious organization is George Conway, whose wife Kellyanne Conway was a strategist and legal advisor for the former president.

Notable is the recent resignation of the group’s co-founder and previous McCain adviser Steve Schmidt, after acknowledging having information, along with other members of the leadership team, about allegations of at least 10 specific allegations of sexual harassment of young men, including at least one minor, against co-founder John Weaver since last June. Even armed with that damning information, the Trump hating Lincoln Project seized on the impeachment as a fundraising advantage while it also played a major role in heavy-handedly squeezing Republican-friendly corporations to stop donating money to Trump’s Republican allies in Congress. McCain’s strategist Schmidt recently reregistered as a democrat, something dishonest McCain should have done, but angled to benefit himself with a GOP facade in Arizona.

As reported by AP, since its creation, the Lincoln Project has raised $90 million. But only about a third of the money, roughly $27 million, directly paid for advertisements that aired on broadcast and cable, or appeared online, during the 2020 campaign, according to an analysis of campaign finance disclosures and data from the ad tracking firm Kantar/CMAG.

That leaves tens of millions of dollars that went toward expenses like production costs, overhead — and exorbitant consulting fees collected by members of the group. Fox News expands on where the money actually went. Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt bought a million-dollar Utah house as operatives got rich.

Spiraling allegations of misconduct have rocked the mega-funded super PAC in recent days, raising questions about the Lincoln Project’s future while undercutting its contemptible message at an inopportune time. Having failed in its bogus attempt to claim righteousness in its battle against Trump, the Lincoln Project is working to pressure Senate Republicans to convict the former president in this week’s impeachment trial. Knowledgeable observers are betting on former President Trump being acquitted, since this is a farce based in democrat vindictiveness.

Michael van der Veen, a member of Donald Trump’s defense team brilliantly led the presentation on Thursday, noting “This impeachment is completely divorced from the facts, the evidence, and the interests of the American people,” referring to the proceedings as “like every other politically motivated witch hunt the left has engaged in over the past four years.”

Using this latest Article of Impeachment democrat politicians brazenly seek to employ a device by which they can silence a political opponent — or as in the case of former President Donald J. Trump — a private citizen.

Robert Graham: The rotten apple returns

February 4, 2021

Former State GOP chairman Robert Graham, a slickster extraordinaire, is back in the news

National File, a conservative news site, carries a report tiled, Former Arizona GOP Chair Scammed $400K from Elderly Mass. Woman, Left Party Finances a “Mess. To call the report “informative” would be an understatement.

This damning sentence should whet reader’s appetites for the full report which includes Robert Graham, the former Arizona GOP chair attacked Trump supporter Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and two-term state senator. The state party also faced FEC scrutiny from his time as chair.

Kelli Ward was successfully re-elected as the chair of the Arizona GOP Jan. 23, 2021, defeating Sergio Arellano. Yet despite Arellano joining Ward on stage following his defeat and calling for party unity, the loser then proceeded to demand a recount of the vote, unsubstantially claiming that there were “errors” in the voting process. National File previously revealed Sergio Arellano’s checkered past.

Graham, a longtime McCain sycophant with delusions of grandeur, was even considering a run for the U.S. Senate seat that was vacated by Jeff Flake in 2017, after polling showed Flake carried a paltry 18% approval rating in his home state. Graham decided against the race when he was unable to generate any enthusiasm after repeatedly standing in opposition to the conservative base. His anointed AZ GOP chair successor was roofing contractor Jonathan Lines. The state party leadership post is a job Jonathan Lines was obviously ill-equipped to handle. He lives 200 miles away in Yuma, had 11 young children to parent at the time and was rarely in the Phoenix-based Republican headquarters office. Lines was clearly over his head as evidenced by the extraordinary GOP losses over which he presided.

For additional background on the duplicitous Graham read,Graham fabricates reasons for not closing AZ primary,“ written in 2015.

The following year, well-respected former Maricopa County Chairman A. J. LaFaro advocated on behalf of censuring both Robert Graham and John McCain. Read Ringside at AZ GOP: A.J. LaFaro takes on Robert Graham andJohn McCain: Unfavorite son censured by home state GOP.”

Knowledge is power.

Maricopa County GOP elects 2021 officers

January 9, 2021

Pandemic didn’t deter participation of Maricopa County Republicans at Saturday, January 9th Statutory Meeting or vote to censure former Sen. Jeff Flake for his support of dem Joe Biden. The censure was greeted by cheers 

Chairman Mickie Niland: (52.3%) Three other candidates ran for Chairman: Cory Mishkin, Tristan Manos and Linda Brickman.

First Vice Chairman:  Nancy Ordowski (53.7%) Two other candidates ran for First Vice Chair: Lisa Askey and Michael Carbone.

Second Vice Chairman: Jason D. Cvancara  (59.2%) Richard Hopkins was the other candidate for Second Vice Chair.

Secretary: Dan Grimm (68.1%) Jack Clark was the other candidate for Secretary.

Treasurer: David Ludwig (67.7%) Eileen Mueller was the other candidate for Treasurer.

1,622 Precinct Committeemen participated in the vote, with 629 in person; 445 via Zoom; and 548 by proxy. Voter percentages for the winning candidates are shown in brackets. 

Special thanks to all of the participating candidates and those who put the meeting together under the current extraordinary circumstances. Maricopa County Republicans owe all of you a debt of gratitude.

Chaos descends on DC as Antifa goons infiltrate Trump supporters

January 7, 2021

Shocking violence rocked the U.S. Capitol as mobs broke windows and pushed their way through Congress, disrupting the certification of Arizona’s electoral votes.  Capitol police, unprepared for the thug-caused pandemonium made 52 arrests as the district imposed a curfew.

A death occurred as the Capitol building was locked down, Vice President Mike Pence was ushered to safety, members of Congress were hurried off the floor and the debate over certifying the election was stopped. There were reports of smashed glass, gunfire and ruffians running around the Senate floor. Capitol police officers were injured.

These were the 6 GOP senators who voted to object to the Electoral College vote: Sen. Josh Hawley (MO), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Sen. Tommy Tuberville (AL) Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), Sen. John Kennedy (LA) and Sen. Roger Marshall (KS). Ninety-three other voted to affirm.

Republicans traveled to D.C. in a show of gratitude for President Trump’s efforts on behalf of the nation we revere. When mobs infiltrated his appreciative supporters, President Trump urged his supporters to “Go home…go home in peace.”  His words were mocked by one of the Antifa mobsters invading the building who was quoted as saying, “He said go home? This is our home!”

An unidentified man said, “Riot police came in and started ushering us out with their sticks and stuff.” Asked how they got in the Capitol, he boasted, “We tore through the scaffolding, through flashbangs and tear gas, and blitzed our way in through all of the chambers.”

Rapidly losing subscribers, the radically left-wing local newspaper, headlines its coverage: PRO-TRUMP MOB INVADES CAPITOL. Every letter to the editor suspiciously denounces President Trump.

As we’ve come to expect, Cindy Hensley McCain, a former drug addict who stole prescription opiates from her own charity, supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She blamed Donald Trump who easily achieved the presidency that repeatedly eluded her Republicrat husband, who was censured by Arizona elected state delegates. Still stung by his rejections, the never-accused-of-being-intelligent beer heiress’ surrogate tweeted, “It exposes for all to see the reckless selfishness of President Trump and the cynicism of elected Republicans, who defended his unconstitutional effort to cling to power. They have shamed our country, and delighted our enemies.”

For a more cogent view of the events read this Gateway Pundit account by a former FBI agent who was on the scene.

How much trust do you place in 2020 presidential election?

December 15, 2020

Arizona members of the Electoral College cast their votes for Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President Monday, Dec. 14, 2020. It seems preposterous, in light of the fact that Republicans retained their congressional seats, state legislative majorities and numerous other elective offices, but those are the “facts” we’re being sold. 

How many Arizonans have any idea who these 11 people are? Our bet is that few could name even one of the hard-left, race-based party insiders, union and tribal members:

Constance Jackson: Vice President, NAACP

Felecia Rotellini: Chairman, Arizona democrat Party

Fred Yamashita: Executive Director, Arizona AFL-CIO

James McLaughlin: President, Arizona AFL-CIO

Jonathan Nez; President of the Navajo Nation

Luis Alberto Heredia: Member democrat National Committee

Ned Norris, Jr.: Chairman of the Tohono O’odham Nation

Regina Romero: Mayor of Tucson

Sandra Kennedy: Frm. state legislator, twice defeated Corporation Commission member, now elected

Stephen Roe Lewis: Governor, Gila Bend Tribe

Steve Gallardo: Frm. state legislator, member of the AZ Board of Supervisors

The Congressional Research Service provides a 2020 Presidential Election Timeline.

On Nov. 30, 2020, Gov. Doug Ducey issued this 5-page proclamation, attested to by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs certifying the electors. Hobbs previously referred to President Trump and, by extension, his supporters, as “being on the side of the freaking Nazis.” Republicans electors, along with those of the Libertarian, Green, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Constitution Party and write-in electoral candidates are also listed. Ducey, a McCain aligned Republicrat, will be remembered for receiving a phone call from President Trump, identified by its distinctive “Hail to the Chief” ring tone and arrogantly putting it on mute as he signed the election certification, expediting radical leftist Mark Kelly’s move to the U.S. Senate, “as swiftly as possible.” It’s an ideal switch as Kelly assumes the seat formerly held by none other than duplicitous John McCain. (19-second video.)

Distrust of the election process has soared among Republican voters. A Fox News survey released Sunday showed 68% percent of Republicans believe the election was stolen from President Trump. Among Trump voters, 77% think he actually won. They are joined by 26% of independents and even 10% of Democrats.

Arizona Senate Judiciary Chair Eddie Farnsworth, a Republican, is moving forward with a forensic audit inspection of voting machines used in Maricopa County. Farnsworth, a lawyer, is quoted as stating his objective is “to try and see if we can reinsert some confidence in our election process. We’ll hold an audit and we see what the outcome is,” he said. “And then we can put this to rest.”

Distrust election results? You have lots of company

December 2, 2020

Thanks to Gov. Ducey, far leftist Mark Kelly will be sworn-in today slicing the GOP senate majority from 53 to 47 to 52 to 48.

According to this Rasmussen poll nearly half of likely voters — a whopping 47 percent — believe the election was stolen from President Trump. These results demonstrate the media’s early pronouncements of a Biden victory have not only inflamed Republicans but also raised suspicions among Biden’s own supporters.

When suspicion is cast upon election integrity we all lose.

Forty-seven percent (47%) say it’s likely that democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win. This includes 36% who say it’s very likely and 41% who consider it not at all likely.

Seventy-five percent of Republicans believe it is very likely the election was manipulated. Nearly a third (30 percent) of democrats also believe it is very likely (20 percent) or somewhat likely (10 percent) that it was. These are significant numbers.

The fact is, Americans have lost faith in the integrity of our voting process. The increase in mail-in ballots has spiked the level of distrust. This suspicion is something that is likely to taint future elections, as allegations of fraudulent dealing continue to emerge. 

Many of our readers have heard the brave whistleblower testimony of USPS contract driver Jesse Morgan as he described being tasked with delivering voted ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. Watch as he give compelling testimony regarding his observations. He has nothing to gain and a lot to lose for coming forward.

Thanks to AZ Gov. Doug Ducey (R?) expediting the swearing-in of far leftist Mark Kelly as a U.S. Senator in Washington, D.C. today. The ceremony will take place at noon AZ Time. If you have a strong enough stomach, the event will be televised on CSPAN-2.

Watch for Ducey to genuflect and kiss Uncle Fester’s ring. Mark Kelly and his wife, democrat former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, made the requisite visit to John McCain’s grave yesterday laying a wreath at the site. He has also requested having McCain’s desk moved to his office, all the better to channel RINOcrat McCain.

The circle is complete.