Pres. Trump ignites enthusiastic Phoenix crowd

February 20, 2020

Reiterates his unequivocal endorsement of Sen. Martha McSally

President Donald Trump swooped in to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix Wednesday evening to thunderous applause and cheers after speaking earlier in Nevada and California, with a return trip to Las Vegas that same might, where the Democrat debate was an internecine bloodbath — and in advance of Saturday’s Democrat caucus. Rather than being weary from the travel and speeches, he was energized, and that energy ignited the massive crowd inside and the overfill throng of thousands outside the Phoenix arena, some waiting for two days to ensure access to hear President Trump. The coliseum has a seating capacity of nearly 15,000.

He fittingly assessed the party of his strange lot of Democrat opponents, by calling it out as, “The party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, blatant corruption, and the total destruction of your Second Amendment.” He contrasted the Republican Party as, “The party of the American worker, the American family, and the American dream!” 

Opening for President Trump were Donald Trump, Jr. and attorney and political analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle, who addressed the eager crowd. He was introduced by AZ GOP chairman Dr. Kelly Ward. When the president took to the stage, the coliseum rocked with roaring appreciation. Pres. Trump recounted some of his accomplishments, such as appointing a record 218 federal judges and nominating two new justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the continued construction of the border wall to appreciative cheers as he referred to the strong economy American have enjoyed and the historically highest employment figures.

Joining him at the onset of the event were Gov. Doug Ducey and Arizona’s Republican U.S. Senator Martha McSally. He also introduced the GOP Congressional Delegation of U.S. Reps. Paul Gosar, (CD4); Andy Biggs, (CD 5); David Schweikert, (CD 6); and Debbie Lesko, (CD 8) who spoke to the crowd and named standout AZ state legislators, who joined him on stage.  Former sheriff Joe Arpaio, running for reelection, was greeted by thunderous cheers and applause as he made his way to his front row seat. The president warmly acknowledged our military including a 100-year-old World War II navy veteran, Ervin Julian, who had to be carried into the coliseum, so great was his desire to be on hand to greet President Trump.

Trump repeated, in the clearest of terms, his support for Sen. Martha McSally, saying, Martha McSally has my “complete and total support, and has my endorsement.”

Those words shoot holes through inexperienced and brash Daniel McCarthy’s contention that Trump’s endorsement of McSally was given prior to McCarthy entering the race. McCarthy uses the theme,Demand Daniel,” (interview video) though those who are making that demand must be so far down the rabbit’s hole they are impossible to hear.

President Trump closed his remarks by declaring, “Ladies and gentlemen of Arizona, the best is yet to come!” It’s a cinch to believe his second term will prove his prediction to be flawless.


Apologizing for the killing of Qassem Soleimani? 

January 4, 2020

Leftist U.S. media now identify the butcher as an “iconic and charismatic leader”

Radical protests are being organized by Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (catch-all word used by the left), a blame America first, anti-Israel, coalition demanding the U.S. withdraw all troops from Iraq.

Jane Fonda, now 82, who sided with the North Vietnamese against the U.S and our own military is expected to join the demonstration in D.C.

For those who want to apologize to Iran for the killing of Qassem Soleimani, take a moment to acquaint yourself with Army Captain Brian S. Freeman.

Cpt. Freeman, who graduated from West Point in 1999, was a loving husband, father, Olympic caliber athlete and Army Civil Affairs team leader who actually cared about people regardless of who they were, where they came from, what God they worshiped, or their politics.

Thirteen years ago this month, Cpt. Brian Freeman and his team of Civil Affairs soldiers were in Karbala, Iraq at a meeting to help improve the lives of the people of that province. During that meeting, a team under the command of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, stormed in, killing a number of Americans, and capturing Brian and several members of his team. The captured CA team members were handcuffed, driven away from the meeting and later executed. Captain Freeman is but one of the multitude of lives lost due to the evil of Qassem Soleimani — whose end, regardless of the politics surrounding it, is a good thing.

For over two decades, Qassem Soleimani played a key role in orchestrating Iran’s foreign policy in the Middle East, particularly with regard to its use of proxy militia forces such as Lebanese Hezbollah, numerous Iraqi Shiite armed groups and the Houthi militia in Yemen. He directed the killing of more than 600 U.S. troops during the Iraq War by Shiite militias using lethal roadside bombs. Also killed alongside Soleimani was Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the leader of the violent Iraqi Shiite militia group Kataib Hezbollah

Those apologizing to Iran for Soleimani’s death are pandering to an oppressive regime out of either ignorance, moral bankruptcy, or in a callous attempt at self-promotion.

This is not a world apart from our daily lives.

In May 2011 SRAZ wrote,Hezbollah on our doorstep: Radical Muslims in border towns,” describing the despicable alliance with Mexico. Unfortunately, the substantiating news links are no longer active. 

Readers will want to reacquaint themselves with this outrageous action taken by University of Arizona in August 2018:UofA pays radical Hezbollah-supporting Noam Chomsky, 89, $750k to teach “politics.” That’s where your excessive tuition and taxes go.

2019: Sending joyful Christmas wishes to our readers

December 25, 2019

May the peace and goodwill of this season be with us all. We express our gratitude to our service personnel, many stationed far from their own families, who ensure our countless freedoms and ask for blessings on President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania and their entire family. We pray that God continues to bless America.

Seeing Red AZ

AZ had a Democrat U.S. Rep. who became a Republican

December 17, 2019

Congressman Jeff Van Drew, a rational New Jersey Democrat who has staunchly opposed impeaching President Trump is making news for his party switching. Republicans are happy to welcome him to the world of cogent thought.

Dr. Van Drew, a retired dentist, is following in the political path of Arizona Congressman Bob Stump. Stump was a U.S. Navy World War II combat veteran, who owned a cotton and grain farm in Tolleson. After serving four terms in the Arizona House of Representatives and five terms in the Arizona State Senate, where he was senate President, he ran for and was easily elected to Congress in 1976. He held all of those offices as a Democrat.

In 1981 Stump, who opposed wasteful spending, voted for President Reagan’s budget and tax cuts. Not long after, he announced he was reregistering as a Republican. Even after changing parties, he remained popular and never faced serious competition. He ran unopposed in 1986. During his 26 years in the U.S. House, Stump chaired the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs (104th-106th Congresses) and the Committee on Armed Services (107th Congress). The Bob Stump Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, a VA hospital in Prescott, AZ is named in his honor.

Unpretentious in the D.C. environment where egos roar, Stump was known to answer his own office phone, open his own mail and return home to his family and farm on weekends.

Fast forward to the war-like atmosphere in Washington today. Thirty-one House Democrats whose districts supported Donald Trump in 2016 are reportedly caving to the Democrat boot on their necks to vote for impeachment. Many will effectively be ending their own careers as they cower to the party hierarchy. South Carolina Rep. Joe Cunningham exemplifies the acquiesce to Dem leadership, since President Trump carried his district by 11 points. Cunningham’s congressional website ironically asks those signing in to identify they are “not a robot.” He wouldn’t be able to check that box himself.

Meanwhile, energized Republicans are donating to the Trump campaign in record numbers and polls show average Americans of both parties are wearying of this charade and want to see members of congress do the job they were elected to do.

Butterflies take precedence over border wall

December 16, 2019

Loony left: U.S. invasion by illegals should not be halted due to wall’s negative impact on butterflies

South Texas Judge Librado “Keno” Vasquez, recently issued a temporary restraining order against a group called We Build the Wall, Inc. The group of privately funded patriots has already raised $25 million through crowdfunding and other sources after promising to build a private barrier on parts of the border between the United States and Mexico, after funding obtained by President Trump was curtailed by congressional Democrats.

Vasquez set a December 17, 2019 hearing for We Build the Wall, Inc. and its founder, military veteran Brian Kolfage — a triple amputee who lost both legs and his right arm during his second deployment in Iraq in 2004. Kolfage is to appear in court in the southeastern Texas city of Edinburg, near McAllen in Hidalgo County. Judge Vasquez, expected to evaluate cases on their merits, without prejudice or preconception, has already stated the project risked causing “imminent and irreparable harm” to the area, responding to concerns of North American Butterfly Association (NABA), a butterfly protection organization.

Brian Kolfage brings more than determination to this worthy effort. He earned a degree from the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Arizona in 2014.

Worth noting is the fact that Democrat Librado “Keno” Vasquez was the only name on the ballot for the judgeship of the 398th District Court in Hidalgo County.

Residents of Hidalgo County have consistently voted Democrat in presidential elections, with rare exceptions, such as In 2004, when Republican former Texas Gov. George W. Bush carried the county.

The U.S. Census Bureau counted 861,661 people living in Hidalgo County in 2017. About 92.2% percent were Hispanic and 6.2% were “White Alone.” 1.01% are listed as “Asian Alone.”

Earthjustice, a leftist fringe group more concerned with butterflies than the safety and security of Americans, wrote this letter protesting construction of the wall to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Control of borders is an essential element of sovereignty, a fact that lacks relevance to either the butterfly enthusiasts or, apparently, to Judge Vasquez.

The unspoken link between military base carnages

December 8, 2019

What type of vetting takes place in today’s politically correct environment?

Just over ten years ago — November 5, 2009 — a previously unthinkable act of violence occurred at Fort Hood, in Texas. Nidal Hasan M.D., a U.S. Army major, psychiatrist and Islamic extremist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others, after ranting openly to colleagues why infidels should be beheaded. During the trial in which he was sentenced to death, Hasan acknowledged that he pulled the trigger in a crowded waiting room where troops were getting final medical checkups before deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fast forward to the morning of Friday December 6, 2019. A shooter identified as Second Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, opened fire in a classroom at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida killing three people and wounding 8 others, including two deputies, one of whom was responsible for killing the murderer.

Among the base victims was Joshua Kaleb Watson, 23, a recent graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and officer on deck at the time of the massacre, who alerted first responders to the location of the shooter even after he had been shot multiple times. He was training to become a Navy pilot … a goal that will never be realized.

There is a connective thread between the two horrific incidents of terrorism on U.S. military bases training foreign nationals in the use of the aircraft we send to their countries. Both of the assassins were authorized to be on the base where they committed their carnage and both were devout Muslims, making frequent trips back to their homeland.

Alshamrani entered the United States in 2017, when he began training with the United States military. He attended school and began taking classes in English and aviation at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

Prior to Friday’s massacre Alshamrani hosted a dinner party at his residence where the entertainment was watching videos of mass murders.

One of the students who attended the dinner party was videotaped outside the building while the shooting was taking place. Two other Saudi students reportedly watched from a car. According to an unnamed U.S. official, 10 Saudi students were being held on the base Saturday while several others remained unaccounted for. He also said the FBI was examining social media posts and investigating whether the assassin acted alone or was connected to a larger group.

It’s important to acknowledge that there are American Muslims who are patriotic and fighting against the very things these craven haters believe in. Arizonans are fortunate to have among us Zuhdi Jasser, MD an American medical doctor specializing in internal medicine and nuclear cardiology. Dr. Jasser is a former lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy. He served as staff internist in the Office of the Attending Physician of the United States Congress. Jasser is an author and frequent guest on nationally televised programs where he makes the distinction between the religion and politicized Islam. His website is the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. It’s our sole link today.  We hope our readers will visit it.

Remembering Dec. 7, 1941: “A date which will live in infamy”

December 7, 2019


USS Arizona after Japanese attack

Today marks the 78th anniversary of the Japanese stealth bombing attack on our naval fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii resulting in the deaths of 2,335 American service members and 68 civilians. Nearly 1,180 were injured. The attack sank 12 naval vessels and heavily damaged nine others.

President Donald Trump released this Proclamation in remembrance of that horrific day that precipitated United States involvement in World War II.

The USS Arizona still lies beneath the harbor with its dead entombed. The ship sank in less than nine minutes after a 1,760-pound armor-piercing bomb penetrated its decks and exploded in the ship’s forward ammunition magazine. 1,177 sailors and marines on board were killed; 334 crew members survived.

Other major installations on Oahu, including Wheeler Field and Kaneohe Naval Air Station, also were attacked.

View President Franklin Roosevelt’s famous “A date which will live in infamy” speech (Original Draft: page 1, page 2 and page 3) and declaration of war following that unprovoked attack.

In his address to a joint session of Congress, President Roosevelt rightfully referred to December 7, 1941 as, “a date which will live in infamy.”