“Nowhere Man’ Elijah Norton with zero credentials bashes conservative incumbent U.S. Rep. David Schweikert

May 13, 2022

Asking what newly reconfigured 1st Congressional District candidate Elijah Norton has in common with The Beatles is not as strange as it might appear. In 1963, John Lennon, exhibiting an extraordinary sense of predictive insight wrote the song “Nowhere Man,” that ideally describes candidate Elijah Norton, though Norton wasn’t born until 1990.

In this March 3, 2022 post, “U.S. Rep. Schweikert’s credentials vs. wannabe’s ambition,“ Seeing Red AZ exposed the deplorable tactics Norton has used in an attempt to diminish conservative Congressman David Schweikert, who has consistently worked on behalf his constituents. Now Norton, a well-heeled, recent transplant from Missouri and mostly self-funded candidate, has engaged in unfounded and escalating attacks, actually aiding democrat challengers.

It’s worth remembering that Congressman Schweikert has emerged victorious from other political challengers, including Ben Quayle a.k.a Brock Landers the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle as well as Hiral Tipirneni, formerly a Valley doctor, disallowed to practiced medicine since losing a medical malpractice lawsuit in 2007 resulting in the needless death of a former patient. That fact didn’t stop her from deceptively running campaign ads wearing scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck at a fake patient‘s bedside. During the Obama administration, dedicated leftist Tipirneni made $millions promoting Obamacare.

Both Quayle and Tippernini carpet-bagged into the district to challenge Schweikert. His effectiveness aided his success in those two needless challenges. Now Elijah Norton is resorting to contrived hit pieces against Congressman David Schweikert. A second one was in yesterday’s mail. Norton is unable to point to any personal political successes due to the fact that he has none. Take time to read the linked exposé. Then disregard the fallacious flyers and commit to reelecting Congressman David Schweikert…a proven conservative who consistently delivers on behalf of Arizonans.  We are fortunate to have him representing Arizona.

The Primary Election will take place August 2.

Bidenflation explained…but not by Biden

May 11, 2022

Today we take the unusual step of bringing our readers directly to another site.  The Washington Examiner has a must read editorial titled, “Biden fumbles for a new inflation excuse.It’s an enlightening perspective on the befuddled man who is currently in the Oval Office and has a skewed view of realty. All Americans should be concerned.

What is known as the Biden administration is, in reality, Barack Obama’s third term, with many of the key players holdovers from his team. Biden’s new spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre, slated to replace Jen Psaki, was Regional Political Director for the White House Office of Political Affairs and worked on both of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. She was also an adviser to Obama’s then-VP Joe Biden.

The dems, who hold Republicans in contempt, are attempting to treat us like mushrooms…covering us with manure and keeping us in the dark. Though that is their intent, we’re too smart to buy into the deceit. Meanwhile, the stock market, which has been steadily nose-diving, dropped another 50 points so far this morning, making our investments and retirement unsustainable.

In the midst of the economic pain being felt across the nation, Biden’s bizarre priorities reportedly include considering executive orders and “other measures” to increase access and funding for abortion. That translates to our tax dollars being used to inflict death on pre-born human babies.

Desperate dems seek to upend SCOTUS as diversion from their own failures

May 10, 2022

Biden’s handlers downplay, divert from economic crisis as midterm elections loom

The ginned up mobs threatening U.S. Supreme Court justices at their private residences and their venerated workplace are not serendipitous. Chief Justice John Roberts issued this press release explaining the driving force behind the unprecedented harassment. It is the result of a leaked draft document written by Justice Samuel Alito — his own opinion on Roe v. Wade, which has no independent legal standing — has been intentionally blown out of proportion to divert attention from the myriad actual failures of the Biden administration.

Established by the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Court was created with the passage of the Judiciary Act of 1789. The respected institution is the foundation of our democracy.

Suddenly, it has become a political football being kicked around by democrats desperate to divert attention from the worst economy in decades. Americans are besieged by shortages of basics such as food, housing, gas, and even vanishing baby formula — accompanying continually soaring prices, leaving Americans stunned, irate and alarmed.

Democrats facing the midterm elections are rightfully fearful of sweeping losses as the economy and now the stock market is in an epic fail. On Monday, gold dropped $27. This morning Barron’s Financial News runs this lethal headline, “The S&P 500 Has Gotten Crushed. It Could Drop Another 14%.”

According to the deep thinkers in the democrat party, the best way to skirt the problems that plague them is to employ the classic magic sleight of hand trickery of “Look here, not there,” deflection as they attempt to blame all of their failures on Republicans. The desperate scheme is not gaining traction among Americans who are unable to escape the daily reality of Bidenflation. The facts of President Trump’s Unprecedented Economic Boom stand in stark contrast.

Sky News Australia: US Media “largely ignores” Biden’s ‘obvious’ cognitive decline

May 8, 2022

The Aussies are more honest about Biden’s dementia than any democrats or U.S. alphabet networks. Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi exposes Joe Biden’s ‘obvious’ cognitive decline which she notes is ‘largely ignored’ by U.S. media. Here are just three brief clips:

Arming Russia’: Biden fumbles in speech about preparing Ukraine for attack

Deeply sinister’: Biden establishes ‘Ministry of Truth’

Joe Biden’s brain ‘appeared to break again’

The ads are an integral part of Sky News.

Biden’s latest disinformation mouthpiece ticks every leftist box

May 6, 2022

The U.K.‘s Daily Mail has the revealing coverage, including photos. Jen Psaki gets emotional, has to “hold back tears,” as she introduces her ultra politically correct Biden spokesperson replacement Karine Jean-Pierre, who has been Psaki‘s former deputy. Not only is she black, but she is married to another woman. Of paramount importance, like most of Biden’s administration, the latest Biden mouthpiece also worked in the Obama administration. Jean-Pierre was Regional Political Director for the White House Office of Political Affairs and worked on both of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. She was also an adviser to Obama’s VP Joe Biden.

What better credentials could the latest Biden nursemaid have?

Trump sways votes in Ohio GOP U.S. Senate primary

May 4, 2022

Victory viewed as a significant bellwether

The closely watched Ohio Republican Senate race was summed up best in this line from Fox News:
“If former President Donald Trump’s continued clout over the Republican Party was on the line in Ohio’s highly contested and contentious GOP Senate primary, the former president easily passed the test.”

The in-depth coverage noting the surge of support for JD Vance following the golden endorsement written by political reporter Paul Steinhauser can be read here.

Vance will face 10-term democrat U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, who won his three-way primary Tuesday night. But November’s general election to fill the seat being vacated by retiring Republican Sen. Rob Portman is expected to be an uphill climb for Ryan in a state Trump won twice by an 8-point margin and in what is expected to be a brutal election year for democrats struggling to hold their congressional majorities in the most brutal economy in memory. Check out Joe Biden’s seriously plummeting approval rating.

Politico has the updated vote tallies.

Top ranked GOP candidates skipping skewed debates

May 2, 2022

There’s a new phenomenon taking hold as elections heat up across the United States. Republican candidates are choosing to skip debates.

Former football star Herschel Walker, a Trump-endorsed conservative, is running for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat, currently held by radical democrat Raphael Warnock. Herschel Walker is considered the front-runner.

Their rationale makes perfect sense.  Debates are often hosted and moderated by leftist entities and biased news commentators, as we’ve witnessed here in this two-minute video as election results showed Donald Trump trouncing Hillary Clinton.

In this January 13, 2022 letter to the Co-Chairs of The Commission on Presidential Debates, Ronna McDaniel, chairman of the Republican National Committee documents why the Republican party and GOP voters have lost faith in the debate process, as she proposed commonsense reforms.

This past Thursday the Republican National Committee announced it had unanimously voted to require GOP presidential candidates to abstain from presidential debates sanctioned by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

“Debates are an important part of the democratic process, and the RNC is committed to free and fair debates,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “The Commission on Presidential Debates is biased and has refused to enact simple and commonsense reforms to help ensure fair debates, including hosting debates before voting begins and selecting moderators who have never worked for candidates on the debate stage.” She added that the RNC will “find newer, better debate platforms” for Republican candidates to make their cases.

The RNC announced it is planning a rules change that would require presidential candidates seeking the party’s nomination to sign a pledge saying they will not participate in any debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates.


Joe chuckles at his own embarrassing inability to speak coherently

April 30, 2022

The president of the United States is unable to articulate the short message his handlers fed to him.

Desperate Joe’s leftist cohorts, policies, based on control

April 27, 2022

Lure of free college tuition is latest deceptive maneuver

According to the Covid-19 Tracker, the mandated vaccines have not provided the promised protections; though they are still being widely promoted. A spike in cases has occurred among the vaccinated with scant evidence that the vaccine and follow-up boosters provide protection.

Tyrannical leftist Dr. Tony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, is the nation’s highest paid government employee with the largest yearly retirement exceeding $350,000 — plus cost of living increases — awaiting him as reported by Forbes.com. Thankfully. he has disappeared from the national spotlight in which he reveled. Though he has not seen a patient since his residency in 1968, he had time to hob and knob with icons of the radical-left, including socialist George Soros, Barbara Walters and Bill Gate‘s father, identified in the photo as “the head of Planned Parenthood,” who gathered together as revealed in this National File report and accompanying photo.

Meanwhile, those who acquiesced to what has become known as the “jab,” — many under threat of losing their jobs — have frequently fallen victim to the disease, as businesses closed, with many unable to re-open.

Government checks, financed by their taxpaying neighbors, have robbed too many Americans of the self esteem of providing for their families. Slo Joe Biden is, of course, using any ploy, including the enticement of “free” college tuition to keep a grateful voter base as the mid-term elections approach, despite the ravages of Bidenflation that has inflicted sticker shock for everything from groceries and gas to providing living quarters, which are now beyond the reach of countless Americans.

The lure of “free college” is clearly a manipulative tool intended to capture the millennial vote, who could access the same benefits through military service to their country, as explained by Military.com. in this comprehensive Overview of Military Education Benefits. Free is less challenging to Johnny, living in his parent’s basement, playing video games and waiting for the next city looting and torching in which to participate.

Utah’s Deseret News printed this well researched editorial, “Why free college tuition is a bad idea,” by Jay Evensen. Take time to read it. Knowledge is power.

Anita Dunn is ba-ack…or is it Barack?

April 26, 2022

With democrats, everything old is new again

There’s never been any doubt that Barack Obama is the man pulling the strings on brainless marionette Joe Biden, whose administration is filled with Obama insiders and cohorts.

Still, it’s a stunner to read CBS’ joyful announcement of the resurrection of Anita Dunn, a former Obama strategist who, like a dutiful soldier, is returning to take on the unenviable task of trying to massage the public perception of the left-listing ship known as the USS Biden, which has been bailing water, trying to stay afloat. With his polling plummeting, and the midterm elections looming, Obama has his work cut of for him. Today’s comprehensive edition of the Morning Consult headlines,“Biden’s Net Approval Rating Is Underwater in 40 States,”zones in on Arizona, which it describes as being pivotal to his 2020 election.

Ben Shapiro writing for Breitbart in 2012, exposed Anita Dunn, then Obama’s presidential debate coach, as previously admitting that Mao Zedong, the late dictator of Communist China who slaughtered tens of millions of people refusing to adhere to his Marxist “philosophy” is her favorite political philosopher, quickly adding Mother Teresa for wider appeal.

In 2009, two years into this blog’s inception, Seeing Red AZ wrote, “Are we Dunn yet? linking to nationally syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin’s, “Anita Dunn: A Corruptocrat Flack and a Mao Cheerleader.”

And in the face of all this, Joe Biden threatens he’s going to be running for reelection in 2024. It might be the string puller behind the curtain, but it won’t be Joe.