McCain joins Soros pushing “refugee” invasion

November 23, 2015


As astute citizens collecting facts in advance of the crucial 2016 elections, a filter might seem necessary since there is so much to absorb — some fact, some fancy.  This morning we provide a mega dose of the factual, dating back several years.

In 2008, WND’s Jerome Corsi wrote the informative “John McCain funded by George Soros since 2001,” noting that McCain founded the Alexandria, Va.-based Reform Institute as a vehicle to receive funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute, Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides Foundation and several other prominent ‘non-profit’ organizations. McCain used the institute to promote his political agenda and provide compensation to key campaign operatives between elections.”

Meet the open borders family: McCain, Hernandez, Soros, and the “Reform Institute comes via exhaustive research by Ed Morrissey (going back to 2005) and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, both undisputed conservatives. Morrissey can now be read at Hot Air.

Recently, Pamela Geller exposed diabolical billionaire George Soros as integral to the EU plan to aid the Muslim invasion and subsequent destruction of Europe by promoting acceptance at least a million “asylum-seekers” annually. Like McCain, Soros glibly tosses around the words “migrant” and “comprehensive,” as he castigates Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for subordinating the “human rights of asylum-seekers and migrants to the security of borders.”

For thinking Americans and our European allies, secure borders are the decisive choice!

Using gumballs to make his presentation, Roy Beck of NumbersUSA brilliantly illustrates the fact that unbridled immigration will not help the world’s needy. Nearly 3 million have viewed this video. If you’re one of them, watch it again to allow the facts to marinate while you remember that he is not describing Muslims coming from nations that despise our freedoms, have no intent to acclimate and believe in Islamic supremacy and world domination.

Listen closely to John McCain, running for another six-year U.S. Senate term and Lindsey Graham, a single digit candidate for the presidency, explain to Tucker Carlson why the United States needs to increase the numbers of Syrian refugees. Their stiff demeanors and irrational blather appear to be part of a comedy skit, except they’re deadly serious. After the Islamic jihadist bloodbaths recently in Paris and Mali, that’s clearly the problem.


Formerly fawning reporters turn on Obama

November 18, 2015

This is Barack Obama’s full press conference at the G-20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey which includes several reporters asking tough questions regarding U.S. policy in pursuing Islamic Jihadists.  The usually compliant media openly expressed frustration with Obama’s weak response to ISIS — which he alone refers to as ISIL.

In this shorter clip, CNN’s Jim Acosta bluntly asked, “I wanted to go back to something you said to Margaret (Brennan) earlier when you said you have not underestimated ISIS’s abilities. This is an organization that you once described as a ‘JayVee Team,’ that evolved into a force that has now occupied territory in Iraq and Syria and is now able to use that safe haven to launch attacks in other parts of the world. How is that not underestimating their capabilities? And how is that “contained,” quite frankly? And I think a lot of Americans have this frustration that they see that the United States has the greatest military in the world, it has the backing of nearly every other country in the world when it comes to taking on ISIS. I guess the question is, and if you’ll forgive the language, is why can’t we take out these bastards?”

Obama says the United States must welcome the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, who are “subjected to vigorous screening and security checks” — something experts say is virtually impossible. He makes this claim despite the fact that at least two of the Paris terrorists entered Europe as part of the flood of “refugees” leaving Syria.

In the current GQ magazine which features Obama on the cover, he looked ahead to life after his 15 remaining months in the White House saying he has fantasized about owning a professional basketball team or holding the commissioner’s job for the National Basketball Association. Obama, an avid sports fan, couldn’t do as much damage in the sporting arena as he has as the ineffectual leader of the free world and an embarrassing Commander-in-Chief.

Since Jeff Flake routinely plays basketball with Obama perhaps he could join the soon-to-be-former president at his dream job with the NBA.  It would give the unpopular Flake another chance to take his shirt off and free up the Arizona senate seat for an actual conservative.

Govs: Public safety trumps political correctness

November 17, 2015

AZ Gov. Doug Ducey makes proper decision regarding “refugee” resettlement

In the aftermath of the ISIS-led synchronized slaughter of innocents at numerous sites in Paris on Friday, and the recent downing of a Russian commercial airliner, Gov. Doug Ducey has issued this prudent statement regarding the resettlement of unvetted Muslims claiming refugee status in Arizona:

“Given the horrifying events in Paris last week, I am calling for an immediate halt in the placement of any new refugees in Arizona. As governor, I am invoking our state’s right under 8 USC, Section 1522 (a), to receive immediate consultation by federal authorities per the United States Refugee Act, and that the federal government take into account the concerns and recommendations of the state of Arizona as they are required to under federal law, in our efforts to keep our homeland safe. I also call on Congress and the President to immediately amend federal law to provide states greater oversight and authority in the administration of the placement of refugees. These acts serve as a reminder that the world remains at war with radical Islamic terrorists. Our national leaders must react with the urgency and leadership that every American expects to protect our citizens.”

With Ducey’s announcement, Arizona joins a growing list of states that have rejected the relocation of middle easterners claiming refugee status: Alabama  Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin have all announced their intentions to opt out.

Despite a  new  ISIS released video vowing an attack on Washington, D.C,  Barack Obama, speaking in Turkey, said that “the United States has to step up and do its part.”  Obama plans to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees now, with thousands more to come.

Some Democrat governors also voiced support for the “refugees.”  Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said his state ‘“will continue to welcome those seeking refuge from persecution, regardless of where they come from or the religion they practice.” Democrat Govs. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Dannel P. Malloy of Connecticut also said their states will have open door policies. New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, joined her Republican colleagues.

U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, (R-Penn), appealed to Gov. Wolf in a letter urging him to reconsider his position. “’I write to urge you in the strongest terms possible to reconsider your plans to accept the so-called ‘refugees’ fleeing Syria and welcome them to Pennsylvania,” Barletta wrote, noting his position on the House Committee on Homeland Security and suggesting it’s best to wait to accept refugees “until a security apparatus is in place.”

In June, U.S. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) sent this prophetic letter to Barack Obama and ranking members of the administration, expressing his concerns regarding resettlement of thousands of potential Islamic extremists.  

Foolishness is one thing.  Democrats appear to revel in needlessly imperiling American lives.

Democrat debate: No deviation from leftist script

November 15, 2015

Disastrous Obama-Clinton foreign policy one and the same

We’ve all heard the claim from the uninformed, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans.” Most conservative activists realize there’s no point in debating with those so abysmally ill-informed, outside of suggesting they read the very divergent platforms of the two parties — something we know they won’t bother doing.

While Republicans promote less government and advocate personal responsibility, Democrats support increasingly expansive government and win by promising to provide more while disincentivizing individual effort.  

Saturday night’s Democrat debate at Drake University in Iowa, between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley, lowers the bar further. Just a single day after coordinated teams of ISIS Muslim jihadists wrought carnage in Paris, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton —  taking a clue from her former boss Barack Obama — refused to use the words, “radical Islam.”

As these brazen killers were finalizing their deadly plans, Obama proved his ineptness in this interview with George Stephanopoulos the preceding day, by announcing he doesn’t think ISIS is gaining strength. “We have contained them,” he boasts. (Video under link)

Vermont Sen. Sanders, a self-described Democrat Socialist, whose main thrust is advocating class warfare by demonizing job creators, actually asserted climate change is a cause of terrorism, and indeed, poses a greater threat than terrorism. France, in shock after Friday night’s horrors, appears to agree, since it still plans to host the Nov. 30 – Dec. 11  global climate change summit with over a hundred world leaders “because it’s an essential meeting for humanity,” according to the French Prime Minister.

Essential for humanity is ridding the globe of ISIS based radical Islamic terrorism. That begins by calling it by its rightful name, something neither Clinton nor Obama are inclined to do. The other imperative is shutting down the admittance of mostly young male Muslims claiming refugee status in Europe and the U.S., at least a couple of whom participated in the savage slaughter of innocents at six different sites across Paris.

O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, appears the most reasonable of the Democrat debate trio, which explains why he isn’t registering a blip on the polling radar.

GOP leadership collude with Obama, Dems on budget

October 28, 2015

This is why “political outsiders” Donald Trump and Ben Carson are surging

Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) released this statement Tuesday. It came in response to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and lame duck House Speaker Boehner’s budget deal with lame duck President Obama and Congressional Democrats to extend Washington’s failed spending policies another two years.  Cruz called the grand bargain a slap in the face for conservatives and a victory for the Washington Cartel:

“For anyone wondering about the source of the American people’s volcanic frustration with Washington, one need look no further than so-called ‘Republican’ majorities in both houses of Congress increasing the budget and our debt by more than $400 billion. It’s ridiculous, deceitful, and a disgrace.

Make no mistake: the Speaker’s golden parachute is a victory for the Washington Cartel, for the politically connected elite, and for big business and lobbyists who get in bed with career politicians to grow government. Unfortunately, it is a loss for single moms, for Hispanics and African Americans, for small businesses, and for all of those hardworking Americans who can’t afford expensive lobbyists and are hurting the most under the Obama Administration’s failed policies.

No one in Congress who campaigned on stopping President Obama’s runaway spending and debt should vote to advance or pass this golden parachute that gives Obama and Boehner nearly everything they want. This budget completely annihilates the 2011 budget caps, the one successful attempt at spending restraint in the Obama era. We should never default on our debt, but this deal suspends the debt ceiling, saddling future generations with the bill for our reckless spending, while making no meaningful reforms to the programs driving our runaway spending.

President Obama and Speaker Boehner are heading into retirement. Some people get a gold watch. Obama and Boehner are settling for at least $80 billion in additional spending and debt above the budget caps. Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will be left to foot the bill long after they are gone.”

Prophetic show tune describes Jeb’s predicament

October 25, 2015

Jeb_looking _bad

As his poll numbers continue to sag and donors are getting skittish, Jeb Bush’s campaign responded on Friday by drastically slashing staff and cutting salaries of his remaining aides nearly in half.

In a desperate move clearly demonstrating his weakened position, Jeb has had to call in the Dynasty Duo of Dubya and Daddy, both former presidents, to try to rev up the fundraising mechanism as he attempts to adjust his focus to the early primary states. Papa Bush is 91 and confined to a wheelchair after a serious fall in which he broke a bone in his neck and George W. Bush had previously said he would stay out of Jeb’s campaign, correctly noting “voters don‘t like dynasties.”

Yet the Wall Street Journal reports there will be a Texas confab today with both Georges, Jeb and longtime donors in an effort to resuscitate the dying campaign. Money can be political oxygen, although it’s doubtful this torpid carcass is able to be revived.

Neurosurgeon. Ben Carson and business mogul Donald Trump, both political outsiders, are leading the Real Clear Politics aggregated polling with Trump at 27.2 and Carson at 21.4. Bush, the establishment’s anointed “inevitable candidate” is now in fifth place and limping in with single digits. In the Iowa Caucus poll, Bush barely makes a ripple.

The classic award-winning Broadway relic “Oklahoma” featured a satirical tune, “Pore Jud Is Daid.” As you listen to it here, it becomes apparent the name Jud sounds an awful lot like Jeb. The songwriting team of Rogers and Hammerstein were more than musical wizards. It appears they were also political prophets!

Obama unworthy of being Commander-in-Chief

October 23, 2015

The enemy within enables the enemy without

In an act of unparalleled arrogance while giving the middle finer to America’s military personnel, Barack Obama on Wednesday vetoed the $612 billion defense authorization bill.*

This is the first time in over half a century American citizens and those who serve to protect them have faced such an act of betrayal and have been left so vulnerable in an increasingly dangerous world.

Obama’s overt act of hostility effectively shuts down the U.S. military while Islamic jihadists, Russia and China are in aggressor mode. Among its provisions, the bill boosted military pay and benefits. Obama’s veto comes as retaliation because the proposed budget holds the line on domestic spending.  It also makes it more difficult  for Obama to engage in the risky business of transferring terrorists being detained in Guantanamo Bay to prisons within the United States.

With his defiant veto, Obama reveals himself as a greater threat to our military than any foreign power since none of them have the ability to immobilize defense funding.

Stars and Stripes reports the move throws the Defense Department budget into uncertainty, and Congress will need to find a solution to the impasse by the time a temporary budget expires Dec. 11 or active-duty pay will be frozen and about 350,000 civilian Defense Department workers will face furloughs.

Were that to occur, count on Barack Obama using the standoff to employ one of his notorious executive orders to authorize another flood of unvetted Muslim “refugees,” further degrading security in our homeland.

*H/T Commenter Doc


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