Trump’s actions during crisis historically boost Dow

March 25, 2020

Radical Dems lurch further left as Pres. Trump prioritizes Americans

In a response to President Trump’s decisive actions in tackling the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic that has incapacitated the nation and the world, the financial markets registered a historic rebound Tuesday.

Despite his successes on behalf of the American people, the delusional leftists at the Hillary-supporting, barely surviving local newspaper, spew venom rather than accolades in the president’s direction.

It’s clear those far-left lunatics suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome would rather see America fail as long as Donald Trump is in the White House. Democrat partisan intransigence has stood as a barricade to Republican efforts to implement reforms that will benefit all Americans. 

A case in point, emaciated columnist E.J. Montini’s latest hit piece is titled, “He is not Dr. Donald Trump. Ignore the president’s medical assertions.” This follows President Trump’s daily meetings conferring with medical authorities on how best to eradicate the scourge. They appear together, each doctor speaking in televised briefings, which anti-Trump, agenda-driven CNN and MSNBC cut away from.

Imagine Montini writing anything similarly degrading about Barack Obama, who busied himself playing golf when reporter James Foley was videotaped being sadistically beheaded by an ISIS terrorist in Syria. Obama did lay his golf club down long enough to threaten Foley’s parents, warning them they could face charges if they attempted to raise the ransom money being demanded for the release of their son.

Though Obama couldn’t miss his rounds of golf vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard while Louisiana suffered devastating and deadly flooding, adoring Montini didn’t register a peep.

Such is the vile double standard of the Dems.

Finally, this morning, a massive $2 trillion economic stimulus deal was announced — the largest in modern American history. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) stated, “This is a wartime level of investment into our nation.”

Tuesday, SRAZ exposed the Democrat’s treacherous partisan gamesmanship, attempting to detail to today’s accord.

Abdul-Jabbar suffers from acute case of TDS

March 23, 2020

Trump Derangement Syndrome claims another victim

It’s been fifty years since basketball great Lew Alcindor, Jr. shook off his father’s name, converted to Islam and re-christened himself Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He obviously didn’t realize he was honoring Arab slave traders as he rejected his American name. He also boycotted the 1968 Summer Olympics by opting not to try out for the U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball team, which went on to capably win the gold medal. Abdul-Jabbar’s decision to shun the games was in protest of what he strangely regarded the unequal treatment of blacks in the United States, setting the stage for National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick to bend a knee rather than stand for the National Anthem decades later — though they both made $multi-millions and were idolized by fans.

This historical ignorance and rejection of America was, for a brief moment, voguish, as esteemed prize fighter Cassius Clay, Jr., also embraced Islam, ditched his father’s name and became Muhammed Ali.  He also used his new found faith as a cover for draft dodging during the Vietnam War. The ignorant Ali announced, “I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong,” the communist troops aligned with ruthless dictator Ho Chi Minh, who was responsible for countless deaths in his own country and loss of life and limb of American servicemen trying to bring stability to those living under the brutal regime.

The lack of historical relevancy is worth noting since radical leftist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has recently attacked President Donald Trump, comparing him to Nazis in Hunters Series, as reported in detail by Jay Maxson of NewsBusters. Abdul-Jabbar’s visceral Trump hatred spews like a geyser.  He also conveniently ignores the fact that the Nazi Third Reich tortured and slaughtered millions of minorities, including Jews, gypsies, and the infirm. Another pertinent fact that the black Muslim converts astonishingly disregard and as black conservative talk show host, columnist, author and lawyer Larry Elder pointed out in this column, “many know little to nothing about the vast role played by Arab and Muslim slavers in the African slave trade.”

Though the object of hero worship by fans of all races, Abdul-Jabbar was known to be rude to admirers and developed an arrogant penchant for insultingly reading the newspaper while giving interviews.

And who would have guessed that this historical revisionist actually graduated UCLA with a B.A in history?

Border Patrol defies Presidential order banning non-essential travel into U.S.

March 22, 2020

As the rebellious U. S. Border Patrol puts Americans at risk, the question to ask is, “Why?”

While the world is dealing with the highly contagious, deadly viral plague known as the Coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of carloads filled with Mexican nationals are being permitted to enter the U.S. at the Arizona border.

The Washington Examiner reports that hundreds of vehicles that should have been blocked are being allowed to cross the border into the United States on the flimsiest of claims and in violation of President Trump’s orders.

“We’re letting them through. And that’s pretty much the gist of it,” one Border Patrol official said. “Nobody’s enforcing it. It was put up — the president put it out. The chief patrol put it out. And we’re just not doing it.”

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) website lists its oddly ambiguous mission, which includes keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. while facilitating lawful international travel and trade.

American citizens have been under the mistaken impression that the law enforcement organization existed to protect our border, as its name clearly defines. The website absurdly includes a “vision statement,” detailing, “What the Agency aspires to become,” which states:

“To serve as the premier law enforcement agency enhancing the Nation’s safety, security, and prosperity through collaboration, innovation, and integration.”

We are living in unprecedented times with a pandemic that is altering daily routines in countless ways. Businesses are closing, healthcare resources are stretched to their limits, Americans are self-quarantining and many are worrying how they will pay their bills since their jobs are gone. The Border Patrol is a law enforcement agency not an innovative social services department. Allowing hundreds of cars filled with Mexican nationals access across our border is not only reprehensible, it further imperils the health and safety of our own citizens.

Whatever else you do today, read The Washington Examiner report, exposing the dangerous laxity on our border.

Dems do dementia, sack Socialist

March 18, 2020

Republican Pres. Donald Trump displays leadership, instills confidence, keeps Americans informed,during unprecedented health crisis

Arizona, Florida and Illinois held Democrat presidential primaries Tuesday and the votes are in…favoring incoherent, blatant liar, hair-smeller and gaff machine Joe Biden.  A man who doesn’t know which state he’s in, Biden confuses his sister with his wife, forgets Obama’s name and can’t remember the words to the Declaration of Independence, when he tries to recite it — finally saying to the crowd he’s addressing, “You know the thing.”

One “thing” Americans do know is that the regressive Democrats are desperate and willing to sacrifice the security of our country and safety of American citizens in order to win.  The obliging media is not only on-board the leftist train wreck, it’s driving it, willing to deceive at every turn.

Today’s edition of the failing Arizona Republic carries an editorial masquerading as a straight news report, extolling Socialist Bernie Sanders, headlined, “Sanders’ run may fade, but his revolution has life.” It contains this gem:

“Young voters and people of color — a demographic in ample supply in Arizona — helped fuel Sanders’ ascendancy and the progressive* wing of the Democratic Party, but they have not been enough to topple the Democratic establishment and curb the corporate influence on Congress.”

Could it be any clearer that a newspaper in the freedom-based country that has stood as a shining example to the world for nearly 245 years, supports the failed system of Socialism? THESE Are the Most Telling Failures of Socialism. This link takes you to a 4-minute read by historian, Lee Edwards, Ph.D. You’ll be glad you read it.

Earlier this month, SRAZ predictively posted, Repackaged Communism makes a trendy comeback… Diversity cozies up to radical politics.”

Politico provides this link to the most recent popular vote state-by- state and national delegates awarded.

* SRAZ is waging a campaign against the word “progressive,“ which liberal extremists decided to use to make themselves appear forward thinking. They are not forward thinking, but are regressive on nearly every level. When conservatives use the word, “progressive,” they are playing directly into the hard left’s hands and doing their bidding. Regressive is a more appropriate description. Join us.

Pres. Trump takes decisive actions re: pandemic

March 12, 2020

World Health Organization has announced a global pandemic

Addressing Americans from the Oval Office on Wednesday evening, President Trump announced decisive action in response to the Coronavirus that medical authorities have said has reached “Pandemic” proportions. (The virus is also known as COVID-19 and Wuhan virus in China where it originated).

Among his actions is the imposition of a 30-day ban on those from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. U.S. citizens will be allowed to return home after undergoing enhanced screening. (The link in this paragraph provides an information page on each country listed.)

The U.S. State Department has issued this Global Level Three travel advisory.

At President Trump’s request, health insurance companies have agreed to extend insurance coverage to cover Coronavirus treatments as well as waive related co-payments.

The president also announced his plans to implement emergency action to provide financial relief for workers who are sick or need to be quarantined, saying he will ask Congress to take legislative action to extend that support, and will instruct the Treasury Department to “defer tax payments without interest or penalties for certain individuals and businesses negatively impacted.”

Colleges and universities across the country have suspended classes, implementing online instruction. CNN provides the list. Study abroad programs have been suspended. National sporting events have been cancelled, as have St. Patrick Day parades, trade shows, concerts, and theater events. Increasing numbers of churches are suspending services until this health threat posed by large gatherings has abated.

Racism allegation absurdity infects virus reports

March 10, 2020

“Racist” is the latest pejorative to be tossed around with impunity by the left which politicizes everything. The American Council on Science and Health which lists itself as “promoting science and debunking junk since 1978,” has published a very readable and enlightening commentary on the Coronavirus also known as the Wuhan virus, named for the Chinese province in which it originated.

Written by Dr. Alex Berezow, who holds a Ph.D. in microbiology, the article exposes the absurdity of the left’s obsession with racism, even when entirely inappropriate and irrational.

According to David Gura, an anchor on low-rated MSNBC, calling the virus by the name of its origin, as has long been the case, is suddenly racist — although the Chinese initially began referring to it as Wuhan.

Dr. Berezow points to the fact that the Asian Times reported on the virus, calling it Wuhan. Could it be they are racist against themselves or simply following longstanding protocol of using place names of disease origins as practical identifiers? He names a few examples:

West Nile

Lyme (named after a town in Connecticut)

Spanish flu

German measles

Norovirus (named after Norwalk, Ohio)

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

St. Louis encephalitis

Lassa fever (named after a town in Nigeria)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Ebola (named after a river in Africa)

Legionnaires’ disease (named after the American Legion)

The hullabaloo is thought to have an Arizona connection, beginning when Congressman/Dr. Paul Gosar, (R-AZCD-4) posted this prudent announcement Sunday evening.

SRAZ highly recommends Dr. Berezow‘s outstanding commentary,MSNBC’s David Gura Thinks All Microbiologists Are Racists.”

Repackaged Communism makes a trendy comeback 

March 6, 2020

Diversity cozies up to radical politics

Despite the fact that there is an abundance of news in the state, nation and globally, the failing Arizona Republic newspaper, which obviously has generic pre-written articles ready for publication, gave this offensive doozy (we’re not providing a link to this ridiculous report by M&M averse, Lily Altavena) front page, above-the-fold headline placement:

“Students’ diversity not reflected in AZ,” with the sub-header declaring, “Most teachers are white, half of students aren’t.”

Diversity is always about race, never ideas. In the Trump-hating, Hillary-endorsing newspaper, the only ideas worthy of reporting are regressive,* leftist views.

Friday morning’s headline following his Phoenix campaign stop, “Sanders inspires ‘regular people,’” extols Marxist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a self-identified Socialist who has routinely spoken of leading a “revolution.”  He’s even written books on the topic aimed at young Americans, Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution is based on his earlier book, Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.

Beneath that Page One report is another, titled, “Young Latino voters are fired up about Sanders.” It describes a 21-year old college student brought here illegally “as a wide-eyed five-year-old” from Mexico by her illegal parents. She is enthused by Sanders because he promises her “a future where she no longer struggles to pay piles of bills for college tuition and doctor’s visits and one that aggressively tackles the threat of climate change to make sure the planet stays habitable.”

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker does an exceptional job describing Sanders politics in this commentary carried in the Washington Times,Bernie Sanders’ brand of socialism is communism.”

* SRAZ is waging a campaign against the word “progressive,“ which liberal extremists decided to use to make themselves appear forward thinking. They are not forward thinking, but are regressive on nearly every level. When conservatives use the word, “progressive,” they are playing directly into the hard left’s hands and doing their bidding. Regressive is a more appropriate description. Join us.