Addressing illegal immigration “top priority”

July 15, 2008

We are all “God’s children,” McCain tells La Raza

Addressing a crowd of 2,000 attending the La Raza (“The Race”) convention in San Diego, John McCain did what he does best before Hispanic groups: groveled. It does him little good, since the Latino vote is mostly with Obama, leaving a mere 27 percent of their likely voter scraps for McCain.

But hard facts don’t stop him. He promised the ethnocentric group that he will address the issue of illegal immigration in a “humane and compassionate fashion,” calling it his “top priority.”

During a time of war, with soaring gas and food prices and multitudes losing their homes to foreclosure, it seems there could be higher priorities for a presidential candidate.

He pledged that he remains “committed to fair, practical and comprehensive immigration reform,”

Remember the amnesty scheme by the same name that fell to defeat after American citizens unleashed their fury as never before? McCain intends to resurrect it. His new message is, “We will secure the border first.” First before what, Senator?

McCain has often addressed Hispanic immigration advocacy groups, including the League of United Latin American Citizens and the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, using more implied language rather than the candid vow to advance McCain-Kennedy he gave to La Raza.

He made a point of thanking La Raza’s former CEO Raul Yzaguirre, Hillary Clinton’s lead immigration adviser, for “the privilege of over twenty years of friendship and counsel he has so generously given me.” Add to the mix McCain’s own Hispanic Outreach director, Juan Hernandez who says we are not countries, merely regions, and you see where we are headed.

Responding to those who chided him for inaction regarding desert deaths of illegals entering the U.S. McCain decried the deaths as a “failure of the federal government to exercise its responsibilities.” The obvious answer would have been: To ensure their safety, Mexican citizens should stay home.

Meanwhile in an unprecedented drop to single digits, just 9% of voters gave the Democrat-controlled Congress good or excellent rating. This dismal ranking is a first in tracking history.

Yet McCain is keen to remind us of his cross-over alliances. Conservative Republicans would prefer he remember us.

Read the San Diego coverage of the La Raza convention here. The North County Times also provides this video where he receives rousing applause for telling the crowd he is from Arizona “where Spanish was spoken before English.”

Haven’t heard of CANAMEX? Clue: It’s not a can of chili

July 8, 2008

Educate yourself regarding this stealth governmental project

Investigative reporter Linda Bentley, writing for the Sonoran News, details disturbing events, moving furtively under the radar, in CANAMEX and Megapolitan Arizona’s Sun Corridor.

Gov. Janet Napolitano has left little doubt her push for statewide transportation, infrastructure and the CANAMEX Corridor defined by Congress in the 1995 National Highway Systems Designation Act as a High Priority Corridor in juxtaposition with NAFTA, is one of the “working groups” of President Bush’s Security and Prosperity Partnership formed in conjunction with the leaders of Mexico and Canada.

The entire article is available here. We urge you to read it.

Seeing Red AZ provided an overview of some of these issues in August 2007. The boldness of the scheme has amplified in the intervening period.

Amnesty and open borders? Exactly what we need

June 25, 2008

Twenty people have been killed in three days in the border town of Juarez, Mexico–directly across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. Associated Press reports the city is home to the violent and aggressive Juarez drug cartel

According to a recent report by CNN’s Lou Dobbs, at least 24 people were killed over one weekend last month, some brutally mutilated or decapitated. Nearly 4,200 people have been killed in the 18 months since the Mexican government declared war on the drug cartels. Of those, 450 were government officials, prosecutors and law enforcement officers.

Watch this video for a stunning report.

Sorry, this is not “just a region.” We are two sovereign nations, “my friend.”

New Cronkite Eight poll shows surprisingly slim home state lead in presidential race

June 25, 2008

Addressing the conservative base could shore up the narrow margin for John McCain among Arizonans as he enters the crucial waning days in the race for the White House.

The latest KAET Cronkite-Eight Poll provides these stunning figures:

McCain 38%

Obama 26%

Undecided 34%

The campaign is obviously aware of these lagging numbers, given the statement made earlier this month in which he referred to Arizona as a “swing state,” and adding Arizona to its list of 24 “battleground states.”

McCain had a 50-39 percent lead over Obama in a Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center poll released May 23, 2008.

As Arizona’s favorite son, McCain’s numbers should be escalating rather than plummeting. He could reach out to conservatives in his own party to ratchet them up.

Business as usual: Costly border Swiss Cheese

May 29, 2008

We give them money, the crime continues

U.S. border governors–except for Janet Napolitano, who shrewdly claims a scheduling conflict– are meeting with their counterparts from six Mexican states in Mexico City for discussions regarding combating crime and enhancing border security amid increasing drug cartel violence in Mexico.

Betch’a a wall isn’t on the agenda.

The governors of California, Texas and New Mexico plan to “offer support” to Mexican President Felipe Calderon for his crackdown against the drug trade according to an Associated Press report.

Of course, Calderon, who has termed America as “swaggering, macho, and anti-Mexican.” wants a constant flow of unconditional U.S. dollars, some of which states have diverted to fighting our own crime problems–much stemming from the relentless influx of illegals into our country from his.

Meanwhile, President Bush has urged Congress to approve the first $500 million installment of a proposed $1.4 BILLION law enforcement aid package known as the Merida Initiative to combat increasingly violent drug crime in Mexico. The United States is incomprehensively funding a wall for Mexico’s southern border with Central America while leaving America’s border looking like Swiss cheese.

What a deal for the taxpaying citizens!

Virtual fence is a virtual flop

April 23, 2008

Open borders advocate Bush has no commitment to enforcement

The virtual fence was to be a technological advancement that would provide an alternative to “divisive” walls and federal agents policing the Arizona-Mexico border.

Initially, we were told there were delays in getting the high-tech virtual border fence operational. Then there were additional postponements and a few rescheduling glitches, but not to worry, it would be completed and operational “soon.”

When “soon” arrived last December, we found the fence was flawed. So flawed, in fact, that the towers, computer software, radar, satellite links and cameras were malfunctioning and didn’t meet Boeing’s contract requirements for detecting border intrusions. Some of its $20 million dollar technology would have to be replaced by this summer.

Now the entire high dollar project is being scrapped due to the clumsy incompetence of the Bush administration’s Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, the contractors and the failed system itself.

Meanwhile, the flood of illegal aliens, both Mexican and others, using that country as a launch pad to gain access to the U.S., continues the invasion unabated.

In a previous post, Seeing Red AZ posed the elephant-in-the-room question, asking who impoverished Mexicans will aid in penetrating our sovereign border if the price is right? The United States remains vulnerable to the threat of international terrorist organizations with the ability to exploit the poverty, lawlessness, economic instability and governmental corruption south of our border.

As long ago as 2004, TIME magazine reported border agents have encountered not only a wide variety of illegal invaders from Latin America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Nicaragua and Venezuela) but also those coming from destabilized countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, Korea, China and even Bulgaria.

And while American citizens sit and wait for the next shoe to drop, we foot the bill for self-placating misadventures as George W. Bush makes concessions to forward his dream of a North American Union and a borderless continent.

Watch this CNN video with Lou Dobbs for an idea of what lies ahead.


Shuler vs. McCain: Who do you believe?

March 29, 2008

SAVE Act steamrolled by McCain

U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler says he believes Republican presidential candidate John McCain blocked his immigration enforcement bill, keeping it from getting a vote on the U.S. House floor. McCain’s staff denies it.

Shuler, a North Carolina Democrat, said the Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act (SAVE) enjoyed Republican support until the McCain forces steamrolled it.

Townhall’s Amanda Carpenter gives some interesting insights. Her column is available here.

McCain’s National Director of Hispanic Outreach is immigration extremist Juan Hernandez, who is committed to the concept that we simply share a “region” with Mexico and there is no need for borders. This dangerous and foolish idea was woven throughout McCain’s recent foreign policy speech.

Even McCain’s most staunch defenders should have a problem with this unholy alliance.